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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pride and arrogance in the holy Bible. They explain that pride is a means of pride and a means of satisfaction, and that pride is also a means of pride and arrogance. The speaker gives examples of pride and arrogance in various Bible verses, including those of Jesus, the Bible's the holy Bible says, Jesus said, the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the the holy Bible says, the
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Mallanna via a mavado photo Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In Allahu Allah your woman carnamah talent for Hurrah sort of colloquialism respected viewers and listeners. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, sending salutations upon our beloved and via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in our program,

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purification of the heart. We have thus far done two spiritual diseases Ria, doing things for name and fame. And the last one we did was on jealousy. Today we will start off a talk on one of the greatest spiritual diseases and that is pride and arrogance. I've recited a verse we are not Allah says Allah does not love those who are proud and arrogant. One of our great scholars scheffel Hadith has had one as a career sobre la la, la tala elevate his status. He has written a book on pride, which he is entitled, humble amirav, the mother of all spiritual ailments. And there is no exaggeration in this, this is indeed the mother of all spiritual ailments. Just consider many a

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times anger you will have because of pride, you don't get angry at those who are higher than you in rank. You get angry at those whom you regard to be as inferior to you. Therefore a person rarely if ever, gets angry with his boss or his employer, or he keeps it inside him. And if he keeps it inside him, he doesn't give them to his feelings doesn't give them to his anger, then the sprite becomes the means of jealousy, malice, hatred, etc. In fact, there is no deed a proud person would not do to maintain his supremacy and his status, even to the extent of committing disbelief. So Almighty in the Holy Quran has said alladhina Tina Humala, Kitab Yara una vaca majare. Una Habana home. The

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disbelievers in Medina, they recognize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the way a person recognizes his own children. But because of a mixture of pride, and envy and jealousy, they did not accept him as a last prophet. ally in the Holy Quran says about a blease and Allah Allah says when he was commanded to worship of Nick such do not worship but makes it start to Adam and Eve salat wa salam, by the command of Allah. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says Abba was that

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he refuse out of pride and arrogance. So proud pride and arrogance became the mean even of committing Kufa and disbelief therefore, there is great wisdom in what Nivea cream sauce limited, man can have a big myth called hot button Min hardily min Kiba who ever has an atom seed amount of pride in his heart, he will not enter Jenna, this is no exaggeration, because pride is shaytan spark that consumes the entire righteous nature of humankind. Now what is pride? Let us give a definition because Allah tala Li one of our great scholars in this field, he has said that there are two types of pride one is secret and one is open. No secret pride he has defined it as you know, he said there

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are two types of pipe one is pride to do with someone else another person and one is pride to do with your own self. And then he continues to say that pride to your own self is what is in English regarded to be as conceitedness in Islamic terminology, it is termed as origin and what is origin which is to have a very high notion of yourself to think very highly of yourself in order to this one beautiful saying when he said Kemal pirnas karna. Kemal say arione Katerina to take a great pride with regard to your achievements is equivalent to having no achievements whatsoever. Or in one way it is said to add me up near Cobra salmonella to hudak another mega Jetta that when a person

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thinks very highly about himself, then he falls down in the esteem of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one type of pride is that which is done secretly and it is something that we have to be very wary about is one of the spiritually destructive disease.

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Therefore in a hadith nemea Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, What a great wanting to be a crimson Allahu Allah He was Solomon said that there are three things that are spiritually destructive. And what are the things that are spiritually destructive? The vehicle himself said showhome mata will have a metabo where a job will merge A B and C. One is a person who is miserly. One is a person who is miserly and he obeys his miserliness. One is a person who obeys his Caprice, his desire and one is a person who has a very high notion of himself and he regards his opinion to be over and above everyone else, that is three spiritually destructive diseases. So one aspect with

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regard to pride is pride that is secret, and then you have another type of pride, which is open, which comes into play when you regard yourself as superior to another person, that inshallah we will discuss tomorrow

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or in Hungary.