Purification Of The Heart #8

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The negative impact of jealousy on people, including professional behavior and health, is discussed. Third stages of jealousy, including hubs and pressure on others to gain attraction, can lead to negative behavior. The importance of actively pursuing jealousy towards a friend and going against prompting it is emphasized, as it can lead to hostility towards a person. The concept of a "hasha" or "has been made by a person to cause feelings of hostility towards someone is also discussed.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva amalga rufolo Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Me also Luna Salama de la hoomin fatherly circolo hola Zim respected viewers and listeners. We begin by praising Almighty Allah that Allah has granted us the most beautiful Deen which is comprehensive of all aspects of life, including our our flock and our conduct. We censor rotations upon our beloved Nivea creme de la Juana, he was selam, who amongst his objectives, as he stated, he said in Mr. Worf, tolyatti, Mama, Karima o'clock, I have been sent by a law to complete and perfect code of conduct. This is our fourth lesson and fourth program on jealousy as part of the series purification of the heart. And there is no doubt whatsoever that jealousy is one of the greatest spiritual

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calamities and diseases of the heart. We have looked at some of the harms, some of the harms include one of the greatest that you are objecting to Allah Allah that Allah made a mistake an error in the distribution of favors to people height of selfishness, height of foolishness. We quoted a hadith whenever Kareem saw Selim has made mentioned the jealousy devours your good deed the way fire devours.

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Try hood and maybe occur himself slim it said, that he man in jealousy cannot be in the heart of the believer. Then we looked at one of the ways that we have to stay away from jealousy is to starve and to keep away from the reasons that give rise in our last program we spoke about to one has anger and malice, that when you are angry and hateful towards someone, it gives rise to jealousy. The other one is pride and arrogance, that when you reach a particular status, then you start feeling jealous, if anyone competes with you with that status that you have. Now, continuing as we go on in today's program, we looked at one of the reasons also is known as the hub, where people are competing for

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the same objective, this could be termed as professional jealousy. So two co workers, they trying to gain the same promotion, people who are trying trying to gain the attraction of people, celebrities or whatever it is. So, this is also one of the reasons that we have to stay away. You know, the reasons that give rise to jealousy. And perhaps one of the most unfortunate reasons with regard to jealousy is just the nature of a human kind just that he gives himself that he can see the good of other people he grieves with regard to the good Allah has given to someone else it just something that is a spiritual disease that you have to make an effort to get away from and the way the Urdu

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poet it said arJ look up the duck said okay now he do sir. Okay, souk said okay. Today people are not, you know, not in pain, with regard to their own problems and their own difficulties, but they are in pain, because of the good Allah has granted someone else, how unfortunate. Anyway, these are some of the reasons. Now, coming to the cure, one of our great scholars, has given a remarkable example with regard to the stages of jealousy, and he has said that there are three stages and he has beautifully put it in there or two language and I will translate it, he said one is a person who is mazor one is mature and one is Missouri. Let me explain this. One is where you are prompted

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towards jealousy, jealousy, jealousy comes in voluntarily. All of a sudden, you just feel an aspect and a feeling of jealousy towards a person, you know, and it just sort of prompted you, all of a sudden comes up. You have a feeling with regard to feel jealousy with regard to a person because of some favor, Allah has granted him and you actively oppose off let's start by mother, were you in voluntarily something comes up and then you don't pursue it. And you just leave it like that, as it comes in you let it go. Then you are excused because things that comes to you involuntarily, and you have no control over things that come to you involuntarily there is no reward. There is no good and

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there is no.

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Now sometimes a prompting of jealousy comes towards you.

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Towards the towards from you towards another person, then you actively you oppose it, you go and do good to that person

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upon whom the promptings of jealousy has come in your heart towards and you actively go against the prompting, there you are mature, you are rewarded.

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And one is the jealousy comes into your heart towards another person with regard to a favor and is granted when you pursue the jealousy, you become hateful about him, you backbite about him, you start slandering him, etc, there you are Missouri, you will be held liable and you will get a Guna and ascend. So one is in voluntarily, you don't pursue it, you don't do anything. There, You are excused, one, you oppose it, there you are rewarded. And the third thing is to actively pursue it. There you are liable for a sin from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. With regard to the pure that when am I have made mentioned staff jealousy of the negative thoughts that give rise for it for it to

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thrive? So what you do is you starve those particular reasons that give rise to jealousy. hypnagogia Alhamdulillah, one of our great scholars in our history has written an amazing thing. With regard to the cure of jealousy. He says, when you are jealous with regard to a person, or you are prompted with jealousy towards a person, then you make an extra effort to be good to him. You're gonna make him Sam, you go and greet him, you give him gifts, you make dua for him. And to the extent that you come to that stage, where you come when we aquariums are allowed and Solomon said, a perfect believer is he who loves for his brother what he loves for himself. You start loving for him, what

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you will love for yourself and make Toba with regard to it. Remember, that Allah subhanho wa Taala through their beloved sauce them and said, let

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me know. Let me know happy to have you cannot enter into Jenna until you have a man and you cannot have a man and tell you love your fellow brother. And if you are having jealousy against him, you cannot love him. So this is something that we have to make Toba if it exists within our hearts with regard to jealousy towards someone and nebbia cream sauce limit said that about Whoa, what are the what are the dabur okuni bajo la Juana? Oh believe us Hadith in Sahih Muslim, don't hate another Muslim brother. Don't be jealous about him. Don't turn away from him. Be brothers be servants and slaves and brothers and to one another has conclude with regard to this spiritual disease with this

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do allow metatheoretical be mean and effect. Well I'm a demon area or whatever. surname you know, give it a name in Oceana. Oh Allah, Allah prayer purify us with regard to all spiritual illness, and especially ailments especially with regard to jealousy.