The Greatest Generation #25 Umar Ibn Al Khattab

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As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. When the Prophet Salim started receiving revelation, Amara Dylon was 26 years old, and he did not accept Islam, except after six years.

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So during those six years, he went through stages, because he was a very good man. But he just needed guidance. And this is why Subhanallah one time, one of the young people asked him when he was the halifa, he said,

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didn't you have reasoning?

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He said, No son, we had the reason. And we used to think, but we didn't have guidance. This is what Omar was looking for.

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So at one stage of his life, he had a maid who was a Muslim.

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And he enjoyed beating her up.

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But something stood out. And that's what led Omer to start thinking about Islam.

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Because he started questioning himself, why would that slave, be so persistent and enduring. And she takes all of this from me, just to follow that faith, there must be something very special about this faith. But again, shaitan kicks in, and it just, you know, turns away from thinking positively.

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Until one day, he was so upset, He notes that the families are being divided because the father accepts Islam or one of the children accepts Islam or the mother accepts Islam, then gradually the rest of the family, you know, come to Islam. So he felt like his communities been destroyed. That was his perspective at the time. So the second stage in the story of the Islam of Omar was that one day

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he felt so idle, because if you don't have a relationship with God, there's nothing in your soul except like emptiness. So he wanted to drink so he went to the shops and all of them were closed. He tried to find some of his friends and they were all busy. So he said, You know what, the only place I can go now

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to look for serenity and peace is the Kaaba so he went to the Kaaba and guess what, something was waiting for him there. A big surprise. What is it?

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Time is over. We're going to continue the story inshallah. In the next episode,