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The Jahannam symbolizes the time when gods created the symbol and serves as a reminder of time and protecting against evil. The shomo can move near Holyfield and the operation is related to the punishment of the operation, including force, punishment, and the pandemic's effects. The Jahannam is a group of soldiers protecting the city and people fear the operation, leading to the use of the symbol to protect against evil and prevent further damage to the body. The Jahannam is a group of soldiers who are fearful of the operation and want to protect the people.

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Let us continue with more descriptions of the jahannam. And then we will also give you a diagram now we don't need a border anything I'll tell you exactly how to draw this. And this is one of the illustrations that you will find in many arcs of how scholars when they've taken narrations, different narrations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describing that the jahannam is of seven levels and describing that the shedra to zap whom the tree that the people of the jahannam eat from each branch will enter each single each level. So, by by studying the dealer, the evidences scholars have sort of visualized and illustrated a diagram of what possibly jahannam will look like

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the the layout of the jahannam itself.

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Before we come to them, let us continue to describe to you the jahannam in and of itself.

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And as we mentioned, this is all taken from various ahaadeeth as well as a from the poor and

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we continue in our passage is that also in jahannam? You Tabby hi yo Pia Mattila tuber owner and fee Zima min ma Cooley Zimmerman, server owner alpha Melly kin yo jewel Runa.

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Now here on the Day of Judgment Eliza, which I will commend the angels to bring the jahannam Okay, the jahannam will have ropes attached to it. And there will be 70,000 ropes miracoli zeeman. Now, each rope will have 70,000 angels pulling on it. So you do the math now 70,000 ropes times 70,000 angels per rope, how many angels Do you have 4,900,000,000 angels will be dragging the hellfire. This is how many angels Allah has created just for this particular job. And this is the most correct opinion that orlimar have the once these angels bring the jahannam their job is done.

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So there's just a creation just simply for this.

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Now to do union juice on Min severina juice and minha.

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Also, this is based on an authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioning the actual fire itself.

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The fire of the jahannam is only one element, one part of 70 parts of a fire

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in the dunya. Here, we only see one element of fire and that is the fire that we all see. And we all know you light a magic candle whatever the case is, that is only one element of 17 elements of the fire itself. So how do we understand this? In other words, there are at least 69 to see different types of fire that a human being has never seen before. Its color may be different, the texture may be different, the temperature of the fire may be different. So we don't know what the elements of the fire that make up the jahannam what it will be or how it will look like

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fee ha ha yet this is interesting. In the jahannam there are animals. In another narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentions that in the gentlemen There are mountains, there are mountains in the jahannam There are also valleys, there are also forests. And each of these areas are prescribed and designated for a particular group of people that are punished in those areas alone.

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In it, there are high yet there are life animals. This is also human beings as well as the animals from them. We have as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned a snake. The snake and

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its jaw will be as wide as the neck of a camel.

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Okay, the color of the snake are various colors. We have narrations, some of them are authentic, some of them are not. However, perhaps the most authentic of these narrations is the snake will be black in color. The snake itself will have two eyes and there will be various snakes living in the jahannam. What is their job it is to punish

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amongst the snake there will be

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What our party will cut and 13 behind, there will be scorpions. Now the scorpions are exactly what we see here in the studio, the shape the style of it, it will also have a sting,

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this sting

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will be enough to last them. So Moha albarino Center. This sting the poison that this Scorpion will release into someone will last them for two years. So for 40 years, they will feel constant pain, just from one sting of the scorpion can be hard. This Scorpion, this size of this insect will be equivalent to that of a camel.

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So if you see a scorpion now just imagine a small Scorpion in this dunya can it kill someone? Of course it can. With one sting alone, it can end someone's life. And we are talking about some of the smallest insects in the world. You can have a scorpion literally the size of your the palm of your hand, and it is deadly

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enough to bring enough to end someone's life. Can you imagine now, scorpions the size of camels

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in the jahannam Their job is to punish

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each sting will be enough to last that person for 40 years. However, in the jahannam this is an important note, there is no such thing as time. So when when I say to you 40 years, it doesn't mean 40 years that each year has 365 days, etc. This is not what we're talking about. Remember that in the effort, our time is taken away. So 40 years, will will feel as though it was just for a single moment. It'll just happen very just instantly. And then the scorpion will continue to sting again. But it will feel like 40 years. How is this? How do you understand is how can you illustrate this? You can't? You can't understand it? You can't picture it. Because this is goes back to the original

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model. Hi, Eva. These are things that have been hidden from us we don't know. This is why there is a whenever you study something that has to do with the earth at all. Whether it be Jenna Johanna Mian or piano anything to do with the Hereafter, there's a principle you always keep in mind. You're studying their animal hype. You're studying that which Allah azza wa jal has caused to be concealed from mankind. So based on whatever authentic information we have, this is all we can trust. Anything beyond that, a low RPM, we don't know. Allah azza wa jal mentions that in the afro there is no time it is taken from them. How is this happen? How does this work? How does 40 years feel in the Sahara?

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Allahu arland? We don't know.

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Furthermore, Libous Alia Thea Thea boom min. And now what are amo home is home was Shara boohooman Hemi mobile sodded.

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The clothes that the people of the jahannam will wear it will be made a fire. This is the same fire in the jahannam don't think of the fire here are talking about fire that we've never seen before. The clothes the garments that the people in the Gehenna wear will be made of that fire meaning the clothes itself will be continuously burning as the person is wearing it.

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What are amo home as a home here is where we will draw for you the gentleman the food that the people will eat will come from a tree called Zaku was shot ah boom wilhemina was studied and the drink that they will have. Because after they eat from this tree, they will feel thirsty by default even if they even if they think well you know what i'm not i don't really eat are sorry, I don't really drink after I have a meal. By default they will want something to drink. And when that happens, they will be given boiling water as a studied what is a studied. you ever find yourself sometimes you're in front of the mirror and you see a pimple and you

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you know you burst a pimple and it has pasta comes out inflammation, bacteria

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picture that in a cup.

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Okay, that's what studied is what studied is even more than that. So you have the plus the inflammation and or eliminate the scribe that studied is also mixed with other bacterias that the body releases including blood. So it's mixed even with dem blood and the inflammation as well as other factors.

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periods and this is what the person drinks.

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The boiling water allies so agile talks about it in

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allies so Mattel talks about an incident a Doohan at number 43 to 49 soda to Doha. Allah azza wa jal tells us about the sheduled or to circle in the sheduled at his home farm with a theme can move near Holyfield. bortoli kal el hamin.

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The shutaura to whom this tree

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it is a food farm for the theme the sinners, those who transgress those who commit sin, this food is for them can move on the yellow leaf fillable tone. Now here are the effects of what this tree will do.

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As a person eats from it,

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it will begin to boil in their stomachs. But this boiling period happens even before it reaches the bottom of their stomach. Calculate it Kelvin Bian heming sapana look and listen to how Allah has so agendas describing this the amount of detail you are given. Not only is this fruit or this food from this tree going to boil as it reaches or as it travels down to the stomach. Allah azza wa jal also describes the boiling itself and says Cal halal humming. What this means is, we all know this. Imagine now when you put a pot of water on top of a stove and you put that stove on its highest temperature. What happens to the water when it begins to boil, it begins to boil and it begins to

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And it begins as though the water is angry. And it began it starts to boil to such an extent that even there are times they will boil over. This is what is meant when we say Carolien Hamming. This is how the temperature of that fruit that food will boil in the stomach's of those who eat from it.

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Let's draw the jahannam.

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So if you want to do this, I've drawn it here on a paper so that you can see for yourself. It is nothing complicated.

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It's very, very simple.

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And it looks something like this.

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Okay, this is an illustration of how many of the trilemma including shahana Chahal, Islam, even Tamia Rahim, Allah describes it this way, which you do interact with, you guys can take a piece of paper, draw it like this, draw stairs and draw seven of them.

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So go down until you reach seven. So this will be 123456. And at the bottom seven like this.

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Okay, so you have seven levels, do the same thing on the other side, draw stairs,

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in the middle,

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here is where the whom the tree will grow, it will grow from the bottom. So here and leave, leave a leave sort of like a ground a base, and there the tree will grow.

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So you can see the tree will grow from the middle, its center, and it will grow up all the way from the seventh level to the first level.

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As you draw this, you take, you draw branches as well. So for now just draw a line, the branch will go into each level, each level draw a branch, and it goes into that tunnel, that canal.

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And that's how the tree grows.

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At the end of each tree, that's where the palm The food is. Okay. This food here the Prophet sallallahu earlier. So this is Johanna By the way, this is how our lemma described it. seven levels, each level will have a branch or branches of the sheduled to support reaching in it. Now how this is will people be standing in line for food alcohol and we don't know the details to that extent. We just know that these these branches will reach into there. And we don't even know if each of these each of these levels could be a valley in and of itself. As far as the eyes can see a lot who are the no one knows. So having said that, at the end of each branch, there are fruits.

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Each fruit is actually as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us it is a head of a shape one. It is a head of a shape on the fruit. There are also narrations that describe more details about the fruit. The fruit will have spikes, just like

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porcupine or needles. So as the person bites into the fruit and this is the the welcome so you're not going to get that fresh tasty feeling of biting into a nice fruit and instead they will have needles that will go into their mouth.

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It is important here to mention what is going to be the size or the the height of a person in the jahannam. How many of you have gone to Medina, how many of us who have visited Medina before if you visited Medina, most likely you've seen the mountains of better are from the mountains of offered Mount Hood. How many of you have seen mount or hide?

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So you've seen those of you this is the this is the fruit for you guys who have actually seen in the mountain yourselves. You've seen that mount Orford is is the biggest mountain in Medina. And it's not just one mountain it is a series of mountains, but they are the biggest mountains in the city.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes in a hadith that the people in the jahannam their molar teeth. So this is the teeth in our mouth, all the way at the back the teeth will be the size of Mount Orford.

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Okay, so just imagine one person's teeth, is going to be the size of that mountain where some of you have seen in Medina.

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So can you imagine how big someone would be? You can't, don't even try to imagine it's too overwhelming. It's too overwhelming to try and picture how big a human being will be in the jahannam.

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And so they sit in their punishment is surrounded from above to the bottom, behind front sight to sight all around them. They're punished. Now they want to quench their thirst thirst. You see now, what is the drink that they're given. Now they become hungry, they want to eat, so they go to the sheduled or to a zap home. They try to pick from this fruit from the street, but only they find that they injure themselves as they pick the fruit and it ends up being the shape on and they have to eat it. This is all they have.

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Furthermore, the sheduled are to the home. One of the great manifester

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of Al Islam, Miuccia heddle Rahim Allah

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mentions in the Tafseer of Ibn katheer that the shutaura to succumb this tree, if you were to take a single portion of it, even if it is the size of your nail salon, a lot of you think we've given you information. If you were to take a piece of this tree, and it was the size of your nail, and you took it and you brought it into this dunya it will destroy every single thing in the entire dunya no one will be able to live in this world anymore.

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This is just a portion of that tree

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factory for your Kunal bomb. How is it that this can be something that people eat?

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Furthermore, trabuco Mohammed was Salim wala Katara 10 minutes of homie patola dunya left sided Allah early dunya my Isha home this is what we just mentioned that if one drop of the sheduled to zip home or to enter the dunya it will affect everything in the dunya and destroy every living thing on the face of this earth. For k therapy mentor Coronavirus. How is it that this can be food that people will eat young kulu minha hatakeyama tele bottineau sumaiya Chavo la hemmin and hawin so they will eat this food. Not only will they eat it in order to quench their hunger and thirst, no part of their punishment as they're eating is Allah as sojo will cause that they will eat this until they

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are full. So even if they want a snack, there is no such thing as a snack you're ready to eat, you eat until you are filled. And remember the effects of what will happen with this food as it reaches their omics.

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Yet kulu minhang somaiya SRA la homina Shamim and they will drink the water that is sizzling and boiling, not the water that is hot no beyond that. It is already boiling. So these are called robber who means men fee sakata follower to watch him.

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If this. Now here, as this water is sitting in the stomach, I'm translating this as we're speaking his skin will fall from the heat from the steam of this water that they drink. This skin will start to fall from their bodies. The heat is too much and this is something that is inside their body.

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He's so their nails will fall, their skins will start to peel, eyelashes bra whatever hair if there's hair on them, all of this will start to fall off of their bodies.

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And we continue some shettima there the Murphy botany. When they drink this it will melt their stomachs. Thelma Eudora will be MC Marin Minh headed for your spot. Oh, cool. Laura was in Hilo. And we mentioned this yesterday, as they are drinking, as you think that just imagine now, you think for a moment, they have some sort of peace, or some sort of some sort of relaxation here, that they're going to drink something and they're going to get something D they're being punished at the same time. But you think that there's nothing else that's going to be bothering them at the same time they're drinking at the same time they're eating, there is an angel standing with a hammer, and will

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strike that person as they're eating and drinking.

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Long, Stan

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until each and every single bone of the entire body will jointed will break into pieces. Imagine the Hadeeth actually mentioned it won't break apart from its joints. It actually uses the word that describes that the bones will fall to pieces. So not only will the bones fall apart, but they will also shatter from the strike of this angel.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect us from this. For the brothers and sisters, you are hearing Eric t calf.

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You are all seeking protection from this. And now all of us here in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. What is the last 10 nights of Ramadan? The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions on Medina is divided into three sections. What section are we in right now? We're in the section where those who Allah azza wa jal Kadar Allah whom

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made it a decree for them that they will enter the fire. These are the last 10 nights alarms so agenda will choose to change his father because of how the entire modem Oban has been spent. It is now the last 10 nights a lot as so agenda will reassess each person and if he they were destined for the Hellfire allies, so which will will cause that their destination be changed.

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And you see we haven't we haven't even started yet to speak about what genom is about. These are just insights. These are just indication small ahaadeeth the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us these are just a few yet a lot as Sergio continues to say, in sort of the de Haan Hulu 5g era who Illa Sawa ilja him take it. Allah azzawajal mentions that 70,000 angels in the jahannam will seize that person. Okay, well grab that person, there is no escape, because at the same time, they're being punished, they want to eat, they want to drink, they want to sit, they're being punished from all over, there is such thing as rest or a break from this punishment. At the same

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time, all of this has happening. Even Kathy Rahim Allah mentions the Tafseer of this area, meaning that 70,000 angels, in addition to all this punishment in the jahannam will come to each person and sees that person trapped that person, drag him and throw him in the middle of the fire. So now from this area, we understand that jahannam there are ends to it. There is an end to the hellfire. So it is it has maybe walls, it has an end and there is a middle of the jahannam there's a middle point 70,000 angels will continue to punish that person, drag them and bring them to the center. What is so special about the center this is where the core of punishment is happening.

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From muscle boo Falco see him in eyes I mean, and allies so agile continues to say some form of sub buffo products you so imagine we just mentioned that the boiling water is something you drink this is based on a hadith listen to how Allah azza wa jal describes it in sort of de Haan that same boiling water will also be thrown on top of their heads.

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So it'd be thrown on top of their heads as a form of punishment meaning either been Hamming even Kathir explains this a and tells us angels will strike with a hook to ride so we know that there is a hammer. Now there is also a hook to rod, the rod. Scholars have drawn this as well. It looks like this.

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It looks like an S the

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The shape of an S

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here there is a blade and the bottom here there is a blade. So there's a sharp end to each the bottom here as well as the top. So they will be struck with this as well. And it will also split the head open. This is when the angels will be ordered to pour the boiling water into the head area. So ally zoa gel is punishing with the most sensitive part of our of the body

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until it reaches to the bottom of their stomach, boiling and destroying their intestines and the water will also seep through the stomach down to the heels. Punishment around above sight aside, and even inside the body itself is all being punished. Nothing is left out.

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We continue as

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one of the manners of those of the people of the jahannam eelke Luna Minh has entity jahannam la la v ashadha de la tala and you have FIFA and home while we Yeoman mineral either

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the people of the jahannam after going through all these things that we've just mentioned, and more, they will go to a guard there is an angel that will guard the doors of jahannam. This Angel, Allah azza wa jal has created it and ordered that this angel be chedid will be very strict, very stern, very tough on the people of the jahannam the people of the jahannam will come to this angel and they will ask and beg the angel please beg Allah azza wa jal on behalf of us to lessen the either the punishment while it will be human warhead, even if it was just for one day, give us a break from all of this, even if it is just one day. A lot of soil talks about this in sort of the half. Pharaoh

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Dona la him, Allah azza wa jal when the angel does this, this is the answer that Allah azza wa jal gives to them. Our lm Taku t comb Russolo comb bill bayonet

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heaven I sent to you

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a messenger or messengers prophets that told you about this.

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Look, look at the wisdom behind Ally's origin for Yuji buena home, they will say Bella, the people that Johanna will say yes Allah you have sent the messages you have sent books you have sent signs you have sent prophets and messengers by law. Yes, we agree. Federal Pharaoh Do not delay him. So then Allah azza wa jal will say to them, federal woman while calf Irina Illa de la longstone. Allies Georgia says continue to make your doors or ask continue because of the Dora, of those who disbelieved in the message. Nothing will happen to that type of call, except that it is rejected. So don't waste your time. It's a lot of soil talking to those in the gentlemen. It's too late.

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What are you doing, they will also continue the people of the gentlemen. Yeah, Malika Lee aka Dr. Elena or a book, they will also go to one of the leaders of the guards of the angels in the jahannam, one of the leaders of the guards of the angels of the gentlemen so these angels who are guards, they will also have leaders. So these people now in the gentlemen will go to those leaders and ask them the exact same thing that perhaps Can you go and ask a lot so just to end this for us and give us a break from this punishment. They'll do the same thing. Fair call. The angels will be ordered to say in nicomachean there is no way out for you. This is where you will remain.

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Where you don't know Allah tala now the people of jahannam have nothing else to do so what do they do? They start calling upon Allah azza wa jal or a banner a holige nam minha for in rodina for in Nevada the moon or Allah take us out from here. Don't return us back to there because when you return us back to there look what's happening to us. We're being punished constantly no breaks.

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Listen to how Allah has so agenda refutes them.

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

Paul, na subtle fee when I took a limo. Allah azza wa jal says, Get away from me and don't say a word. Can you imagine? Oh,

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Lie zoa gel refuting someone like this even if it's a group of people, allies so a gel, the creator of the jahannam says to the people in the gym, get away. Oh, Sophia, this word is subtle. It means more than just go away. You know don't bother me. It means go away and don't come back for this reason again. This is what stuck with me so so is actually more deeper than if you were to tell somebody is hub. Get away from me or total corny or leave me alone. When you say those words it means Leave me alone until you come back again. What Elsa ofI ha Allah azza wa jal uses this word, get away and don't come back again. One or two can remove and don't even speak or say another word.

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For in the Dallek. As soon as I'm in Kula higher, it is at that point where all the doors have any hope any chance of them, those people have the jahannam it is about that point. Any chance that they would have to leave the jahannam is gone.

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Wait, hold on fear, and they will be taken by their throats wash heel and their chest. What What do I bill Wally with the board and at the same time, they will be thrown back into the fire. And this is where they will remain until a large So Richard wills May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from this. This is the one thing we ask a lot of soldier to protect, protect us always and forever. It was said that aroma rhodiola Juan Pablo de la one used to walk outside in the blazing sun and the hottest time of the day barefoot. And when he was asked, Why did you do this? He said I want to just taste I want to taste some sort of pain, heat under my feet. So that it would remind me of the pain

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and the heat that the people of the gentlemen will have an even share Earth a mean or akima hula was seen by students doing the exact same thing. So scholars of our time even do this. remind yourselves brothers and sisters always.

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And I can see around us. Look at the look. Look at the amount of people that are with us today. This is because we all have something in our hearts of fear from the jahannam we fear it, we don't want to have nothing to do with it. We want allies so a job to protect us from it.

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And we will also follow the son of Allah azza wa jal in Nepal and here is a pattern that you will always see in the poor end. Anytime Allah azza wa jal mentions punishment

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mentions his either his punishment or mentions the jahannam immediately after he follows it up with hope and he talks about the agenda. Why does Allah azza wa jal do this? Because he is the holder of Rahim because Allah azza wa jal is so merciful and sharing that even though he will instill all this feel into the hearts of mankind, he will never ever leave the people this way except that he will give them hope.