Tafseer Surat Qaf – 07 The People of Shuaib AS – Ayat 14

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kawari these are the dwellers of acre, the dollars of acre home. These are the people who the Prophet schweiz barley he served he was sent to they're called the people of acre. They all denied the messengers. So Allah azza wa jal said for help or aid, so my punishment took effect. What happened to the people?

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of Shriver alayhis salam, first of all, the prophet Shoei Bala his son was sent to a group of people and they shouldn't who was involved in greed and cheat. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says in solid moto fi wireless Wi Fi. Whoa, this is from Allah whoa to the people of moto few. Who are the people of mafia? Allah Xena either Turtle Island ness? Yes, sto phone.

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These are the people. What are 15 these are the group of people when you go to them and you buy from them, they cheat you. So if you go and you ask them for one kilo of grain or one kilo of something

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they will give you they will make you believe you've gotten a kilo but literally what they've done is they've taken out less than a kilo for you. And they trick you making you believe that yes, here you go. So they lie to you, they cheat you and they still get paid the exact same amount of money.

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And so Allah azza wa jal causes these people, they have a curse from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because of their greed that people have shown that he was sent to they were doing the exact same thing. It was to such an extent that anybody who used to pass through the lens in which wivalley insulin was they were ordered to pay taxes for absolutely no reason. This was a type of usury. They were ordered to pay simply that they were going to pass through a particular land, simply if they were going to buy food or get water from that particular area.

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The people have an acre. They were asked to get money from these people, cheap, the poor and steal from them. And so what did Allah subhanho wa Taala do? He sends Prophet schweiz Valley his setup and the Prophet schweiz Valley is Salaam starts to tell the people you can find the story in solitude sorted out off, and many other places in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal tells the Prophet Shui Bali Islam go to the people and tell them that this is not from the religion, the belief of Allah azza wa jal that you should be just in your giving in your dealings with people eat them don't steal from them.

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And the people who did not listen who did not follow allies, so agile sends a punishment. What is the punishment to the people of Hawaii, who did not follow the Prophet schweiz valleys?

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One day,

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Allah azza wa jal caused a cloud to come. And the cloud was black.

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This cloud came after many, many months of drought with the people then the people, their animals were dying, their fruits and vegetables were dying, and the people were finding so much hardship and difficulty to grow food in order to survive.

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And so one day

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they saw that there was a cloud and the profits show I warned them that there was going to be a punishment. And they were to leave the lions and believe in Allah azza wa jal stop the cheating stop the usury that they were involved in. And they did. So one day, they people saw the cloud.

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And they said, I'll hum they said, Oh, my goodness, the rain is coming. Thank God to the forefathers, we thank our forefathers for this. They didn't even believe the cloud came from Allah Himself.

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So they saw the cloud and they were happy and they started to celebrate rain is coming. And so the people waited, except for the Prophet schreib alayhis salam and those who followed him,

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they left Allah azza wa jal ordered them that they should leave.

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And when the clouds came, and they gathered, and the disbelievers thought that it was going to be raised from allies. So again, it ended up being the exact same thing. Fire Thunder so strong,

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that it was reported in the books in the history books. It is reported that the thunder from that cloud, it was

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so loud, that the fear that the people had in their hearts by listening and hearing that Thunder caused them to drop to their death. Just by hearing the sound of the thunder itself, it caused the people to fall to their death.

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And so, a large soldier is trying to show the disbelievers during the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if you don't listen, and don't follow him, don't follow the Prophet and his messenger. Look back to your history and see what he has done to the people who did the exact same thing.