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Allah will answer you Dua so long as you don’t rush

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Now we're still in our problems in this worldly life. Why? Because we don't ask a lot of social. We're still suffering from our problems because we know Don't ask. And if we ask, we don't know how to properly ask.

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And then the other problem is if we did ask, When a patient we're not patient, we expect a response as soon as possible we are the one that

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they are.

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Most of them they did wasn't accepted in a in an instant. It took some time before I accepted it.

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Be patient may try and be patient and understand that anything that happens from then on until Allah answers your drug is all good for you. What today if a person put his name on the Housing Commission list? Housing Commission, easy ready to wait? 1015 years no problems. Then at the end, I'll get what I want. No problems away.

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With a lot of social, you can be patient when

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he says you

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can mail them your machine. There are a lot of good answers answer your goal, so long as you don't hastin How does one he sent me some money to send them was just getting it what's opposite to patience? How does one Houston that he wants his request fulfilled? Let me send them out. How are you gonna send me says yaku TAO to follow Mr. Shipley. He says, Well, I mean,

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nothing got answered for me. Whether he says it aloud, or he believes inside of his conscience, and I've heard and I made

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the necessary now I need to move to plan B that know if nothing more. So. Let me move and see something else. Hello. And this is how you deal with government law. This is how your forte is in Al Karim Panama.