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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of Islam as a solution to world problems, citing examples such as saving people's lives and achieving social and economic goals. They also mention a former American student who suggested that Islam should be the solution to world problems. The challenges faced by the community, including child poverty and the global justice system, are discussed, along with the importance of establishing social justice and creating a community within the system. The success of Islam in bringing forward agricultural policies and the potential for conflict are also highlighted. The importance of adoption in bringing forward Islam is also emphasized, along with the need for leadership and taking forward in the Muslim community. The segment ends with a discussion of language learning and the upcoming release of a book about automating phone calls.
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community Islam

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it destroys 50 millions

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of records a day which is called the Golden Gate get in the last

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which is a Muslim country which I don't

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even have

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a think about the patient. What if did the property

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after that didn't mean anything to you. But you don't have to pay for

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the now to save investing.

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I'll just try and keep the translation very succinct, as it makes mentioned that the world is at a crossroads. Whatever has been presented as a solution to the world has failed, whether it be capitalism, whether it be socialism, and whatever has been presented yet to fail because it did not go according to what the Creator wants from us, the maker the creator, the manufacturer, has set out a way for us for success. If we don't follow that it's not going to be successful. And if anytime the world is in need of Islam, this is the time the world is anxious. These great amount of problems, this great amount of oppression that is happening in the world is an ideal time for the

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presentation of Islam, through a clock through conduct and through good presentation. And an approach that is comprehensive and that is balanced, which takes away that the economy between the world and the year after the spiritual and the mundane for which Islam has come. And this is not going to happen only through the means of pamphleteering and books. But he's going to come through the means of presentation through the means of animal into the means of showing people

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then he wanted this

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became a big part of

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the human vision is

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the only solution to this

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demanding power post

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World War Two this community former

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Soviet Union

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John labels defined class majority people who survive laminated waiver

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of class normally add to your capitals and will challenge immunity so that

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was go to the downloading

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of the benefits

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Miranda philosophy he surprises me

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Don't get me immediately get into

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total reporting was to say suffered

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or he mentioned the great leaders of Soviet Union namely Stein

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a lady standing on the boat as he is on

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Capitol Hill capitalism or socialism the commitment to x

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or Islam is ambiguous

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took a

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lead from

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summit about

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Java energetics and we'll get to

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that in

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a second

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to Bucha dunya that will move but it is in your hands but I'm gonna

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How much should I have on those who got cheated?

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That will will remain okay it wouldn't occur this

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opportunity I want to see with my own eyes

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I gotta get me back

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if he managed to get

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it Tony Martinez

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one of the things the emotional reaction in the moment are wonderful.

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Do add many Phillips activity must be given to brilliant

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woman managing that revolution. Their introduction of additional postage was a no no more news to be

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low latency to begin with and

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whether they are willing to take precautions to

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Walkman educators

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suffered with them in the agenda for your

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United Nations gets

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to the bottom and

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he don't have a solution for the world problems with good stuff of the department has

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us all

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the vocabulary the family attend, but boy

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they are paid the price.

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Man give me the term is limited.

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Give up this Roman bandana

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is a manga project.

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There was a very great element in there. Monica Obaidullah Cindy was a student of Shepherd him actually, who came to know about of course at that time, there were two superpowers the powers of capitalism and socialism. Now socialism came at the back and came with a slogan that we are out for the working class, we want to do something for the marginalized in the world. And we are against capitalism, that the world's capital capital must be the envy of few people. So because of that, Milan, I felt that this is something that is very encouraging. So one, our great difficulty went to Soviet Union. And he had an audience with Lenin, and the leaders of capital communism. And he

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explained to them the beauty of Islam saying that Islam has got the solution, which is the in between the balance between capitalism and communism. This is a flaw of communism. This is where Islam comes in. So he said I

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After a one and a half hour presentation, Lenin asked him and said, well, now what we have said makes a lot of sense is very appealing, but show me one country in the world that have been able to implement this and as a solution. So when I said I had to look down, out of shame that I couldn't present something, then he said, Okay, even if there is no country, even if there is one small place, even if there is one small province or one small city that has this particular

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solution that you are presenting, and he said, Mara said, I had to look down and said, I can present that. And Monona says that Manasa Joseph says that I have been able to interact with a great amount of people, people of our faith within Muslim faith with people of other faiths. I read audiences with the Secretary General of the United Nation. And I can say, with great clarity that they all agree that we don't have a solution for problems of the world. That is of the record, in front of the camera, they will always present solutions, but of the record, they will say we don't have a solution. If ever, there was a time when people of the world people who are opinion makers, people

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even from other people faith, we have some degree of concern for humanity. They are all searching for a solution.

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Even when the BJP came over the

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other 50

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folks meant to

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teach mr. Murray

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then you have the right project

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man, we'll get

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back to it again in a while your bad chemicals

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well don't get far fasteners domain data was bought by

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the mirando money staff respecting your sincerity and love to Indian left for this nation's

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behalf. The Saskatoon is only new people. It is only if we can fake it.

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If it is one of the top most

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looking man, just barfing on

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Lumia multiple under Kitahara da election Hello Australia.

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Gyro level professionals.

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Bradley we'll see.

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We'll start the month of May after May 15.

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Honestly, there's a very prominent leader in India. He was from the BJP from the RSS, who became a chief minister of Rajasthan. He became the vice president of BJP India, India.

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Mara said he had a long discussion with him. And in that in that discussion, you know, when speaking about the problems that are facing India, he said he told him said monana Normally, I am a firm believer that the only people who have the solution to India is the people.

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The only people who have a solution with regard to the problems of India is a Muslim in the Islamic faith. However, I have to say with great amount of disappointment and great amount of sadness that we have not been able to understand the beauty of Islam we have not been able to understand the solution that we have. And we have become embroiled more by infighting and we don't have time out of that infighting to be able to deal with the expectations and with the beauty that Islam is to provide the solution

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is not Islam

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rather than

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jumping to a problem with the TA that he had was solution of

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it is only think

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of whatever the problems and challenges the community is facing.

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Child poverty

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they were pushing

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torches in MongoDB factory defaults

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for ARM don't worry

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if noncombatant Lee

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duniya me explosion justice can run by

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Job was a man who then Palumbo that indulgent is not gonna

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stop I'm not gonna call on the guy. Angelina

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was in LA Marangu kita wasn't visa vie an omen national income

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sorry to become an ATM the value of the phone needed to separate myself

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The global justice system

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in many DC visitors want to shine obviously about no problem.

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Maybe actually you can affect them

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as far as I understand

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our fifth data vacant position we'll go in Dunia make a stir I will know how

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to come around to get grease

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on it is it time to mix and the cushioning generally is interesting hesitate

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on what the higher education welfare they

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did not

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just take that

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as the dunya all governments come to that non government organizations that attack

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hear cuz he's born

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but difficult not to be the guinea because

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Allah to the fullest and Allah was the name he stayed within the escape I am he

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or give good look thing of the Emelina nine to 10 thing don't go go difficulty we only escape

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Gosh God is trapped or Joker

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or known issues the noticeable difference of opinion God expected tolerate that thing.

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Right Misha and unless we are

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going to give chastising if for some Mr. Curry is every process

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it can be wild to me

00:16:49 --> 00:16:51

in minute, every

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minute the

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Quran Allah says Allah was lucky to have us but God can kill it. Judas bridges with

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one medication

00:17:10 --> 00:17:33

locally farmers whose name embodies that love to hear a man is having odor issue can never get poorer mold me goes muscle man is Musa de fan. doula love that draft is kalaba If your key parameter not go your Alan is Chiara

00:17:34 --> 00:17:44

de Malik and God had to give me I put him into Garnet Valley autographic Yeah, I will be the first man to call it

00:17:46 --> 00:17:49

my Mulligan into the zoo last year was delicious.

00:17:50 --> 00:17:58

The food will not be 11 Acacia that being a monkey understanding a was cake is out today on Monday for hot

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guys welcome McCurry Luma code is been coding for alkalinity eight year history approach.

00:18:10 --> 00:18:49

When I say that the world is trying to make Islam the problem when it is not the problem it has never been the problem. Islam is and has been the solution. And he said one of the greatest aspects and objective of Islam is to establish social justice. It is not the objective of Islam to make few people pious look at ourselves now who's gonna do that one's gonna allow one Kitab a well designed we are proven disobey Allah Tala in the Holy Quran. Surah Hadith says that Allah Tala has sent all the MBR in WA Salatu was Salam to establish and keep people upon justice. That is a Quranic verse in a Quranic

00:18:51 --> 00:19:32

command that says this is the way of the Umbreon mo salat wa salam, this was the objective. Manna says that this is my third visit to this country. So I don't know whether I will be able to make another visit. Inshallah you will, we will inshallah encourage him to come stay repeatedly. But he says he don't feel there's any depth of people in the world, in terms of resources in terms of talent, in terms of our position in terms of the way we are situated with our infrastructure that has this ability to provide a solution to have a community within the system. You can have a community within the system today, we find NGOs have a tremendous amount of leverage. NGOs have

00:19:32 --> 00:20:00

tremendous amount of influence. I want this off the record just to say that I read somewhere that today a president of a even biggest country in the world, will never ever refuse an invitation of a multinational. He might refuse the invitation of another president he won't be able to refuse the invitation or NGO and a big multinational because there's a type of leverage and so mana says, we have the ability to create a community within the system. So we're gonna be occurring

00:20:00 --> 00:20:43

Salam TT Madina Munawwara but however he says we have become embroiled in fighting and we have not been able to understand the difference of opinion. It is not possible it has never been the way in Islam that only one fatwa is, is established or accepted by the entire ummah. Mr. Gibbs a very famous example of family drama and drama Tula Lee was one of the poor Imams of the fifth and was established to speak with compiled water, Imam Malik was very well respected. And when the Khalifa of the time out of admiration and respect for him, say that I want to establish your fake as the official fake of the entire philosopher in America, Abdullah says I won't allow you and if you do

00:20:43 --> 00:20:45

it, I will be the first to oppose you.

00:20:46 --> 00:21:18

They have been a vehicle themselves from seven different Sahaba to different places, they have different interpretations and the people of those places that follow those Sahaba let them follow them do not make my fit the only fit in this industry. So Monica says that understand that that is a situation with regard to difference of opinion, we have this capacity, but we have not been able to achieve that capacity, because of embroiling ourselves in things that are unnecessary type of

00:21:19 --> 00:21:20


00:21:21 --> 00:21:22

of Riba.

00:21:24 --> 00:21:25

Maybe you took

00:21:27 --> 00:21:30

South Africa, we add to the Muslim community,

00:21:31 --> 00:21:32


00:21:33 --> 00:21:41

privileges at one of the hills public and appreciate Cadbury. Looking out further we did that

00:21:43 --> 00:21:45

after the professional free

00:21:46 --> 00:21:51

will be other battalion likely professionally adopted him to Disney one minute

00:21:53 --> 00:21:55

if he's our room cashier for the day,

00:21:57 --> 00:21:58

but they use again in

00:22:00 --> 00:22:00

the dunya we can

00:22:03 --> 00:22:03


00:22:04 --> 00:22:09

this to another fan DNA which is needed to me I make this your

00:22:13 --> 00:22:14


00:22:17 --> 00:22:20

are professional, what humbleness is or

00:22:22 --> 00:22:23

what this practice

00:22:24 --> 00:22:27

was not good prior to glue to arrogance be on time.

00:22:28 --> 00:22:29

Don't even have to cut professional

00:22:31 --> 00:22:33

whether you will know it or not.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:37

This will

00:22:39 --> 00:22:45

give you the ban to potentially your limited position to understand the world and to communicate

00:22:48 --> 00:22:48

but didn't

00:22:51 --> 00:22:54

have the money to bond with the dog

00:22:57 --> 00:23:04

jumped the cat this dog was demanding and in the era was easy enough time police

00:23:06 --> 00:23:12

if the Monica can get an illness, you know how little you can understand what

00:23:14 --> 00:23:15

it is a man is present

00:23:17 --> 00:23:22

until you are very concerned person level, you won't be able to understand

00:23:24 --> 00:23:24

the word

00:23:26 --> 00:23:27

ahead you feel

00:23:29 --> 00:23:31

a lack about them they have to

00:23:32 --> 00:23:36

be some G is pretty partisan.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:49

I've got to ask if he got yelled at McLaren images during the family from vocational

00:23:51 --> 00:23:53

issues in a huge shader.

00:23:55 --> 00:23:57

If you eat something,

00:23:58 --> 00:23:59

if you make if you

00:24:03 --> 00:24:38

make mention that he said that I still feel that South Africa is the right place in terms of providing that solution or at least making a start towards it for several reasons. One is it we have a professional class and a base here that is you don't find anywhere else in other parts of the world. When you look at some of the professionals who are here, whether it be doctors and lawyers, if you are not aware of the identity, you will not be able to make out whether they are professionals or people who are students of DEA and it's a reality many of our doctors and our lawyers the way they are dressing the appearance, they have an appearance of D and we just make dua

00:24:38 --> 00:24:59

that you know that that particular type of situation we have must not must not dissipate because of you know stances we take. So anyway that is one of the reasons why we have this situation with regard to our professionals. You don't find it anywhere in the world that they have an inclination towards do they have an inclination towards whatever and secondly, he says he makes mention with regard to the aspect of the English

00:25:00 --> 00:25:36

Language and Maya says from history, you will find that there's always one language that dominates. And until that people of that age do not know that language. Because of the * of that language because of pile large communication and academic works built in that language, you will not be able to understand the world first it was Arabic until you didn't understand Arabic at a time when the Arabs and the Muslims were in the heyday of Gregorian civilization, you would not have been able to understand the word then it became Persian and now it is English. And Mara makes mentioned it is only someone who comes from an outsider perspective will be able to tell you this, to say that

00:25:36 --> 00:25:40

you are uniquely placed to be in a situation to make a positive change

00:25:42 --> 00:25:45

is the solution that the shell can

00:25:50 --> 00:25:53

shift in adoption Gumusluk for you, Brianna.

00:25:54 --> 00:25:56

She lives for Google at the young

00:25:58 --> 00:25:58


00:26:01 --> 00:26:09

although Islam Kuba Namco memories of apathy one mission children adoption Thomas Nico, what happened

00:26:10 --> 00:26:18

in the middle of piety genuine Eruption kebari it now legislation Parliament rely on

00:26:21 --> 00:26:22

the Democratic establishment

00:26:24 --> 00:26:24


00:26:25 --> 00:26:27

presenting the bill in the parliament

00:26:29 --> 00:26:32

public debate actually has been co public with it

00:26:33 --> 00:26:42

or you can get angry at anybody who has some objections questions amendments position to come out

00:26:44 --> 00:26:45

to vote the draft bill

00:26:48 --> 00:26:52

was calm everybody Sunday if you didn't wish guests policy update

00:26:53 --> 00:26:54

because Coopera

00:26:56 --> 00:26:58

on a forum we can again get up

00:27:00 --> 00:27:01

to his permission yet if

00:27:06 --> 00:27:07

they can talk to Mike when

00:27:09 --> 00:27:12

you buy it or I'm gonna be paying for cable

00:27:13 --> 00:27:14

bill he went crazy

00:27:16 --> 00:27:17

with public magazine protesting

00:27:20 --> 00:27:32

so many police report police gov movie came on go on a fabrica adoption journey is long to get done of course logically seven

00:27:33 --> 00:27:35

or eight actually liquids do

00:27:37 --> 00:27:41

while taking the camera but in my family it was very little English

00:27:42 --> 00:27:58

or Spanish or neato open days whenever I could parliament and again although subject community was built on an HDTV to me I go there come here to pick me up or he will be allowed

00:27:59 --> 00:28:01

to say whatever you want us to

00:28:03 --> 00:28:07

marry my life I was begging for children will kill me for gonna

00:28:08 --> 00:28:30

do the chain of Islam because God can produce vegetation complicated here is made by job but given us women you can apply in your panel Islam was making an impact that was budgeted for a really big emphasis has been on who loved to adopt gourmet foods but Jay Gould

00:28:33 --> 00:28:34

Acadia Jemison

00:28:36 --> 00:28:44

on demand film photography you know by with was the fifth dimensional imaging data that came

00:28:45 --> 00:28:56

out that country was on a delay booking binary 90 Plus members of the subject committee agree to give her a demonstration on

00:28:57 --> 00:29:01

auditory Santa joins an array of cables,

00:29:02 --> 00:29:04

build Coordination Center

00:29:06 --> 00:29:09

communication to garner community data

00:29:11 --> 00:29:14

to pull mining to again

00:29:15 --> 00:29:18

is okay. Okay, so zero the sugar cane.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:24

Um, I come here from China, some of

00:29:25 --> 00:29:25


00:29:26 --> 00:29:27


00:29:30 --> 00:29:31

those who have the Joomla

00:29:33 --> 00:29:34

could make this application

00:29:38 --> 00:29:48

and the culture policy vulnerability may comment it. Neither Congress nor BJP but as United run government led by Mr. Jimmy got up.

00:29:51 --> 00:29:58

Hold on, let me take care of your names on the stuff that was meant with the CNA Certificate

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

of Deposit

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00


00:30:01 --> 00:30:07

always wanted now just the idea of taking 900

00:30:08 --> 00:30:10

times out of money on both please

00:30:12 --> 00:30:12

request to

00:30:16 --> 00:30:21

be a peak opinion if you don't only have to deal with that and we're here to

00:30:23 --> 00:30:28

represent the law Islam group or the topic of teams and in Islam

00:30:31 --> 00:30:31


00:30:34 --> 00:30:36

are many Catholic 11 nations

00:30:37 --> 00:30:41

on my agenda to get to his thoughts shot but

00:30:42 --> 00:30:44

if he committed to the VA, you don't

00:30:46 --> 00:31:04

put a cap on it. When only merit physicians who approved our system we probably will draft proceed chemotherapy legislation. This dunya I beat the year a Lincoln how many woke up can we have pushed out?

00:31:07 --> 00:31:47

Don't wanna gives us two examples that we can take a very great lesson from one is that we all know that aspect of adoption is becoming very crucial and critical. More and more people are adopting it and going towards that. He say in in his maroons father's time as a Mormon zone Romani, there was a policy that was drafted by the Indian government at that time with regard to adoption. And when Marana came to know about it, he had it translated from English into Hindu and he felt that this is going to have a very great impact upon the Islamic understanding of adoption. So when I told him he said, let us do a presentation to the Parliament at that time, he said that all parliamentary

00:31:47 --> 00:32:30

committee have 90 Odd members set for 11 days. Marana presented the Islamic viewpoint, which is the ideal viewpoint with regard to this matter, which takes into account the rights of the biological parents, the rights of the adoptive parents, the Rights of the Child adopted child in such a balanced manner. He said after 11 days of discussion on the matter, they came up to the Senate that the law that we had drafted is not practical, let us redraft it and take into account what Islam has presented. Mana gives another example that there was an aspect of an agricultural policy. In the time there was a time in between when there was no Congress. And there was no BJP, there was a

00:32:30 --> 00:33:11

united front. So at that particular time, there was an agricultural policy. And they call for a discussion paper of Muslims to present a view, Quasimodo Islam was called upon and of course, you know, Quasimodo, Stan came to three times to South Africa, a great scholar. And academically, I think he was way above many of our alumni because of his academic, you know, excellence. So he told Madonna to present it. And he said, when he presented it, they all agreed that this is the best solution to be able to bring forward to the people with regard to the agricultural policy. So he said Mama says that these are examples, I can give you two personal examples, where we have a

00:33:11 --> 00:33:49

solution. We always take this view that who's going to listen, and if we have to start taking that particular viewpoint, and Amelia was salat wa salam, they would have evaded in that viewpoint we would have we have been with regard to religion. Somebody it was salat wa salam didn't say who's gonna listen to us they went and with sincerity and with proper class, and with the flood, they presented the solution. We also have that particular ability is more than a gives us two example in our situation. We had a we had an opportunity with regard to nationalization. We had a situation of presenting a solution, we didn't do it. We didn't even think about it. So one of us is we have these

00:33:49 --> 00:33:57

type of examples with one and are presented as two examples where we can play a role with regard to presenting Islam as a solution.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:10

As Mr. de la vida says, This is what he has presented Allah knows best and maybe we can use that as a basis for some discussion. We have some 10 minutes before the show.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:29

Anyone who has any suggestions any questions?

00:34:30 --> 00:34:33

Smell a politician can sit quietly give the smile What is.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:43


00:34:46 --> 00:34:48

I think the genesis of it

00:34:49 --> 00:34:49


00:34:51 --> 00:34:52

Cedric price is

00:34:55 --> 00:34:57

the professional business

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:03

will not

00:35:06 --> 00:35:07

just say that again give it

00:35:09 --> 00:35:11

providing the initial

00:35:12 --> 00:35:13


00:35:15 --> 00:35:16

to take the Society for

00:35:17 --> 00:35:27

the enemies that is the that as a community leader, well, a very important time in my life has been to mesh with

00:35:30 --> 00:35:35

my personal feeling is that leadership has to be done.

00:35:36 --> 00:35:46

And in the in the near future, it will require a protective business to professions in the form of politicians that exist.

00:35:48 --> 00:35:50

But we can't say in the same

00:35:52 --> 00:35:54

moment matters now to be honest, if

00:35:56 --> 00:35:58

not the most is going so far

00:35:59 --> 00:36:00

as to say the

00:36:01 --> 00:36:02


00:36:03 --> 00:36:05

to this community's problems. And then

00:36:07 --> 00:36:08

and then we can get.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:14

And this is the book after reading the middle of the probable loss

00:36:16 --> 00:36:22

event from your own experiences in India. Because I think it's the most it's a matter of

00:36:23 --> 00:36:28

what a bigger scale was in the challenges for the lives of the Nationals. And

00:36:29 --> 00:36:32

then on your own experiences,

00:36:34 --> 00:36:35

ideas on how

00:36:45 --> 00:36:50

you can form a community in Java, and building a llama, professionals business,

00:36:51 --> 00:36:54

all of them. But he just

00:36:55 --> 00:36:56


00:36:59 --> 00:37:01

me back on Monday, he goes

00:37:05 --> 00:37:10

yeah, we just added in our way, so I

00:37:11 --> 00:37:15

jumped the TV normally, some of the data

00:37:17 --> 00:37:17

that we

00:37:19 --> 00:37:20

sell to

00:37:23 --> 00:37:24

tremendous company

00:37:28 --> 00:37:29

get the job done.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:34

I've got a number to import.

00:37:35 --> 00:37:37

But I really do go from

00:37:39 --> 00:37:41

good old devices license.

00:37:44 --> 00:38:20

Want to make mention that this man has made mentioned with regard to me that we are in a state of limbo. We're not providing any solutions. There is a crisis of leadership and I don't need to elaborate on what this final said I think people by and large would accept that as a situation of the Muslim community presently, Mara says yes, we can get together Muslim businessmen, professionals valamar politicians, but one of the first things that we need to do is that we no one was come in there with a preconceived notion and said only my particular way and only my view and only my opinion would be accepted must be able to learn from one another and be able to sit together and to

00:38:20 --> 00:38:40

take forward and with regard to the solutions. And maybe sometimes we are so immersed in our own situation, we might not be able to have a look at it objectively because we will be subjective. So, maybe even if we have to import expertise, then maybe we can do that in Monona is available. So I told one of my you will be able to have to come back again.

00:38:58 --> 00:38:59


00:39:01 --> 00:39:02

of Indians

00:39:04 --> 00:39:05

do believe

00:39:07 --> 00:39:07

that the

00:39:09 --> 00:39:10

Bible not among us.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:12


00:39:15 --> 00:39:15


00:39:16 --> 00:39:18

after the radiative pollution.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:21

My father

00:39:22 --> 00:39:24

is by PDF illness.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:26

We work very hard.

00:39:28 --> 00:39:34

I've compiled a book about automating and the revolution of Shakespeare.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:41

Need to Talk more than 40 languages in completion

00:39:42 --> 00:39:42

before you

00:39:45 --> 00:39:46

allow him to escape any of

00:39:48 --> 00:39:48


00:39:54 --> 00:39:54


00:39:57 --> 00:39:58

the but Gavin

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:02 --> 00:40:03


00:40:10 --> 00:40:12

what's the impersonal nominal

00:40:13 --> 00:40:15

Islamic legal attorney

00:40:18 --> 00:40:19

who's got the cover Lita?

00:40:20 --> 00:40:24

It is movement sorry Muslim young Muslim

00:40:25 --> 00:40:28

you're 60 on set for

00:40:30 --> 00:40:31

all of them and others

00:40:33 --> 00:40:34

of you have to keep mama

00:40:35 --> 00:40:37

in 99%

00:40:38 --> 00:40:40

of humanity as

00:40:41 --> 00:40:43

a young Muslim man

00:40:46 --> 00:40:49

or a woman who is in Jamaica so

00:40:51 --> 00:40:54

they took the shot on a non victim

00:40:56 --> 00:41:00

against a DP internship in Ottawa

00:41:01 --> 00:41:06

Manitoba will have been a theme of unity as far as a

00:41:09 --> 00:41:11

global protest

00:41:12 --> 00:41:13


00:41:15 --> 00:41:15


00:41:21 --> 00:41:23

votre vice president and

00:41:25 --> 00:41:27

working on executive committee in Milan

00:41:30 --> 00:41:31

well intended to settle

00:41:33 --> 00:41:35

down but these two men especially

00:41:37 --> 00:41:40

drivers are on your path

00:41:45 --> 00:41:46

but only a draft

00:41:47 --> 00:41:47


00:41:50 --> 00:41:52

let us know we got a few but zoom and

00:41:53 --> 00:41:54


00:41:55 --> 00:41:57

monitoring monitors back

00:41:59 --> 00:42:01

behind would you push it

00:42:02 --> 00:42:06

to the minute you get by I get to let go

00:42:08 --> 00:42:09

this block of getting

00:42:14 --> 00:42:15


00:42:16 --> 00:42:19

putting a Muslim God I'm gonna set

00:42:20 --> 00:42:23

we're both going to be in one

00:42:25 --> 00:42:27

directory the children mother to

00:42:29 --> 00:42:37

those that has been was put into something a lot of Muslims are not unanimous with a good

00:42:39 --> 00:42:42

alternative is if you have to gauge Turkey bargaining.

00:42:45 --> 00:42:51

Flat check is good repatriation will go to Montenegro, because that's

00:42:55 --> 00:43:02

how it goes back in the theme of circular circular engine called a pinnacle solution mostly Mandai.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:08

Eco circulator Gilligan Allamani filming is

00:43:10 --> 00:43:14

also available out in Laguna matura, Michigan.

00:43:16 --> 00:43:16


00:43:18 --> 00:43:30

it is a lab in a DNA match, you're gonna double the female jogger camera, but our goal should be as part of who you are.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:35

Who can get the Viviani on the car.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:44

To do she's got Annika Dishman at the General Assembly There's plenty of elements if

00:43:45 --> 00:43:46

you look for example,

00:43:47 --> 00:43:54

job elemental Sahaba don't want to look University is a gentleman on the scope of work

00:43:56 --> 00:43:57

for you

00:43:59 --> 00:44:01

despite differences in

00:44:02 --> 00:44:04

how you put

00:44:06 --> 00:44:07

that into

00:44:09 --> 00:44:17

an equal button consistently advancing, we get Hillary if he got his money and

00:44:18 --> 00:44:21

whatnot, let's get down into the NA

00:44:23 --> 00:44:29

Mirage economy on metallic unanimous support until now has not

00:44:31 --> 00:44:32

done the most the word

00:44:33 --> 00:44:39

yes, but it is don't give it yawn I know. You're a hockey genius.

00:44:40 --> 00:44:45

You sip it making it highly dangerous. We don't even

00:44:46 --> 00:44:50

have to go on to get the most of other alternative

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