Ebrahim Bham – Hadrat Bilaal RA

Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mulana Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado photo Villa Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Muhammad Rasul Allah Nina ma who

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Rama obey know whom

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sujeto a una foto de Mina la he worries wanna Sarah hola hola Zim

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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Last week in this Masjid we hosted. And we heard the margin from Machida nabawi.

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And obviously it brought back memories to those who had gone to Missouri Nevada.

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But wherever whenever we speak about Amazon

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and we speak about the magazine of mudgeeraba, we there has to be one name that comes to the fore.

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These one name that will always stick in the memory of the Muslims in regard to Amazon and Watson and that is our beloved of the ultra low on that nice, but I thought that today we will share some incidents of the life of Bilal via lauchlan who with the intention to inspire us and of course, the name of hustle Bilal, the personality is such there is not a Muslim,

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who, who does not love and admire and feelings of respect, does not come out of his heart. When he hears the name biller

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is not a Muslim, and he beloved below Toronto. He is an example that no racial and class barrier can prevent a person from from achieving the highest status. Many people today they like to quote or they like to justify, we can go ahead because we come from a disadvantaged background or we come from this, or we are not privileged as a beloved platanos life is an example. That no matter what the disadvantage, no matter what your background, you can reach the pinnacle of heights, through the means of your ability through the means of your achievements through the means of your determination, sincerity and faith. And our beloved ultra who is further a manifestation on Islamic

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stance on racial equality. What is Islam with regard to racial equality? This is as a belagavi Allahu anhu. He was born 43 years before he dropped. His father's name was Robert mother's name was hamama. But because he came from a slave background, the people of Makkah they used to look down upon him. They used to taunt him calling him no soda, the son of a black slave, they used to actually call him by his name. He was born in a place called Surat which is between Yemen and our senior. That is why you find especially in all due literature, especially in although he is regarded to be like a hub she Bilaal from hub ship from habashi from Habash and habush. He's the Arabic or

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the old equivalent of ever senior Ethiopia, meaning black Africa. So he used to be called Bella lahab ship, because he came from that particular background, because of the fact that he was from the lineage and progeny of slaves. He was looked down upon he came into various people's possession until he came into the possession of a woman whose agent was omiya been hauled off, who may have been hunted normally we say omega was his master, in reality as a beloved villalta who was this the slave of a woman, the agent of hers was who may have been heard of that and he used to obviously look down upon Bellavia Latino regarding him merely as one as a possession as something that was

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part of his assets in wealth, you know, someone to look down upon and to scorn and treat as a matter of scorn and derision. Nevertheless, when the via creme de la wala II wa sallam brought his message, given the gala, terian nature of Islam, the oneness of humanity. It immediately appealed to us a beloved daughter, no mention is made, that when Bilal came in via Karim Salah what he was silom Bilal read two lines of poetry in his native language in the Indian language, so maybe a cream sauce llama

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Has anybody forbid arson, translate what he has said. So as some of you know, translated, those verses which meant when in the world, the virtues are described when you talk in the world and you talk about great people, and you quote about nobility, then Oprah, Almighty Allah, you will be mentioned as a model of virtue in our myths. He accepted Islam. But you see, now when Islam was growing, he was among the very first people to accept Islam. But when Islam was growing, many of the people who accepted Islam, they had some form of protection in Mecca. They were part and parcel of Mexican society. They had people who were the uncles were from there even so they had some form of

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protection. But below the Latino had no proform of protection, because he had no lineage. No, no grandparents or uncles or people in Makkah, who were influential, who could protect him. So the people of maracas anger was directed to belagavi Ultra No. And he was made the object of great amount of persecution and torture, because of him accepting Islam may have been in the forefront. They used to worship him so much. Now, can you imagine one person getting 111 lash, sometimes that one lash is such that gives you pain, but you're the people who used to walk him. They used to get tired in Wapping him and then they used to give the work to someone else. He used to get tired and

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he used to give the work to someone else. In this way they used to whip him and what is amazing, it seemed that he was getting spiritual joy out of this. So while he was being what he used to loudly proclaim, 100 101 Allah, Allah, this was a direct direct retaliation at those people who used to believe in idols. So they they used to beat him up and he used to say I had the one a law that one Allah, then when they used to finish whipping him with the wounds that he used to received out of that warping. They used to place him in the hot Arabian Desert stand. And those that sayin, used to add to his physical pain. Then they used to put a boulder on his chest. And sometimes they used to

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get the young people of Mecca to drag him through the streets of Mecca. And the people used to say, the only thing we used to see was someone dragging a person and behind him as they were dragging him he used to say I had one Allah one Allah when Allah this was a beloved of the ultimo. Can you imagine the pain and the torture the persecution that he went through and yet he remains steadfast and once when I

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saw this he cannot bear it so he went to me I don't have any shame. Don't you feel lost?

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To me Allah Hosni, to me he admitted it

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to me I've been told him that if you want him then free him up a silicone kosaka take him and for him so I'm so over Khurana said Okay. I will free him name the price. So then they started negotiating on the price

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mentioned is made in the historical records that for nine Oto of gold as an avocado, viola no purchasing, there are various narrations one rewired says that our Khurana said Bilal is weak he can be of any benefit to you, I got a strong slave who is very valuable, he is also part of your faith, you take him and give me a pillar and someone made this is some narration say that he gave him 900 cukier of gold in which was quite a substantial amount and after the negotiated settlement, who may have been hurt have said that if you had given me one opia I would have sold him even if even if you if you agreed on nine opia which has a measurement. If you had given me one okay have gone I would

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have sold him, you know, and I will go karela who said nevermind nine akia if you would have demanded 100 I would have purchased him if he would have given me 100 I would have purchased him so he went to the via cream sauce for him and said jasola I have you know purchase has a beloved villatoro so it comes in the rewired Nivea cream sauce himself sharekhan he

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added me into the reward take money from me in terms of purchasing behavior, Latino and maybe a cream sauce Lim said no.

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No, I have purchased him and I freed him. So when he you know this particular when he was freed, the father of a worker used to tell a worker Why do you purchase these type of slaves who can be of any benefit, purchase someone who can work for us, he can bring assets, he can bring wealth, and he said he has he will bring us assets, but he won't bring us assets in this world. He will bring us assets in the after. When

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they after. You know despite all his torture, he remained in the company of nebia creme de la Hollywood cillum they after from the time of Makkah right through the Medina, then in Madina munawwara in the second year of hijiri Nivea Creme De La La Silla as the people. How should we call people to the Asana

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How do we call people to sell or not? How do we call people to select? So maybe a cream salsa made Matura people gave various opinions, but there was nothing definitive agreed upon. When some people had this thought what was the what was we do so they went with it thought, and they went home. And many of them saw a dream that the angels came to them and told them that called people to Salah through the means of through the means of Amazon, and the angels even told them what words to use. The angels even told them, Abdullah bin Zayed when

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he was the one who saw the dream and he came in Tell me a cream sauce and maybe a cream sauce and told him Go and tell Bilaal. Teach him these words and tell him to go and give the Amazon teach him these words and tell him to give the Hassan because Bilal had a very loud voice. So when Bill Alba villatoro started giving the Amazon when I heard this rumor dread himself in rental, the budget summarization said that he even didn't wear his clothes properly, and said you're a soula. I also saw a similar dream that the angels told me that this particular This is a method that he was used to call people towards Salat. So since that time, belonged to Voltron who used to be known as the

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moi Xin of Nivea cream sauce from in suffer in hover in Marina in traveling, wherever we are cream sauce lamb when as a biller used to accompany him and Bella used to give the call such was that particular nice button relationship that it is made mentioned that when the via cream sauce from used to go to Cuba and when Bilal used to accompany him and give the call and give the ASEAN the people of Cuba used to know that the Navy of Allah is here. So they used to rush to commit nebbia cream sauce them on what basis because Bilal was given the Hassan and normally when Bilal gave the Azhar in Cuba it meant that maybe a cream sauce alone was worth and he's made mentioned that Buddha

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nature if the day is a hadith that the beloved gelato used to get up on the the the ceiling of one of the woman one of the woman's houses close to measure and so when he used to stay there from theory and the way wait till as an A further see though the signs of fraudulent and give the US no further and before further he used to make this one door and this dwis over lie praise you and look at the beautiful to look at the the broadness of the Sahaba they will not narrow like us who he said your rasulillah if you see Ya Allah Oh no, yeah, Allah. Forgive me for that. Yeah, Allah. I praise you. And I asked you that give the Quraysh Hidayat give the Quraysh Hidayat that they can become an

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aid to establish that in

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the same Quraysh who used to persecute him or not give them heat it can become the means of spreading the do philosophy on what Allah Subhana Allah what what broadness what magnanimity. Today we want to keep our Hidayat to ourselves. More and more today we find people closing down Hidayat, sometimes only to a small group and only we are on a diet we only on hoc, look at the magnanimity of the Sahaba Allah give the Quraysh who are persecuting me give them Hidayat today become an aid to establishing the dino format Allah subhanho wa Taala and you know, talking about this My dearest friend I think you must make mention that what is the role of a Muslim Subhana Allah Karim Solis

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limited Alma de una una semana que yo mama in say Muslim, the more ASEAN will have the longest neck on the day of gamut. May Allah have made mention what is the meaning of the longest neck? Meaning that various reasons one is the Muslim would be the one who would be most desirous and deserving of accepting Allah's mercy that for his neck would be long. The other one who says that he would be the longest net because out of respect and dignity, and then one Hadith in El Medina, Hakuna mencoba him he was in the margin there that the more Athene will get up from his cover on the Day of Resurrection giving us on the margin we'll get out of his cover, and he will be giving us and when

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you get up on the Day of Resurrection Subhanallah What a beautiful in one Hadith nebia Creme De La La Silla made dua for the moms and the magazine. And he said Allahumma Sheetal Emma, waffle magazine, Allah, Allah, Allah keep them keep the Imams upon the straight path, Allah Masha. Allah the moms keep them upon the straight path. So the moms caught a dwarf maybe a cream sauce them to be on the straight path. And what Phil was in in and Ola you forgive them was in. In one Hadith it comes in this is an image and Dara Putney and after the Hadith he said sahibi shatavari. It is an authentic hadith to the equivalent of a hadith of Bokhari Sharif, and what is that Hadith? It comes

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in via cream sauce limited. For more I've been gives amazon for 12 years. Janet becomes wajib upon him. Today what is our reality with regard to them was in

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Look upon them as mere slaves, mere seven to do our work. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us who sometimes threatened speak to them in a manner that does not benefit the dignity and honor. Anyway, as a beloved Viola who wasn't wise enough to be a criminal, Lola cillum. Then another aspect was that nebia cream sauce lamb loved him, and the seat is made mentioned one day to be a cream sauce from Tony mobila what Amal do you do? What a man of yours is such that Yesterday I saw a dream and I saw your footstep been heard in Jana. So below villatoro fell. You know shaman said jasola I don't know what among that Allah subhanho wa Taala is like for me, I don't know that. Unless there is

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something that Allah knows. I don't know, but perhaps it might be. I have one habit and look at what a beautiful habit. He says whenever I break my Wazoo, I immediately make fresh muscle. So I'm constantly in a state of Moodle. And every time I break my boo and make Moodle, I read two records of namas Subhan Allah What a beautiful habit. So when a person is in Busan all the time, it gives him the sense of presence in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala so is it every time I make boo, every time I break my photo, I make an array of numbers. Perhaps it might be the reason why Allah subhanaw taala has given me the honor and maybe a cream sauce and said yes, this should be should be the

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honor. And the owner must say that most likely this was the AMA because of which he had received such a great reward. He was all the time with maybe a cream sauce from them was enough Nivea cream sauce alum. He used to be the treasurer of Nivea cream sauce alum who used to look after the household items of Nivea cream sauce. When the via cream sauce lamb went into MCI makara ma triumphantly, then it was beloved of a Latina who get caught hold of his camel and led him into the harem. pinata the Latino led him into the harem, according to one rewired, it is made mentioned that Bilal would be the one would carry and take the convenience of Nivea cream and go into * So,

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even this then the allama said but no but it comes in a heartbeat and I will be the first one from this Kumar to enter into gender. Then the allama have reconcile these two ad that Bilaal will go in into Jana, as one who is leading the via cream sauce, women to gender, a worker will go on to his own independent entity to go into gender. That is why they said Abubakar villatoro will be the first to go into gender. Well, these are these are in the books of Hadith, how to be reconciled. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, there also Furthermore, with regard to that, it is also known that you know Billa used to be well. well respected by the Sahaba. So much of respect. Let me give you one

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example. He came up in Abuja, then Abu sufian Suhail bin amor, one day in the time of Omar, they came they came to come in visit Marina Hata. So Marina kata was busy with some work of the state. He was a halifa he was busy. So he the pier the seven came and said, These people have come to met you meet you, so must have gone tell him I'm busy. They must come later on. They must come later on, or they must wait for me. So they started waiting. After a while the seven came and said Bilaal wants to come and meet you. He's outside, he's waiting for your beloved suhaib from Rome, people who are not looked upon very, very greatly in terms of lineage and in terms of influence. They want to meet

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you. Omar left his spin, Omar left his work, rush to go and meet him rush to go and meet these two people. He said, if you had any work, why didn't you tell me I would come and meet you. Why don't you come and meet me. So these two three these people, influential people, this leaders of Quraysh they looked at and said,

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Look at

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what has gone wrong with him. He leaves us and he calls our slaves, our former slaves, he gives them precedence over us. What is wrong with him?

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Mr was very, very, very intelligent. So he said nothing wrong with him. Even if he has done the right thing

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is done the right thing, because the color towards success called us called them they took precedence they came first to success. We came later on. So even if hottub gave them precedence, he called them first. And never mind even on the day of Tiamat Allah will call them first agenda before he calls us. Never mind even if a tabula rasa do the same. So this was as a beloved theologian we had so much respect. Then one of the greatest one of the greatest honor that fell upon beloved of the Latino was when nebia cream sauce lemina Muslims entered into Makkah triumphantly. It was around about just mid morning when maybe a cream sauce Lim enter into the harem. So the first salad that

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they read after Fatah maka was your salad. So nebia cream sauce from Toby lol Oh, Bella, stand up on the roof of the Kaaba and Calderon. Salama tell us never before and never after, is a person stand on the roof of the Kaaba to call us on. It was something exclusive to Bilal. So when he gave the call, the people of Makkah were people who are still very racist. So they started saying how you've been a sham said, I'm, I'm so fortunate that my father died before this day. He did not have to see a black person.

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Instead of on top of the cover giving them giving the reason someone made all these type of remarks were made immediately under reveal diet.

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Nurse inocula Kanaka Minda curry

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elita Co Op Perla has created to differently, some are white, some are black, some are brown. And I say that you differently from different tribes, different races for the sake of identification, not to regard yourself superior because I'm white square white skin, or I'm better than you because I come from a particular village. No in a Chroma come in.

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The most honored amongst you are those who are pious. And then after this I it was revealed, let me show some color Saba and said, there are two groups of people from now on, there is no black and white there is no Indian and black. There is only two groups of people. One is a person who is good. And that person who is good. He is respected by Allah subhanho wa Taala. No matter his background, no matter what color of his skin, he is respected, or whether he be black or pink or brown, whatever, it doesn't matter, he is good. And then another person who is he he was evil, He who is evil, he's evil, Allah doesn't have Allah doesn't grant him respect and honor no matter who he is.

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He might be even the uncle of New Yorker himself from Abu lahab. But he is cursed. He never mind his blood blood white, or what background he comes from, if he's evil, he's evil. Now the district the discrimination and distinction is not between white and black, don't between Indian and colored or anything, it is the basis of good and evil. There's only one parameter now that is left and we must stick to that particular parameter in judging people. Nevertheless, this is what what happened after that other bilello villatoro many other incidents after Nivea cream sauce lamb passed away. And I will conclude with us as a beloved villatoro after nebia cream sauce man passed away for three days

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he gave us an image in a movie but he couldn't bear it. Because when he came to us when Muhammad Rasulullah I bear witness that Muhammad Rasool Allah. Then he used to say, I used to wait for nopea cream sauce them to come up to the house. And when I used to say I said Wanda Mohammed Rasulullah I used to actually bear testimony on something that I could see right after Libya, Crimson Muslim, passed away I couldn't see I couldn't bear it. So he came to me as a worker and said, the most beautiful deed is now to go to the path of Allah allow me to go on a path of Allah will go out in jihad. I will go into Syria I will go and fight for the sake of Islam but I can't stay in Medina so

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it's because as a worker said no you have to stay. So he was a very independent person. So he told us that over over you freed me to free me for Allah sake or for your sake is refugee policy for Allah sake then allow me to go Don't keep me in don't keep me against my wishes here. So as I said, I free to for LASIK if you want to go go, but it is my request that I'm getting old. I don't know how long I'm going to live. You remain with me for a few years. So because of the respect of our workers wishes, he remained in Medina, but he didn't give us and we assumed again he came to us and said I can't remain in Medina. There's too much memories of Nivea cream sauce them. Omar gave him

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the the freedom and Omar gave him the permission to go and settle down in Syria. And he settled down in Damascus. It is said that for two times they after he gave us two times after that, after the first three days one through went to Syria and he beta McCandless has requested has it been out of the open I'll give the call for us and just give a call for us and once and we want to remember the times whenever Kareem Salaam Salaam was alive. He said when Bilaal gave the call the Sahaba who were they they cried like babies, the tears used to fled and come upon in wet the tear the wet the beards, in memory of nebbia cream sauce. After that incident is gonna be a cream sauce limited

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dream. Op lol You have forgotten me. When when last Did you come to Medina Sharif? So immediately after that, he came to Medina, when he came to Medina, he met the grandsons of nebbia Kareem sawston, who had grown up with a type, you know, they were young, and they again requested Bilal obala you give the call one more time, but this time when he gave the call, it was such an emotional call, that even the woman who are important he came out of the homes crying, thinking that when the film was alive, and Billa used to give the court farzan and used to give the exam and then after he said no more gonna give us and that particular way as a biller villatoro came back to Damascus, when

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the day before he passed away. He was very sick. His wife was saying, you know what has an a, you know, you have gone and you are leaving us and he was saying, well for her. I'm so happy and rather no till nelkin nelta HIPAA Mohammedan masaba. Tomorrow, I'm gonna meet Muhammad. Tomorrow I'm gonna meet his companions. He went in that way smiling and full of happiness, and why shouldn't have been happy given the glad tidings, let me occur himself. silom It sounded out towards him. He passed away in Nebraska. And he was 63 years of age and He is buried in the in the bubble severe. It is a he's a couple of stand in Damascus. He was 63 years of age. He brought him under the age of 30. for 33

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years he was in a coma.

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And he passed away for free man, and he will be in the upper ranks of gender. Our concrete was one beautiful, you know, I can't was I know it is gone beyond my time which I thought I will speak. But you don't know my balance also made mention of it. Roughly 30 was money when he went to go and he said when I stood by the cover of the bill, I felt remarkable type of tranquility and thought about belagavi Ultron when he said this particular poem of allama, Iqbal came to mind it Berlin, his poem has compared Alexandra, the great people say he's great, he scan the room. And then compared to Bill Allah in terms of lineage, in terms of important use a king of the world in year was a slave who

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came from ever senior. And he said Lika, Hayek, Marsh, Missouri, Missouri, bihac shehnaaz, near Columbia, just caboto Trump, he speaks about Alexander the Great, how great he was how he conquered the world. Then he said, Asia May, Asia May was Coco jantan. He thought he hadn't be a patient and he today in Asia, no one talks about Alexander the Great historians make mention of him but very little, but then he said Licken Bilal who up shut up shut up she is Adda fortheir. But Bilal The one who came from him a senior who was poor strategy scheme. Kimura Nobu was in Houston, for what happened was that he his conduct was illuminated with a profit of our beloved Nivea Creme De La La

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Silla. And then he goes on to make mention with regard to some of his greatness, and he said, Iqbal, escapist, kfa zamia Rumi Fatah, Hua, hace Kodama horrible, what is the reality with regard to this bill scanner room people have forgotten him. But bill, every time he has on his call, he will remember bill Allah. Every time he has on his call, we will remember bill Allah and Allah has granted eternity. Allah has kept his place in the heart of every movement, inshallah till the Day of Tiamat May Allah subhanaw taala give us a tofik have been inspired by such great people. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a trophy of you know, taking the lessons that they have left for us

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and putting it into our lives.

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