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mohalla Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi la sherea Tabata Shariati

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Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Titi Luca da, una de la de la you read una Hulu and fill out Hulu fill out the Walla Walla Taki and Sarah Coliseum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers last week in our ban we spoke about the life of hazard Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah.

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We spoke about his earlier times. We spoke about how he is linked to hazard humara the Allahu Allahu how that linked came about. We also spoke about his earlier years, when he was a governor of Madina, munawwara then we spoke about his ascension to he laughed at how he was made the Khalifa. And we spoke with one or two incidents about his fear of Allah. Today, I would like to carry on from there, however, always reiterating

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that one of the reasons why we speak about personalities of the past is not to remanence, not to just to talk about it with the intention of taking pleasure of the glory of our past

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in a certain way, that would not serve us much. Because when we talk about great events, and personalities of the past, we must do so with the intention of gaining lessons and putting into practice what we learn from great personalities of the past. Now Continuing from where we said that Omar bin Abdulaziz Rama Talalay was made the halifa

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and after he was made the halifa they were many, many great aspects and benefits and reforms that Kumar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Lee introduce. One of the very first things that he did was he confiscated property that was wrongfully taken from the Bay tomorrow and return it back to the bay tomorrow. This is one of the most important aspects of a person's life to give back to its rightful owner what it is these do abdulai mubaraka Malala has written and he said that it is better to give 600 to give one dyrham back to its rightful owner than to give 600,000 dirhams in charity. Let me repeat that it's better to give one dyrham back to his rightful owner than to give 600,000 Durham's

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in charity, the greatest thing dusek Yoku co workers Cortina yes subsidiary Nikki but it was more important than any other aspect. That is why the first thing

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he did give back whatever was wrongfully taken from the beta male, he gave it back. Interesting thing has been made mentioned, he had just completed the burial of the previous halifa Suleiman bin Abdul Malik, who made him the halifa, who appointed him the Khalifa. And after completing the burial, he came into his room, his private quarters, and owner of the Nazism rally was about to take a rest when his son came to his knock at his door, and his son told him Oh, my father, what do you intend doing about the things that have been wrongfully taken from the Bay tomorrow? So

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I said, I intend giving it back. But I want to take a rest now. And when I get up, I will do it. So the son said, Oh, my father, can you give me a guarantee that you will remain alive till after you take a rest to restore the property back for you to his rightful owners. So the father got a shock. And he came to his son and he kissed him on his forehead and said Jazakallah or my son for helping me in my responsibility. So on a life only we can have the father son relationship in such a way that you know, we talk about these types of things, helping one another in doing good. Today, what is our situation many times we will talk about to our children about the soccer scores. This

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happened in this world This happened in that world. You know, look at this beautiful example the son telling the father Oh, my father, can you give me guarantee that when you wake up, you will be alive to return back? What has been wrongfully taken back to the rightful owners. So the father immediately sat down to give back everything which was wrongfully taken back to the bathroom and to the extent that he had a ring, which was given to him by the previous halifa. He told his his seven Messiah him homeless,

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Him, take this and give it back to the bay tomorrow. So he says leave said if you're giving everything back, what are you leaving for yourself and your family. So instead I'm leaving Allah for my family. And history bears testimony to this brothers this look at this. When you do write our law gives you Baraka. History bears testimony to the fact that historians narrates, after one or two generations after Omar bin Abdulaziz, a person walks out of the masjid. He walks out to the masjid and he sees the children of the former believers who they who gave lots of wealth to the children. Those children were begging. And Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah alleys children who did not he did

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not give anything to his children from the Bay tomorrow, coming out to the masjid and dishing out charity. So hon Allah look at look at this. This is the Baraka of when we do things correct. Nevertheless, many things he did together with it, were in his first things he did was state officials were excluded from entering into business. People who are employed by the state, they could not enter into business. They were given commensurate and good remuneration. But they were not allowed to enter into business because obviously, they will take advantage of the position, the way we are seeing in present day South Africa, unpaid labor was made illegal. There's also another

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aspect you could not take work from anyone without paying him. What was his new pasture lands in Game Reserve, which were reserved for the family of the officials of the state, who evenly distributed amongst the people of the land. He urged people to listen to the complaints of the people who had against public officials. And he even announced in Hutch, anyone comes with a right complaint a justified complaint against state officials, he will be given a reward of 100 to 300 dinars if you come to a complaint, that this person who was a state official did wrong, or you will be given 100 to 300 dinars as a reward. One of the amazing things which is a historical dictum, that

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you see in that time, the non Muslims used to pay it a text known as jizya. Now what was the text the text was because of the text, the Islamic State would look after the property and the life of the non Muslims. They were not obliged to go into the army. So because of the tax people, you know, they live in property was safe. So many people accepted Islam when they saw the justice of Omar bin Abdulaziz ram Talalay many people, you know the Berbers of North Africa many other people when they saw His justice, he accepted Islam. So the the text collect of Egypt wrote a letter to Omar bin Abdulaziz Can he said that tax revenue is coming less because all people are becoming Muslims. So

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there is no text to gain and therefore it's becoming a problem to do the budget. We don't have money to do the budget. So Omar bin Abdulaziz ranfurly wrote this remarkable thing he said, Allah sin nebia Karim saw Salaam as raw material me not someone to collect x. Allah send the Prophet not to collect x. Allah send the prophet to make raw material Allah mean. So he said, If everyone accepts Islam, because of which there is no tax, we will cultivate land, but we won't worry, because that is the reason for Navy Academy haslams profit. So we're gonna look at that vision today. Do we have that type of vision? So Honolulu, many times people will say, you know, I'm not generalizing, but I

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say buy don't make your laborers Muslim, a tuna come Apache, you know, Musa, but I will have to look after that. Look at that. Look at the way of thinking and look at the way of thinking what he said, Never mind. If everyone comes in no text, we will go in, we will look after the land, we will cultivate the land. So this was the aspect with regard to it. One day, his wife found him weeping after salah and said, Oh, my husband, why are you weeping? He said I'm thinking about the difficulty people are facing. I'm looking at those people, particularly the poor that are starving. I'm looking at the people who don't have clothes. I'm looking at the prisoners who are strangers and why in

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prison. I'm looking at a person who is old who's got a big family, but can look after his family. I'm worried I made the halifa How am I going to be able to fulfill the needs and how will I be able to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of Tiamat with regard to this, he was so cautious with public funds. It is absolutely amazing. You see one day someone wrote to him and said I want candlesticks at time of course there was Lenten there was no Eskom, but Escom can learn a lot from this. Nevertheless, what he said he said, I know we have candlesticks we want more candlesticks so you wrote to them

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person who was his friend, he said to you remember the time when we used to walk in the streets of Medina you didn't have a candlestick but you managed. Now why are you insisting upon candlesticks when people made a requisition to the bay tomorrow for pens and paper? He told the people be cautious, right with a fine pen. Write with a fine pen. And when you use paper, write closely together that you don't waste paper. For those three what is our situation with a Seraph and extravagance? Look at the wastage in our homes. Look at the wastage in our nicas that food is dumped and look at what this particular example he says, write with a fine pen so that you're so that the

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pen is fine, therefore it uses less paper right closely together so that you don't have to waste paper and pen and ink. So vanilla this is a situation with regard to it. And look at our situation in today's time. This is what we are supposed to learn. We're not only supposed to make mention of his greatness, we are supposed to bring this into our life guru worship Allah. Allah says eat and drink but don't be extravagant. Yet the same Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Lee spent a lot of money in the construction and the beautification of the Nigerian Navy. And the AMA we measured in Damascus, to such an extent that he brought imported wood image in another way. The old tool when

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they talk about it, they say, Sal kilocalorie which I assume would be teak wood. He used teak wood, imagine another way and someone said Why are you using so much and beautifying the masjid? So he said look at how the people are living today. took it out that people are living people are not living in them in you know in in simply they will live in simple I would make the machine simple, but you are living in luxury and you want to make the masjid a dump. So he spent a lot of money on merchant and navy and beautifying the AMA we Masjid in Damascus, which is a historical Masjid. However, yet at the same time, he was cautious about unnecessary spending. Maybe we need to get that

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particular balance right. Never another beautiful aspect about him was regard to his humanity when he was sitting with few friends when the fuel of the Lenten went off. So then when the fuel of the Lenten got off, everyone got up and said, Oh halifa you remain. We will put up the fuel so you don't know where the fuel is. Leave it to me. He went. He picked up the fuel. He put the fuel he really let the Lenten and he said when I got up I was Omar bin Abdulaziz. When I returned I was Omar bin Abdulaziz. what difference did I make when I had to refuel the Lenten? In Gujarati they seen it when we were saying in Gujarati Kadena Loma Tawana Chateau, if you're going to do something, are you

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going to become you know, a son of a small parents if you're going to do something like this, which you think below your dignity? So what did he do? He went to country for the length and he said, when I got up, I was

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18 I was one of the roses. So Hannah, look at that humanity. Yet at the same time, he was extremely worried about the moral reformation about his people. Today by and large. What do the leaders say about morality? They say morality is a private issue, which cannot be legislated by the state. That's why they say abortion must be an individual in insert, it must be an individual decision. morality, they regard it to be something that cannot be legislated by the state. But Omar bin Abdulaziz rally took a special interest in the Reformation and the moral and spiritual reformation of the people. He wrote to people about the importance of select saying if you have not performed

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your salat, then you can practice upon any other aspect of Deen. He spoke about at that particular time in the time of the AMA we khilafah the Imams became very popular hamams where the bathrooms were, and male and female used to come together in the Imams and they used to be intermingling.

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He put a stop to it. He said that if we have to do it, do it to strict conditions. So he made one day he wrote a letter to them to the leader of the Muslim army which was station, it contains such beautiful words of advice that it is worth you of us reading and listening to it. He said adopt Aqua turquoise the best of provisions, he says son is more dangerous than the plots of the enemies. Brothers listen to this man today we kill you and I This one is done this America is done this Russia is done this the Illuminati has done this. And this one is done this. What did he say? sin of the omit is more dangerous than the plot of the enemies. He say we overcome our enemies due to the

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transgression due to the transgression and sin. They don't obey Allah we obey Allah for Allah grant us victory over them. He says they are more superior to us in resources we cannot compete with them in resources. But if we are equal to them in sin, then they will get the upper hand over us. Just look at this. Why why it was we are if we can't compete with them with resources, but if we are going to do the same similar

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They're doing our last minute come upon us, then obviously they will gain the upper hand over us. This is what are happening today. So look at this beautiful aspect with regard to his. And that is why Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Lee wrote to Abu Bakr. He was the first person to compile the hadith of our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not only did he write to over Kareena hasm to start the compiler, one of the things of nebia cream sauce alum, but he also took an active interest because he was a scholar in his own right. And he also gave stipends to the Mojave thinh who were given the task of compiling the scenes of Nivea cream sauce to them. Today when we

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read the hadith of Nivea cream sauce Islam. We are greatly indebted to Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Lee, who put into place the process of compiling the heartbeat of our beloved Muslim, despite his piety, he had tolerance. Many times people who have piety sometimes they look down upon people, much to their own detriment, much to their own detriment. It was not so worth.

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It was manisa. In his one book, Russia has written one incident, he said one day, you know it, there was a young person who was very anxious in his in his statute prayers. So when he made the hatchet prayers,

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he told us, he told me made an immediate shout out to the you know, that everyone is sleeping, I'm making tahajjud. So his father overheard him saying that, so his father said, Oh, my son, it would have been better for you to sleep rather than making that comment. Even better for you to sleep rather than making that comment that I'm making, that everyone is sleeping, you know, what if you make the hatchet is for your own benefit. So, the tolerance of you know, with regard to he still, he always exhorted people towards good the non Muslims, even people who are stray, he made a Hey, Lana de miski, raylan de miski, he made him part of his administration, although he had objectionable

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views on certain issues, he made him part of his administration. And as long as

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he was alive, this random he did not, you know, propagate his unacceptable objectionable views only after

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he passed away, he then continued making mentioned with regard to it, we used to cast doubt on the the aspect of the deal, but look at the tolerance, and there is the same tolerance, which made people come towards Islam. And that is why it is said that he wrote, you know, let us to seven Rogers of India, inviting them towards Islam, inviting them towards Islam. He had so much concern with regard to non Muslim subjects, that one day in Hera, which has I think it was in Iraq, one Muslim killed a non Muslim, and Omar bin Abdulaziz took an active part and said, that person must be killed in retaliation. So he killed a Muslim in the law of retaliation because he killed a non

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Muslim, that was in the time of when the Muslims were in power. Then he came to know that abuzz been bullied, the son of the halifa, Walid had taken the wealth, you serve the lead wealth of a non Muslim, he did not rest until he returned that wealth back to the non Muslim. And this was his particular aspect with regard to his, you know, remarkable aspect. And that is why it was his blessings of his craft. You know, what was a blessing when a person rule of justice, then you find this particular type of thing that comes in with regard to the blessings It is said that Abdul Hamid bin Abdul Rahman was a was a collector of Zakat in Iraq. So he wrote to Homer when Allah says, he

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said, I've got lots of Zakat, what must I do? He said, give it to the poor. He wrote back, I gave it to the poor Zakat is still overflowing, what must I do? He said, Give it to those people who have loans that they must repay the loans. He gave it to them. He wrote back, he said, Everyone who had loans I gave it to them, no one got loans now in Iraq, what must I do? He said, all the people who can who want to get married, don't have dowry, don't have money to settle themselves. Give them the Zakat money gave him the Zakat money came back and said there is still money left. What must I do? He said right now what you do, everyone who has to pay tax, doesn't have money to pay tax, give them

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the Zakat money. The person wrote back and said, I have given them they still Zakat money outstanding. This is the Baraka that happens when people follow justice. The people of the card collector of Africa used to say people used to come to the bakery man and said, We want to give the card he said we don't want to take you as a card. We there's no one point in this particular region Subhanallah and you know, this was a Baraka with regard to his his beloved, and that's what happens many times with regard to people who bring about justice, this is America. I read somewhere previously this time when I did some research, I could not find this, but it is not uncommon. It is

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part of justice. And I will conclude with this and then make mention of is the last stages of his life. It is made mentioned that we know one day a person of a city dweller was traveling through the desert. So when he came upon a shepherd, and he was sitting with a shepherd and he notice that the sheep and the wolf are sort of you know drinking water together. You

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No, and he didn't think about it. He said that this is something surprising, but maybe maybe the wolf is not hungry, whatever it is. And he said while he was doing this, all of a sudden, the wolf attack the sheep. And the shepherd said in narela, he was in a garage. So this person said, Why do you say in that era to the natural process, and natural process wolf attacking the sheep, he said, I'm not saying in any way nearly Rajan because of that. I'm saying that he lay nearly Rajon because Omar bin Abdulaziz has passed away. He said you are in the desert. What do you know Marina has passed away. He said Omar is justice. He didn't impact upon animals also.

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Now that I saw this, I said in Allah He has passed away. The person noted that time when he went back to the city said exactly that same time, Homer would have passed away from this world mention is made he gave remarkable type of advices before he passed away, time doesn't allow us with regard to it, that will make us feel the power and influence was slipping away. Therefore, according to some narrations, you know, they poisoned him, this review is going to rule what's going to happen, there is going to be no influence, no power, no wealth left for us, everything is going to be distributed amongst the poor. So therefore, he said that, you know, they poisoned him. And when he

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was towards the end of his life, you know, one day told his 70s before he passed away, I always have some ambition. And when I achieve that ambition, I try for something higher. Now I only got one ambition left, and that ambition is to attain Jenna. Then afterwards he called because of the poison he was on his deathbed, and mentioned is made that we kept on smiling while on his deathbed, while reciting the ayat, which are excited to the hookah tilaka de la hora de la de la luna, Hulu and fill out the Masada. Allah will give Jenna for those people who don't achieve or don't want pomp and splendor in this world and don't want corruption in the earth. They are the people whom Allah will

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grant Jenna to, it seems as if he was echoing his entire life when he recited those ions and he passed away maravilhosa Nebula himolla rights. If Providence would have given him a longer life, then we would have witnessed a complete and lasting revolution, changing the course of human history. While azeema remarkable human being May Allah Allah give us a topic of understanding his greatness, and mentioned is also made that there is one hadith of nationalism that says after every 100 years, Allah appoints a magette did a revival of the dean who revives the dean. And he said by the very nature, people who love I have got different lists. Now who is the revival of the first

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century, second century, third century fourth century people who am I've got different lists. But everyone is unanimous that the first revival in the in the in the Muslim Ummah, was Omar bin Abdulaziz ram to lolly, he revived in and today he still remain a standard even if sometimes we cannot achieve it in practice. He remains a standard for people who have authority people who are leaders for you and I in terms of his taqwa and piety, we are given a topic of understanding and we can have a walk through that one