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And Hamdulillah you walk down Was that was that Amana Milan?

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when Ashley Madison Yachty a mother you follow me

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those who fear for the rule set up Allah with

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my dear You said that elders are brothers. As we are aware that from time to time we speak about different companions, different Sahaba with the intention of emulating the characteristics say wonderful attributes and the qualities. Today I would like to speak about one salary and a very great salary and that was many great lessons that you and I can learn from those lessons. And he is Abdullah in Oman, Radi Allahu Allahu the son of Umar Radi Allahu taala.

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And he accepted Islam in the very beginning stages of Islam. When he was very young, he accepted Islam and he became a Sahabi while in childhood, then together with that he migrated what his father to Madina, Munawwara at the age of 10. So when he migrated to Medina, he was 10 years of age. Now in the initial stages in Madina Munawwara we are aware that there were many great battles that took place in Ohio, and Adelaide numeracy allow Toronto could not partake in those battles, because he was very young

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men set the criteria that people who are younger, and children who are younger than 14 could not take part in the jihad in the letters. It used to say on the eve of the battle and I cried all night, because maybe I can use Arsenal

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did not allow me to take part in the battle.

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The fourth battle he took part in was in the Battle of conduct

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and that happened in the fourth year after he worked and worked on MTC Sanaka buried him anyway unformatted on kissin the deal with the burqa okay who's

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got a machete Robinette?

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Allah with that I'm okay person, I believe normal of you Allahu Akbar.

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For mana. Why Islam Lai Shu is a man or a surface hobbyist, but spent he may hustle on chaotic is the site tumor man Madina Munawwara for money or admin, strictly when can we agree Mr. Ausstellung to suit up keep under assault you almost quit. But check your I know what you had misread me or something. Or subset Bella was my 100 men on a geography in Salya Shaniqua. Now some of the points with regard to his life. You know, I don't want to go so much with regard to the you know, details about his life but some of the lessons one of the great lessons we learned is that apply no matter the allowed to do one day two or three. And he narrated the dream to us and have Saturday Allah Who

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was his sister, and the wife of our beloved Kareem Salah when he was salam. She narrated it now beloved Maria Kareem sorcerer, who made the remark and said Abdullah if normal is a very great person and a very righteous person, if only he can become a regular interaction players,

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if only he can become a regular interact with players. So Abdullah is human have you allowed them to we heard this, he asked that never ever massage.

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Never ever massage. All amaray right and one of the lessons we learned from here that if you want to tell someone something about the fault kisi cheese Kamata now, if you want to tell someone something, then what we should also do is learn to praise Him and within the praise make mentioned with regard to what to tell you. Look at the beauty of Libya, Kareem sorcerer Abdullah Omar is such a good person. If only he can do he can also aid the statue. So that's one of the things we let it metabo cosmetica to have Nam Shira as Minister for Maya can Maria Karim Saskia Sunday, bye buy uncle to maybe I can even start sooner for my attorney if you are not charging yet. They can use case

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outside to keep up and try to sabotage that

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To kick up kisi cheese kibarim A Nishan the HCA now to subset la advocate tarrif call or beach metro area only shadowmaker So if you want to tell someone something someone tell him something nice. You are such a nice person. You are such a good person. If only you can do such and such a thing. Today we tell a person to talk to me. You are joining me What do you say better panacea to help me get through what must I do after them you are such a nice person but it is into your into your you know way of life. The second thing we learn one beautiful other example, one day in America him Salah while he was selling was speaking to us to Allah. And he said in the Quran, Allah Allah says and I'm

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Tara key for that Allah Allah who

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say example of a good word is like an example of a blessing. So cream sauce to them as the Sahaba what is the blessing three that Allah has been mentioned in the Holy Quran Sahaba said Allah was to Adam and nine is Rasul knows best and now he's rescued knows best. So then after that, maybe a cream sauce Salam tone told them that it is the date palm it is the date tree surgeon I tell you by the Quran is the date pump. I did a buyer many years back and one day inshallah we'll repeat it again. Why is the date three shutter I Teva I made where nothing one day, and inshallah maybe before Ramadan, we will do it again. You know. So then afterwards, Abdullah woman told his father, oh, my

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father, I knew the answer. I wanted to say, but out of respect, I didn't say they were elderly people. I'm a youngster. I didn't want to tell them I know the handset. So I felt very shy. I didn't make mention of him. So one of the allow that I told him all my son, if you would have given the answer, it would have been a means of trying for me. I would have got so happy. It would have given me even more happiness than having well why didn't you make mention of it? So you see we learn from here something's firstly, sometimes out of respect, youngsters can keep that respect. Secondly, is that the good of the good of the child becomes the means of pride for the parents.

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What a beautiful thing for you It's wacky I get moto analisa cylinder Saba St. Bucha shutter Atiba Kia surterra Teva chi, Quran min. To Badman cream sauce number loboc variety to enable cartoon character believable womanly after a while it took for my kids.

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They can in a minute but Danny, that if you get Berea longtails man, tone as a Marathi Allah Allah God

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or master is

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to say potential tanky to enter purchase a checkup Correct. To once again focus on attire this was become happy. I remember on this one very amazing incident carried himself Rahmatullah Ali's director of darkroom yoga one day came to be loaded down. He came to a home address. And he was very impressed with our Manresa, too, and he says something very achievable. He said that when the children outdo the father, the father never ever gets said

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but chatterbox and Berger, to what it is, while it pushed me and asked me what they will push toward yourself in many ways. You overdress. I told Martin during one of the musica yo madressa is given out did the father download yoga? So this I saw it and it it happened with me in my life, that when the child outlast the father, the father doesn't get reset, he becomes happy. My son has gotten even better than me. So this is the second lesson we learned from the life of delight. Thirdly, we one of the great things with regard to human life. The Allah Who was his love for the summit, and love for the acronym SOS. He loved the VA Kareem saw Selim and the Sunnah of Maria Karim saucer of tremendous

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he used to try and follow it emulate every aspect of Libya cream sauce, drums life, so much so that when he used to go on a journey when the vehicle stopped at a particular place, he used to stop at that place. Why are you stopping here? Maybe a cream sauce I'm stopped here. It is famously known that in the time between Arafat and Musa define how much Libya Saddam stopped at a place to relieve himself. Abdullah in new Amara, the Allah was the one who used to program himself to relieve himself at the very same place. And you say maybe a cream sauce did it I'm doing so much of love He had now you know, it's amazing sometimes

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You know you and I, we don't understand the depths of Islamic knowledge. So I believe the Amara view allows us to even look after the trees.

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When we actually install Salam we used to stop when he used to go from Mecca to Medina, Medina to Makkah, we have an awakening. So Slimstock used to stop there. And even those trees that were there when he saw some stuff, he used to put water into comfortables trees. Now just understand this, his father, Almighty Allah who did the opposite. The place where the Sahaba pledge allegiance on Medusa, Salam on the Treaty of who they are. As the woman who destroyed the tree. He cut it off. And what did he say? He said, I'm cutting this three off because if I will keep it alive, we have people that will make

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a great number of the loggerhead another view, he used to look after the trees.

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To this is something that we have to keep in mind as an adult, you're allowed to know code the VA can install some are super simple HUDs yada, yada or Toluca.

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Libya cream sauce mastery where he jacket numbers potterton jahaan. Maria Teresa, slim kissy Dara Can you cheer better when you Junker around for for Mother's Day, one amazing incident one day, you know a villager came and Abdullah in your mother, the Allah with that I know gave him tremendous amount of wealth on berbahasa to a player who sat unicard The people told him that why did you give him so much of well, he was an ordinary villager. If you have given him less, he will repeat enough.

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And he said the reoccurring source from said look after the friends and acquaintances of your father.

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Look after the acquaintances of your father, your app, your wallet, your doorstep, once you attend a local

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Abra app now what you need to do stones are Charles Dahlgren, and this villager was good with my father. Therefore, I showed him so much kindness and generosity.

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Can you imagine the father someone was putting your father you look after him, you show respect to him, because he was good with your father. So this was, you know, the third the third aspect of Abdullah humanity about animals life, which you would like to make mention of was his love for the Sunnah. Then the first thing that I would like to make mention of his knowledge give

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him is he was amongst the greatest scholars amongst the sahaba. He was amongst the fuqaha of the sahaba. He was amongst the jurists of the Sahaba after Abu Dhabi Allah with the greatest amount of a hadith generated by to light in

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were communists

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fuqaha Saddam Hussein as

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a habit fusuma Dora Hassan Archer so this 2630 Club scenes of our beloved Vidya Karim Salah when he was salam, Abdullah Amara, the Allahu Anhu he narrated What is amazing is his narration was known as Silsila to the hub,

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the greatest chain of transmitters of a hadith

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the greatest chain of transmitters of a hadith was a mallet in the anus and Nafi and Abdullah

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whenever this comes in the books of Hadith, Malik Imam Malik narrates from nothing, nothing original Bula in human

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resources, it is regarded to be the gold chain of transmission transmission of art. And let me tell you another amazing incident. Nothing was enslaved. Nafi Abdullah Newman has obliged on Katie when I was so upset

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war to enter our hobbies key snap message yesterday, Imam Malik and Nafi and obliging Omar under the eye cream sauces. Now he was a slave.

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He was his slave. So one day Abdullah in Jaffa, the Allah who

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came and said sell me NAFTA for 10,000 Arabs. So I believe he was said, I wanted I got something more valuable,

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more valuable, who's going to give you 10,000 theorem for a slave? He said, I'm free nothing. So now he is known as the freed slave of Ebola.

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And he became such a great ally that he is known as the greatest chain of transmitters

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has operated in this lifetime. If pre 1000 slaves Al Azhar, you know gave you Organa war, he freed slaves. He freed 1000 slaves

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Can you imagine Subhanallah and nothing was the one thing and you see the scene with regard to the Sahaba they were known as

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the four Abdullah's, who are the foremost in terms of

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for God in terms of Judah students, Abdullah, Abdullah Nimbus, Abdullah Jaffa, and I'm gonna go

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and look at our data that was obliging you must go to the Ultron, who is regarded to be the principal person from Fatima Hanafi Hanafi fit is derived from Abdullah Mossad.

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And Maliki is mostly derived from the sayings of Abdullah Yama. And, and, and the greatest amount of Shafik comes from

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the will the four leaders, they were the ones who are the most and sometimes you say about herba, but more it is about

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Abbas Ambassador the last time they were the greatest in terms of knowledge, then another aspect with regard to his life three amazing what amazing he stayed away from fitness or fitness at board directed. One of the amazing aspect of Abdullah evening was staying away from fitness. He stayed away from fitness was not allowed to look is a man and we all know Islamic history. Or at least we should know. There was of course civil war in the time of Libya after an awakening So Islam style in a time of course, man. And you know, the Allahu Anhu

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Abdullah Omar did not get involved in any of the fitness either take part in any of the civil wars. And it was my lovely Ultron one they asked him he said at the time of this when they told him that he must, you know, resign and must go away from South Africa. So he stood up for smart out how many times are you gonna die? So once he said don't give up your financial and what and what an amazing thing he told us. He said if every time the Muslims dislike or Felipa are they going to remove him or kill him? What what type of what type of logic is this? You don't you remove your Khilafah which Allah subhanaw taala has granted you. Then another aspect which was he was offered the position of

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Emirates so many times

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when he was passing away, we'll open it up to to any fitness and democratic will for 21 a year and we're here to get your heart the casa que su la casa manga to Pamela kendama.

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They can pick them up to pick them and you have to go for Multitec at half Gnosis yada. It's more important for you to be united than get involved in fitna, if only the people of our time can understand this. We just love fitness. The social media is like the best version of fitness. And everyone is getting involved in it. If you can learn from the alarm clock, as it O'Meara the ultimos time someone said make your son the Khalifa, he said is enough training for one family that is one Khalifa I don't want another Khalifa in my family. I don't I literally allow them to offer him and

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told him to become the governor of Syria. Marijuana offered him to become two different strains. And even the ultra no Marwan told him they do become the governor. He said I don't want to become the governor. He used to say an amazing thing. He said, I don't want to become the governor. And I don't want position over the blood of people.

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If only he can learn about for the sake of your leadership, look at how they killing people and how they still have character assassination. What an amazing lesson for the sake of for the sake of my worldly good. The blood of people must be spoiled. I don't want it. I don't want the dunya I don't want the dunya SubhanAllah. He used to keep this held the view that unity is more important than fitna. He even went to as it was saying that he allowed to do he pleaded with him saying that they don't go to Kufa don't go to Iran, and that Allah knows why it happened. Allah had his wisdom. And when to say mediolateral decided to go to Iraq, Abdullah tried. He said crusade don't go he's going

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to take more type of bloodshed. And maybe

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we don't we don't ever criticize any of the sahaba. They had their own view. Hussein had his own view. And we respected Abdullah Ahmad had his view he stayed away with regard to that doesn't mean he didn't speak about things. He spoke about things. He told her judges out there you bring arms into

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he told the governor of Medina I told him how gay you kill the people of Medina. But he by and large stayed away from it only we can learn that particular lesson state then towards the end.

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Let me just say a few things with regard to Abdullah even Omar will be allowed to say he definitely will say one of the greatest Savini used to say I don't want to meet Allah because the time that was no

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Abdullah Omar at this time I don't want to be Allah with anyone's book of deeds the book of these are popular in in my time. I don't want to meet Allah with anyone now my Armada anyone who complete other than Abdullah

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he should say out of all the children of Malawi Allah No, I'm to let him know Omar resembled his father the most. He remembered his everybody's father the most. You know, someone asked him someone asked one grade Tabby and said what was different between Omar and Abdullah Muhammad? And he said, Omar, are they allowed to know you these type of people who were equivalent, or you could say they will also creep

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up too late. The woman lived in a time there was no one who matched him. No one made a beeline and one of the greatest statements I've ever read with regard to a blind woman. Sophia they thought they said an amazing thing. He said follow Umar in Unity.

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When the math is united follow O'Meara Viola to know what he did. And when the math is in fitna for Ebola

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in the time of unity follow whom are we allowed to know in the time of disunity the type of fitna, follow up the line? Let me conclude with two of his most beautiful speeches test statements what he said the most befitting thing to purify kctc Teskey aka No, to replace the BankInter Skia if you want to produce and purify something, you want to make something clean, then make your tongue clean. And then he used to say that you know what is Biotin Biotin is a smiling face and soft words. The poor cat is Lucas has wood has a Snickers or you know, all uns he tries to start Calum crow what is biotic piety is a smiling face and kind words if all you understood my dear respected weathers the

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life of Abdullah in Oman was great. And Allah subhanaw taala for discovered was known and let them elevate his status and let them give us the topic of you know, following this great gems have told maybe a creamy sauce from sin as he can muddle my way up and I started whomsoever you follow me, you will be guided upon the right path

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through the.

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