Accountability and Weighing Of Deeds

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Baba Humala Amitabha Omar de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata

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Amano photo Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. One of the olma was enough to study amin Akiyama t fella. Ramona sushi

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columna Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kelly mahtani Javi batan illa Rahman Sakina Danny Philomena

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Kofi attorney Elisa Subhan Allah Allah Subhana Allah will be handy Suhana la de la zoom. oka McCauley Sarah to Sarah, Sarah Hola. Hola zoom.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala requires us in this world to take account of our deeds.

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As Romero de la Tran who used to say ha Cebu and fusa como Kabbalah and to

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take stock of your deeds before Allah tala takes talks of your deeds on the day of Tiamat then an ultra take stock of your deeds it will be too late as a woman of your low down okay to shadow him. Kepner a Malcolm was in Accra, his dunya may Caboose Ke Ke Allah tala qiyamah Kadena aka America hisab Osaka

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Osaka moussaka bisabolol get too bored there

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he sublinear cowork Toby here to take stock of your deeds now before Allah tala take stock of your deeds was in Kabbalah on Tuesday no way your deeds evaluated before Allah tala ways it on the day of Tiamat it's an important aspect of spirituality of the soul wolf of Sufism, of our life of fixing ourselves up that we constantly take stock of our deeds. Whenever we do wrong, we rectify it whenever we do right we think Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to it. In our history, there was a very saintly peace person by the name of Abdullah Al Harris bin

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Abdullah Harry's been us when he was a muhaddith one who took and he narrated a Hadith, but he is more better known in the books of history by his name why Sebby Why is my ACB because he used to take his some of his deeds every day used to take stock of his deeds, even in Sufism up till now, we find that the shareholders tell the disciple, every day at the end of your day before you sleep, take a stock of your deeds, whatever good you have done, think Allah with regard to it, whatever bad you have done, ask Allah for forgiveness. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah must forgive you. And you must try and amend yourself not doing that evil deed again.

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As a member of the Allahu anhu one day, got onto the member

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one day got on to the member. And he said, Oh, Omar, do you remember who you are? You are once upon a time, a shepherd, who used to look after sheep. You didn't have enough money for fruits. You didn't have enough money for food to use to go and 10 the sheep for your aunt's for your family members. And at the end of the day, they used to give you a handful of raisins. Over that is what you are morellato Nick martaba number co partner Steve ledger chronica Morocco pata aka ticket Chi. It martaba SATA.

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eSATA K. Chen kishmish ke was AB Loki bhakra Johanna workarea Jenna charata avanca genetic balcatta Abner, Abner Hannah leukemia, to omura. To set this he got down.

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Omar, what what was the purpose of all that? He went on to the member to tell us that you used to look after ship and you've got one handful of reasons. What What did you achieve by this? What message was there for the moment? So Omar said, Oh, man, the thought came in my heart. Omar, you are ameerul momineen You are such a great person. People are coming fine, why to come and meet with you are the leader of the Muslims. So I said, let me go into the member to make mention of my ticket to make mention of my pass so that I don't become proud. Look at how he rectified himself. How civil enforcer can take stock of your deeds before law take stock of your deeds. One of the ways our

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alumni have told us to take stock of our deeds is that we must realize that Allah tala is going to take stock of our deeds on the day of gamut one of the ways

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How we must take stock of our deities. Allah tala b chiamata Kadena hamara Mulcahy Sangha. Now how Allah subhanho wa Taala take stock of our deeds. In this regard I have read section eight of the Holy Quran in front of you. Allah Allah says who another Allah was enough to milk Yama, Allah will establish the scales of justice on the day of Tiamat. Allah tala, known as the old man was enough to Milla chiamata Allah tala will establish scales of justice tarrazu Allah tala kianga or etc zoo in South Carnevale during South Korea, Luca Malka, Malka Toluca. So Nicolas is one of the olma was in a coma for two Islam and

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no one would be wrong on the day of karma, no one would be oppressed. Now with regard to this wasn't an AMA which Allah says, Allah will take stock and Allah will way your deeds. Allah says in Surah Alif Lam Meem sada surah are off the first page well was no yo ma easy, Neil Huck.

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The wave of the deeds of yours on the day of chiamata is a reality.

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Allah will weigh your deeds. Mrs. Mr. Mr. And Mrs. Mrs. May there is one one particular group known as Mozilla Mozilla was named Mr. Kane karrakatta work at the university.

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Mr. hamara Dude, I'm a drama queen wasn't a case it wasn't for money as a case it wasn't caring, how will allow way things that does not have substance or matter.

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We know for example, if you want to weigh a piece of cloth, you can say 10 kilos, or it's so much you can wait or you can measure it. It is 10 yards so it is still in the 10 meters. But when your Amal doesn't have any substance, how is Allah going to weigh something that does not have substance that does not have meta?

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This was what the Mozilla to say. And they used to say no, what Allah means when Allah will weigh the deeds. It means that Allah will do justice doesn't mean Allah will physically way deeds.

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Our RM I used to say no, Allah says well was no yo ma Ed Neil Huck, Allah will weigh you it is on the day of gamut. And today for us to understand to weigh and measure something that does not have substance is very easy to lose today it is done on a constant basis. So we weigh the temperature, we measure the temperature, temperature doesn't have Muskoka Rosnay, no no substance No, it is Eros, it is not something that you can that you can see can you see the temperature but we measure the temperature today is 18 degrees centigrade, much colder than previous days. Previously, it was 2729 in the course of this week. So how did you measure something that does not have substance does not

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have meta human being has created such instruments that he can measure the rain, the cold, the heat, the temperature of the body? So when, when human beings can measure something that does not have substance? What is it difficult for Allah subhanho wa Taala to weigh and measure something that does not have substance which does not have a parent substance. So we believe that Allah will physically weigh these on the day of Tiamat This is a third of the novel Gemma has moved to Turkey sub was monumental la mesilla Valley as a move to Turkey was money in in the translation of his father's Tafseer in his edit this footnote. He said today people will believe and I read it I was quite

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surprised he said today people will believe amazing things of a Steven Spielberg movie, but they can't believe it in the regions resistance Steven Spielberg movie some different types of scientific type of research Apple, people will believe or they will accept it. But with regard to this Dini methods they can understand. Now what am I have said Howard Allah subhanho wa Taala we our deeds, one rewire is Allah will weigh the person, Allah will put him on the scale it comes in a hadith that nebbia cream sauce lemon said, the scale Allah will put to weigh people's deeds on the day of Tiamat it will be so great that the entire heavens and earth will come into one scale hole the heavens and

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earth will come into one scale. Now how would Allah subhanho wa Taala weigh our deeds? The first one is Allah will weigh the human being. Allah will put him on the scale and that scale would be able to determine the good that he has done and the evil that he has done. And attalla ATMEGA sobre la Talos Katana tarazi Cooper delkor Allah tala is a facelift for manga coup snare, it nurture come Kia Aetna Baraka tarrazu, Moroccan akibat, Allah tala Johanna was terasaki under sa or safaga. Katana was co one batang.

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So one rewired is a novel way the person and the scale would be able to determine

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distinguish the right and wrong that he has done. What is the evidence with regard to it to ahaadeeth nebia cream sauce limit said many times a person in this world will have tremendous physique, he will have a tremendous physique. He will have a very, very martial law party they will say, martial law body, but on the day of Ramadan is placed on the scale of deeds, he will not even weigh the equivalent of a mosquito. He will be less than a mosquito in wait for Allah naughty moolah, homeopathy Amati was not Allah says in the Quran, that many times people will have no wisdom, they will have no influence they will have no good deeds, they will be zero on the scale of

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good deeds on the day of combat. And then another Hadith a Boolean was was revealed to me one day was climbing down a tree, maybe a cream sauce and was sitting with a Sahaba and someone started laughing because a beloved Massoud read a very thin cuff and that became exposed. Someone started laughing. So Nivea creams awesome, said you laughing at her as a doula because of his thinness because of his sale because of him being so frail. Willa Hill as even Abdullah is placed on the scale on the day of Tiamat his scale of good deeds will be more heavier than the amount of overhead

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he'll have more than the amount of overhead in good deeds. So one is Allah subhanho wa Taala will weigh the person and then his couldn't bear will be distinguished. The second thing is Allah tala Amal nama nama nama Watling Allah tala. Second is Allah will weigh the book of our deeds, we know kurama catimini is writing our good and bad deeds. So that books and that register Allah will wait. So, if the register of good deeds is more that particular person will be successful, and if the register of evil is more Eliyahu biller, the person will be a failure.

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So this is this is one Hadith very famous Hadith known as Hadith a beta. A beta is an amazing Hadith the vicar himself Some will say said on the day of Tiamat, Allah will caper person will come and Allah will put in his book of these will be such his evils they will be volumes and in a scale of his good deeds one small paper pitaka one small paper so Allah will say oh my Banda come our way your deeds

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this Brenda will say Oh Allah don't disgrace me. Our land is so much book of deeds even in one small paper. What is a small paper gonna do against such volumes of evil deeds? Allah don't disgrace me in front of people just send me straight into janome Allah will say no, today everyone everything will be waiting. So Allah will put the scale all his registers of evil deeds on one part of the scale. And Allah will put one paper and what will be on the paper, La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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and that paper will outweighed the evil of all the other evils that he had done.

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Now here these two things you must remember doesn't mean now, but how many per Kalima joke which Karnataka jackaroo now go and make whatever you want to do. kisi cajon Mo, Xena, Kuru, Kuru, Sakura. kalama Pollyanna Sunny, there are two things with regard to notice is given an explanation, there will be two scales, one scale will be to distinguish between a man and Cooper. So that will be the first game and after you have come through that foot flying colors that you are moving, then the second scale will weigh good and bad deeds. So yeah, what Allah has made mention of is the first game Oh, you mean now that you are more mean knowledge as going well, you're good and evil deeds,

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the person who is a disbeliever from the very first instance you have you know, you have Olympics, then you have the heats and you have the semifinals and you have the finals. So you're the test believer in the heat, you will be disqualified coach from the very beginning.

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Now, that is what matcha sample is made mentioned. that there will be two scales one scale to distinguish between a man and Cooper and one scale will determine between good and evil teach. Some Allah have given another very beautiful result depends on your sincerity. Sometimes you do one good deed Allah likes it so much, that particular good deed Allah Allah accepts it. But that is not that is Allah tell us wish? Allah subhanho wa Taala? Well, we'll accept Allah might choose one good deed which you like and he might forgive you. But it's not an general rule. The general rule is your good deeds must be more than your evil deeds, because the general rule is is someone has given a very

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beautiful example of to Turkey was one he has given this example. He said one day the Nizam of Hyderabad had a very, very trustworthy, he was here, he had a very trustworthy servant and as you know, we used to BS, his was here and his minister. So one day, the Nizam invited there was here what his children. So there was even a minister was very worried My children are very naughty, there was into something disrespectful to the to the to the Nizam. So actually so happened as a child while going

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To the nism he picked up and it's and he pulled the Newsom's beard. He pulled in his beard. So this minister got very worried. He scolded he wanted to hit his child. No, no.

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Anyway, so Marco. He is a small child. He's done something look at how old he is, so that his arm got even more happier, hugged him and gave him a present. Right now this listen to this what I'm saying. Now if someone says that the Nizam gave someone a present by putting the beard that nose will pull the beard or the result maybe he'll give me also a present what will happen then is I'm accepted to bachata I did it because I was happy with him doesn't mean you give you the right doctor who might be it. So Allah tala, when you focus people on certain deeds, that is a prerogative of Allah doesn't make it a general rule, doesn't mean you also can go and do it. But of course,

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sometimes it can do a sincerity for us. The first check is an amazing poet. He was more on the liberal side of life. Let me put it this way. He was more on the liberal side of life, but his poetry was amazing. Especially his poetry in praise of nebia cream sauce him and his poetry in praise of the family of nebbia cream sauce them is amazing in Islamic history, but he was a person who enjoyed other things of life also. Nevertheless, for us that one day was sitting with Mr. Mohsen, B'Tselem, Talalay and

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he said, I send today the best person in the universe and the worst person in the universe have gathered in one place. So essence said Oh, well first of all, what do you know about that Allah will accept it by and large, and everyone knows you as everyone knows your, your piety and everyone knows how I am loving. You know, so sorry, my son said what have you prepared for the up after what have you prepared? He said nothing. Except La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, someone so for us that after his dream after he passed away, so I mean a dream. What did Allah do with you? He said that Kalima I read in front of him Amazon bursary, Allah tala because of that Allah forgive my sins, that

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kalama that I read in front of US Embassy Rasul Allah, Allah Allah forgive my sins. Nevertheless, Allah will weigh the second remaining is Allah subhanho wa Taala will wait the book of deeds and now will be the Amal nama and that if our Amal nama is good, more books of good deeds which have good inshallah Allah subhana wa Taala will grant us a success. Then the third meaning is no Allah will with a DD itself. Allah will give the teach a form to hamara chameleon latos Kasha, Kalpana Carrasco, Transamerica Allah will put it in a give it a beautiful form, that Allah will put it in our bad deeds. Allah subhana wa Taala will give it a form like your example he says a person who

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doesn't give Zakat, then his wealth will turn in the form of a snake on the day of Tiamat and those who do good deeds, Allah will give his good deeds a form and put in a place on the day of on a scale of his good deeds. Like many a hadith one ad that nebbia cream sauce limited on the day of gamma the person will be setting too dense clouds will come on the scale of his good deeds, will say Allah What is this? Where it is his good deeds come? He said one one rewired mix mentioned that surah baqarah and Ali Imran that used to recite in the holy in the world that will come in the form of a beautiful cloud. Sometimes a big, big amount of detail communists can have is good to say well I can

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do all these good deeds. And I will say you left behind a pious child. That pious child did these good deeds therefore it came in the School of your good deeds. So Allah so Allah tala That is why in this I read this hadith in the beginning, in the film, there's a last hadith of Bokhari Sharif and I will make mention why I chose this topic also. Allah says Kali mahtani Habiba taniela Rahman, Sufi latonya putana listen satilla Tony filmyzilla there are two sentences, which are beloved to Allah, very weighty on the scale of good deeds very easy to pronounce, so Han Allah He will be humbly analyzing the last, the last hadith of Bokhari Sharif is this hadith. So this shows that our, the

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depth one line as he will be

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analyzing will be placed on the scale of our good deeds and will be very weighty. So sometimes the deeds will be But whatever it is, Allah has made mention of it that Allah will weigh our good deeds from an Sakura Mahajan hufa hola como muffler Hoon? He will scale of good deeds is heavy, he will be successful. Woman suffered Mourinho and he will scale of good deeds is light for like alladhina Hassan fusa whom p McCann will be it is limone he would be a loser because he denied Allah subhanho wa Taala sama and he denied the greatness of Allah and he went against the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever it is, my dear respect others take account of your deeds because they

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want to take account of your deeds will be very late. Let me just end with this beautiful Hadith as an eyeshadow the Latina says the cartoner fabricate

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eyeshadow, the lacuna says maybe a cream sauce then one day made mention of the fire of gentlemen I started crying

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So when we saw him said, Ma, you keep my ukic or I shall, why are you crying? See the cat to navigate? He said jasola you made mention of the fire of janam and therefore I started crying for her Karuna, alikoum Yama, Yama. Then she said jasola will you remember your family on the day of Tiamat? Ursula Will you remember your family on the day of Tiamat synnovia cream sauce them said a Murphy Salah 30 Moroccan fella Yeah, the Kuru Ha ha, ha ha de Oh Ayesha. three occasions no one will remember no one.

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three occasions no one would remember no one. And then there'd be a cream sauce Lim said in Amazon at the time of the weighing of deeds and the timing of the giving of the AMA nama right or left an industry right at the time of the pulsar at Oh, I shot these three occasion fella years guru I hadn't had no one will remember anyone. One is was near me at the time when the weighing of these takes place. No one will remember everyone when we have to prepare for that not then now has

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to take stock of your days before and after take stock of your deeds will absolutely Juana and hungry law hero Bill alameen.