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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva

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la Vida kitabi

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I'm about to fold the villa Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While ethercon o de nozomu Fatima Sakuma.

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Allahu la Zeum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers in the ayat which I've recited,

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which is in Surah Hood in the 12 Jews of the Holy Quran. Allah Torah says do not be inclined

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and do not go towards the ways of those people who have done wrong.

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Valid local greeter of Apple certified nakara anchieta

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Fatima sakana because the fire of jahannam would overtake you. This is an ayat of the Holy Quran where Allah tala prohibits us from looking at love, admiration, and adopting the ways of the people who have done wrong.

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In a similar vein, there is a hadith of our beloved navia Karim Allah setup, in which he has said man, Tasha Baba comin for Who am in whom, whoever imitates a nation whoever emulates a nation, whoever adopts the ways of a nation, for who among whom he would become one amongst those nations. This Navy kisses hair comb kita Schabowski aka

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Mrs. Schumacher Jagga yourself, cake hukum Neha Exotica

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kidnap nacala karanga kissy Turkey to Sita, Allah tala, ocho Ramesh Kumar cringey This is not only a command to not emulate other people, to not emulate other nations in several Asian civilizations, it is a reality that the more you are going to emulate, the more you adopt the ways of other people. Allah would make you amongst them May Allah forbid, and this is the reality. There are many reasons why. Elian is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given this command about not emulating other nations. One obviously is about the identity of Islam. Be proud about your own identity. But in emulating the other ways there are many, many harms. One of the harms is that when a Muslim

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imitates another group, another nation, another civilization another individual, what happens is that it is not only that you are emulating a shell or you are emulating the dress or the way of life, but in reality, you are giving

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preference to the way of life you are giving preference to how they do things. Even if it is only for that one small method in which you have emulated them. And it is impossible. It is impossible Let me repeat this it is impossible that you start emulating and imitating a nation in one aspect.

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And you don't start then starting to admire other aspects of their life. So it might start off with regard to the way they do things the way they eat the aesthetics and slowly slowly it start going into other aspects. And then the other way light must not be a situation where you start even thinking like them you start believing like them. And then of course if a person does that, he folds out to the fall of Islam. Another reason why

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the one of the reasons why Allah tala has told us not to adopt other ways in nations and emulate them, because it is a sign of inferiority complex. When you emulate another nation, you are feeling inferior about your own ways about your own legacy, about your own teachings about your own values. And that is why it is said in English. That said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When you meet an imitator, another nation, you are flattering them. You are proud about the ways you are inferior about your own ways. That means you are saying your way in this particular method is inferior then

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The nation that we have adopted, then the nation that we have emulated allama Iqbal has made mentioned, you know, Europe, you when you started imitation imitating the Europe and you imitating the ways, which Kokila to say, Hey,

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I'm complaining about you, I'm not complaining about them, because if you emulate them who they are, they are not at fault, you are at fault because you are emulating them, because you have regarded them to be better than you in this regard. The third reason why the such great harm in imitating imitating is because when you start imitating a nation in one aspect, then progressively as I've said before, you can start imitating them in other aspects also of life. That is why it's quite amazing to see that there is one of the keypads written by a man named era taralli when he said it Serato Mr. can be Mohali 40 as having him one of the requirements of following the good and

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following the true path is to oppose the waves of people who are the Stein two gentlemen, one of the one of the aspects that you are supposed to be on the true path is to to go against the people who are destined to the fire of janome. Another very important point is that Allah when they discuss the Chabot, when they discuss imitating other nations in the past, then they used to place it in a chapter is with the allama where they place something in another chapter, where do they place it tells us a lot with regard to how much they give credence to that particular topic. So when they used to have Barbuda Chabot the chapter of emulating and imitating other nations, they used to put

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it under the broad topic of Babel if the dead if the dead means apostasy. The normally the owner of the past used to put the chapter of emulating other nations into the broad chapter of Apostasy. And they used to say it when you start emulating another nation slowly, slowly, Aliyah to be led could happen, if you could even emulate the way they think. And you can go out to the fall of Islam, so emulating another nation? And of course, there are degrees you first would you try you first, there are degrees and some of them are completely Cofer. Some is haram, I won't go into that aspect. Because you can emulate them in the way of thinking in the way they believe in the way they eat in

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the way they do things. And there are different outcomes and commands with regard to that. But I'm not going to go into that. The reason why I've made mention of the small introduction is we know in South Africa, we are faced with a buzz in this particular last week or so. And that is the buzz not of the believers that was sitting in the masjid, the buzz of the believers. There is a particular pop group that is in South Africa, where many of our young people would be going to these concerts, some of them have become so you know taken aback by this particular group, and have been taken so taken aback by the person, the individual that I thought I would just make mention of one or two

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small aspects starting off from imitating another culture. Another civilization regarding it is superior regarding it to be more better than our way of life. It will do Rama Talalay when he went to Spain, he said an amazing thing. Even the Holden said when I saw them starting to imitate other nations, I knew that very soon This is going to be the decline of Islamic nations because imitation has this type of arms with regard to it. Now we know that in this regard, there is an aspect of music which is haram Amina nassima, yesterday Lucha de FileZilla and Seville Illa. Allah in the Holy Quran in surah Luqman has made mentioned in the first ruku amongst the people there are those who

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purchase lequel Hadith, distracting aspects, the strict things that distract you away from Allah to mislead people away from remembering Allah. When people the people of Makkah saw the rise of Islam in Makkah, so there was a person by the name of Nether never been Harith. So he wanted to do something about it. He said, let me go and do something about it. So he went to went purchase singing girls from Persia and brought them into Makkah saying, why should you listen to the Holy Quran? Why do you listen to this way of Mohammed which is a life of austerity which the life of difficulty you have to get up for your time and enjoy yourself? who listen to these singing girls

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who have brought from Persia. Allah has referred to it woman, a nurse amongst the people, there are those who bring singing instruments to tie the virtue away from Allah subhanho wa Taala has remembrance. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of it. In the 15 su para Allah tala speaks about shaytans ways of misleading people. And one of them are Latina says was that Z's minister Tata Minh whom be so thick, Allah gives mention of the the the story of creation

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How shaytan was taken out and given a red card out of Jannah. And after that, amongst the things Allah says west of Z's, seduce people, seduce people with alluring voices. What serves is shaytan I've given you a weapon, the weapon allies made mention to allow people or to mislead people with alluring voices, I believe

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all of them have made mentioned that this is a reference towards music. Not only is it wrong, but it also leads us towards other things like promiscuity, wrongdoings, etc. The other Hadith, Abu Musab Sharia villalta Moses nivia, careersource llamando. Martin said a time will come when people will make certain things halal, and he will make intoxicants Allah will make music Allah will make various other things Hello. And you must be aware of Africa tweet, Abdullah Murthy allowed on one day was going with his you know with one of his students nothing now if he was a very great person, very great alum. Enough, he himself was a freed slave. But now he has he was weighing up the labor

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to hurt the flute of a shepherd, the flute of a shepherd who was you know, singing, and he was playing a flute. So Dr. Romer put his hands in his ears for a long period of time. And after a while, he said nothing. Can you still hear that noise? He said no. So then until everyone would put out his hands away from his ears and said, I was traveling with Maria Kareem slavonia salaam once and the same thing happened in Libya. Kareem Muslim put his hands on his ears, not to listen to the voice of music, not to listen to music. Abdullah sutra the Latino says that maybe a cream sauce and said two sounds Allah dislikes a lot. One is excessive wailing and death and one is music at the

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time of happiness. This is what a Berliner Silvia lotano says, Now this is one aspect what is the aspect with regard to music is make mention with certain type of, but together with it, we must always keep in mind this pop culture this musical culture that people feel attracted towards, they might be doing for various reasons it cannot take it cannot take and fill the void which Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept in each and every person and that is Allah has kept our soul. Our our physical needs are taken care of by food, drink, etc. But our spiritual needs are taken care of by tilawat zeker remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala Now that is a void in our life. It's a vacuum

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which we have to fulfill. If you don't fill it, what actually will happen is you will feel that you are living in empty life. Of course a particular agenda. buzzer seeker can request a Pecha Kucha mera Zindagi box today. Now people when they hit that vacuum, they try to fill it with music and entertainment etc. But it will never be able to be filled in that particular way. And that is why it is not it is not surprising to see and I've just done some research this morning and it's something that people who are in this pop culture group, what has been the situation how can they give you solace and contentment in tranquility when they themself are deprived of contentment and

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tranquility. How can they give you that when someone saw Junaid Puff Daddy Rahmatullah Lee remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. And my daddy used to say that if the rulers of the world know the peace that we have in our heart, because of Zika, they would send the army to try and capture it, but they won't be able to capture it. Because that piece comes from Zika it doesn't come from a physical source. So now look at that, that was now zikr of Allah, which gave you peace and tranquility. On the other hand, look at the lives of those people who are in this particular business of pop culture, etc. and you will find that they say in the last 10 years, there was survey

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done out of some 300 of these people who have died out of the so called celebrities. 42 died of heart attacks 40 died of drug overdose. Now, if they own music was giving them a sense of purpose and sense of tranquility, where they drank dying of drug overdose, and not one many of them whether it called Elvis Presley, or whether you call all of these people, they died of drug overdose. Now, what is the reality of what they are doing when they themselves cannot keep themselves tranquil and peace? How are they going to give you tranquility and peace? 76 of them committed suicide out of 300 data made mentioned last week last year we heard among the most famous one was Whitney Houston, died

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of suicide. Now why would they be dying of suicide in young age? If they particular way of life was something that was giving you peace and tranquility 35 died in road accidents. 22 died in plane accidents. Nine drowned not because of

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not been able to swim named trout because of being drunk. And they couldn't save themselves from the water because they were drunk, and three died out of poison, and no one knows in mysterious circumstances they died. Now this is a reality with regard to the popsters that we get crazy about our young people get crazy about what is this a life that we wish to emulate? Is this the life that we wish to admire? He says a life that our people will go, No, this will be an awesome Hannah Montana to when to go in, you know, great in the lead the supporters of such people. When Allah has given us the best of religions, Allah has given us the best of columns, Allah has given us the best

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of enemies, should we go and admire such people. So this is and then together with it besides the musical aspect, there's also an invitation towards a lifestyle. And that lifestyle is one of promiscuity, drugs, and above on a lifestyle of rebelliousness against Allah subhanho wa Taala which is the cornerstone of pop culture. The cornerstone of pop culture is neglect of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is a cornerstone, these many tracks that you will find there is a track, there is an album called this belief, this belief of what this belief by apocrine known as this belief, so the whole culture, if you can read the lyrics, the lyrics is about promiscuity. It is about ecstasy, it

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is about drugs. It is about these type of things. And many times in these particular they they couch the words very, very nicely, but with the i in that phase, an invitation towards a lifestyle, which is completely against the very, the very empty thesis of our Islamic fundamentals. It's not only about the music, it is about an invitation towards a lifestyle that is based on rebelliousness. And I don't know about other people, my own particular viewpoint on this. Today we talk about the various fitness of Shiism, and this entity is great fitness, no doubt. But in my mind that greatest fitness today is a fitness of secularism. And secularism means I want nothing to do with Allah

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indeed, what is happening in Bangladesh, may Allah Allah make it easy for the people who are there who had witness, great amount of operation, where is it coming from? It is a mindset that we don't want anything to do with religion. The pop culture invites you towards that way of life. We want nothing to do with Allah. We want nothing to do with a soul of Allah. We want nothing to do with religion, because the unnecessary imposition to our way of life. It is an unnecessary imposition to our freedom. So not only the music is an aspect of a way of life that has been propagated. And finally, I will make mention of one more other aspect

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of our beloved Livia creme de la lucidum. One day he came to Libya himself cementerio de la

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jasola when is gamma going to take place? So maybe a cream sauce and said chiamato will take place in one but what have you prepared for it?

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What have you prepared for it? So he said, You're a soul I have not prepared much in terms of salads, Zakat, etc. But I love a line is I

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haven't prepared much intense but I love a line is resorcinol on Islam, and Libya. Kareem Muslim said murukku ma man,

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a person will be with those who may love and admire is on the day of gamut. This Hadith was one of the Ahadi that gave the greatest amount of joy to the companions. He said we will be with those whom we love on the day of combat, but just as it gives glad tidings and also sounds a great warning. And the warning is May Allah forbid May Allah forbid, if you regard these type of people to be the ones that you love and admire. Allah forbid you must not be resurrected with him on the day of

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a person will be with those who may love the day of Tiamat mela tagliafico of understanding and making Hamill was one of the one