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Al hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva La mata vadoma de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sheree at Avada Sheree Addis

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Ababa new favela homina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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who valaria Kala Kala Kuma Filardi, Jamia sakala hula Zeum,

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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the topic that I have at hand today that I would like to address is a very important topic,

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a topic that many times we do not address. However, it is a topic that by and large each and every one in our life come into contact with this aspect. And that is how do we deal with techno technology in today's time. Now, we are fully aware that technology today is pervasive, there is hardly an area of our life, there is hardly an individual today that can say that he has not been impacted by technology, whether it be by the car he drives, whether it be at home, whether he uses a refrigerator, or whether uses a microwave or an electric oven, whether it be through the means of communication, where previously you had a very limited amount of communication. Now you have

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different types of communication, which sometimes has its benefit, and it has its harms. So you have emails and internets and cell phones BBM bought burry mercy, but all of that you have, which are part and parcel of whether we like it or not, we are impacted upon this whole situation. However, it would be also a very great mistake that when we look at technology, we only look at technology in terms of internet, or for example, with regard to cell phones or mobiles on a larger level. We are impacted upon in the Muslim world. We all know what is happening in a in in Pakistan, for example, we all know what is happening in other parts of the world where Muslims have not been able to find a

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solution to drone attacks. That is also part of technology. Through the means of drones, not one hundreds and 1000s of people have been killed innocently. And what has been the solution, from our Muslim point of view, no solution, we have just been able to sit back and able to die because of not having the requisite technology to deal with something that is meted out towards us. Now this is a reality, whether we like it, whether we don't like it, whether we want to live in a conservative area, or we will don't want to live it's a reality of life, you cannot escape it. How do we do with regard to this particular aspect? Now as well, although we have made mention with regard to

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technology is not only with regard to cell phones, and YouTube, etc. I think it's very interesting for us just to give an analysis, that when we talk to me of technology from a very individual point of view, then we normally confine it to these types of things, mobile phones, internet, YouTube, this etc. As I said, technology is all not only to this, but it will give you some very briefly some statistics. And I would like to be very aware of the statistics I'm giving you is not because I want to be overawed by it. I don't want to also impress you with regard to it. I just want to make mention of it. As a matter of fact, with regard to the statistics that we have with regard to

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technology, I don't want you to say that now I'm speaking as if I'm over awed by these type of things. But to give you an example, in 2012, you know, there was 175 million tweets that was done by people to the means of Twitter. From the time Twitter has come into existence, there have been 163 million tweets that have been sent out by various people. People know this, there is a very famous thing that has happened in South Africa. With regard to the athlete Oscar Pretorius, the person who narrated it in one radio station. He his followers, because of this from 3000 went to 150,000 because he was the one who was covering the news and tweeting it on behalf of a particular radio

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station. Right. The Facebook has got 850 million users every day. Google together with something is being used and has been pressed. The word Google has been pressed 5 billion

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times every day.

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Now I'm just giving you an example. Today people have to create Twitter accounts and they have followers, as presently. Now again, please understand what I'm saying, I'm not trying to justify I'm trying to give you an analysis with regard to the topic that we have at hand. The greatest amount of followers of any twitter twitter account is that of, you know, musical style, something like that Justin Bieber, who's got 36 million people following him. He's one tweet, remember who you are but more importantly remember who you are not ordinary saying right? Was tweeted 96,500 times right. Now this is the the coverage in the the way technology reaches out to people. Now how do we deal with

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it? It's impossible that we say that something is like this happening in the world. And we don't have an analysis with regard to it. We don't have a view with regard to it. It's impossible. I mean, you it's something is happening to you on a daily basis, whether you like it or not, we are involved in it. We Muslims are involved in it. How do you deal with this? The first aspect is Islam is not against modernity and progress.

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This thus Allah tala in the Holy Quran says we're allama dama, Asma akula

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and one as we'll figure next Monday, one of our great allama have made mentioned with regard to this he gave a remarkable talk on technology last year when he was here in Ridgeway Masjid. And some of the points that he made mention was Allah tala told Adam alayhis salam, when the angels objected to either Malaysia that was salams creation. So unless Allah to show them the difference between human being and angels, and that that I showed a demo a slide was from certain things I said, Give us the name of this admin. So that was Sam was able to give the name of certain things, which was at that time, the most important and most technological things and the angels were unable to give it. So

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Allah says Allah tala because of that showed Adam Elisa that was serum superiority. Then the Quran goes on to make mention of agriculture. In agriculture, Allah Allah speak about the tribe of Sabah. In fact, there's a whole sutra known as surah Saba, they were so advanced agriculturally, that the historians in the mufa serien, right. That because of the irrigation systems, etc. They had orchards that lined the places where they stay they were in Yemen, and so, so advanced that when a person used to go with a basket to pick the fruits and vegetables, he didn't have to pick it. He just had to make one round pass by the orchards by the time he came at the end of the orchard his boss used

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to before the fruit was to first fall in there. That is the way Allah tala in the Holy Quran has made mention with regard to this. Allah tala in the Holy Quran tells us about steel, the Katara Santa Rosa bilva unit one cinema ones lol Hadid fee bassoon chedid, Allah has given you steel, in that it's a matter of great strength. Together with its strength. It also has many benefits for humankind, which part of our life today is not impacted by steel, whether it be the building industry, where the import and export where you need the ships to pry and take goods from one place to the other, that is also upon steel. So which portion of our life You can say that it is not

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impacted by steel? unless I've given you steel as a benefit? I've given you steel as something that is strong use it. Unless it's under the Haleakala Kumar, I've made everything for your benefit. And natella tells you about steel, Allah tells you about all other things. So Allah tala said use the things that I have given you for your benefit. Let us look at the example of our beloved nebia Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam was never averse to new things, even if the people of his time and even if his companions were initially averse to it, when the when the people of Arabia attacked Libya Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam in

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the Battle of the French Navy a creme de la jolla wasallam at the advice of Solomon Farsi dug the trench. The Arabs did not know of this warfare. So when Libya Crimson Muslim said dig the trench. Initially the Sava said here Sula, we have never, we have never used this. We are we are we are used to fighting sought to sword hand to him. This seems to be something that is against how we have fought, but Nivea cream sauce, went to the opinion of Solomon Farsi and dug the trench and it proved to be successful. So nobody I didn't say that we never use the trends before. Why must we dig a trench? He used it for the benefit of Islam and the Muslims at that time. It was something

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That was available at a time during the Battle of hooni and the Battle of life. Two very prominent Sahaba grew up in Massoud in Thailand. As a landlord, he allowed on Libya, Karim sauce them send them to jerash Gerrish was in Syria that time, which was known to be the armament capital of the world at that time. So new armaments were made, let me occur, you saw something sent to Sahaba go and find out what are they using and how they are using and come back and tell us maybe occurring so Islam did that. And therefore, I was surprised when people say Oh Rama and this is when made mentioned by mosquitoes money, they weren't surprised by people who say, well, am I have been

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against progress? Let me aquariums are allowed to assume with regard to agriculture and with regard to mining, let me saw some said otahuhu, risk free hubub Earth said see risk in the depth of the earth. Let me say this I'm not taking orders or Arabic saying seek risk in the depths of the earth. Now what is it the reference to mining? So these type of things is not that Islam is have you ever been with regard to against these type of things, as I've made mentioned with regard to it now, I've given you how pervasive it is. And just to give you that regard, sometimes, many of the things if you were to say something 4050 years back that you will be able to do it today. I mean, people would

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have laughed at you. You know, today people would have laughed at you They say that have you ever tell people that through the means of communication through the means of an email, I would be able to get through to so many people who would have believed you say 3040 years ago, when you still were drinking the phones, you know? centrala Yes, Central Asia. Everyone who knows we're 4050 years with remember that type of situation, you know, now, therefore another in the Holy Quran when you use means of communication and means of transport that Elektra is wholesaler won't be vulnerable Amira litter kabu Hawa Zina, Allah has created mules and animals and horses for the sake of convenience.

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And natella says Why yes, Lu mala tala moon Subhana Allah has a multi episode Ronnie writes, Allah says with regard to transport, Allah uses the word yes Roku is silica flew in the Arabic language Yes, loco is a future tense. And with regard to transport, Allah says in the Quran, I will create what you know not Allah told the Sahaba at the time with regard to transport way Yeah, I will create what you know not every means of transport Allah has made mention of in this ayat, because if Allah would have told the people that time you would have gone when we saw Salaam when from Mecca to Jerusalem and the people couldn't believe it. In one night, night with an injury one night you will

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go across the world. How do people believe it is a thing? So Allah says, I will create what you know not. Now how do we deal with this? One of the aspect is we just dismiss it. He stamps equate Alekna. Yeah, yeah, find out go back. and edit is the most foolish type of situation. Because whether we like it or not, we are involved in it to dismiss it would be foolish. We have moved from the camera to the cause. We have moved from the stone age to the atomic age, and maybe we'll even go beyond that. And that particular situation, you can't go and sit we're not going to deal with it. It would be foolish. And there is a way by us not dealing with it. We see what is happening the drone attacks

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we have got no answer to it. So we just sit back and allow ourselves to be killed. Why because we have just set back and not not taking this thing seriously. If we had taken it seriously as what Islam has told us, one great album, one of Hari, Rama to lolly and washing soda vanilla. You know I've never seen him but I have a very close this stuff with him because one person who used to visit our Masjid and passed away he used to be at musasa munakata Malik puri Rahmatullah used to tell me I traveled with him to La cavani once from gilbane, to Pepe shower. So I always had a respect for this man. And he he writes, he said, Islam has never been he said, It is because of our lack of Deen that

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we have been deprived of progress. And he actually says, Islam and progress are inseparable.

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Islam and progress are inseparable. I'm not saying this I'm saying Maulana Sham Surah avani, who's taught in double madressa and the one who was in Durban, he has made mentioned with regard to this, so for us to do and then also another aspect in today's time, you see when you are in any field you got when you in any better then there are two things with regard to a better you have to be in the better. And you have to have the same methods of the better understand this very properly. We have to win the battle if you're not in a better enemy as a walkover and people who had tournaments in in fitness etc. Know what team doesn't doesn't pitch up, everyone gets hit.

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walkover we want to match. So if you are not in the in the field of madonn minnow, the Dutchman Kalyani, they will take over everything. So that is stupid, it's foolish, you can have the type of situation that you know, we don't we are not in the battle. And the second thing is, when you are in the battlefield, you have to have the same, the same type of techniques, we have to have the same type of methods and instruments. Now, if you got the best thing in the world, and you want to go and fight against a fighter jet, you think might be very good in terms of ground battle. But it can do nothing with regard to that fighter jet. Because the method and instrument is different. Now you can

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have something that you go in a battlefield and you have a different instrument with regard to fighting something. Today the battle is about the battle is about the hearts and minds of people. Today the battle is of the hearts and minds of people. They have battle groups that are using the different methods that are out there. They are using it to to mislead people. And today there are people who are in that particular field. And I'm just giving an example it has happened so that yesterday this thing came on email I wrote I could have given any other field. Is it possible to use Google and YouTube? A question was posed to one of our data lifters powerlifter in Devon by Mufti

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Brahim decide. And you say the use of these websites is similar to the use of a car, they can be both beneficial and detrimental depending on what it is used for. Obviously, another question, which I'm not going to comment on. If if it is if if that why do you use that principle only in that field and not in other things. It's something that that I have to deal with. But of course, I'm not going to ever say that that means everything that is from this particular field. I'm just giving an example with regard to what has been said by when Mr. Levy sauce example is washing money, all of us have given you that doesn't mean we have just a hook line and sinker whatever comes in this

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particular method. You know, we just get so carried away. You know, we see something we see the new phone Barbara, Bob, look at this thing we've never ever seen something like this in our life. Without no way is gonna go. Now a youngster will fall in time to come a pizza parlor and say, you know, I'm ordering a pizza, send a pizza as an attachment. You might even see that happening one day. So we know where this is going to but doesn't mean we must just get this get carried away and accept everything. There are certain things that goes against our norms and values. I mean, you know, more or less Roman moolah is also on Twitter. So he tweeted this, maybe you knew I was

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supposed to speak on this. So he said, our technological advancement has been a boon and a Bane for us. We have been blessed and cursed by our technological advancement. It has made things easy, but at the same time, it will also make the model too easy.

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He said, we have been blessed and cursed by our technological advancements, we have been blessed and cursed. So now the solution is take the blessedness remove the curse. That would be the easiest thing in the world to say maybe easier said than done. But that is a situation who can say today that all the technology that we have is only good. I mean when we are most grateful to say that the cell phone for example, has been the means of us communicating with people across the globe wirelessly. But it also disconnects you with the people who are around you. I might be the last person to say that. But you know what we you can connect with people across the globe. But it

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disconnects you with your own people through the means of cell phones you have been able to get into contact with people of the opposite gender in a way it was not possible previously. So your Eman is at stake. Your Eman has been tested. We know with regard to what is happening in the internet. I mean nudity shamelessness with one press of the button becomes available in his most pervasive and his most, you know, immoral way. And it takes a man with great steel and courage to be able to refuse that when it is readily available. You can do it in the privacy of your home in the privacy of your office, no one is watching. Previously, we had to do it we had to you had to, you know, be

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stand exposed to people in the community. Now these are just some of the harms. I'm not just giving you an example with regard to it, you know, a time will come with regard to the genetic revolution. When I spoke to one as refika He is so well clued up because he was an engineer. So he said there are still 18 technologies that the West have that they have not even been able to unveil.

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They have not even been able to unveil it. He said he himself went to NASA because one of his students was in NASA. He said when he went to NASA, he was shown that someone told him the satellite and said can I show you what you want to see? So he said, I want to see this highway. He said more and I said he showed me the highway. Then he said what you want to see he said show me a particular car. He said through the means of a satellite. I saw the people in the car and the person was showing me the said you want to see what's in the boot of the car. I was surprised. He said they showed me what is in the boot of the car.

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And this genetic and you might even come to this extent that people will start choosing

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The color of the eyes of the next generation.

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Now in that particular time, what about your human? Do you feel that these things are going to become, you know, greater than Allah the other pillar, the way mana when he spoke about this in the ritual you spoke about he said, Dean BSR, on Alibaba, technology must not lead you to become bizarre and indifferent to Dean and must not lead you to become indifferent of Allah, that I can do this and I can do that through the means of technology you forget analyze the crater, at the end of the day, Allah allows these things to happen because Allah has got a Sunnah, that Allah allows things to happen with means and these are means nothing I can pull away those means but at the end of the day,

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it happens with the permission of Allah, do you realize that Do you have a situation that you can be can be indifferent to Allah subhanho wa Taala, one of these days, we cannot ignore, we cannot adore everything that comes from there and adore the people or the values that have introduced this was another big situation, all of a sudden, you might say find a situation, a we have not done it, the people of the West have done it, the people have that, therefore, whatever they are doing is right. So their way of life is right? Then you become immortal there with regard to immortality, the way they do things on clearance and child children. You could just accept it because all of a sudden,

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you have just been over awed by what has come in the field of the technological advancement. Brothers, these are just some of the issues that require us to think very, very carefully with regard to it, take our situation and said we're not going to deal with it. This is going to be easy, easy way to say it. But does it solve the problem? does it solve our problem with regard to you, he doesn't or the same time just also just become Lex and say know everything that comes up a G ba, ba ba ba ba just look at this, let us take this interesting, there is also another bousema we have to find the right balance with regard to taking that which is within our norms within our values, and

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be very, very careful with regard to some of the things that goes against our norms and values. I hope that this will be in some way, you know, illustrative in some way beneficial for us to start thinking about it. The when we use it. We use it correctly, and we don't use it destructively manner you have to think of understanding chisako law