Divine Wisdom In Trials And Tribulations

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hahaha was Salatu was Salam O Allah Milan Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi will actually antibody sorry it

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was me Miss Mila

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what another one I could miss a minute I hope he will do he will not see me in

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one minute

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he was

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over she saw the Sarah colloquialism respected elders and brothers the situations that come upon us in this world are of two kinds. One is it is pleasing to us it is ease and comfort when they are easy conditions and they are comfortable conditions then you and I are supposed to regard it as Allah tala favors more than what we deserve, and Allah is not obliged to give it to us, he gave it to us out of his favor. And we are supposed to thank Allah and make sure to Allah with regard to those favors. And sometimes the situations that come upon us are not pleasing to us. It is sometimes challenging, it is sometimes difficult. When such situations come upon us. Then we are supposed to

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regard that there is some wisdom of Allah tala in it, which sometimes we cannot fathom, we cannot perceive. And we are supposed not to become despondent,

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not to become in despair, and have a certain degree of summer, although, we will make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah must not bring difficult conditions upon us. Now via creme de la wati wa sallam told his uncle as an ambassador, the allowed to run on our bus. Oh my uncle, always ask Allah for afia always ask Allah for afia afeared means is an easy conditions don't ask Allah for difficulty. And there is no better way to ask of Allah than to ask Allah tala for ease in Africa Zindagi Mohammed doTERRA kisara surah t halka sam na catnapper time jacuz Guevara Allah to Allah Tanaka, Shakira Karnataka or a girl na Cusco are holla or mushkil holla Samurai to Allah tala

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kikoy hickmott somuch car

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separata humble secom lame or not me? No. This is very important. Um COVID Allah tala Sam bushkill

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naman mnemonic nivia Kareem saw slim Hazara Bursa the ultra mama Jessica, America Allah tala Shin se hamesha Africa manga oluseyi better COVID Ronnie and now why Allah tala brings difficulty although this is not the scope of my intended

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discussion today but very briefly to make mention, Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes brings difficulty as a test. When we are UN High realized that Allah tala has made this world as a test as Allah Allah says in Surah

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Allah Hello como tal Hayato Leah blue Akuma youcam asanoyama Allah, Allah has created the cycle of death and life to test who does righteous deeds to jump he Zindagi indianhead tau Kabhi muscala Allah tala kita.

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Sometimes these difficulties are as an empty hand as a test for us. Elian Shura Batra has specifically made mentioned while another Luana kombucha in mineral hope will draw one up as a mineral Amalia what unfussy what Samarra I will test you sometimes with fear anxiety, sometimes with hunger sometimes with less risk and different types of challenges. We always make to our law to test us We are very weak, but Allah Allah has made mentioned sometimes difficulties come as a test. Sometimes difficulty comes upon us to for us to realize and nas overlordship over us and less authority over us.

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That things do not happen by your by your woman fancy.

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Up Zindagi coholic name muscala cabbie Allah tala ki Hakeem yet Capita deity when it comes to tell us that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that controls destiny. You don't control destiny. Can you imagine and asked you to imagine if everything goes according to our one, everything go according to our desire. everything goes according to our plan. Will we ever remember law? Sometimes when difficulty comes, it is there to show us Allah controls you don't control.

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Therefore, among the seeker of the Malaika the Malaika makes various seekers of Almighty Allah. they glorify Allah in different ways. So one beautiful, beautiful seeker of the Malaika and the interface, so handsome and Xena rajulio Beluga glory p to the one who has adorn menfolk with a beard and his adorn the women with long hair. This is one of the seeker that the Malaika make one to ask. unzicker they make Suvarna meniscus Roger, appeal Bella glory beat with a one who takes two half from people because of the difficulty puts them in. Otherwise where do they make dua? And that is what Allah wants us in the Quran. Don't only make dua at the time of difficulty you might be in

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Allah that Allah says in the Quran surah Yunus. We must sell insert do Rodin Allah Giambi aka Eden, aka Emma, when human being difficulty comes upon him? He is all the time asking Allah who sitting reclining you know sometimes it may Allah Allah forbid Allah tala make it doesn't make it such that we only come to the merger in difficulty but sometimes you see a person making long salad to say but then he would you but then he can do is go Why Why is he making so much longer to us? Makes long salad Maybe something happened to him? No No, he's not supposed to be like that. fella maka Chef nanhu Dora humara condom

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when the difficulty goes away, he he carries on Sep never asked for anything. Therefore who himself said you are allowed to accept you're in difficulty make dua to Allah is. So Allah Allah, Allah Allah tala ki hakima Capita that sometimes Allah brings us difficulty to realize that Allah is the control of affairs. Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala brings about difficulty to wipe away our sins and to elevate our status which cannot come after name or Hanukkah. serpenti him maybe a creme de la while he was cinnamate said he had an asthma been to Mr. Viola that I'm caught up under Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mesaba will have overcome Osaka oh * that for coddle for Kala la

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hora de la sharika lahu Casa de Luca Anahata.

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As an admin you must be allowed to assist whenever any difficulty comes upon human being. Sometimes it is sickness sometimes sometimes have difficulty sometimes different types of difficulty and nakara says I take an oath by my pay my greatness is no one worthy of worship besides me through the means that Allah tala wipes away center status. Although we make dua to Allah you can elevate our status. You can wipe away our sins without difficulty. But sometimes Allah brings us and sometimes Allah tala brings about difficulty for us to realize our own deeds. caca Hamsa catani we because of that Allah is bringing difficulty muscala Kabhi hamari Amal permanecer dar de la cabeza Bunty

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sometimes difficulty makes us realize our deeds. Look at our letter says in Surah Al Islam means is the one who the unknown Minna de de la Dune Allah Akbar Allah Allah O'Meara joven I make I bring about a little bit of difficulty, small as I give you in this world, before the adapt of the year after why the alumier June that you might turn to Allah

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Allah tala Amal permanecer galnac Allah Allah Allah, Allah sonica so sometimes it happens. So because of that you are thinking Allah, maybe we did something wrong. Yeah, let us look at our deeds. Look at our armor. Now these are some of the reasons. Now how do we combat difficulty with muscular Samurai Tom Cocker. One of the things as it moved into was Manny has made mentioned so beautifully.

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There are three realities.

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There are three conditions in human beings existence, one in which there is only comfort

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Akos mehackit silfra Hata koi moschini there is only only comfort that is genuine. When a comfy Amata stay and for so come What a comfy Amata down for eat for you is whatever you desire, whatever you call for. In general you don't even have to give an order. You want something it will be in front of you.

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Here you have to still give an order. You want to eat something you for Uber the Uber delivery your phone, you still have your data you don't have to afford anyone welcome whatever you want. You see something you see an animal you see a fish say I hope I can get this fish in front of you it comes. So one is welcome. Only comfort and one is taste only discomfort

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and that is Jana May Allah protect us

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may be occurring salsa from Sona, that after fudger and after Madrid reach seven times before getting up Aloma journeymen and sub caraga inshallah everyone will do this make it a point from now onwards after fudger after Madrid seven times before getting up alma jemena I read one alum passed away recently I read his obituary, right. So, his son or someone wrote, he said my father for 54 years has been making this family for 34 years is without any failures be reading this, this after future and Aftermath in Alabama journeymen are seven times. So, this is so one is only discomfort and one is this world a little bit of both

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locker allotments and Africa but for hinamatsuri use.

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So, we must keep this in mind that sometimes we have missed keep in this world is not a place there is only comfort that is gentle perfection is only agenda sometimes you must understand when we face difficulty that we must realize that there is more good that comes upon us the difficulty is no doubt no doubt with regard to that there is more good that comes upon us than difficulty. And more or less paper than difficulty difficulty is it happens but is less and sometimes look at how different people have different difficulties or weapons. Where are the Allahu Taran who he lost his son and he lost one of his lungs in one accident accident. It happened with a camera his son died

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and his limp became You know, this disjointed from his body. So he said these words this poem in

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that article it in couldn't tolerate it. I wonder if you took from me you gave me also if you tested me many times you gave me comfort also

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you gave me four limbs, you only took one What an amazing way of looking at things. So sometimes you have to look at the comparatively the is with the difficulty. And remember one thing brothers, no matter how much difficulty you have in this world, compared to the year after it is very very minor. Yaki Masekela Africa mukalla bata whoa whoa

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so that is a second thing. The third thing what we have to keep in mind Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran tells us and that Allah has created relief and ease what difficulty for him Allah was reuse raw enamel was reuse Rob what difficulties with difficulty there is is Allah tala has made it such and I don't have the time, but if anyone know you know in Arabic grammar, this this words are such that Oh sir is both times possible sir What are you plan it means one difficulty and you said has been without any parameters and be determined. Therefore when the via cream sauce term and this ayat was revealed, then we saw some came out of the house smiling and he told the people who said

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Allah has created more ease than difficulty for you. So Allah tala says with with difficulty there is ease, eating follows hunger, after tiredness they sleep after the darkness of the night days, the light of the morning. So this other a third thing we have to keep in mind. That was difficulty there is ease, you know and then another aspect with regard to difficulty that we must always bear in mind is that nivia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us no before I made mention of it Allen it musky la casa asagna banaya. And then together with that, we must always bear in mind that how do we combat difficulty nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us that

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at the time of difficulty, we must have suffer and we must be have forbearance, we must be able to deal with it correctly. So this was

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We have our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was Mr APR and Avi kisum that kamesh kill wokeness salata, hamal or bull body comosa hirakata correct. jsoc 100 k dorama at the time of his retina via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in a cave alone with Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala who, who became pethub who became anxious and what did maybe a cream sauce himself.

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In Allah mana Tommy said Allah is with us.

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In masala salat wa salam also made me miss same thing, Mashallah. salat wa salam, when he was being pursued by fear out in front of him was

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the Red Sea and in the back of him was thrown. So now the people are saying inanimate raccoon.

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You told us you are going to give us freedom. We have been caught out. So who's Elisa moussaka in Amaya Ravi Surya Dean, Mariela Marisa would ya basta de cada mala is with me, he'll show me a way out. So the time of difficulty we don't get perturbed. We try and be forbearance, and we'll be able to, we don't become despondent. We learn from the son of our beloved Nivea cream saucer. And one way that we do with regard to it is we'll never ever say if I had done this, then this difficulty would not have come upon me. This is a very important thing.

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cabuya nakina character mina yiqiang Asana hota nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith when a Saba cache on Fela taco low

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in the fall to cassava cassava rockin cool cutter Allah Masha fall for ilna no Amala shaytan don't say if because if rather say it is unless the deireadh happened because if opens up the door for shaytan to work

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if opens up the door don't say if I had done this this would not have happened if I had gone this route I would not have met up in the accident if I had done this this would not have happened don't say that make all your means to protect yourself but once it happened don't say if Allah tala always protect as my dear one lastly I will say you know hum gene Messiah Sam Nakata hum a a salata. heckum who say Hammersmith and haha Yaga k cambiar Lima Salatu was Salam pervy Masekela I ob Masekela Segura. Whenever we sometimes think that No, no, we will never ever, that we are alone. Why only that difficulty comes upon me. Whenever we feel like this. And remember, the difficulty came upon

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them the Alamo. salatu salam, whenever we feel WHY, WHY la single me, difficulty came upon them the Alamo. salatu salam, whenever you feel my brothers have led me down. My brothers took my worship. They took my mirror. Then remember Yusuf alayhi salatu was salam, his brother they put him in the well for him to die. They left him for dead. Whenever you think that my brothers did something to me or my favorite, remember Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam, whenever you feel, I got no way out. I am surrounded by difficulty. What is going to happen to me? Then remember, you know Sally salatu salam was surrounded by the depths of the ocean. And not only the depths of the ocean, he was surrounded

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by the stomach of the wing. And he was one way he could there was no way out. And further fistula and La ilaha illa Anta Suhana Amina Solomon, and the time he was calling out to Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa salimi your children are not listening to you, as a new la Salatu was Salam child do not listen to him, and he became destroyed by the floods, Yamuna Erica mana. He talked to his son, oh my son Come with me and do not be amongst the coffee. And he said, are we eligible? Our go to the mountaintops and valleys that was rough, said la semana Yama, Minami LA, no one will be saved but, but Allah Allah has Rama upon that person he will be saved otherwise no one will be saved. Wife is

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not listening to you. As a Nutella salat wa salam his wife was obedient to Him.

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Difficulty Can you up take it out of your house? Maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was you know expelled from Makkah and he left Makkah. May Allah Allah protect we never ever see the difficulty of our children. Maybe a creme de la while he was syllabaries six children

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nobody saw cillum Barrett six children. So whatever difficulty come Allah tala Hippo tambien mo Salatu was Salam through the difficulty. You will you say you are sick, or you believe Salam was more sick than you?

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Of course we never asked a letter for difficulty but we make mention of this if perchance it comes and lastly we make dua to Almighty Allah. Allah is us and they told us to make this a lot of money out of a criminal

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joven Oh Allah, keep us away from grief and worry and sadness in always make this channel

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Sat milker Cafe inshallah submitter curry Allah Allah save us from all types of difficulty and that do not bring any difficulty upon us. We are not worthy of being tested. You tested the pious people of the past, they were great we are very weak. Whenever there is a child, you know, parents have a weak child that we child and ever bring difficulty upon which they look after the child

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to bring difficulty upon us, we always make dua, but these are some of the aspects of Allah have told us with regard to difficulty. We'll have to do one Alhamdulillah