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said Mr. Lee Kumar Rahmatullahi wa barakato Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mala NaVi Avada I'm about to fold the villa in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem alleria Kala Kala Mota. Hyah. Talia blue Welcome ayoko mass and Rama sakala will azim Karnataka, India Ma Ma Lu como la ducommun fitna, Sara colloquialism respected elders and brothers and mothers and sisters in diverse which I've recited, the first verse is in Surah Al mulk, in Surah tabarrok, in which Allah subhana wa Taala says, I have created life and death, to test to test a commerce and who am Allah Who does? right yes and the best of deeds. This verse indicates that Allah Allah has made this world

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in which you and I are living in and made has made this life of ours, a test to see who does right he has deeds. This theme has been reiterated in many verses of the Holy Quran in surah. Robin for example, Allah Allah says, In Namah lucam Allah do confit now, federally, your wealth and your children are fitna and unlike the ooredoo, or the Gujarati understanding of the word fitna, which means corruption. But in Arabic, the word fitna means trial, an examination. So Allah says I have given you your children, I have given you wealth as a trial x as an examination, this theme of the world being a test, it opens up a great amount of wisdom, it opened up vistas of knowledge for us,

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let us look at some of these lessons which I will try and enumerate. Firstly, Allah tala has made this test not because Allah subhanho wa Taala needs to increase his knowledge with regard to our deeds, or with regard to our situation Elia is well aware of our situation, but it is to manifest His justice. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, after putting us through a trial, after what we do in that trial, the justice of Allah, the recompense of Allah subhana wa Taala, the reward of the punish, punishment will follow on the basis of our deeds, and will follow on the basis of what we have done in our trial. And in our examination, the first lesson that we come to learn the second and that

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Allah has made, because of this, because of Allah tala making this life into a trial, and into examination, Allah has given human being responsibility for his actions. So human beings are now responsible for the actions. And many times human beings say with a certain degree of pride, and with a certain degree of May, I dare say arrogance, we are free to do whatever we want, we can do whatever we want.

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And it's true to an extent, Allah has given you the freedom to do whatever you want.

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But there is not it is not a freedom without a consequence.

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And I'm going to emphasize this point and I want each and every one myself included to take a lesson from this. It is our choices in life that define us. It defines us in terms of our world, and it defines us in terms of our akhira. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the freedom of action. But there is not freedom from the consequences of the choices we make with the freedom.

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It is

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our Eman in Allah tala is justice and justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala demands that there should be freedom of action, Allah is not going to stop you when you do something wrong. Allah is not going to come and stop you or tell the angels to stop you when you're doing something wrong. Although Allah is acquitted and power to do so. And then the Day of Judgment would be the day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala will take account of the choices that you have chosen in this world. So bear in mind, the second thing, Allah has made us responsible for our actions. And also bear in mind that while we have freed with regard to choosing what we want to do, we are not free from the

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consequences of our action, and our choices will define us. Thirdly, many times people ask this whole particular you know, question, many times it's a very important

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Very common question. You know that if a lie is so great, and if a natella is so just why does an alert Allah stop people doing wrong?

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Someone is going to murder another person, why does it stop him? Even Latella is just Well, let me put it in another way. If for example, a teacher while going through the examination hall, where people are writing the exams, witnesses and observes a student, giving a wrong answer to the question,

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what the teacher stop the student and said, you are writing the answer wrong. This is not the correct answer. This is the wrong answer. Obviously, everyone would agree and say that no, we understand that it is the wrong answer. But in that particular context, in that situation, then it is not the responsibility of the teacher to stop the student in terms of what it is writing, if it stops the student from doing and saying that this is the wrong answer you are writing, it's no more test. It is no more a test. Because a test means that you give the person the right to do what it wants to do. And they after it will bear the consequences of what he or threaten, he will be judged

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on the basis of the answers that he had written. So even if the teacher sees the student writing a wrong answer, or giving an incorrect answer if there is a oral examination, right. It won't stop it. It might correct it, but he don't stop it. Therefore, in the last verse of surah, fattier

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just the ayat before surah. Yasin when are you actually the law when NASA biswal me him? Matera, Kali arminda. When are you asking? romila jelly masama. And this team is also headpin. also said in WhatsApp said different words in Surah tunnel, Allah Allah says if Allah tala were to catch and seize people, because of the wrongs that they do, they would be no one alive in this world. When

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Allah Allah gives people that particular type of delay, till a certain time for you to

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stick them on for either

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Heba zero. And when the time comes with regard to taking the results, and the consequences and accountability of your deeds, then Allah will not delay it, in Allah and Allah is well aware, with regard to what we have done. So the beautiful thing, third lesson, Allah doesn't stop you, because it's part of the test the way a teacher will not stop a student who is doing an incorrect answer, and that Allah will give him the I mean, that the teacher will allow him to write whatever it is, and then he will mark the papers according to what he has written. The fourth thing, if it is an exam, now, we all know that in an examination, we will want easy questions. You know, we always talk

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about our exams, we hope that they will be in sometimes there are situations where, when the paper is very difficult, the students complain, you see it here in South Africa, I saw certain articles that were students were complaining that this was, you know, way too difficult. And I know that when we were in Pakistan, you know, there There used to be that we fact, there used to be one examination written for da da da Hadith for the last year of the people who are becoming alums. So they used to send, you know, on our Ma, in certain remote places in Pakistan, you know, in the NorthWest Frontier, province, province at that time, and in certain places, when there are other questions

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were very difficult. The people who brought the papers were put under difficulty they were put under pressure by the students and you know, so, so, sometimes in an examination, we all want easy questions, but we all know that an examination is easy and difficult questions, the easy and difficult questions, they are trying questions and there are questions, which we regard is easy, maybe we will be able to answer it very easily. So in this world, in a similar manner with regard to if we regard this world as a test, then in this they will be easy condition and they will be trying conditions and the situation and those situations of ease and tribulation would not be the ultimate

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it would not be the real thing. The real ultimate thing would be how do you respond to the ease and to the difficult conditions? Just like in a examination you will have easy questions and difficult questions no one can object to why there is ease and why there is difficult question

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Because that is part of the time that is part of the examination. But how do you now respond? How do you respond to the easy questions? How do you respond to the trying questions that will determine your success or failure in the examination in a similar manner? Allah gives us easy conditions Allah gives us trying conditions. And the reason with regard to it is not because Allah is happy with you, they've always given you easy conditions. Allah is angry with you, therefore he is giving you difficult and trying situations and circumstances No, it is part of the test. No one regard is as part of the test for the line the 19 superar of the Holy Quran in surah to namale has said haram

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infernally Robbie Leah blue and he ash Kuru. For this is a graceful for mighty Allah when his conditions come we say there's a grace of Allah. But why is it a grace to test whether you are grateful or ungrateful and sometimes Allah can I test you with difficulty when unable to one nakum says a line Surah Baqarah second supera I will test you with fear anxiety and different types of difficulty. So Allah tala brings about tribulations and challenging situations because within the tribulation contains with it within it, the seeds of greatness and lots uncollapse Allah tala brings tribulations and Allah tala brings about difficult conditions and challenging conditions to rectify

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us, to correct us, to amend us, to test us to purify us to elevate us, all of that is part of it, but that is a different subject. So the fourth reason and the fourth lesson with regard to a trial is that they will be easy and they will be trying conditions that is part of the test. Firstly, this is a test that you can't cheat, because your own body will testify for or against you, and how beautifully Allah subhana wa Taala puts this in Surah Kahf, which we are told to recite and encouraged to recite on Juma When will the Al Kitab furthur almajiri mina moshfeghi Nami MFI when your coluna yawei Latina Molly hurdle keytab. When the when the the people who have done wrong they

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see the book of deeds on the day of kiama they will see well now what type of deeds is this law you have the rooster Hera, it does not not left out anything small, anything major, but it has captured everything. So the fourth lesson is, in this examination, you can't cheat. The fourth and the last lesson for today's Matura. There are many for the this this today's advice that in every particular examination, the questions are concealed. If the questions are leaked, then of course, he's no more an examination. And of course, when we do see that certain times when the questions become open and out, and it is leaked, then the department puts an end to the to the examination. They rewrite the

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paper they read they read to the paper. This is an only examination in which Allah tala has given you the questions. Now if you fail, can you imagine how foolish you will be? Maybe a Kareem said Allah will question you about five things on the day of Tiamat. How did you spend your life? How did you earn your wealth? How did you spend your wealth? And how how much did how would you spend your youth? And how much did you practice upon what you knew five questions and I will question you on the day of kiama this is only examination that ally has made mention of the questions beforehand. Subhan Allah, my dear respected listeners, it's important for us to realize the importance of this

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world as a test because it is on this basis that we will be successful. Or May Allah Allah forbid otherwise, on the day of judgment, our Sahaba in Libya Karim saw cillum always regarded this aspect of accountability of the test very seriously. Sahaba Sana via cream sauce Lim said in this era Sheila you said in the vehicle themselves and said if you knew what I know, you would laugh less and cry more forget Haku karela kathira as a matter of he allowed on one day. So person who was you know, he went past and made gushing Medina so a very poor people didn't have any any food and there was water boiling on on the on the fire said what what is this? Why are the children crying they are

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hungry and the woman said Allah will take Ahmadinejad to task he is the leader and he doesn't fulfill our needs and almost said How does he know what is going through through what you are going through? And she said, if he doesn't know what we are going through, why is he or the middle woman in Marathi alone, he said what is in it in the on the fire. He said only water that is being boiled that the children will feel something has been cooked and they will feel sums for some form of satisfaction and they will form

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asleep. Omar went to the bathroom, took a sack of flour, carried it on his back. a slump told him Oh Omar What are you doing? I'll carry it. He said a slump Will you carry my load on the day of judgment? Will you take a call you take into Will you take this into account will you carry my note on the day of given what I have to account for my deeds, my dear respected

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listeners we must regard this dunya as a test and when we regard it as a test, it's part of our accountability and then we will live our life inshallah, in the best possible manner. These are few of the lessons that we learn from the verse where lateral says, I have created life and death to test who does right his deeds. May Allah give us a trophy? Welcome to the 100