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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how networking in the digital domain has resonated with people, and how they have learned to ask for input from others. They also talk about how they have been working with someone since their time in India, and how they have learned to ask for input from others.
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martial law you brought a nice word into the mix, share the Word network Mashallah, Mashallah tell us you know you speaking about social networks and you speaking about an A listener you speak about the masjid because I can resonate with the fact that you go to my street you meet people, you engage with them how the day is being maybe sometimes you seen a brother from one walk to the next walk and so forth. And so it continues. But that's not taken away, as you mentioned. Now you on this digital domain? How do you go about networking, and also you've mentioned overlap of age that you this is one of your superpowers, brush over so excited by some secrets and some tips around networking.

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So you know, one of the things I learned very early in the self help field is if you don't ask your

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if you ask the word somebody is going to tell you is no who right. And once you get used to people saying no, you get used to asking things. So I've been the kind of person for a long time, like

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in 2007, I was like 21 years old. I was traveling to India to attend the doctor Sakina Express conference. And I said Dr. Bill Phillips email saying I'm coming to the conference, can I meet up with you? And he said, Sure. And I made my way through the bodyguards talking to the rose, came up to him, shook his hand, introduce myself to him, ended up landing a job with you working for him over a decade of the day. The

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same thing happened with Chico Marcella. I was in Malaysia, I was speaking at a conference he was speaking at a different conference. I saw him I walked up to him introduce myself, and you know hamdulillah You know, I've been working with him since as well. For me it's always just been about just ask, you know, like somebody asked me my book Omar bin Abdulaziz. How did I get yasir Qadhi to write the foreword? Very simple. I just emailed him and asked him

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that's what I

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that's what I do. Like I just asked people like I will ask 10 people something if one of them say yes, I'll have to do that.

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