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So why did I say that is your former foremost?

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defense against this is your first defense against fire.

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Because, as

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was reported from the prophet SAW some of human behavior change here is questionable, unlikely event we, but it has been corroborated by

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this particular report to play throughout the land. And the home I've seen in this particular piece is somewhat questionable, probably weak. And it has been corroborated by other reports. And it has been corroborated also

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what was the

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meaning it stops for Stop,

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It stops, when does it stop it stops short of the purpose of Southern

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is where it stops at the level of the Sahaba. So if it goes up to the tsunami, but it's not in countries back to the perfect motorway, you can trace it back to the problem was

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raised, like it could be raised up all the way to the proper, which shows you the etiquette of the scholars and scholars. So the quality

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is raised

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as if the professor said I'm sitting higher above everybody, and anything that is from him, is not simply traceable back to him, it is it could be raised

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to be raised. So, my point is when you

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know proof is when it's shown

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policy corroborates the three simple one from the process also.

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And in this particular hubbies

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which which was a statement from some manifesto

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it was narrated that were important, but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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you will

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know me

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if I was

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lucky enough eaten

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of law from favorite

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Museum in Kentucky man

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Latino regime and law.

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So, it isn't important, you know, consequences we understand because it will tell you where higher belongs in terms of the qualities of the interior, the qualities of the interior, where belongs in your struggle against the treetops, in the defense of money to build to raise, you know, before this new

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one after another to prevent them from conquering your heart. So, the first time that you refer to their front line is

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when one wants to destroy a server

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when a blog wants to destroy a server

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to take away higher

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modesty you know feeling of safety and

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integrity could be translated into a bunch of words. So what you take away

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so when he takes away I asked for him.

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Lucky that

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you will find him hateful and eaten by others

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or you find him

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deserving of pain and hated by others. You will find him deserving of the material

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Qatar and his players

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are lucky

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enough deserving of a belief but others

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in the

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active voice message

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Allah will take away from him and then Hello will take away from him

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trustworthiness, honesty, honesty, trustworthiness. So, he first a lot of things away first, your first defense against the shameful

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when when St Paul mixes through either brain the first line

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intense destruction for you know muscle power through Allah will

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drop your destroy your second line of defense Amanda trustworthiness face

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Amanda Latina who fought even when you were crying to him for him he trailer deceitful for one an old such by people considered to be such considered to be a trader or

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deceitful person by the people.

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So, Amanda has been taken away from a person you will fall into this you know this typical progression this typical succession you will find them

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you know

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So, the problem was an unsafe event

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or was reported for the purpose of some self

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awareness or trustworthiness and honesty for men you will find him a trader that is considered to be social by the people

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is an integral part and then when you find it becomes a finger that is considered such

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a law

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can you take away from him mercy

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and if you take away from him mercy, you will you'll find them in some report or even

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in some report

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and some reports focus on

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in some reports to focus also on

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the management in particular that is

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Nikita demon moolah you will find him rejected and occurs detected in person

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and in the report that is pretty simple only to some manual

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you will find

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you'll find

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you'll find them to be surrounded

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by but then the other hobbies

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reinjected and occurs and

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once you find them found one or even using some random report once you find them

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of law will take away from him the bond of email that says it will be completely

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alone take away from him the email

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that is an

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email and

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takes away from him.

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You will find him like a human

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you know so you'll find them deserving of curse and a curse like oh people deserving of the Wrath of Allah deserving that allows wrath. Well, I'm gonna curse by Opie.

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So this progression tells us exactly what happens when our defense minds are twofold. One one after the other.

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You know, the first defense line which is the first line of modesty

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integrity when that falls. Remember when I was talking to

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We are in Africa, talking to you about

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I told you it's absolutely

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as long as you're sure, certainly

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within 10 years of your relationship with loss

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when you come to the man of prayer, if you are in a hurry or if you are at home, in your in your bedroom, or you're in a hurry, or something like this, that's pretty influential. Also, if you're coming through the Masters right from

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come back from a basketball tournament. So, when you come back from basketball tournaments, if I grew up with youth coming back our basketball tournament wearing shorts, we should not be too critical of that right.

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But if you are coming to the masjid dressed up like you're coming from,

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so, that this this integrity, you know,

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is is there because it is your first line we said that people who have integrity watch for the best

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best practice are people too far away from voting and

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they already have a large cushion of safety between them and

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a large portion of large margin buffers barrier, but

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why why a barrier or buffer zone between them, which is harder

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because it is the front line

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in once the straps pushing from works on the next slide,

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which we found works in the next slide. In the next time the products are solicited mmm is the next one, trustworthiness

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and trustworthiness

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is about

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confronted. Because kayak is about complete integrity, not only watching

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but the best at all times in all places and circumstances.

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So when when you're not watching this conduct any morning you're lacs about it. The Safe one works on the second barrier, which is like a mountain in the

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rain if

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we offer the amendment to the heavens and the earth.

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So the fear, the

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fear from the burden of this man at his

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shop is the religious obligations. It is a commitment to your religious obligations. It is your commitment to your religious obligations. So that is what America means. trustworthiness, trustworthiness and honesty. Here it means trustworthiness in carrying out in carrying out your commitments to all of your religious obligations, do's and don'ts.

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So you're very careful. Before amendment it was clear

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when the time

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opens a gap into a second barrier which is your trustworthiness, trustworthiness observing everything that has come around

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to find the way to the next barrier. Next barrier. There is

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because now you're not punished for you know you're not watchful of

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the next thing that we make out of a player and

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person, a person that does not have a very CSR. He starts to learn from us. Once overseas taken away.

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The man in the pound the human will be taken away from them. This police tells you that is the first line of defense. The last line of defense. So people who have no mercy,

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this close to having an office.

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That is the last time if you have no mercy in your heart, this goes to nothing.

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And people who have had people who have this quality, internal quality, how to honesty, integrity.

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Feeling the same for people

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farthest away from

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the harm of

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in as long as they stand guard post of air, they'll be fine because the shaper usually does not, you know, go around those obstacles are those barriers, those are very human barriers. In order for them to get

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to get into work to get

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to the second barrier, you really have to make a hole in the first one, you really have to get through the first one, the barrier kayak is a barrier, it surrounds all of your beam from the outside to the outskirts.

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And one barrier next to me the barrier is the closest to your heart. And then when you're fighting, just say merciful when you're fighting, let's be frank, just a merciful, it's been

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over two major fences, and he is a few feet away from your heart, in a few feet away from devouring the rest of your email.

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So, once again, this is a beautiful

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go over quickly is another

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instruction for serving as our own Empire, he will take away from him.

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So he takes away from him to find

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deserving of hate and hate by all people

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deserve hate and actually hate

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for it.

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So if you find them hated,

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hated by all people,

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a lot of them take it away and as I mean we're not allowed to take away from him and manage trustworthiness, he will not be watched anymore

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he should be

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taken away from him amount of trustworthiness honesty, when it comes to the commandments of the law set in a manner so, when you think away from him a man or you will find him lucky to have

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a trader that is considered as such by all people

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favor of Akita who for one is going to find him to be a trader that is considered essential by all people not

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alone will take away from him

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Mercy, you will find a demon will be checked to the record

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profit over Sterling hearts as in the statement of the

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event as

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it takes away from him Rama Faisal even further. So, if you find the demon Milan rejected and occurs Oliver Stone first hello and take away from me an email in the form of email.

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in the midst of an email

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telephone of a profit. So if you take away from the manual find that

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you will find the wrath of a lot of your own. And you find that occurs by all people that are asked about law will be upon

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this police

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report points.

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difference between

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there is

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this is your third line of defense. Like most of the time, it's to your inner lines of defense. The more in danger, you become hyak is your first line of defense those who want to release.

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Those who want to really succeed those won't really come first. We need to work on the first line of defense is first the barrier that higher build up this player look at this player, because kayak is the purpose of the loss of his signature characters because he has a special position in

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