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Kamal El-Mekki


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The speaker discusses how Allah's "ship" of feeding healthy foods has caused health problems and can lead to gout and illnesses. The speaker explains that Islam has never designed to consume too much food, and that the system is designed to eat only once a week. The system is designed to keep you alive and stay alive, but the system is designed to increase digestion.

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Muslims and health

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health problems are increasing, people are being diagnosed with more and more illnesses every year. And it's interesting that people are getting sick from eating.

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Allah subhanaw taala created food so that we can get nutrients out of it. So it can improve our health. So it can give us energy. So how can it be that something that Allah subhanaw taala put on earth to improve our health is actually damaging our health. And the plans of Allah subhanaw taala never backfire. So that means then that the problem must be from the way we're consuming food, and the amounts of food that we're consuming. So what we're consuming, and how much we're consuming,

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eat, drink and do not go and access. Verily, Allah does not love those who access perhaps the first problem is how much we're eating. Allah subhanaw taala did not design our bodies to consume all the kinds of food and the amount of food that we're consuming right now. For example, biologically, you only need to eat meat once a week. But we eat meat every single day of the week, and sometimes more than once a day. And we're offended if there's no meat at the table. So what happens we were not designed to consume so much meat, and the result of this overconsumption. We get all kinds of illnesses. gout, for example, you get gout when you overdo when you eat too much meat, or too much

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seafood, or you consume drinks that have been sweetened with fructose. All these are things that could lead to people having gout. So we were not designed to consume that much. And to be salada said num mentioned this and how do you feel one third of your stomach with food, one third with drink and then one third, you leave it for air. We mentioned the headache like this is the the minimum the headache begins when an obese person um said the human being sort of Adam has not filled any vessel, there's no container that you can fill worse than your stomach, meaning the worst thing you can fill is your stomach. sufficient for the son of them are a few bites to sustain him. Just a

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few bites to keep you going. If there's no other way, and you have to then a third for your food, then the third free drink and then a third for the air. So the Hudson is mentioning this as the maximum that you can do. We mentioned as if it's the minimum Yeah, just start with that. No, that's the end if you will have to there's no other way is that how much we consume now is that how we eat? How many of us today eat just a few bites to keep us going. Basically you eat to remain alive You Eat to Live, but what happens we live to eat. And so as a result of that all kinds of illnesses arise. We're supposed to consume just a little bit to contain us, but we eat so much. If there's

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just a little bit of air left in our stomach, we become uncomfortable and we search everywhere for a grape a banana something to fill that little gap with.

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So we get ill because we overdo the amounts of food that we eat.