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Sit down Where are they from walk into module

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they haven't done a lot

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with us so feel whenever we're moving

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in safety

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surely you cannot

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do something you have something to do. Or you

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will see from what I've seen

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exogen all the

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that are that are moving learning in a shape on our team is really important.

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Yeah yohannes Interpol of the foremost idea.

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One woman has

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a better

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model than he does.

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In the wall.

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My brothers and sisters.

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Today in sha Allah wants to add that we will focus on the importance of good picture, what we can do throughout the days of the picture, what is the importance of it, but also, we will look at the people that are the programming and how we need to prepare for that from now, Michelle, welcome to either. So we'll resume the names of the last few weeks after we even shot in LA when things are settling a little bit and we don't need to focus so much on the rising originals and the things that we need to do and focus on for the preparation of every shot a lot. First off the profits from a lot of us send them sets nirman a year, an animal's body from head to toe, I mean hardly even a year.

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The profits on the long run and a US set themselves that there are no days

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when good deeds are more beloved to Allah than throughout these days. And he's referring to the days of believe injure, referring to the days of good Hector the first 10 days of this month. Now we know very well that leading up to read, we have just before it's the day of our fun, which we will talk about next week and shall love to add up because it will still be the Friday before the day of alpha. so there's no need to focus on that right now. But for the first 10 days, profits have a lot of sentimental told us there are no days that are more valuable for action, good deeds, whether it's sun about whether it is victim whether it is the recitation of the Quran, any kind of good deeds,

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there is no day that is more beneficial as if more rewarding than doing them throughout these days and he is indicating the days of food Hector, so from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would see that you would fast and the Sahaba

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have tried to fast throughout the days of the picture, the first 10 days, or the first nine days, we should say, of the picture because the 10th day is the day of need, right the 10th day.

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And also the profits, a lot of money the sun would encourage Southern

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encourage doing in southern South Africa is not only the money that comes from the pocket, or the transfer that comes from the bank or the car. So there is also a good word saying something nice to someone being extra kind. Now, imagine if throughout these 10 days, if there are extra planes to people were our neighbors, or even our friends, and maybe even the non Muslims around say, What's going on, you're never this nice, you're never this time, you're never this generous. And that's an opportunity for us to express them to explain to them that these days that we are about to embark upon. These are the days that are so much more blessing for us in terms of reward and receiving from

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Allah subhanho data than throughout the rest of the year. And so we try hard to be even nicer than we already are. So good deeds are of various different sorts of brothers and sisters, and what we can do as well as increased throughout our day.

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Remembering Some of us have had an

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increase in victim

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many of us spend the whole day forgetting to even say a few phrases of the remembrance of the loss of cannibal went to heaven. And that can include recitation of the Quran as well, while you're walking while you're sitting while you're driving while you're watching something, stop for a moment and see something recite something of the Quran. In addition to that, my brothers and sisters, one of the most beneficial things that we can do throughout these 10 days of picture is the purple band to offer a sacrifice on the day of creed or the days of so on the day read or the days of meaning the 10th or the 11th or the 12th and even the 13th so my brothers and sisters that would like the

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other woman is so important. I do my thing.

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Says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stayed in Medina, he narrates this, he says, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stayed in Medina for 10 years offering sacrifice every year on the day of need.

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So it was something the profit some of it was some of the regular and the profits of a lot more it says whoever offers a sacrifice after the prayer, after the need, prayer has completed

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his rituals, he has completed his rituals

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and follow the way of the Moses, whoever offers the sacrifice, after the prayer has completed, is fulfilled in his rituals and followed the waves of the Muslims. And that is the way of the prophets Allah, wherever you will some sort of ruling of the body for the year the sacrifice that is made on the day underneath or the knees underneath is seen amongst the scholars of the dean as a symbol, as we see in the head of

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the province on wall Valley

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for 10 years, and he offered the sacrifice every year, on the day that he will go to the

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I mean,

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some people are certainly more than happy

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to ultimately sleep on my brothers and sisters. Now a few questions come to mind. Right? A few questions come to mind if we are going to do the programming, then who has to do to prevent? Now we know that every year we go over these and it's important for us to remind ourselves to refresh our memory. So some of us might be sitting here going we know all of this, but many others have this question or their friends have these questions. So who has to offer the sacrifice, the sacrifice or the formatting is upon every single Muslim household. So for example, for your household, you would offer a sacrifice, right? You'd offer one animal, whether it's a small animal, a sheep, or goats or

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bread, or you would offer a share in an animal, a cow bull buffalo. cattle. If you find some in Canada or another country, right, you will offer a share. And the big animal can be divided into seven shares each share for one enemy. If a family wants to do more training, there's nothing wrong with that. If a family wants to offer one shared or one animal for the husband, one animal for the wife and one animal for each of the children, and heaven good enough, there's nothing wrong with that.

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But the sooner the profits are, the longer it was to offer one animal or a share in a bigger animal for the entire family. Can the sacrifice D on any of the days of being upheld? Yes, the sacrifice? And the question sometimes is, Can I have my quarter Benny done in a different country?

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And if it's done in a different country, what if my animal is not sacrificed on the day that we are celebrating and eat over here? What if it's offered on the day that they're celebrating eat over there, then that's fine. As long as your intention is there to offer this place, and you pay for the animal to be sacrificed, and you go through with it, whatever day it is, for even for you over here, you celebrate three over here, the animal will be sacrificed when it's been over there, according to whatever country it is done. And that's another question that comes to mind is can I do the sacrifice in another country? Is that even permissible? Is that ugly? It is permissible, but what is

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encouraged? First, is that we look at what the needs are locally. So do the people locally need food and help and assistance? Are there for people living from amongst us? Yes, there are the answer to that is yes, there are. So there should be people from amongst us that are offering the sacrifice here and distributing the meat here locally, and to have family members abroad. Now the question is, can I do that abroad, because my family is in need, yes, if your family needs that you can offer the sacrifice for you and your family here, as in pay for it and have the animal sacrifice over their buying them or for them, and given to your family so your family can receive. That means In fact, we

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ourselves can eat from the meat to cook for value, don't think that the animal is sacrificed and all of it is given a portion of it is given to the poor and the needy, a portion of it is given to our friends and family. And a portion of it is given to our own selves, right that we eat. We benefit from it ourselves as a way of how much someone want where they eat. Now, some people ask, can I include other people in my intention? Can I think my parents in the sacrifice of this animal before? Can I include them even if they've passed away? The answer to that is yes, we're having some a longer how to use some of them when he was offering the sacrifices. And Nina, he called for a REM,

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he asked each of the above and how to bring around, right and she's narrating this to us, showing us how a black rim with Florence was given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he laid it down and he offered the sacrifice. He said this is not a Walmart book, and he sacrificed the animal. But his intention was as as mentioned in the heavy for Muhammad and the family, along rather USM and the family of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are those who live with the prophets all along. Those who don't live with him, those that are alive, but those who have passed away, and so it is permissible for one to include in their intention to do so. And as we mentioned, it is encouraged to

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do one animal for one chair for household. Lastly, my brothers and sisters Should I refrain from cutting my nails and my hair should I refrain from cutting my hair or trimming my nails.

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For the first 10 days of the economy in tackling the awkward sacrifice. This is something that I need is a practice that was done. And so it is encouraged that we do follow it if anyone has the intention to offer the sacrifice that you can refrain or you should refrain and get the rewards of refraining from putting your nails or cutting your hair. And for the most part many of us are experts at not having your hair cut for the last few months. And so it shouldn't be very challenging for us we refraining from that so that we can get the extra rewards by following through with the suddenness of what was practiced during the tournament.

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And he will settle on that point people will ask what if my animal is being sacrificed in another country? Do I have to wait until I get a phone call for that animal

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phone call confirming that the animal was sacrificed before I can cut my hair and my nails? The answer to that is no. As soon as you're done that prayer you can go home and you can trim your nails and trim your hair and when the time for that animal to be sacrificed is set also come with the animal have been sacrificed by whoever you've appointed to do so. And the reason for this is because the world is now a global world there's so much distance between us yet so much ease and communication. If one wants to wait, they can wait but if one does not want to wait, they don't have to and again people will come after July asked me Do I absolutely have to leave my nails and hair.

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No You do not absolutely have to leave your nails and hair to grow. You can trip them but it is

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So enough to compensate for someone that you will be foregoing. And we encourage always to follow this and

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we conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along with us on the

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a lot more data than FTP now, I

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mean, we asked me a lot to make it easy for us to do good deeds. So these 10 days Lupita Allah we ask you to make it easy for us to pass as much as we can, not only throughout the days of the picture, but throughout the rest of the year. Alone, we asked you to make us from amongst those that love to follow the system moments of a loved one, regardless of whether it makes us feel uncomfortable. Yeah, well, we ask you to make us a means of showing what is right to us to not only to our family, but to our neighbors and our friends is Dean. I mean, yo we asked you to make it easy for us to follow up with the teachings and the comments on the blog where I think some of them are

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homeowners wrote this pandemic and these viruses and bacteria come around does that make life a little bit difficult and challenging for us? Yeah, well please make it easy for us to unite once again children before presenting side by side with without the use of these matches, to strengthen our immune systems and allow us to repel any sort of harm towards us. Please make it easy for us to not argue and fight amongst ourselves and family members and friends about what we think is right so what we think we should do is bring our hearts together. Yeah, love these rules, all those that are suffering and going through difficulty remove the oppression from amongst them. Remove all of the

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hardship that is upon them. Yeah, hold on Wrentham, ease and strength and comfort of wisdom. Yeah. And grant them the highest levels of paradise for the sacrifices in the body of

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the body.

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so where are they?

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for Security and Cooperation in our parking lot. Let's turn the database in the academy is doing better

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also on the way out last

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Are you