Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 15

Mirza Yawar Baig
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filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Muhammad Rasul Allah is another highly UID he was able to sell them. The Stephen girthier and kathira ahmadu American sisters in a beautiful Hadees which is in Bukhari and Muslim I will hora de la no report reported that also doesn't set observed whoever fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah reward EMA and then were discovered, then all his past sins will be forgiven.

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I repeat a word or the alarm rebooted. That was realized, as Adam said, Whoever fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping for the reward of Allah hoping to attain Allah subhanho wa Taala reward, then all his past sins will be forgiven. And this is in Bukhari and Muslim.

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I ask Allah,

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to enable us to do this and to grant us insecurity and to save us from all forms of

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Ria, all from the showing up, and all forms of lack of biting. Evidence is just

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I remind myself the new This is such a wonderful opportunity, imagine the whole question and thought of getting rebooted,

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where our whole

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record and account is cleaned. So whatever you and I may have done Alhamdulillah as long as we have made amends if and I hopefully didn't hurt anybody and so on because if that happens, then you have to seek forgiveness from that person also. But if you have not done that, whatever else we may have done 100 Ly, if we fast sincerely in our land, and we beg Allah, Allah for reward, then as soon as I was saying that Allah subhanho data will forgive all of those seats. Right? Now what more can somebody wants to think about that? What more can you watch? Because at the end of the day when we are dying,

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nothing of this dounia matters. Absolutely. I mean, nothing matters anyway. But you know, unfortunately we are so

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mind is so pickled, with the

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Asmath and the glory and demand and the so called magnificence, all of which is false, just shiny, like like you know, sometimes you go for a walk on a beach and you suddenly see absolute something absolutely sparkling like a diamond. So you might even be forgiven for imagining that somebody's diamond dropped there and you're going to go pick up this Kohinoor when you go there, it's nothing it's a piece of mica. Now on a

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grain of sand and because the

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ray of the Sun is striking it at a particular angle. This thing is shining looks like a diamond is false it is it just it's sad isn't the city guides nothing in it. So the point is that this is what the dunya is like anyway, but

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whether or not the beauty is to recognize it before we die. So that we can treat it the way it should be treated with is with witches with disdain, not something that you are hungry behind, you're running behind something which is something of you You know, it's like toilet paper right? You when you need it you do need it so use it but nobody

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carries it and you know with you keeps it in your next few units are tight around your neck or something you know, because you love it so much. No, they don't like that. It's it's something to use. Use it for good things inshallah it gets to john. Use it for evil I will get to Jana both ways, right where this thing is like it's something of use is the only way is he other communities Nia is devalued. Allah will make dirt resort something to be appreciated and loved, you will appreciate it says Alhamdulillah Allah gave it give it to the thank Allah subhanaw taala for it but not not fall in love with it. And this is what Ramadan came to do. Because Ramadan holds you back from things

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which are which are in any case Hara. What is there to teach you that that is here to teach us that none of this stuff matters. What matters is the result of Allah.

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So here

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is telling us that

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Allah will forgive all sins if you've passed with sincerity and requesting and asking Allah for his word. Allah will forgive all sins because when molecule Mark comes when the curtain is lifted, that is when the reality of this dunya that this dunya is worthless, that all this gold and silver and all the you know power and authority and all the wealth that I had, is not worth

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worth the Wink of a mosquito exact completely and totally useless, especially if I have not spent it in the path of Allah especially if I have not spent it in in doing good and if I've just been using it I indulging myself and this is a man it's a it's a huge wobble, it's a big problem for me and that all of this will become abundantly clear. When we see molecule mouth when we face death, what will become bigger also is the real importance of the forgiveness of Allah, the real importance of the good that we do, this will also become clear. Now here as soon as I'm saying that you fast in Ramadan with

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and when we said we're fast during the month of Ramadan, so you're supporting you start fasting and you die, you haven't completed the month doesn't matter, you still will have the same reward,

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which is forgiveness of all your sins. May Allah grant it was this is the greatest of

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rewards that we can get right? forgiveness from all sins. So we get a chance to restart our lives we get a chance to reboot. So that is why treat this month as a month of rejuvenation of renewal

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and make your knee exam This is not like those worthless New Year's resolutions I'm talking about serious thought give serious thought to this and say that I am going to what you will do after all that started in number nine itself so say for example I'm going to pray my all my Salah by Gemma in the masjid if I've got pray in the masjid or at home or wherever but with people around me and if I'm if you're in a situation where there's nobody that nobody but if there is your family call them let them pray together. And of course if you are able to go to the masjid please go to the masjid the massages are meant to be kept filled with people I with this COVID as one as a word by all means

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please take precautions you know maintain your distances and wear masks and so on. But go to the masjid and pray by Gemma. So make this the I will do this and when we will start now today just Similarly make the Nia to say I will be more kind I will not use profanity I will not yell and scream I will not lose my temper.

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I will be good to people. I will give more charity and all of this stuff. I will not do I will not backbite I will not slander I will not complain. I will not do anything which has the slightest chance of angering Allah subhana wa tada make all of these intentions. And when will you do when will you start doing all this? Right now?

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Right now, don't say when Ramadan finishes I will do no No, no, no. I will get out of interest based banking when you do that right now.

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Not don't say after all, right now. I used to gamble. I will not gamble.

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I was a member of a gambling den. Otherwise known as a club. I'm going to get out when you write the resignation letter now. Right now sit down right now write the resignation letter.

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I used to drink alcohol. I will stop when right now.

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There are people and I know such people who stopped drinking alcohol in Ramadan

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who will not smoke during the day of the fast and then the break the fast thereafter is with a cigarette.

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What kind of shameless, utterly ridiculous behavior this

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qwave when you want to monitor

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please stop doing these things.

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Remember, one day you will die one day I will die remember one day we are going to face medical masks. And at that time, all the cigarette packets and those liquor bottles and all those tickets in the gambling dens and all those tickets in the race courses and whatnot are going to become very expensive. They're going to prove extremely expensive. And your your your your

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agreements and contracts with the banks with your interest base dealings. Believe me that is the ultimate that is the ultimate

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please my brothers sisters, I beg you do not do this yourself.

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Do not do this to yourself. Get out of all these things.

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lead your life only and only to please Allah subhanho data that's it.

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Nothing else

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Insha Allah Allah will be pleased with us and Allah promise to forgive all our sins was Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was a member of the karma life

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