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The transcript discusses various hadiths and their meaning, including the fruit of good conduct, the fruit of avoiding confusion, and the fruit of forgiveness in Islam. It emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, avoiding harking back, showing compassion and weakness, and showing comfort and sympathy to individuals who have been challenged. It also touches on the difficulties of expressing loss and loss of family, and the importance of showing comfort and sympathy to individuals who have been challenged.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala ala Nabi Avada,

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Alam ala Nabi abajo matava abajo Mati nakita Baba Kitabi well, actually at Avada Shariati, a mother Don't follow me last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Khalil Alpha Monroeville all

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the Anita Healy said, cola hula Zeum,

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my dear respected elders and brothers, I have recited a verse,

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which is the 199 verse of Surah, ruff

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and many orama and many more for serene and many translators of the Holy Quran, they see that this particular verse is the basis of good conduct. Allah Tala says for the Alpha take towards pardon take towards forgiveness. What are more below earth and command that which is righteousness and debt which is good? Or is ninja Healin and stay away from those who are ignorant. Keep your distance away from those who are ignorant. This is the meaning of the verse. He had a Gaya tell you Allah subhanho wa Taala Surah Hoffman has it for Maya Formica. Both say hola McKenna's digue here, a Cieslak Adaro medallion for the Aqua

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myFICO Amkor law or Balikesir of Palau or jail him Concha Abdul Rahim. This is the meaning of the verse when this verse was revealed Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Jabra, Jabra Jabra Hilma hada what is the meaning of this verse? What is the essence of this verse? So as it rarely Salatu was Salam to our beloved Nivea cream sauce Salaam. And they have many similar things. So this hadith, Silman Cuttack, what acumen Hara MK Wafu, a Manzella MK reconcile with those who break with you.

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Reconcile with those who break with you, give those who deprive you and forgive those who do wrong to you Subhanallah such a beautiful statement of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Olivia Louboutin who says that one day, someone came to ask him and said Ali, we heard that you know what was in the sheath of Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sword.

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So Oliver the ultimo said yes, one day I went and I saw a piece of paper in the sheath of the sword of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Brothers. We all know that a person who's got a sword a person, sometimes good armor. Now those people are regarded to be people who are, you know, strong, and the message would actually characterize that type of mindset. So literally a lot to say, Do you know what was written in the sword of our beloved Nivea cream sauce? In the sheath of the sort of Nivea cream sauce, this very same.

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Silman Tata, UK, go and reconcile with those who break up with you, and give those who deprive you and going forgive those who do you're wrong. Let us go very briefly into some of the aspects of this hadith first, go and forgive those who wronged you. Now, what is the meaning of forgiveness? Everyone understood what is the meaning of forgiveness? And this is the beauty of Islam. Many times I tell people, we don't realize the beauty of our deen

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forgiveness, you know, we find in certain religions like for example, will tell you that

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it is obligatory for Allah to forgive in certain religions that someone has died in the cross for you, our Almighty is obliged to forgive you and he can punish you because someone died for you for all your sins. Now what what mindset that creates, it creates a mindset that we can do whatever we want. But look at the beauty of Islam. Islam tells you that Allah Tala can extract retribution for the wrong that you do, he's got the right to do so. He's kahar he can he can punish you for the wrongs that you do. But he chooses forgiveness not because he's obligatory upon him, because of his own temperament Katara Bukom Allah and

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he has made obligatory upon him Rama Nebia cream sauce, lemon said it is written in the on top of the Irish Irish skill for nearly Kawahara what is going on the Irish in

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My Mercy will supersede my anger, to marry mafia will marry as upset burqa.

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So this

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Return on the Irish but what a beauty it is. I can I can punish but I choose forgiveness is that better than to say I got no I got no option but to forgive this is the beauty of Islam in a similar manner with regard to forgiveness in Islam aligned the Holy Quran says which as I was saying to miss when someone does you wrong the legal recompense for a home that is done to you is to do likewise wrong

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job to break a sad page I

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can see

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you seen aapka sarin Leah October Yeah, I can mess with Brenda was little whatever is taken from you 100 grand you are legally you have the right to take 100 grand from him. We're just

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here to Mithra someone does you wrong you can do in that much wrong. You've got the right from Islam to do so. But of course, you must remember if you go and do more wrong than you are the oppressor. Oppressed. That is why you have to be very careful. But Allah Allah says from an alpha, but if you forgive and you reconcile your urges with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wonderful Acropolis Taqwa. And if you forgive it is closer towards the cloud. So you are not obliged to forgive. If someone does you wrong. It's not compulsory for you to forgive. someone takes away your money, you can go and fight with him. You can go and take and say no, he took my I want to I want my money back. You got the right. But there are times when you say that listen, it's no use. Now let me go let me forgive. If you forgive, Allah will give you more Allah will reward you. So forgiveness is a right to which you are entitled to but you forgive and you for go out of consideration for Allah Tala one of the benefits with regard to forgiveness Allah has made mention

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of in the in the 18 superar of the Holy Quran.

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Wonderful what a spa Whoa.

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Yeah, for

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Allahu Allah. Forgiven pardon.

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Forgiveness is one thing pardon is even more greater than forgiveness. And I would now look at the verse I want you to consider this. Up do Sirocco Mascaro of nature take Allah Tala aka Masquerade. Just come at Libya. Heck Allah Tala come after his color.

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Forgive others, don't you love Allah must forgive you. That shows that Allah will be forgiving to you to the extent that you are forgiving to others. And one beautiful example with regard to forgiveness is this, that it takes away the bitterness, it takes away the pain. If you do not forgive, you will find that you are constantly better and you are constantly reliving the wrongs that has been done to you. But when you forgive you don't forgive because the wrong of what people have done for you, you will forgive because it's for your own sake, for your own peace of mind. And many times people have this particular notion that if I forgive people, then I'm showing weakness.

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It was Delica karma

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qui Mira Mira Fela Coco Coco Cara Aman Kumar some target to a good Roku Roku mirror set relative to Mr. Macabre calm yet to Takata many times people feel this, that if someone does me wrong for me to take revenge is an act of courage. Now look at what the Quran says and look at our wrong we sometimes think because of customs. Allah says what a man sabara well afara in early Columbian hasn't been more. If you make several and you forgive the person who has wronged you, this is an act of great strength. Subhan Allah, un I think to take revenge is for strength. Allah says in the Quran in the 21st Supatra. To forgive is an act of strength.

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You see people who are strong, they are merciful. People who are weak or not. People who are weak can never be merciful, because they beg for forgiveness. People who are weak they dead people who are strong they forgive me acronym, Salah Salem was forgiving. He was merciful. When do we make mention of Nivea cream sauce limbs forgiveness. We only although never saw Selim didn't take revenge in Makkah, but he was weak. We don't see that we saw Selim was forgiving in Makkah. Before before he when we speak about Libya, cream sauces, forgiveness, we speak after he conquered Makkah. He had the people in front of him. He could have extracted revenge. He could have killed him. He could have

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done whatever he wanted because he had power. They were weak. They were pleading for forgiveness. And then there'll be a cream sauce to them forgive. So whenever we make mention of the example of the forgiveness of Nivea cream sauce, we don't make mention of the time when he was weak before he when he was in Makkah before

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migration. Whenever we speak about the forgiveness of NaVi Solsona we speak about the time and he was conquering Makkah he conquered Makkah he was prompt, because forgiveness is an act of strength, not a weakness.

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Now another aspect of me to say this whole particular way maybe acronym SOS them as as you but what is the meaning of this verse in America, as Brian said, the meaning of this verse is give those who break off with you and forgive those who do wrong with you. And furthermore, Waterman haram Silman, Kata nyrt, give those who deprive you gives an aspect with regard to kindness, compassion, is the overriding factor of the

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quality and the attribute and the conduct of the Beloved. There is no doubt whatsoever that that is the greater aspect of the character and the conduct of a believer is overwhelmingly generosity compassion and kindness.

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In Allah Tala give for kindness that which he does not give for harshness therefore to be a cream sauce I'm told that I started the Alta Yeah, I said

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you have a nice kind he loves kindness he gives for kindness, but he does not give for Asness or for anything else. In 100 a cream sauce limited wherever his lane and salad, her Rama, Hula, hula, he who is kind who is soft, who is accommodating. Today we will say she's such a person bilott He's very weak. I mean, this is what let me a cream sauce on said the person who got these qualities Janam is haram upon Him. Many times people say that whenever you speak much about you know kindness, compassion, what how are the ways for us to show kindness and compassion? What are the ways let me give you three or four ways to show compassion and kindness how we can you know, we can bring about

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kindness in our communities. And we can make it common we can make it general we can make it come into our communities. Give you a few examples. One example with regard to kindness is to bring people together

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to recompile reconcile people Allah in the Quran he said it's a responsibility of the Muslim Brotherhood in Thai fatale Mina Mina

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for us

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when two groups of Muslims are fighting, then firstly obey Noma reconcile them.

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Today when two groups of people are fighting we put it on social media we get happy

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when people are fighting we put more fire when people are not fighting we create fights. Today is very difficult, you know very easy to create fights. Husband and wife one day we're sitting in talking and the one of the spouses I can't say now who you know now you have to be gender sensitive. Now you say the wife said that he said no, you are against a woman. So now the one of the spouses said, you know, man, I'm looking at my mother, and I'm starting to see wrinkles on my, on my cheeks here above on my forehead. I'm looking very, very old. You know, tell me something complimentary. So the others the other spouse said your eyesight is very good.

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I said is when we agreed for it. We don't put a fight. Sometimes we have to put up fights. So the husband the husband always has the last seat any argument which breaks the argument and that particular lifestyle is my darling You are right and you are correct. I was wrong. So that breaks the argument what I'm trying to say we don't have your cream sauce from one day to

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the absolutely data me Leila was Amina, should I not tell you something that is even more better? Then Rosa M sadaqa. And Nephele Salah yami Aqua sh is number tau Jo Salah Nephin salah or Nephele Rosa, or Nuffield Sara Cassidy, Uppsala, Bala jasola, the rural Pattaya and

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Loki Jeremy

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makes a lot amongst people. And then they'll be according saw some said because fighting it shaves off and I don't say it shaves off your hair because shaving is associated with hair. It shaves off your deal.

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Dean classifier Canada, when you fight, it shaves off your deen while at another foot of shallow water. When you fight, Allah Tala takes over your strength you become weak. Why? Why is the mud weak today because of this. So one way of showing kindness is bring reconcile people. Another way of showing kindness such an important thing is

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Mothers, you know the elderly, are very greatly revered in our Sharia. Nabeel Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is part of respect to Allah to show respect to elderly people. And today, many times our elderly people who are at home they are sickly, they don't want anything. They just want a little bit of your time. I went to visit recently a person who's almost 90 years of age, he can't even see

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became blind, almost blind, right? And he was a very old Maselli of our Masjid in Newtown masjid. And I went to ask him, I said, How are you feeling? You know, your eyesight is also God. He said, Alhamdulillah.

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And you know, the joy, that letter was five or 10 minutes that you can go and see a person who is elderly. How many times did we say take our time, I'm going to spend some time 1015 minutes with a person who is elderly. When you show kindness can show kindness to that particular category of people, that Allah Allah says be showing kindness to them, showing respect to them. It's respect Allah subhanho wa taala. I'm just giving you some examples with regard to another example with regard to this whole particular aspect is you know, sometimes when you love and appreciate a person I find this very amazing. I've been talking about this. When you love and appreciate a person then

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maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said, Tell him you love an appreciating someone has done you good. Someone has been kind towards you. Go and show him your kindness. Go and show him things. Go and show him gratitude.

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As mousseline Salatu was Salam helped the daughters of slavery salat wa salam O Allah has made mention of in the Holy Quran is a very long incident. And then Allah Tala makes mentioned that after this

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in the Abbey, they came back and they said in RP yet Oka, the Xia Agera, masa, feta Nana

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our father shrubbery Salam has sent us back to come in thank you for helping us grow the water. Someone does you good. You Love Someone appreciate someone that you love and you're appreciated. I find it very amazing. When a person passes the way we write an obituary, you know what the nice man was? You know how good he was? How kind he was? Why wait for him to die to say his good?

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Why wait for him to die to say he was good? Can you tell him why he was alive? Maybe he saw something you love someone you appreciate someone tell him on his face.

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Another way of showing kindness. Another way of showing tightness is try to ascertain the the difficulties and challenges of people and come to the assistance in that challenge. You know, this whatever it is, whatever reason it is COVID Why it has come why it hasn't come. Everyone has got their own theories ever. Nowadays, I don't even read anything about it. I don't engage anyone about it. Anything negative. I don't even see how it is I don't even see nowadays. I don't read it. I don't listen to it. It's just a pure waste of time. But what is not a waste of time is that people who have been challenged there are people who are affected. There are people who are sick. There are

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people who have become ill there are people who have lost near and dear ones, there are people who have lost breadwinners

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now go in with showed kindness to them, bring show help them go and say is there anything that I can do going

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out with him going pet them, reassure them?

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Via Kareem Salalah. Solomon said, Whatever reassures and whoever gives comfort, comfort in sympathy to a person who has suffered and loss

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allow will give me the same reward as a person who is suffering the loss

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in Jamya Tirmidhi is such a beautiful Hadith maybe a cream saw some said whoever shows comfort and reassures and support a person who is in difficulty. Allah will make him wear clothes of honor on the Day of Judgment. Allah will provide him with all clothes of honor on the day of karma, find out people's difficulties, you know this this incident that it comes very much in the social media some incidents come you know, they got different took and they got different ways of making mention of it. So this one about Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. You know, Omar, who wanted to go and help an old woman who was blind. Outside Madina Munawwara and every time Boomer goes, woman sees that everything

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that needs to be done for her has been done.

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Her room is clean, and that time you couldn't get tap water you had to get water from someone draw it and then put it in, come and fetch it. So they she had water Her room was clean, hundreds whatever she needed to cover in terms of basic necessities of food. It was pleased in summer found it very difficult who is doing this? So one day a woman who came early stood behind somewhere hid behind somewhere and what did he see?

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He found the time coming in the early hours of the morning

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putting water for her and then cleaning her house cleaning her room because she was crying

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so many of you that I knew didn't I was just amazed and then after a while whatever the allow that I'm who passed away I saw this. This particular issue

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was made mentioned in another way. So in this particular we mentioned was made when we when

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we went to give a tattoo said you are not the same person who used to ask me before

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this is how do you know I'm not the same person. He said the person who was Earlier he used to take out the putts from the data and give me

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an Uber cried and said

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you have made it so difficult for the leaders who is going to follow you to do such things quit look for people who are in such difficulty and go and help them

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another thing that we can make mention of time is going out is the good mix salaam to people maybe a cream sauce limit as as you'll Islami observe what is the best way of Islam that we saw some set up feed people and go and make salaam to people whom you know no don't know.

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We don't do this we only big salaam to people who we know are part of our own friends or influence. Coin spread the salaam via Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said let the full agenda data to me No, you won't go into gender until we have demand we don't have demand until you love one another. If you hate one another you don't have any man

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should I not tell you something? By doing it Allah will spreads love amongst you up show Salam spread Salah and then if you can't do anything else, via Karim Salalah Solomon said the bus Sumatra fee what he he

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said you can do good. You can show much kindness then maybe a cream sauce when smile in the face of your next Muslim Brother.

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smiled at your next Muslim brother

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they were super coffee.

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Go and look at the way cream sauce them please Why one day I made mention of that in my next by

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smiling in the face of your next Muslim brother. He said aka

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how many people do that. It's easier to smile than to proudly lose more, use less muscles. But we have this problem with people all the time you see people angry. There was super coffee with GFP. Like I said, You can't do anything. speak politely to people be kind to people smile to people, et cetera. So these are a few ways that I've given you with regard to show in kindness. It came from the ayat which I made mentioned, which Allah might have said is the basis of moral conduct hotel Alpha Mirabelle wa mujer he did and in the in the translation of the commentary of that when may be occurring so Allah Allah wa sallam asked

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what is the essence of this idea? Rasul Allah, maybe a cream sauce lamb was told by Sanjay Silman kuch wa T Muhammad, who asked me lemon Kumbhakarna used

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to understanding and making.

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