Needs, Consumerism And Greed – A Perspective

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The upcoming Black Friday sales and holiday celebrations in various cities focus on the importance of consumerism and the rise of "well being" and the need for more affordable consumption. The Sharia and debt are discussed as a way to bring happiness back to society and avoid poverty. Visitors are advised to avoid debt and stay away from it, as it can lead to retirement and financial troubles. The importance of moderation in spending and avoiding obsessions with events of the distant future is emphasized.

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Alhamdulillah YAHWAH wa Salatu was

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Salam ala nabina

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Muhammad he will

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a model for women.

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Rahman Al Rahim

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Allah Hakuna Matata

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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We are all aware that for us as Muslims, the day of Friday will always be a day of blessedness a day of brightness. The most pleasant day in the week in Yeoman Juma it says it will

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be a clean saucer, Ahmed said Juma Joomla is the king of all days it is a leader of all days. Hi Maria Juma Misha barber Kadena puri have a subsidiary Baba Duma via krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion said that Friday is the best of days in his as an admin so that was Salam was born at Emory Salatu was Salam.

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Juma ko on that particular day, he was granted entry into Jenna Janet Meadow Colby, Jamal, Jamaica denwa he was taken out of Jannah also on Jamaica, and this also has blessings. Why it has blessings because he came into this world. All the Gambia came to this maybe Johanna Baraka cheese, the agenda chelek alkire, Allah Kalani on cadonia men lie to me Juma hiqa, denwa and Nick and then it is also the day of chiamato also takes place on Java. So Joomla has tremendous Baraka many virtues. However, we are also aware that the last few Fridays in the month of November is regarded to be Black Friday. It is regarded to be a Friday in which days great amount of sale, great amount of consumer interest,

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great amount of specials people are going around, sometimes even tweeting up at midnight on Thursday, to be able to partake in some of the specials that are offered. Our alumni have said there is nothing wrong with it from a Sheree perspective is permissible is permissible for you to get benefit from those specials permissible for you to go and buy from those specials. There is nothing wrong with it, it is permissible because there is no religious connotation attached to those aspects actually became famous in the 80s where it was regarded to be the beginning of the Christmas sale. That was in the Western countries in South Africa in the last few years. It has become more popular

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from a religious perspective is not haram for you to go and buy from those sales and to benefit from the low prices that are on offer. However, it brings into you know sharp focus certain attitudes that I would like to address in today's time. So there is a lot of same. So firstly brothers, there is also a sale on men.

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Just call me Shadi Carneros, maybe Kamiya whoever wants to get married today that you moms have got special

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that's one and insalata is no special. We don't go read well as Korean in Atlanta today. We're gonna read normal sooner Salat inshallah. So this is one aspect but of course, let us look at the aspect of you know, the aspect of consumerism, the need to consume is a natural instinct. People need to consume. People need to use material things to survive. What Amala g Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has made wealth, the means of your existence, if you're not going to consume it.

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So we need consumerism, right? Harish Khanna in sunny feedrate Kata casaya insanity, Baka Kalia up nizoral aplysia Maria carrier Christina Surya. However, and that is why our alama have made mentioned with regard to well that wealth is neutral as it

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is written that wealth

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neutral, how you utilize it, how you spend it, how you consume it, how you earn it will make it commendable, or it will make it condemned, condemned. So, it depends on the allama summer Kundera matale one of the great scholars of power positive There are two types of wealth move and remedy that which is condemned and that which is not condemned. He says that wealth is condemned, which takes you away from Allah. Allah tala said door Khattab, Nico,

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it is condemned and that wells which does not take you away from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala It is not that it's not condemned and that wealth which you utilize to come closer towards Almighty Allah. It becomes a Baraka it becomes a blessing. Tom

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got a in Santa Fe trip Casa de casa de la plaza Riyadh Kalyan Tam credo Farooq, arch cul

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de copper Pachuca ha ha ha qsrs karna in June seven suka. The problem today is not the spending on your needs.

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It is an attitude that has become prevalent in our time, consumption has evolved from survival to an almost ecstasy of immersing indulging and consuming this culture is fueled by seductive advertising that entices the consumer into believing that true happiness and fulfillment is only by hoarding consuming an MSc we get happy when we go to the shopping malls. So this is a culture that has become within us. the fashion industry for example, stirs up desires and anxieties in people to possess the new culture, the new and the ultimate. So all the time it is creating that anxiety. We must have the latest phone, we must have the latest gadget. We must have the latest jacket, we must have the

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latest sneaker, we must have the latest tracksuit we must have the latest. All of that has created a type of desire within us materialistic consumerism, consumerism, has become one of the defining characteristics of modern society. Though Islam does not advocate poverty as a way of life. Islamic uniqa who said budget Porchester Magna Carta, Allah said Xu iannelli mercy hoopoe Shahada milanesa in one banana,

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karate, Allah has adorn certain aspects of the material world for us. gold silver jewelry Allah has made it beautiful to us. Let me tell you the sauce limited in Allah Jamil. You have full German, Allah is beautiful Allah loves beauty. Once we entered here Kareem saw Selim spoke about price. Once a hobby came and said he would love to wear good clothes visit Friday.

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To wear good clothes is a price

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checkup to nearly a creamy sauce and luckily for me, Allah tala Jamelia, Allah tala Jamal co present Parramatta, Allah is beautiful, Allah loves beauty. So Islam does not advocate that we must have a way of poverty. However, this very high level of material consumption usually proves disappointing many of our items that we buy, which we feel absolutely necessary, and has got nothing to do with nurses necessity. It does relatively little

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to enhance the quality of our lives. And it does very little to grant us through happiness. It does very little to a quality to our life. And all the while having a disciplined disproportionate impact on the environment, our attitude, our budget, and a whole range of issues. The Quran therefore has warned us with regard to it. No an amazing way how Allah tala has warned us in Surah. Masha, Allah Allah says, way liquid Lumosity lomasa Allah de Gemma Amano

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Sabu anomala who have led

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unless there is destruction be upon those who have three qualities.

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Allah Allah says Allah tala kilala to

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Chincoteague Asafa one is Viva backbiting one is taunting one

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Don't think people know Coca Cola. And the third is yes anomala who are Canada? Who has such a disproportionate love for wealth? Yes.

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Lady Gemma Amano, who accumulates wealth and all the time he is counting his wealth, his happiness is attached to his bank balance. Yes. Who feels anomala who his wealth will remain forever with him? Yeah several animals.

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He thinks his wealth will be forever with him. Allah tala condemn such a people and literacy is the structure upon structure people. And then in Surah in Surah Takako, it has been explained even more better, more relevant to what what we are speaking about this aspect of consumerism, so the word Yes.

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You know, em, yeah, Wally. I love the Gemma mala all the time counting shows, counting it over and over the speaks the selfish hoodie and the passion and the

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exaggerated love for wealth. But look at how Allah has put it in Surah takato so beautifully. Aloha como Taka surah hatter's or tomorrow macabre? Allah says this desire to have more and more

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desire to have more than one model or motto

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I must have more and more is diverted you from remembering Allah

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says desire to have more and more and the word data for means to compete with one another with regard to wealth was capacitor a galley Auto malapascua here if he's got this particular make and model of car Why don't I have this? Allah says that this abundance and this competition with others on abundance has made you neglectful of your purpose of life

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and tell you when you enter into the grave colossal Fatah moon from McCullough sofa tala moon, when you come to the grave you will realize that amassing an accumulation of wealth has nothing to do with my future had nothing to do with my success has nothing to do with my success in the after. You will come to realize that following fully when you come to the

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gala very soon you will come to realize su McCullough sofa tala moon, very soon again you will come to realize

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you will come to realize with the eyes of certainty, there are very few themes that Allah tala has emphasized so much that Allah has made mentioned with regard to the consequences of greed,

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that this is what's going to happen to you, if you do not have a restraint with regard to your desires and your consumerism as much as it is permissible within a limit. If we do not control it, Allah has warned about the consequences with regard to it. Another aspect with regard to this greed, which is so important for us to understand

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that grid has no end point. Here's cocoa into Honey, you can never say that I will come to a level I will sell hungry I got enough. Never. It never ever happens like that. So therefore

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understanding human nature it said, Locarno hypno Adam, worthy early man.

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Listen, if a human being has got two values of gold,

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two full values of gold to mountain tops of gold, he won't say first, he will say hello me muzzin is a more, bring more, bring more love. Listen, he would he would, he would desire the third lamb la jofa.

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The only thing that will set the date and bring an end to your greed will be the sale of the cover that is put upon you. That's the only time your greed will be saturated. So therefore my dear respective brothers, this is a very, very important thing. Now this consumerism, mindless and reckless consumption

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amongst the other harms will lead you to debt

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will lead you to cut us the city

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of death in our country is terrifying. One, you know, expert that said, we are in the midst of a debt tsunami consumers in today's time Oh as much as 75% of their monthly salary go towards creditors 75% of the monthly what they earn goes to creditors, you know, only 23.42 of South Africans have any money left at the end of the month 76% of flat broke at the end of the month.

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This is this is a reality with regard to what we are facing. And I'm gonna only get very little but they never in depth, when you go at the end of the month to them, they will give you a best meal, Allah sugar.

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So, this is a surgeon so and this is the reality with regard to consumption. What consumption happens is it leads to this consumerism leads to debt. And our Sharia debt is not looked upon as something that is likely Islam allows you to take and to go and borrow. If you have a need. There's nothing wrong with it. But Islam tells you be very very careful. only do it at a time of need and necessity and be very careful that you have the ability to pay it back because the consequences are very severe.

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Has it I shall have the ultimate say she's shown me a cream saucer making to allow me to become a Muslim. I will I seek your protection from Guna and sins and debt. She said Yasser Allah Why are you making the two together? You are you are bringing death which is permissible, but you are equating it with Guna Ensign so Libya crimps awesome said I shot Don't you know, when a person is in depth, when he speaks he speaks lies when he makes a promise he breaks his promise. And how many people who are in the business field will say and will say they were person will tell you I'm doing EFT tomorrow and after Monday EFT hasn't come through.

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So he speaks lies he makes promises he breaks the promise. So this is why Luqman alayhis salaam told him to his son or my son stay away from debt. Because debt is a worry at night and humiliation in the day.

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Death record to anyone who

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who may or may not have calacatta. Ratko or de Mello Kasama crosswalker

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at night is a means of embarrassed Ammonites a means of worry in the days and means of embarrassment stay away from debt. Now what what is the way how do we combat this whole aspect of consumerism while keeping it within a limitation? As I said, Islam doesn't advocate poverty and say You mustn't use good things. I've given you the examples and I've given you the Hadith are very briefly give you a few points with regard to how do we combat it, one is good.

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And zone means a way of thinking that treats life as a short journey, which is temporary

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and worthless. As an end in itself. It will not give you any value in the copper in itself unless you use utilize that wealth to give sadaqa and charity, but critically, it can be used as a means to the everlasting life if you use it correctly Zoda makes us think twice even about possible things.

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Is this food or garment on object of my desire? Is it necessary for me? Is it gonna get me closer to Allah? Is it a mere distraction and luxury, a waste of time? A waste of my wealth, a waste of my energy, get it be better contain can it be better utilized? In Islam Zod is not to abandon the world. But to subdue one's desire for something greater. The way someone had said Zod is not that you don't own wealth, or you don't own dunya but Zod is dunya doesn't own you.

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So the first thing is right. And Zod is very different from what the Christian said that you stay away from this world. No, we don't stay away from the world. But we bring our desires and our needs within a particular framework. The second thing is contentment cannot and cannot is a very amazing thing cannot means to be contented with what Allah has given you. While you can make an effort to get more there's nothing wrong with that. But to a certain degree what Allah has given you have a certain degree of appreciation for that

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very important idea cream sauce alum one day told the people lay silvina and Casa de la

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will occasionally dinner hiddenness prosperity and wealth is not the amount of wealth that to actually have prosperity is prosperity of the heart.

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Lisa levina he asked

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Amazon Tell me what is wealth and tell me what is poverty? So I was a reply the way you and I will reply, wealth is heavy and prosperity is having great amount of money and wealth

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and poverty is having very little bit of wealth. Then we saw some said Oh,

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wealth is and prosperity has got more to do with your heart and your contentment level then with the actual amount of money and wealth that you have so this one definitely is awesome said

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contentment is such a wealth that is never depleted. It never gets finished. Your Money can and sometimes we'll get finish cannot won't get finish to how do we deal with us consumerism cannot missourian cannot cannot

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come niyati Amelie dollar key for avani nahi Belkin pniewska is still gonna sell dollar. The second thing I made mentioned, the third thing is moderation in spending. Brothers, we have to adopt moderation in spending, you cannot just go and buy anything that you want, irrespective whether you can afford it or not. Let me tell you some mahali wassalam has warned about it. There is a clear cut, you know, there is a clear cut, warning with regard to spending beyond your means. If you want to stay out of debt, there is a saying

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your wage and how much money you got and spend accordingly. That is the reality. That is one some people has said is a hobby. And some people have said is the same of one of our members

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that the person

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poverty will not overtake the one who is moderate in spending. Poverty will not overtake the one who is moderate in his spending. And our spending has to be with moderation and according to moral considerations. You can see I can afford it I can pay how much I want I can use how much I want. There are certain times where you have to stay away from extravagance because of moral considerations. The fourth thing is

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avoid obsessions with events of the distant future.

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But then a kabocha hoga Bissell kabocha hoga avoid you can make plenty but don't make what's going to happen in the future into an obsession. This is known as Tullio Amal. And in the Hadith in the Quran, we have been warned with regard to it. To give you a small example, time is elapsing now via cream salsa one day came and he put one object here in front of him. And he put another object a distance from him. And he said, My Saba. Do you know what I'm doing? What I'm telling you said no. jasola he said this is man's death.

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He's deaf. And that is his desires. That is his thinking. Agha apne mazzucco Bashar nahi salmon sobre Schiphol Cabernet. So avoid obsession with Eva events of the future. But just salty about moussaka Karna have plenty, but avoid obsession with events of the unforeseen future. And lastly, I am I have made mentioned that a Taurus horoscope My name is Dr. Karma Tula mlcc napco or doosra kasasa or malko has Setsuna decco don't look at the wealth of other people with envy. When Nicola matana bs

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don't look at envy was what Allah has given someone else Allah has given them to test him. These are some of the ways that Islam has taught us to contain the natural instinct of human being towards greed and towards consumerism. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy wife