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The rise of Islam in the first century has led to the formation of Muslim lands and the spread of Islam throughout the world. The history and success of Islam is discussed, including its impact on society, economic, political, and morality. The importance of Islam's history as the foundation of modernity and transformation is emphasized, along with its potential for growth and transformation. The segment also highlights the benefits of Islam, including its ability to change people's lives and bring together families, reduce poverty, and increase the peace and contentment of life.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam when the veal Karim, Allah Allah He was happy Ah Ma in Avada inner circle Khalifa villa. Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or shadow Morley Mohan, Metallica Wakulla was designated

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for kulula Enough.

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One of the things that cause a lot of young people today to experience doubt about Islam is the political weakness of the homogenate.

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Many who are unfamiliar with our history, they look around the world today. They see the Muslim world in a state of political weakness. They see Muslim countries as backwards, lacking technology, state of poverty. And they make a few wrong assumptions. First, they assume that this political problems in the Muslim world they assume is because of Islam.

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That's the first wrong assumption. Second, they assume that this is the way it's always been, that the Muslim world has always been like this. And this comes from a lack of knowledge of our history.

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Because the reality is that we live in a time, that is an anomaly. That is very different from the standard of Muslim history. From the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until 100 years ago, for the bulk of their time, the Muslims were in just a civilization, or an empire, they were a superpower. For the bulk of our history, Muslims were one of the most dominant civilization in the history of this world. And when we are unaware of that part of our history, and what Muslims contributed to the world during that time, then it's really easy to fall for these traps, and to look at the world today and think that there's something wrong with Islam. So today, inshallah want

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to very briefly go through the political rise of Islam in the first century. And then from there, I want to extract for us some lessons in terms of what Islam brought and contributed to the world.

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Because again, you know, we said the young people, they have these doubts. On the other hand, we have the non Muslim, some of them who they asked they look at Islam is outdated, and you look at Islamic values, and you say, what Muslims ever contributed to this world? Well, today, I will share just some of their contributions to the world.

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The rise of Islam was miraculous. The rise of Islam was unlike any other civilization in the history of this world.

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The Arabs 1400 years ago, we are tribal society. They did not have a government. They did not have a economic structure. They were not an empire. They were literally living as tribes. From all of these tribes. They were a few small towns. The most famous of them was Makkah and Yatra, which we call Medina today. And even in these towns, they were a few 1000 People that have been there, and they will divided into tribes, and the tribal leaders would get together. And they would form their their political opinions on those discussions between the chiefs. But they never had a king. They never had a government. They never had a political structure

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on either side of the atoms, with the two superpowers of the time, the Persians and the Romans. And both the Persians and the Romans chose to ignore Arabia. Both of these superpowers chose to ignore Arabia, because they saw it as a waste of time. They saw it as a as a desert full of you know, backwards people with no civilization didn't see any point in conquering.

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This was the status of Arabia. It is from this land, that Allah chose the best of creation, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be the final messenger. And he chose the best of people to be his followers, the Sahaba and he's from this land, that the Muslim empire Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam starts preaching Islam Ibaka

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and within the first 13 years, he has maybe less than 100 follows a very small amount of people. They migrate to Medina and they grow into a small community of a few 1000.

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And now they have wars going on between Makkah and Medina. Within a few years, they conquer Makkah. Before you knew it, all of Arabia is now Muslim.

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within a period of 23 years, Arabia goes from being tribes all with their own rulers to being under one ruler and one religion.

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Now Islam is the dominant force. But it doesn't stop there. Rasul Allah, so Allah or the Muslim passes away, and we entered a period of the whole of our regime. In the time of our bunker and over, the Muslims conquered the entire Persian Empire, the Persian Empire ceases to exist. Now, I want you to think about this historically, the Persians were the superpower of their time, just 10 years before that people were expecting the Persians to wipe out the Romans. That's how old they were. The Arabs were literally just tribes with no structure. We know technology, we know civilization. We know united, how would you just random tribes, the Persians were shocked to see these Arabs marching

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to the lands and declare war on them.

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But the Muslims defeated them, and that then became the land of Islam and the remain lands of Islam until today, the spread in the opposite direction as well. The Roman land, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, all became Muslim land and remained Muslim lands until today. The Muslims drill even further. So after the time, we know Colaba Rashid, he came the time of the obedience in the immediate time, and this is not the first 100 years of Islam. In the Romanians time, the Muslims go all the way to the east and conquer parts of India. They come right to the borders of China.

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And then to the west, the Muslims conquer all of North Africa, all the way to Spain, within 100 years, from Spain to India is one united land. And it was

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again at the time of Rasulullah Salallahu. Salam, the Muslims out less than 100 people within 100 years, the other Empire spanning from Spain all the way to

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this rise is unprecedented. No Empire history has grown that fast and remain stable. They were able to grow fast, like Alexander the Great, right, but they crumble just as quickly. The Muslim empire grew that fast and stay like that for over 1000 years. That's the miracle. So what did Muslims contribute to this world? The Muslims came, and they conquered these lands. And what is interesting was the people living in these lands prefer Muslim rule over the previous rules. It was the Christians of Spain, who reached out to the Muslims in North Africa as it Please come and take over our land because our Christian Buddha's are blessing us. They saw the justice in the Muslim land,

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and they wanted a piece of that the Christians of Sylia openly admitted that they preferred the rule of the Muslims over their fellow Christian Romans, because the Muslims were more just

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so what did Islam during traditional Islam brought a system of perfect justice, the most just war system in the history of this world. And that justice system had the ripple effect on the rest of the world. For example, today, across the world, almost every civilization has the principle of you are innocent until proven guilty. That principle originates in Islam.

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Islam was the first civilization to come up with this principle, that this is one of the Maxim's of IQ, that human beings are innocent until proven guilty.

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And this in our global law. So Islam brought a higher level of justice to the world. Islam brought a solution to racism. It brought a solution to racism. Racism remains a problem in the world today.

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This is true even in the Muslim world. But in those lands when they took Islam seriously, and the practice of Islam completely, racism was able to be removed 1400 years ago, to such an extent

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that we had Muslim rulers throughout history from all kinds of different races and backgrounds.

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We have Muslim empires from all over the world. We've had our Muslim empires, Turkish Muslim empires and not African Muslim empires. Muslims came from all over and they were all given opportunities to rise, that Islam came with the solution to racism. Another way that Islam contributed to this world was to teach this world a highest standard of morality.

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Before Islam, you would find in Makkah Arabs who would bury the daughters of life, you would find in Makkah Arabs, who literally make the wife of the Kaaba, naked.

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Prostitution and Xena were normally in Arabia, alcohol was normal, Islam came and curb all of this, put it all to the side turn it all the devices and only the fringes of society committed and the bulk of society refrained from it. It transformed the entire Arabian world from a land that people indulge in every time of vise into the most moral community in the history of this world. Then today, we look at the Sahaba and we say they are the most moral group of people who have ever lived

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But even wanting to during grow growing up in that environment, Islam came and transformed him. And that morality spread. And it is what was the foundation of Islam throughout our history. It's only when Muslims drifted away from that morality, that we began to experience economic and political witnessing. Sunni in the late Ottoman era, the Muslim started to, you know, get into engage in Xena and alcohol again. And these became norms again, that we began to see weakness creep back into your mind. But Islam brought a higher standard of morality. Another way in which Islam contributed to this world, he said, Islam drawed, the best economic system this world has ever seen. The economic

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system, applied by the Muslim empires of the past, eradicated poverty.

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There was no homelessness in the Muslim empire. We had a cough, we had various ogof for things like medical expenses, things like education, things like housing, everything was provided for. We had these the caste system that ensure that if somebody got rich, you're taking many others along with him. We had all of these this in place, and this was the best economic system to ever exist.

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Islam brought many many things to this world. And what many people fail to realize is that the contributions of Islam to this world and not just virtual immortal, but even material contributions. So during the Golden Age of Islam,

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the Muslims were just the most spiritual powerful empire in the world, but they were the most advanced

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in the Abbasid empire, in the capital of Baghdad. The Abasi rulers established one of the world's first prominent research centers, vaco HIPAA.

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And from beta hikma King some of the greatest discoveries in the history of this world. It was there at vehicle hikma, that algebra was invented.

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Algebra, algebra was invented as

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a science that would change the world.

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Everything we have today, all about technology we have today originates in those in those mathematical discoveries, mainly because

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it was in the Golden Age in that place. That discoveries were made in medicine, where Muslims established the world's first medical colleges, when you have to have a medical license to practice medicine. This idea originated in the Muslim world. Today, it's a global standard normal, that the Muslim working and it contributed to almost every science possible, from Geography, to the study of the stars and planets, to the study of the human body, all of the sciences, you will find that in the golden age of Islam, Muslims produced some of the most important discoveries.

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And this is why even today, many of the non Muslim historians will say, and you can find the red quotes from them saying this, that the Western world doesn't just owe the Muslim world a few scientific discoveries it owes the Muslim world is existence. It owes the Muslim world its existence, why Islam came to this world. It encouraged a environment of seeking knowledge and Discovery and Science and, and growth and becoming the best you can be. Muslims took this they grew into a mighty empire, Christians went to the Muslim world they studied in the Western world, they took these ideas back to their lens. And it's only when you went for example, to Islamic Spain. And

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he studied in the University of Islamic Spain. And he learned philosophy and they learn science and he learned mathematics. And then he went back to Europe, they went back to France and to the what is today, the United Kingdom, we went back to all of those lands with these ideas from the Muslim world, that's when they really starts happening. That's when the shift happened in the West, when they came to the Muslim world and learn these ideas and to get back.

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So for those who say that Islam has not contributed anything to this world,

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this is wrong. This is false. Almost everything we have today in this world, Muslim has been eroded. From justice, to morality, from science to technology, from economic prosperity, to the eradication of poverty, Islam came every major contributions in all of them. The problem today is not with Islam. The problem today is Muslims, that Islam still is just as just as relevant today as August was, and Islam today is can still be just as transformation as it always was. But it's up to us to embody. It's up to us to understand it properly. It's up to us to practice it. It's up to us to take it and to give it to the world

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To show the world what Islam what value Islam can bring to their lives, pass the law to accept our efforts to make us room one that is religion. Subhan Allah is the most influential Saddam Hussein with me.

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In the Hamdulillah, that Moodle and Estonian Pharaoh one of Minami Tavakoli 102 belong in Cerulean kusina woman sia Dr. Medina Mejia the Hula, hula de la mejor de la de la Mabon. So what happened? The Muslim world grew into this powerful empire. It produced great scholars, great saints, great doctors, great scientists, great mathematician, great politicians, it became the dominant civilization in this world. What happened? Well, many things happened. But to summarize, in World War One,

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in World War One, the Ottoman Empire was the losing side. And the Ottoman Empire was defeated. Its lands were divided amongst the British and the French and the allies. And he was cut up into many small countries and given to the various allies and the Muslim struggling to political weakness. 100 years later, we are still recovering from this. But understand that this situation we are in, of there being no caliphate of there being no central Muslim power of Muslim being in the state of political weakness, this is something that's still new. This is something that is still new, it only happened less than 100 years ago, there are still people alive, who were alive with the Ottoman

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Empire existed. That's how recent it is.

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That's literally how the research suggests this is still a new development.

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And the reality is that Islam can rise.

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And Muslims, it's up to us, the way we understand Islam, the way we practice Islam, the way we represent Islam, the way we contribute to this world, to to make Islam powerful again, it doesn't have to be political power, the spiritual power, this moral power, the economic power, we can still rise up in all these areas. And the world today is facing so many dangerous ideologies and ideas, that really only Islam, only Islam can solve it.

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So we said what Islam brought to this world, let's look at what Islam can bring to the world today. What Islam can contribute to civilization today, number one, number one is a return to morality.

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We said 1400 years ago, the Arabs were made carbachol they would make the off of the Kaaba naked, some of them, you know, would vary the daughters alive. And Islam came and change that today. Again, nudity and immorality and, and abortion of children. All of this has become norms. Islam can fix that. Islam can fix that. We have to represent Islam, we have to share this message with the world. People don't realize what a dangerous situation the world is in today, in morality today, is worse than it's ever been in the history of humanity. The level of immorality that you are exposed to the click of a button today has never existed before. And this is destroying homes. This is destroying

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families. This is destroying people on the inside.

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And only slavery. Only Islam has the principles to stop this. Because in this day and age, Sunni Muslims, they're calling on people to dress appropriately. So only Islam does calling on us to do our gaze. So only Islam does calling on us to live in this moral code, while everybody else is just keeping up and going with the times and going with the flow, not realizing how much this is destroying the world.

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Linked to that what Islam can contribute to the world today is a return to family values. With the rise of immortality comes the fall of family,

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even Muslims 1000 years ago and wonder about this. They didn't want that the reason why Xena is haram is because it destroys the notion of family. It destroys the concept of family. And people in the past may not have been able to understand why because they never witnesses in our culture. But we are witnessing it before wise. Today because dinner is so easily accessible. People don't want to get back. People don't stay committed to marriage. people commit sins even while they are married. People don't want to get married. They don't want to have children. People don't respect their parents anymore. They don't respect their siblings anymore. Family as a concept is dying.

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And again, Islam is the only solution to this, or the main solution to this the most people

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Ethical solution

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that Islam comes and teaches us the importance of family values. And what's going to happen is those civilizations that choose to go down the route of immorality, they're going to have a very negative Vega very strange decision soon, because the next few generations are not going to be producing children.

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Whether they choose immoral lifestyles where you can't produce children, or whether because of individualism, they choose not to have children, but as the entire society, they are producing less and less children with this generation. And their governments are starting to worry. Because if you give people so much free access to Xena, why would they ever want to get married and convert and be responsible and restaurant.

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And when this becomes a social law, society will decrease over time. But Islam on the other hand, values family ties, it is one of the five most important things in Islam is family, your parents, your spouse, your children, your siblings, even your cousins and your cousins, cousins, it goes on and on. Islam teaches you to maintain family ties, it teaches you to have a big family, it should teach you to raise your family well, it teaches you to treat all different family members who are and this is why Sunni Muslims who practice Islam that can withstand this tide of what we are going through today. And that's why Islam remains the fastest growing religion in the world. Because while

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all the other nations are now truly you have less and less children, muslims are still growing in numbers. They agree to conversion and agree to have children and agree to convert having children. Because I have met so many people personally, who before Islam didn't want to have children, then they converted to Islam. And now they have two options. So one person converted to Islam produce a whole new OMA of Muslim foreigners.

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And this is the way Islam is spreading. So Islam can help the world with large family values. Another way in which Islam can help the world today is to give them an alternative economic structure. Because the Islamic economic system worked for over 1000 years it worked. It eradicated poverty, eradicated homelessness and reduced crime.

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It made life such that even the people who are not wealthy even those who live the simple life were content and they had enough. They had food, they had water, they had clothes, they had a home they were happy.

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Islam brought about a system like that. The problems we have today is because the Muslim world abandoned that system and embrace the rebar system. They embrace the modern system, where everything's about money. Everything's about piling money upon money riba upon riba if we had to abandon that system, and the solution is not to go to communism, that's the opposite extreme right? solution is to return to Islam. If we could show the world working models today of the Islamic economic system, we can show the world a better way forward. Because even amongst the non Muslims, people are frustrated, they're frustrated at the economic system, they realize the current systems

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making the rich richer and making the rest of the world poorer.

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And they know communism never work either. And they don't know where to do for a solution, we have the solution, we have to show it, we have to present it, we have to show people that we have an economic system, a divinely revealed, economic system that works.

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And finally, what Islam can bring to the world today is purpose.

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One of the biggest problems when you go out there and you talk to people who don't know about Islam, one of the biggest things causing them anxiety is that their lives have no purpose. And so they go around the world looking for purpose, and they say we need to invent our own purpose, we need to have some reason to love.

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One of the reason that Suicide Squad Suicide rates are skyrocketing, is wild. Because people see no reason to love. They literally see need no reason to them. Islam gives you a reason to love.

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Islam is one of the only parts today that will show you a genuine reason to love no matter what situation you're going through. And this is why again, you will find practicing Muslims who are living in a war zone, who have more inner peace, then sometimes a multimillionaire in the US

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because they have purpose to their life, and they have a connection with the Creator. And this is becoming more and more necessary.

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As the world drops deeper into individualism as the world jumps deeper into immortality, as the world jumps deeper into the greed. We are seeing rising levels of anxiety of depression of depression, of suicide

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and Islam when it enters your heart, when it gives you purpose

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When it gives you direction in life, it lowers all of that, it lowers the chances of all of them. Because many of the causes of death disappear, that people who are depressed about, you know they've not been an afterlife, or not being a purpose to life that goes away. People who are anxious about the future, we have the will of Allah that decreases. People who are suicidal, when they have a purpose to their life, and in connection with the Creator. It decreases that the problem in their mind, Islam can solve these problems by us bringing to the people the message of Islam.

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So today, Islam is not just relevant, it's more relevant than ever before. The world is headed towards the problems. And as the entire world indulgence with the adoption just follows the desires, they are heading deeper and deeper into problems as the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is our duty, to show the world a better way to show them the morality of Islam, to show them the justice of Islam, to show them the rationale of Islam, to show them the purpose and the peace and contentment Islam brings to you. And we are to showcase this to the world, that Islam will grow even faster. And again, another vertical of Islam to enter for this high note another vertical

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of Islam. Despite the fact that we shouldn't have been in a state of political weakness for the past 100 years. Islam has grown faster in the past 100 years in the 40s. Before we look at the number of Muslims in the world today, compared to 100 years ago, Islam has skyrocketed in numbers.

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And it's growing faster than ever before. Why God Islam may not be a political power anymore. But now we have Muslims in every country in the world.

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And people who previously would not have been exposed to Islam now live next door to slums. And Islam is growing faster because of that. So this is called the raga. Allah wanted Islam to reach these lands. Allah wanted Islam to reach Canada and the US and Australia and UK and South America and South Africa. So Allah allow this political problem to occur to Muslims left your lands and move to these lands. So Islam reached those lands, the people of those lands to convert to Islam is always wisdom in everything that Allah has decreed. And so Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the world. It always has been, but is growing faster than ever. But if we can showcase Islam, not

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just be Muslims by name, not just be Muslims caught up in our own tiny groups, but to actually showcase the value of Islam to the world that inshallah Islam will grow even faster.

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Robin Arjuna between your husband will be the national organizer but not robbing a homeland. I mean, as watching.

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You hang around with my cell phone was salam. Ala Celine 111