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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la kitahara kitabi watashi wa tada Shariati a mavado favela Humana shatori, Raji Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim interval momina info to falsely kobina

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what akula Allah Allah come to Ramune sort of Hola Hola, Zim

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very respected elders and brothers. In my last two talks, I had spoken about the rights of Muslim Brotherhood, and I've covered many aspects pertaining to the rights of our fellow Muslim brothers. However, there are few aspects that I also thought that we should continue speaking about certain specifics, in terms of the rights that we owe to our fellow Muslim Brothers, as we had made mentioned previously, this is a very remarkable brotherhood. It's a very remarkable Alliance. Allah has brought people forward and that has brought them together, not on the basis of a claim not on the basis of where they come from, but on the basis of the kalama on the basis of a truth and that

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truth is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. And part of that, for example, there are certain specific type of rights that we all to our Muslim brother nebia Karim, Allah Allah wa sallam has made mentioned Livia Karim sauce limited Hakuna Muslim, e Ll Muslim, a Samson. They are five rights that you owed to your Muslim brother five rights amongst many other rights that you owe to your Muslim brother. And amongst them here's what to say. When he makes Salaam to you then you must reply to that Salaam Salaam fish care Tosca salam, aka Giovanna Surya

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to start off the Salam is an act of virtue and act of nothing

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gets away with regard to it. And we are cream sauce limited in our nursey Billahi min better oma salam o kumbhakarna the closest person to Allah is the one who starts of the Salaam The one who starts of the Salaam is free from Kippur and free from pride. That is an act of virtue but to reply to it was called jawab they know what it is compulsory to give service Aslam said part of the rights that you owe to Muslim and he makes you Salaam to reply to that Salaam and also era to Marie's when he is sick to go and visit to when he's sick to go and visit him. I will mama Viola Hatano famous happy to say walk a mile to go and visit a Muslim brother walk two miles you can visit a Muslim

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brother who is sick and walk three miles to go and reconcile Muslim people who are fighting. So yeah, the two Marie is also part of the right that we owe our Muslim brother wavetable Jana is to follow his janazah when he passes away to go in, to go and take part in his janazah is part of the right that we ohto Muslim brother we all gonna pass away. And when we take part in the genomes of other people, maybe other people will take part in our genomes, although we don't do it solely for that reason. But they are more people in our generosity are more people making dua for us, when there are more people making dua for us more likelihood that Allah tala might accept it, why in our

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favor. So part of the right that you owe to another person is to attend his janazah via cream sauce, lemon said in a hadith that whoever takes part in the janazah of a person, he gets one reward, one carrot and one carrot is equivalent to the amount of water

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and whoever after attending the janazah takes part in the burial, he gets the reward of two carat and two carat as we said one carat is equivalent of mountain quad. Many times sometimes because of time factors people only take part in the janazah. But there is a crying need now for people to take part in the burial. People who are in the field of burial tell us that Alia Villa time has not come today is no one to fill the sin of the people who are going in the cover. Especially people who are sometimes not well off. People do not know them. They are not enough hands to fill the cover. But that is a right that you owe to your Muslim brother Muslim said how can Muslim Muslim? It's a right

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that you owe to a Muslim is to follow his janazah then the Schmidt will add this the fourth right?

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No, the further for the fourth, right. please reach out to Dawa. He's to accept the invitation of another person when he gives you an invitation to accept it. Some people are more better than others in this regard, but to accept the invitation of someone is also part of the right that you owe a Muslim brother and what the Schmidt will notice when a person sneezes

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Sal hamdulillah then to say your hammock, Allah is part of the right that you owe your Muslim brother. When and I also some alumni have said to say Alhamdulillah is not compulsory, but when someone says Alhamdulillah after sneezing in front of you, not according to all Allah but to some Allah it is worship now to say macula

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and this is no way regardless and then one other thing is another part of 60 aspect has been made mentioned when he seeks advice give him the best advice. So, in one Hadith in Bukhari, it says five hocl Muslim or Muslim humps but in another Hadith book, it says six and the sixth one is when he seeks advice, give him good counsel. Now, these are things that we must not regard as insignificant is a very famous incident of Imam Abu Dawood Sistani refer to lolly, Mama Buddha would have compiled sunan Aveda would regard to be the fourth most authentic compiled ation of a hadith book, the fourth most authentic combination Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim, then the third according to some genuine

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tirmidhi according to Sandra penis a pseudonym si the fourth Abu Dawood imamo. Rahmatullah Lee was one day on a ship ship was quite a fast boat, and a person at the shore, said Alhamdulillah after he sneezed before a Buddha vote Mr. Buddha would could say your hammock Allah the boat went fast he could not say your macula because when you say your amakhala it's also necessary the person must hear you know to say it silently. The person who says Alhamdulillah he must hear you saying your hammock Allah. So Mr. Buddha, Allah Allah tala ship, give me a small boat when back to the shore, and set your hammock Allah to the person who had sneeze instead of Hungary. And then he continued on

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his journey. It is either that same night or after when he passed away. Someone saw in a dream Mr. Buddha with Rama to lolly had purchased Jenna for one year.

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Because it took one year him to take a smaller boat to come say your amakhala back to the person who had sneezed. As this for us it is a very, we regard these things as minor. But look at the importance that the Sharia has placed and emphasize upon these aspects. Another important aspect with regard to the rights of our Muslim brother is to give people happiness, and to come to the aid and assistance when they need it. Or just to be helpful to your next Muslim brother. Brother. This is no ordinary thing. This is a hadith that Abdullah Amara villalta narrates which is in tyranny. I want to listen to each and every aspect It is so beautiful such a beautiful Hadith. Numerous a

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person came to me via cream sauce Rasulullah Nasir hapu illallah wa Amalia hubco illa Allah, which person is most beloved to Allah? And watch which deed is most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala Karim Saltzman said, in happiness in Allah He unfurl homeliness, the best of people in the eyes of Allah is that person who benefits other people. So Allah, the best of people in the eyes of Allah is that, that benefits other people do so come I do, sir.

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And then he said, Look at this one. Then he said a harpoon. Amala Illa Allah He soon to the fellow who Allah Muslim, the most beloved deed is giving happiness that you bring in the life of a Muslim. How many people bring happiness in other people's lives we are all the time the cause of misery or the time of other people's lives. Let me ask themselves a happy family.

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Soon to the Sinhala Muslim, to give happiness in the life of a Muslim taxi for an hakuba to remove a difficulty from him, oh taco V and who deignan or to to fulfill a debt that he can repay OTA through to an hujan or to fulfill his hunger when he is in a state of hunger and he can feed himself. Then the via Karim sawston continued. This is a hadith and what is he said, to walk with your brother to remove a difficulty of his he is equivalent and more beloved to alert to make it cough in much in another way for one month.

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To walk with your brother to come to his aid and assistance to help him is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala than making it a cough in murshida number one for one month. I'm not gonna in any way try to deny the importance of a cough is also a sign of Nabi sallallahu wasallam but this is what nemea Karim sauce limited in Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla battle for it. Hello surah Allah Muslim, one of the best deeds after five is to bring happiness to a Muslim. Now how many times do we give important

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With this type of situation, come to the assistance Libya krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said in a div, that the man can if he has it or he can Allahu Hagerty, whoever is in the hajat. Whoever fulfills the need of his Muslim brother, Allah will fulfill his needs both in this world in the after. So this is one of the aspects with regard to the rights of Muslim Brotherhood is to help people who are in difficulty in different types of situations. Also, another important aspect with regard to the rights of our Muslim Brothers is to not cause them harm. Others do not cause people to leave I quoted him

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in the first lecture.

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It said three types of animals one animal is that benefits human beings like the cow, its meat is of benefit is of benefit. The second type of animal is that which harms human beings whenever it gets an opportunity to Scorpion for example, and the third type of animal is that is neither beneficial no harmful. Not enough upon China knocks on fungi ghazali said try to be like the first and don't be like the second and instead if you can be like that your first at least be like the third. Don't give harm and don't give Naxal but don't give an answer. That is the worst with regard to it. He says Oksana pornchai nebia Karim Samba while he was an amateur and mostly movement Saleemul Muslim

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una melissani he

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is he has saved from the evil of his hands and tongues and move to 30 sapkota hadith of kidney hibben min salema na madness a Muslim is He Who other people not not even confined to Muslims and Muslim is he other people are saved from the evil of his hands and his tongue to cause this is one of the most not to cause harm to other people.

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Used to be very, very severe with regard to this mataranka used to tell people my Hancock is not only for people to come make zekeriya spiritual retreat. He said if you want only to make zeker go to other hunkers go to other spiritual retreats. Yeah, Happy adme Monica Leanna Yaga to become a human being then come to my hunka he used to say mataranka used to say that if I hear about someone not doing his was

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not doing is this be say I feel a little bit that he's supposed to do it. Why didn't he do it? I don't I don't feel as a hurt is when I hear about a person that will make a sequel to California. I don't feel as hurt when he doesn't make wazifa the way I feel hurt when I hear that he has caused harm to other people.

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He said then I feel very very angry. Why did he give harm to other people? This is something that is something very, very important. Some years back, Mufti Taqi was money, gave a talk on radio Pakistan. Number one is sometimes gives a talk his father moved to LA he also used to give a talk on radio Islam, regional radio, radio Pakistan, and in radio Pakistan. He started with a seed of the Holy Quran for many many years. And that culminated in his famous tafsir merciful Quran. merciful Quran started off when Mufti Shafi sobre la used to give the seer after failure on radio Pakistan. So anyway, moved to Turkey sub gave a talk on radio Pakistan, which was throw in a foot put in a

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book form. And he spoke about this, don't give other people harm. He said one is to give people harm by hitting them or to causing them to say certain small things you and I do, but we don't regard it as important but it causes people harm. Then he goes on to list he says sitting or squeezing over people's necks at the time of Juma navia. cream sauce lamb is made mentioned with regard to is not permissible. He had said throwing dirt on the ground. Taking a fruit after eating a fruit just throwing it down. Someone might slip that person might slip You are the cause of Laguna because you have caused harm. parking in considerately parking in a manner that people get the cliff people can

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go out. That is wrong. It is not only not ethically right, it is an act of Guna. It's an act of sin. Let me say it also limits you do not cause people harm. Maybe a cream saucer used to be so considered when he used to get up for 200 for the Alibaba.

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Alibaba used to open the door silently and close the door silently will lie this ABA was such if nobody saw slim would have opened the door loudly because of the love they had for an open source node of mind. But he never even when getting up for tahajjud

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give anyone a cliff when getting up for tahajjud apne company to socata

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for getting up for 200 newbies awesome didn't cause anyone harm. So these are some things that you must always keep in mind. You know that we must stay away from causing people harm because this is one of the major acts of hoonah also do not abuse people. Maybe a cream sauce them a laser tag

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Whether Milan will furnish hotel buddy, a mock Minh does not tone people. A Muslim does not tone people. He does not curse people. And he does not speak things that are immoral. And he does not speak things which are shameless. And Muslim stays away from these type of things. We do not want people now via creme de la wa sallam has told us if you stay away with regard to it, that's the taunting people. Today, we like to tone people. You know, sometimes people do it in a sense of a joke. And if it is a sense of a joke amongst friends, and the friend doesn't mind, perhaps there is some leeway with regard to it. But be careful that you don't say something that people when I was a

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teacher, you know, so among the students that used to taunt one another, I remember 111 student of mine he has passed on meloetta law granting genda really, he was it was a it was a joke in class. So there was a very tall student in our class. So you should tell him you are so tall with a time you drink milk. By time it comes to your stomach at Salomon. So you should talk to me that way do you support me I suppose if they say I'm joking, but be careful they sell me Nobita amin does not make Tana he stays away from those type of things. Maybe aquarium Samba while he was so limited. See Babu mini for Swapan wakita keto for that to abuse Minh is an act of sin.

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Mufti Musab Rahmatullah Lee has written a book called

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The boundaries of difference of opinion. Before he talks about the difference of opinion in the boundaries of it. he narrates a hadith on the rights of fellow human beings. And in this Before that, he realized this hadith siba were more meaningful. So, in the actual words that we use, he say vulgar language is a habit of an open center.

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Using vulgar language is the habit of a fossick

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Let me repeat this, this is a words of multi Mahmood sobre la la.

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And this is not the words of any you know, liberal moron I noted a sovereign citizen, this one came from this one. This is the word of multimode sobre la la. vulgar language is the habit of an open center, via Kareem sawston has also set Rama speak at table column, speak good words could Liberty equality he acts and then on to my bondsman that when they speak they speak properly. They speak good words. This look at this Hadith, which it is made mentioned in Hakeem, called to Yasser Allah had destiny be shaken up Juliet Jenna Yasuda, tell me something that gender must become compulsory upon me. Now we saw some said Mooji will Jenna the way the means of getting into gender it harmattan

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to feed people or if she was salam to spread Salam or gosnold

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speak nicely to people.

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The means of gender is to feed people to spread the Salaam and to speak nicely to people. What does it cost you to speak nicely to people? There is no cost attached to it. We want everything with regard to we would like to see what is the range and sense with regard to it. What does it cost you to speak nicely to people via courier services limited now we saw some said they have a Norwegian yell Anwar who whenever you see a person abusing and cursing another Muslim rather than Fatah, Baba, Baba, he has opened up one of the doors of the major site one of the doors of the major sins by making laminate and cursing another person. So these are some of the aspect material where I just

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felt that it is so important that we make mention with regard to this that we keep in touch this is a part of the responsibilities that we owe to our Muslim brother that we keep it these are no insignificant things these are important things. Now loss of another regular topic of understanding and making armor and also important thing even if you dislike someone even if you dislike someone Allah says what are your tremana Commissioner an omen? Allah Allah tala the dislike of someone should not swerve you from acting justly with him.

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So what if you dislike him? That must be between you and the last one that is your your emotion sometimes your emotions doesn't inclined towards a person but even then, Allah Allah says in the Quran, your dislike of someone must not make you treat him and just doesn't mean you're just liking go and talk better about him don't like you don't like him go and speak ill about it. That's not permissible in Islam. So these are some of the aspects that we got to keep in mind at the store that very briefly I would like to make mention in this coming week, we would be seeing you know what time of the year we call the silly season. A lot of people get into different type of things. I know the

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environment has an impact upon us. The end of the day we also got our own values let me occur himself them etc mentorship Bobby come in for a woman whom he imitates a nation becomes one of them, brothers on the particular night that we have, which we'll see the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. There is no there is no common sense. There is no logic. There is not you know from the point of view imitating another nation for us as Muslims to celebrate that too.

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Stay up till 12 o'clock to be able to say certain things to sing certain things. Sometimes our youngsters even get so involved in the whole thing that they get even involved in alcohol. These are things that we need to stay away from Allah Allah has given us a life alive that is extremely, extremely valuable. We cannot, we cannot use it in such futility. by imitating another nation What do we do get? We only strengthen them instead of strengthening our our ourselves. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What does it mean? He is by imitating another nation, you are praising them you are praising yourself. The poet said europcr malami peraza men who are to you You became

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happy by following Europe or the west or another nation, which Kokila to say Europe's and he I got a complaint against you not against them. You imitating them isn't a fault. It's your fault. What did you gain with regard to it? We've got a life we've got a very important harmonic analysis in Accra velocity and athletics and often time. Our Our time is very, very valuable to be you know, weathering it away in such few tile activities. The auto poet said Suba we shall we Kumar you hit a man we know morning game even in our own life, we'll go whatever we gain with regard to it. What have we gained with regard to it humara daraz manquer Leia thr Even though arzoo method gado,

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antecedentes army, Allah has given us a short period of time we got four days just means of expression in Urdu language, Allah has given us for four days, two days out of that it is an anticipation in anticipation building castles and two days we are hoping for those particular anticipation our whole life will go like that. So let us be careful with regard to how we conduct ourselves in these particular days, so that we always keep in mind our values and we don't compromise those values work through that one.