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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam ala congruent as a Peace Welcome to the show media hosts. My next guest is a tenured accounting professor in the state of California. Previously, he wasn't a US Air Force and served during 911. We might have to ask him what happened to building seven. Also, he served in the Iraq war he was a Qadiani. At the time, his father had taught him some basics of the iron when he was a kid. In fact, he was president of the house and regularly woke up the whole house for Fudger. As he got older, though, he began reading about the idea beliefs in details around 2004 and was shocked at how much they contradicted the mainstream Islamic beliefs on prophethood. The

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life of Jesus Adam, the first man, the miracles of Isa Jesus peace, be upon him and also learned so many other things that contradicted the real Deen. His father later turned on him, and so did his older brother, ex wife. And when he became an actual real Muslim around 2017, let's bring out our next guest. To hear more of his story. Ahmed Shah here on the show said I'll make boom, a walaikum salam, but it's so nice to be here. And it's Bashir Ahmed Shah with me the effect tech blog. So nice to be here. Love your show, brother. Hamdulillah. Nice to have you with us. So let's talk about this. Let's start off with when I mentioned, you actually being in the US Air Force, at the time

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Iraq War, and you mentioned and I mentioned that you are Qadiani at the time for some people who've never heard this term, you know, you know, you know, what a Muslim is want to submit to the will of God. But now, a lot of times, you know, people start getting confused.

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Qadiani Muslim, I'm a de Muslim, what does this what does this mean this term? Qadiani what does that mean? Let's start with that. Yeah, so it's amputees who, who stayed in the city of kabayan. In 1914, after the split, they had a big split. The educated people move to Lahore, which if you're from Pakistan, India, this all makes sense. If not, you know, you put your it's okay to get lost. But the educated people move to Lahore, they were called Lahori em these, and the family of Islam and state and guardian, which was where he was born, where he claimed, profited where he claimed to be the Messiah. That's why they were called Gods Ianis. Now, all over the years, they don't like to

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be called that anymore. They loved it for the first 50 years, but they moved to Pakistan. And I'm calling on fell in on the India side of the partition in 1947. So the next generation doesn't like it. But that's how we figured out what type of MD they were. Because there's many different types. Well, well, well, well, you said some, someone claimed to be another messenger, we know that. Look, La ilaha illa, Allah Muhammad Rasulullah there's nothing worthy of worship except the one God, Allah, you would have said this during Jesus's time during Moses time during Noah's tie. All the messengers brought this same message. There's nothing worthy of worship except the one created the

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heavens and earth, God, Almighty Allah. And during that time, whoever was the messenger Jesus at his time, most of his time, Abraham and his time, probably Muhammad peace and blessings be he's the last in front of us, you know, more messengers to come. So what are you talking about brother? Yeah, so claiming that another messenger came? This is contradicting the Quran? Totally. How's that? Possible? Totally. Yeah. So so I figured out a way to say it, so that they they can't find a way out. We say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is the last prophet to be born out of the 124,000 prophets are born. It's not achieved. Some years ago Mammon started saying it can be achieved. And

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he saying he achieved it, which is not true. It doesn't matter how good you are, brother, you can't be a prophet unless Allah made you a prophet from day one. So mystical Imam is initially he claimed that the Quran left earth and he was bringing it back. And he started getting revelations with Quranic verses, where the Quranic verses were referring to the Messenger of Allah Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said, these were revealed onto him. And so everyone's like, what is this guy talking about? All of a sudden he claims to be the Messiah. And he denies his prophethood he says, No, I'm not a prophet. I'm a metaphorical prophet. Right? So I'm 10 years after that, he said,

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he said, Well, I was wrong. I am, I am a prophet. And

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I was confused. And I'm the type of Prophet you know, he gave a lot of flowery, you know, um, language where he didn't answer the question. Who are you talking about now? Mystical imam of Qadian. That's the person's name. miza say it again. Mirza glom atma. So he's claiming also now to be a prophet and the second coming of Jesus the Messiah, peace be upon him. And the second coming of Muhammad salallahu salam ala

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and Buddha, and Adam. He just said them all rolled in one. Um, the second coming of everyone. I mean, is this documented in any kind of text? Or is this coming from his mouth for where these? Where can you find these claims? Yeah, it's on their website.

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I'll you just got to read his books. He says he's made all these claims. It's very, it's verifiable the dates, when and etc. So it's all we're in the age of the information age. So it's all available now, brother. Okay, so let's go back to your story. This is the household that you were brought up in. But you had obviously you have the the five pillars of Islam, you know, the six articles of faith. You believed in this? You believe that the Quran is the verbatim Word of God Almighty? No, the version is just the one that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. All these beliefs are the same. On the surface, when you go into the weeds you figure out that's not exactly true. So

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for example, they believe in all the all the prophets, one of the articles of faith to believe in all the prophets. Well, they add Mozilla Mamet to that equation.

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You see what I mean? And we don't we say, if there were 124,000 prophets, Muhammad Salah Solomon is the 124,000 There's no one to one or 24,001 ever gonna happen again. So so so I even there Kalama when they say lai lai la Mohamed El Dora Sula, de including the Golan mammoth into that, but But you got to go into the weeds to find that, huh? So that's the beautiful thing about Islam, you have so many parameters in place. Like for instance, if someone says, Look, I denied Jesus as a mighty messenger that takes you out of Islam. Wait, you know, you cannot go ahead and add or deduce. Or it's not like a buffet Have it your way Burger King Have it your way. So you can play with the deen?

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So for any intellectual person or any person who like you, you are inquisitive, you started looking into these things, and you start the contradictions is pretty easy to spot. No. Well, only a lot guys, honestly. So I I was I'm not biased. I grew up a 40 Niner fan if they lose, I don't draw at the Raider fans. Look, I just don't do any of that. I call it like I see it. So I think allow was a guiding me since I was 1112. And and I saw the internal corruption in the 90s. Right when in the early 2000s. I started reading the books and and the first thing I did was read the Quran I said okay, chapter 33 Verse 40, Hotman been, that's it, it's over. And then I checked the Hadith was that

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there's like 100 It's not just one, it you know, for, for the majestic. There's one Hadith in the entire collection about the magenta to come every every 100 years as a reviver. It's a singularity. For the end of profits, we're in the hundreds brother. So it's overwhelming evidence when the evidence is overwhelming, you know, so I had to stay quiet at the time even though I did ask questions at the local media temple, and I got in trouble for it. So so that's when the trouble started. Right? How did your your parents and your family How did they How did you I mean, like you said, Allah, God Almighty Allah is the one who guides how did they not spot it? They're brainwashed.

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So remember, in the Qadiani M, the M, when you when you're a member, every every month is the same speech. Every two weeks is the same speech. I go to the Muslim center now, every Juma is different. You know, I mean, every that there's different there's so many parts of Islam or the How could you ever finish from A to Z, you're always going to be busy explaining different things in the amla movement it's all the same brainwashing they brainwash from day one to it's just an over and over and over again. So you know it's like watching the Super Bowl Super Bowl is coming up right? What commercials are you gonna see? You know what I mean? Pork Pepsi trucks insurance. So then this so

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then this is what is in the human psyche. So when they get done with watching the Super Bowl and also there's beer in there so this is what's in everyone's mind so so it proves in terms of marketing human beings can be um brainwashed very easily by the very easily. So we're your parents just kind of just going with the flow you know, just kind of not questioning you know, like a lot of people in other religions you kind of just fit in on Sundays, you know, just fit in whenever, you know, the services and you're not really questioning you know, the meat and potatoes of it. No, my dad is an extremist, fanatical. We had a tire shop. I grew up a changing and selling us tires at my

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dad's tire shop. He told every customer Jesus is dead. And he never made any money. He made a lot of a lot of Christians mad but I don't say anything to Christians. I got nothing to say about the religion. It's respect. It's love. I don't tell them

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But my dad was taught to tell them Jesus is dead and get into get into an argument. So so he was that kind of person. And he was giving all of his money as much as he could give. He was giving away to the family movement, which, you know, that's against Islam. Because if you have children, you know, children, children have rights. So you can't use your children as marketing for the gamma the movement to get converts. But that's essentially what he was doing it. Even now he has like a

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bleak or $1 stand at flea markets, where he hands out me literature, it's like 7080 years old brother. So so my dad is an extreme case. Yeah. So have you tried, you know, talking to you, obviously, I'm assuming you have you know, with kindness with love you trying to reason with him? Have you tried to have someone else maybe because you're his son, maybe didn't work with you? Have you signed had someone else, you know, a scholar, someone who can go and talk with him about these things to try to point some of these just obvious facts out? Yeah, I, when he sees me and my eldest brother, they call the police. So it's on that level. In fact, I bumped into my eldest brother in

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public about four years ago and tried to say Salaam Alaikum to him, which is a big step for a Muslim to say Salaam Alaikum to like a non Hi, yah, yah, I just because I hadn't seen them, so he wouldn't shake my hand. The next thing I know, I get a letter at my house a restraining order. They, he's saying, I threatened him. I'm like, I didn't threaten anything. So I go to court, I'm like, Judge, I said, peace, and put my hand out. And the guy wouldn't shake it. What did I do wrong? So so that's where we're at. And that's when families are taught social boy, social boycott. So so they cry about persecution, but really, they're the persecutors because they persecute their own people. You know,

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they say religious freedom, but you can't quit. If you try to quit, they'll boycott you, they'll, they'll try to economically, you know,

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a pigeonhole you to where you can't move. So, so this is the situation but Alhamdulillah I'm doing amazing. I'm doing five fine with the grace of Allah. I feel like Allah has been with me since I was 1112. And that's what led me out, brother. Now, when you do talk, I mean, like your father was talking to Christians, obviously, as Muslims once was submitted to the will of the Creator, not the creation, obviously, you know, some really good talking points to let Christians know that we as Muslims, we love Jesus, you know, you cannot be a Muslim unless you believe that he was the Messiah, that he's coming back, you know, all these beautiful things about his mother, oh, chapter named

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after her in the Quran. But nowhere do we believe nor did he say that he was actually God, literal Son of God, you know that He died for your sins. I mean, we say these things with compassion and love. And we asked for evidence, and we discuss, you know, what people have, and we go ahead and have nice dialogues and talks about that. But at the end of the day, you have your way we have ours, but, you know, we get to go ahead and discuss some of these things. There's nothing wrong with that, obviously. But when you start to try to conflate and you try to, you know, mix, this is the thing why we want to discuss this is because, obviously, a lot of people are coming to Islam to the pure

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monotheism and now, Shakedown coming again, and now confusing people. And now people are like, okay, a lot of times you see the, the news stations, they'll bring out a Muslim and you'd be like, hold on, and they'll at the bottom was a muddy Qadiani or something, and then you get like, confused. So now, you know, to set the record strange for what people need to really know what is the true way to true, you know, because you also have out there something similar, you know, the other nation of fair con, for instance. So, so people don't fall into some of these, and they end up missing Islam. We want them to understand really what's what is true Islam, you know, the way that Malcolm X was

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upon Muhammad Ali, you know, the mainstream Muslims that reach over 2 billion that adhere to the Quran and the authentic way the prophetic way sooner of the last and final messenger when we say last that's it no more to come after that. It's probably Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and it's based on evidence and proof. So what else can you tell us now that people can spot they can see like okay, you know, they can evaluate it they can see there's no evidence for or they can see a manipulation of the text the Quran and or whatever else they use to try to substantiate whatever believes that you saw through Sure. Sure. So so so let's go back a little bit to Esau Aslam. We

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share a lot of common beliefs with the Christians.

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In fact the miracles of ESA alas Islam or are in the Quran. It's really those Yes, absolutely. It's almost the same you have to believe yes. So am these deny that they deny the miracles of Jesus piecemeal miracles of Isa last long and in fact, they say he died in India at age 120. So instead of a you know Rafah and and, you know, he he's in the summer with it

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They say no, he lived 90 additional years and died in Kashmir, India.

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And they even found a grave and said this grave is his grave. Right? And recent research shows shows it because it's like a house that the casket was always empty. There was nothing ever in that casket to begin with. So that's very strange. And as a kid, I always had a problem with that. And my brother and my dad, when when they would talk to Christians, they would never bring it up. And I asked them when they when I was 1213. How come you guys don't bring this up? You're telling them that Jesus is dead, but then you're not giving your theory? They're like, well, you don't tell that on day one. You tell that on day on like, the third year on my Oh, so once they join in, they're

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already stuck, then you tell them? Yeah, we believe that that isa last long died in India at age 120. So that is just ridiculous. Okay, then they don't follow, like you said, the authentic hadith, which is what normal Muslims would follow. It's like, what's the authenticity of those deeds, they follow? It knows the gloman set. So whatever Mirza glom admin said, that's what they're gonna follow whatever Hadith he authenticated, they authenticate. So for example, in terms of chapter four, verse 159, where it clearly says,

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before his death, his death is a Seles long dead before his death. And it starts from chapter four, verse 157, you know, sometimes they'll isolate verses, right, you're not supposed to isolate in terms of Esau last long you start from the beginning of whatever chapter so in chapter four, you would start a chapter four, verse 137, and read it all the way to 160. So in 159, before he says death, all Christians on Earth would believe in Him.

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And etc. So there's a famous Hadith by Abu Huraira. We all know Abu Huraira is like the most prolific Hadith transmitter in history, music law, Mohammed Karstadt. I'm called him a Gabey, which is that's Arabic and and it means stupid. It means like dumb, right? So why because Abu Huraira has a famous Hadith about the return of Isa and he said, recite chapter four, verse 159. So once I started seeing all of this, I'm like, Okay, this is academic dishonesty. You're twisting the truth, and presenting a biased depiction of what actually is going on here. So, uh, so So that's a few things I don't know. I don't know where to stop. I don't want to overload you. But um, so another

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thing that really bothered me um, when I was a kid was that Emily's believe if you eat pork, it makes you gay. And I remember laughing once at this argument. I just couldn't believe it that they that they just cuz they're Khalifa told them that they believe it. So. So yeah, but the back to you. I mean, I mean, obviously, both are haram, you know, both are things that no Muslim indulges in. But you're talking about from like, a scientific, you know, from

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Yes, sir. And that is ridiculous. Because that's not true. Because so I'd ask, but in Pakistan, there's a lot there's, there's a gay community that you know, I don't have you know, it's whatever, you can do whatever you want.

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I can't stop. But, uh, like, they don't eat pork at all. There isn't a pig running around Pakistan, anywhere, you know, so, or during there aren't that many. Mm hmm. But they believe in the, you know, the, the way that men and women come together in marriage, so, you know, staying away from alcohol. Are there any other things in the text that now prohibit prohibitions or anything that now they allow, or things that they may call out that are haram or things that are haram? They make halau? Is there any specifics there? Yeah, there's a lot. There's a lot and remember, they they change, they'll delete, and edit books. So you can't find it. For example, music law, mammoth eight,

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biscuits, made a pig fat from the UK, I guess they were importing them to British India. And these biscuits, had pig fat. They were made in pig fat and regale them and loved them. We thought they were tasty. So in the 1930s, in British India, so remember, there's there's a political side to this too.

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When when they were in British India, they were loud in your face. What are you going to do? You would this is what we believe we don't care. When they had to move to Pakistan, they softened everything that they started to change it. So as they came to Pakistan, they said no, he didn't actually eat them. So they'll change things then Muslim and used to drink tonic wine. He was on opium brother in Pakistan, India, in Afghanistan and grows wild. So a lot of these guys are eating it. And when you eat it, you might get diarrhea. So he had that problem.

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So he's on the drugs brother. He never gave him a budget. This really affected me. When you when I started getting into the life of nurse gulaman. He never gave up but Gemma, and I was like he's the mom Maddie, but he never gives us much trauma. He and he never led the prayer. You know that they tried to make up

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Story and say know you he led the prayer once or twice, brother once or twice isn't good enough when you're the mentee in the Messiah and a prophet. You know, I've led the prayer for children, you know, for if I was around when I was a young kid and there was a bunch of women, you know, I'd lead the prayer. So a lot of personal issues brother and he would get massages from women

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who weren't, he wasn't related to all night people would send their daughters to guardian to misogynistic llamas, their wives. So, you know, it's not even really a religion, but it's a family business, and they have a lot of trouble now. I'm one of the granddaughters of the Khalifa, a family member is accusing her father of raping her, and is calling Rebecca, which is their headquarters, which I'm Rebecca is in the Quran, chapter 23 Verse 50, and they flip chapter 23 Verse 50, Chapter 23, verse 50, is about the birth of Isa, alas, Salam. Um, so Allah says he took Meriam to a nice place where she could give birth. So they flipped it and said, No, that means Kashmir, and then they

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named their town Rabwah. So in Ramallah, it's it's a, you know, in Punjabi, or the we call it a kinder Hannah, but it's basically a private city. It's a state within a state

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that they run and the corruption and the sexual exploitation is at an all time high. And these are quitting at an all time rate at this time.

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And everyone's realizing that he saw that Islam prophethood Maddie is a smokescreen. They're just trying to keep us busy in these arguments. Really? What's going on? Is this is a family business. That's, um, I'm laundering money between their charities. And they've been getting rich for 100 years. How did miza cola die? It's it's complicated. So they'll say from dysentery. We're like, what is dysentery? So you look it up. That's watery diarrhea. So how did he? How did they say they found him at the end? Um, well, he was in his he was in a house in Lahore, which is a big city in Pakistan. And he started having fits of diarrhea. We are sure it's cholera. When you die of cholera,

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you get dehydrated and all your fluids come out. So he had a fits of diarrhea and died. Nothing's wrong with them, just bits of diarrhea and all of a sudden, his heart stopped probably over a two hour period. And and remember, he told people that they would die like this? So we hear I mean, is this factual? We heard that he died and they found him in the bathroom? Well, here's the bathroom ended up being where he was he he, where his bed was, because he couldn't get up anymore.

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But basically, that is the story. You know, he died in his own feces and in his own

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excretion, whatever you want to call it. But that is how the man died. And within one night, like within a few hours, brother, it was over.

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Do you see this as the Creator God Almighty, Allah exposing and humiliating people who make certain claims like this that are obviously false, you're obviously lies, that obviously deception, deceiving people. Totally, totally. And, and this is the biggest, I'd say, the most popular argument amongst the younger generation, they all bring it up, that you know how he died. Because it's, you know, it's not like he died from a heart attack. It's not like he died from a gun to a car accident, he literally died. Because all his fluids came out at one time. And his heart stopped. So um, you know, I don't want to be too descriptive because of your viewership. But if all your fluids come out

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of your body, it's not an it's not, it's not nice. So let's recap before we conclude. So some of the very important points is that when you know the theology when that's why it's very important to get grounded in your Deen in Islam, so you can kind of you can be able to distinguish truth from falsehood. So the claims that were made, that he was another prophet, after Prophet Muhammad. So this is one very, very telltale sign this is false. He also claimed to be the Messiah, actually, the second coming of Jesus. Yeah, this is another false

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claim. So you can spot that what else do we cover? He denied the but how he's denying the miracles of Jesus, but then he's saying he is Jesus. Right? Well, he denied all miracles in the Quran in In Islam, in Islam in total, in totality, totality split to see No, the staff turned into a snake. Oh, so he's denying all of those. Yeah, he was. And there are types of monastics that do that, that deny, you know, the splitting of the moon, etc. That also denied it well, and on that one, he kind of went back and forth and then he denied the A

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The birth of Isa last long. He even said that isa might have had a father and in us look for Allah and the Lahore yam these believe that to this day, so so now they believe the Qadiani and these believe that a Maria must look for Allah was a hermaphrodite, and that she was able to impregnate herself. So they even deny that brother

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so you really you know you you got to be what lessons can we take from this you really got to be sincere. You really have to want to be connected to your Creator and like Allah God Almighty He guided you kept you safe from this you got to know your deen, you know, you can't be ignorant because it's Shakedowns gonna lead you astray, you're gonna fall into the many pitfalls and traps on there. Because for someone like you now, for the people out there who know the basic tenets of Islam who have a basic understanding of Tawheed of the Quran and the Sunnah, they hear these things that you're saying that you're bringing out for, you know, for some people for the first time who are

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hearing this, and they're like, Hold on, I would have spot this a mile away. But then you have people who fall into this trap, you got to think like, where are they at now? What are the interests are pulling them in? Is it again, it goes you have some community, but as business money, you know, what are the things you know, keep people going with this, but then you said that it's just dissolving as, as, as many of these facts are starting to come out is it's falling apart? Right? Right. So so my dad was a convert, and he got a job and white as part of the deal. So so they they they'll help you out. If you're in Pakistan, they're like, we'll we'll get you out.

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And charity, though they'll there's, there's motivational, there's benefits, monetary benefits and the help Telecom, totally and most, most people who convert don't know Islam, if they knew Islam, there's no way but if you kind of don't, and then everything is new to you. If you haven't read up on ESA Islam and Islamic perspective, then you know, they'll they'll say everything's rational, you know, they, they don't believe that hell is everlasting. They believe everyone's eventually going to get to heaven. Rather than live, the list is endless. If I started going going down the list,

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you know, a day believe that a bliss was a human. How weird is that? They don't believe in jinn. Even though Allah says like five times in the Quran, I created jinn and men, you know, is the end of their, you know, I want to make another note, I mean, when you understand the Quran, verbatim Word of God Almighty, then the other element to it understanding the one who interpreted the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and those who understood the deen the best the companions of Prophet Muhammad, the Sahaba, who lived during that time, and those who came after. Now, when you have a good foundation of this, did they believe these things that this person and

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others come about, and you study their life and you understand the stand how they understood the dean, you know, then you have a pretty strong basis, and you shouldn't be led astray. But we always have to, you know, continue to beseech our craters help to keep us guided. And I want to,

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you know, commend you, and thank you for coming out and helping to expose some of these things. So others, you know, a lot of Islam continues to be the fastest growing way in life in the world, and others now who are kind of like, we're all confused. Now. They're new, and they're learning some of these things. And they're mixed in with Islam. And now, they might end up falling into this. What advice do you have for him? Um, pray to Allah pray five times a day minimum, say, all the dwarfs and read read for hours and hours. I was in college at the time. So I was on my computer all day anyways. So I would break out and go read. And so I read Ibn katheer tafsir, Ibn katheer. So UT has

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a tafsir Tubbercurry. It's not totally available, but you can find the quotations.

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You know, so Ally has made the deal easy. All you got to do is read. That's it. And, you know, most people in America should be reading anyways. Because reading makes you write better. And if you're in college, this is what sort of the skills you're going to need to learn. And not even if you're in college, no matter what job you're doing, being able to read and write and understand

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literature, or information, being able to decipher information what's right, what's wrong. You had mentioned something about the towers and, and 911 it's all it's all complicated. It's all about what happened, what really happened, it takes you you're not going to figure it out by watching one YouTube video, you're gonna have to spend a lot of time looking at all the facts. So yeah, but unfortunately, as you know, most of our species, you know, would rather just talk on their phone or do something else, then sit down and read so

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the first thing Muhammad Salah Salem was told was to recite, so get into the practice

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Reading and Writing daily, you know, something that you like, whether it's cars, or football or religion, which is reality, you know, I'm in reality so so that's sort of what I did rather and,

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and, and only Allah guide so even if you read a lot, it doesn't mean honestly if you're not If Allah doesn't choose to guide you, then it's not going to happen bro. It's a very important point is always stay connected to your Creator and the one and only beseeches help his guidance, ask for the guidance. And just one more question. What do you think the media when they bring on people from this movement, do they? Because there's so many Muslims out there, you know, close to 2 billion, all of a sudden they bring this group out as if they're representing Islam. Do you think they do this deliberately, deliberately, and it's crumbling in front of us? In fact, there's an Amedy employee

00:30:53--> 00:30:59

who was who, who, who's under FBI indictment for child pornography.

00:31:01--> 00:31:42

In the UK, there's a lot of cases going on for sexually explicit behaviors. So the word is getting around, people are opening their eyes. And you know, guys like Gosselin Russia is trying to be a politician in Virginia, and trying to push that agenda. Well remember, in the UK, you they don't vote for congressmen, local District Congressmen and Senate the way that we do, I don't think they do it in Canada. So it's not a real democracy they appoint so when you can appoint your friends to be the Senator and the congressman. So that's how in the UK, they have a strong base, their headquarters is worth 40 million pounds in the you know, it's a separate charity altogether.

00:31:43--> 00:32:01

And their propaganda machine has been in high gear since you know, we're all late to the party brother. They've been doing this as the British government. In fact, music Law Amendments father helped the British government help their armies and etc. So they've had a lot of political backing brother since day one. So

00:32:02--> 00:32:42

yeah, that seems to be the story. Brother. Thank you very much for sharing your story, some highlights of it and for helping expose some of these truths. Thank you very much. Just head on to the llama. Alright, so lovely, comfortable. While it was long, and I want to thank you guys for tuning in. Very important to dedicate some time for learning so you can grow and understand. And if you'd like a free copy of the Quran, visit the deen Get your free copy today. Stay connected to your Creator always ask for guidance and get connected to real scholars people who adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah and the understanding of the best generations the companions of

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Prophet Muhammad so you can have a comprehensive understanding of your deen we'll see you next time here in the deen show. Subscribe if you haven't already, so you continue to get our shows when they come out scores on a Patreon page. We'll see you next time peace. Be with us said I'm on a call