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ilmi Allah Fie vida qudra t. o Salatu was Salam ala ZL mursaleen Allah Allah He was happy, who seldom at the Sleeman Cathy Ron Kathy Rob ameba do follow the villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Allah Deena hamanaka. Hola. Whether Roma Bhakti Amina Reba in many surah Kala will azeem respected elders and brothers

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in the Iet which I have recited.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has declared the hermit of Riba and uttanasana sukhois ayat Muharram Korea and Allah subhanho wa Taala had said, stay away from Riba and stay away from Sood and stay away from interest if you are true believers

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and today we would like to speak about

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the hyatts and the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala regard to rebind interests. And it might surprise us that despite it being very widespread,

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there are very few deeds which have been so severely condemned in Islam, the way interest and Riba has been condemned in Islam in the Quran, at least, there is no way in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala has declared war upon a person

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for doing a particular act, other than taking interests for hilum to follow. If you do not stay away from interests, Father will be horribly minella he was who he says ally in the third supporter of the Holy Quran, then in Surah Baqarah then be prepared to wage war against a lion is a soul and Latin America should kill off Allah tala ne olana chunka Homme di This is the reality Allah has given and they are very sound reasons as you will go on to make mention. And the interest has been haram not only in Islam, it has always been around in all previous scriptures now serve Islam, like in Pella mazahub. Maybe, and you find reference with regard to it. And yesterday I was looking

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through some of the reference. And you'll find in Deuteronomy, chapter 23, verse 19, those shall not lend upon you Sorry to the brother. But what they have done very, very cleverly today, distortion is the name of the game. So what they have done is they have made a difference between interest and usury. So what they have said is interest is not illegal, only usury. Usually the difference is if you take interest at an exorbitant rate, then it is wrong. But if you take little within 33% within 32%, according to this law of South Africa, then is permitted. But the previous scripture doesn't speak about little or less. So you find this in Deuteronomy, those shall not lend upon usury to the

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brother. Then in another verse in the previous scriptures, he that by usury and unjust gain increases his wealth and his sustenance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor. In Proverbs, chapter 28, verse eight, now that is in a previous scripture, but the way Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of it is unique and that Allah says with regard to when Allah made interest haram then the people of Makati objected. Valley Kava gnome kalu enamel Bay only through Viva Why has Allah made interest haram? Atlantic use karanka yet ot jerky man in her yoga teacher Kibera it is just like trade. They said. It is just like trade. And look at how many people will say

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but what is the difference? You buying an item for 10 grand and you selling it for 12 grand? and interest is also you taking something and you getting more in return? What's the difference? There are many difference because when you look at the definition of interests, it is kulu zyada de la Yakubu Hari with

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every increase in which there is nothing in return

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any increase

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which there is nothing in return. For example, in three days something in return whether a person might be charging in one shop 14 brain another, another shop 16 by another 117 brand, but at the end of the day you buying an item for whether it be 1415 1617 Rand, in interest, there is an there is an increase in which in return there is nothing. So, there is a difference but look at how Allah when Allah spoke about how the people of Makkah said in normal people, Mr. Riba, Dr. Kimani Allah when he replied to this, didn't give the reasons what is the difference between trade and interest? What is Allah says, What are halala will be Hara mareeba Allah says, I am the Almighty. I am the all wise I

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know what is good for you. I've got more knowledge at one point I've got the new and I have declared, trade is permissible and Riba is haram and I didn't give no reason. Such an authoritative way Allah has declared haram I have made trade halal. I have made Riba haram Do you believe in me as your Creator, do you believe in me to be all wise? Do you believe in me to be all knowing if such then listen to my commands, I have permitted trade and I have made the Riba Haram. Now that is with regard to how Allah subhanho wa Taala has declared the format of it. Now there are sound reasons with regard to why Allah has made Sood haram why he has made Riba haram why he has made interest

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Haram. So we know Haram, Hanukkah, toast, hoodoo hothead, these very severe and beautiful reasons why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made Riba haram the greatest reason is Allah Himself is declared as is haram. And there is a reality subsidiary which Allah tala Monica Orozco, Caliph Ilana junkie, but let us look at some of the reasons. You see Allah tala. For us to remain in this world. We need compassion and kindness. We need compassion and kindness to be able to live in this world, especially in today's time, when compassion and kindness just seems to have departed from our vocabulary. It is in such short supply. But where interest becomes rife, there will be no kindness

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and compassion. Where interest system becomes rife, you will find that more and more kindness and compassion is taken away from the people. That's what we are finding in the world today. Why is it that we find things that are happening in Syria? We are finding things happening in the world. And he doesn't even stir any emotion within us or if it does, it is for very little while and it does not sustain that type of kindness and compassion because the Rebbe has taken away that kindness and compassion, which we are supposed to show to one another. This is the reality with regard to Iran today. The way nebia Kareem saw Solomon said in a hadith Yachty Allah nurses Amman, yaku, Jaco Luna,

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Reba, former Lamia aku, Saba whom in

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a time will come that nearly everyone will take part in Riba and even those who stay away from it, the smoke of rebar will still come to them, the effects of it will come. And that's what we are in this world today. So kindness and compassion is taken away. Now look at a person who is in need. Now he wants to come to borrow, he wants to borrow money, he wants to take a loan, but the person who wants to give him a loan, doesn't care with regard to his plight. He says, I will give you but I want to take benefit from it. I want to take benefit from you. I don't care what your position is. I don't care what your situation is. I want my pound of flesh, I want my benefit. So how is kindness

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and compassion ever going to come in such a system which has become so widespread? That even if you give a loan you give, how can I benefit? Remember one thing in Islam, you can benefit from your loan, it is haram to benefit from your own colocar as in gerada, for horiba any loan that you give in which you benefit, it is Riba it is haram.

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For him to lie if he had given someone alone, and remember this, Mr. Antonelli because he was a trader, when he gave someone a loan. He shouldn't even walk in the shadow of his house. He said this particular house has got a shadow. He's got some sort of shade. If I walk past it, people will say you are benefiting from his house shade, you gave him alone. And now you are trying to show and benefit from that. He shouldn't even walk in the shade of a person's house whom he had forwarded alone in Islam is very clear. If you want to give someone alone. You do it for the sake of Allah. You do it for the sake of reward and according to some rewired cities, even more

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rewarding that setup and charity, if you want to benefit, if you want to benefit, then don't call it a loan, then you call it and you become a partner in giving that money. So then you share in the risk, you share in the profit and the loss. So then you don't call it alone, then you call it an investment, then you call it a masyarakat. Then you call it a partnership. In today's world, what happens? The bank gives you the money, they after what happens to you, they don't care one bit whatsoever. They want a pound of flesh. So whether you you die, your family dies, your father dies, the entire business comes to a standstill. It won't matter one but they particular money must come

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to them with interests. How can kindness and compassion ever come close to a situation like that? And that is a reality. Nomura shafqat kasuya Karim nomina Shan Bina you will never be able to have kindness and compassion and it is it is loaded in favor of the one who gives the loan. And that is why we find that today the rich are becoming more richer, the poor are becoming more poorer. So the first aspect with regard to it is that in in US interests later in society, kindness and compassion does not find root. It actually goes away. The second reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala his mates would Haram. The second reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala amongst other reasons have made it Haram

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is a lie in the Holy Quran has mentioned the objective of an Islamic system. Can you lie? akuna dolla, tambien Alinea income, that wealth must not circulate amongst few people, it must reach as many people as possible. Islam doesn't envisage it Everyone must be equal in terms of wealth, no, no, Allah has made mentioned that Allah has given some people more, some people less. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has clearly mentioned that Allah does not like a system in where in which wealth only comes in the hands of few people. And we just concluded as a point, the one of the aspects with regard to it, because, you know, there is no kindness and compassion because people only become

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greedy all the time for wealth. And this has become dominant in our society, because of the interests that has become dominant in our society. People have become so greedy, and this is one that's a bit of a humorous incident. And this is a reality with today, we only look in terms of wealth and greed. So a person who is looking rather glum a person who's looking rather sad. So someone comes to him and said, why you said, he said, you know what happened? Two weeks ago, my uncle passed away. He left me 50,000 Rand inheritance, and I got 50,000 in inheritance. Okay, very good. Last last week, you know what happened? My grandfather passed away. And I inherited 1 million.

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So said why you said it this week, no one passed away.

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That's how you become. That's how we have become in our situation, we only look at it. The second reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala amongst other reasons is Allah tala, a scaler, Hakuna doula,

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that wealth must not remain only in the hands of few people. Now just look at this particular aspect. It was money, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give him a long life. He gave a talk in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and he spoke about the hands of interest. And he gave certain statistics this was about three years back, I think in 2014, he spoke and he gave the example of America, where he says that 1%

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of the population owns 35% of the wealth of America 1% they own 35% He said if you calculate is rather than looking for differently, then you will find that if you take away the homes of people who study was not regarded to be a great asset, because regarded to be a necessity, then 1% they own 47% of the wealth in America. 1% then after that, there are people who are in the middle income, the

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wealthiest 20% they own 85% of the wealth, and then 85% of the population 80% of the population 80% of the population they own, they own 15% of the entire wealth. And this is against an Islamic system. The 1% owns 35 according to another calculation 47% of the wealth. Now that is in America, and in the third world countries it is even more worse. Then move to Turkey sup goes on to give an example of Pakistan. And this statistic is shocking. It's startling. He said,

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point 0.1% 0.1% not even 1% 0.1% of the loans that are taken by the 01 percent of the wealthiest in Pakistan. It accounts for 69% of the total savings of the people who have deposited money

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In the banks 69% of the entire savings of the people which have been put into the banks of Pakistan, only 0.1% get loans. And you realize why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this haram because sued, Aamir Khan, Aamir Khan, or Hurry, hurry, hurry.

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And then you will find a time will come. When we find in situations where the social upheaval with the poor are becoming more and more becoming dispossessed, they are becoming more and more brazen, they are becoming more frustrated. And in the frustration, then it reaches a situation where it causes social upheaval in the community and society in all of us, because of the captains of industry, in we as we are, we will blame other factors, but we don't see beyond what are the actual reasons. Right. So that is the other reason that's another reason why, amongst other reasons why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it made it Haram is in Islam, money has been looked upon as a means

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of exchange, not as a commodity in itself. With money, you cannot satisfy your heart your hunger directly, no one can eat money and become full and satiated. And then if anyone can do that, maybe perhaps a time will come and we'll think money can do that also, or money will be able to satiate your thirst. So, money is a means of exchange, not a commodity in itself. And it is a judge between commodities, and today it has been treated as a commodity. So money becomes a means of judging between commodities, so through the means of 100, then you will be able to buy this compared to this, it becomes a means of judging between commodities rather than a commodity in itself. And

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today, people will say, what do I know, but a man was actually one of our great orama of the past. Yo Rome, he wrote the revival of Sciences 900 years ago, he wrote this 900 years ago, your mom has Alhamdulillah. Right? Islam has prohibited interest because it prevents people from undertaking real economic activity.

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What I'm saying Islam has prohibited interest because it prevents people from undertaking real economic activity. And what if you do economic activity like trade, when you, for example, have manufacturing and you have trade, the entire society benefits, people get get risk, to get great jobs. But if you are only going to make money through the means of the stock exchange, only through the means of interest, then who is going to undertake real economic activity. And if there is no real economic activity that takes place, the unemployed will become even more more unemployed, and the rate of unemployment will go even higher. And that we'll see what is going to happen in the

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society says hampers the interests of humanity, for the interests of humanity cannot be safeguarded, without real trade, real industry, and real separation of wealth. And that will never happen through the means of interests, because their interests as I've given examples, the poor will become more poorer, the rich will become more richer. And therefore I'm telling people that you know, whatever we make a joke with regard to it, engage in trade, engage in manufacturing, there is benefit for us because 90% of racialized cap and trade, even if they are difficulties. Even if you say these labor problems go into it, because it is closer to the sooner more closer to an Islamic model will make a

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joke with regard to it. That you know, you don't find Indians and Pakistanis were playing football because every time they cut a corner, they open up a shop. But all of that is on his place, we have to still because in today's real economic activity, if there isn't all of that, you will find what will happen in society. And that is the reason why today the intelligent people in the world are looking at Islam as a solution for the problems of the world in terms of economic activity. The sad situation is we who are Muslims, the Muslim countries, we have not been able to understand the real depth and the beauty of our system to be able to present it to people. So these are some of the

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reasons but amongst all of them. Another reason is it creates deception. I look at this deception which is so common in our community. You look at a person who's got great amount of wealth, he's got the signs of trappings of wealth, he's got prosperity, he's got a car, and he's got beautiful homes and everyone feels that this man is successful. Let me go and emulate him not knowing that what he sees is reality. Many times he is out a trimmings of wealth is based only on interest. And in the inside if you look at it is coca. If you look inside, there is nothing but because of what he outer trimming, everyone wants to emulate him and then in educating them. People get furthermore

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encourages, they get more further in depth. So it creates a society full of deception.

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I don't need to tell you with regard to what's happening in our community. That is why the harms of Riba Allah subhanho wa Taala said, and Medina, Karuna, Viva La comun illa como como la jolla. Tabata who shaitana minimus that a person who takes ribbon, he will get up on the day of Yama, like the one who is intoxicated. He will be intoxicated he will be drunk. The reason is in Tunisia he was drunk for wealth. Allah will raise him also on the day of chiamata he will be intoxicated

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dunya Mahajan, a monkey with a simmer hosta. Allah tala was kochiyama Maharshi Jana Joanna

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because of what he has done, so Allah subhanho wa Taala has one ecola whether rumaki Amina Reba, stay away from Riba if you are true believers for Islam to follow, if you do not do so, Father will be happy mean Allah He was fully and if you'd like to do so, then be prepared to wage war against oil. Can anyone be successful if you will just walk into learning?

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Can anyone be successful and because of these harms, you see, we must also other people must look at it as a broad level. I am a small person, when you are engaged in it, you are involved in it, you are helping the system and when you are helping the system, you are helping a system of oppression and injustice. That is why Nivea cream sauce limited, is Jabara villatoro said, Lana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akela Reba, Allahu wa katiba who was shahida he, Allah has cursed the person who takes Elias curses the person who gives Allah has cursed and the person who writes and Elias curses the person who witnesses any particular transaction of interest. And Allah Allah said

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the resource limit said, well, who's

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equal they are all equal in Ghana and that is why is important, another thing that people conclude with us, many times people say, we are taking a look at how good we are doing. Yamaha Kala horiba Allah says the time will come Allah will destroy interest for a while you will see him you see every growth is not positive. If a person goes for example, and all of a sudden he gets a great tumor on his body, and he goes to Intel, people look at growth, look at the growth, the growth but it's not that he's a malignant growth. It's sort of positive growth. Any growth that comes into your wealth through the means of interest is not a positive growth. Well europese seracote Allah tala increases

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charity, you give charity Allah will give you more. But if you give take interest, Allah Allah will destroy your wealth in time to come. Maybe a creme de la jolla was Solomon said in a hadith Mahajan Apsara Mina Viva la cabeza de la kiloton, no matter how much plentiful interest is, it will lead towards poverty, it will lead towards less time will come and in summary while it's I've meant remember reading in 40 years you will find the decrease of interest. So brothers, this is not a this is not an ordinary matter. It is a very serious matter. I have just very briefly touched on some of the aspects and some of the ins and outs in the Hadith in which Allah subhana wa Taala and our

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beloved Nivea cream sauce Lim has warned us with regard to it is believed it's our duty that we take every step whatever is within our means to stay away from it in whatever way don't even come close or near to it because it only brings the rough in the NGO format the last one what Allah