Abu Ubaida RA And The Quality Of Trustworthiness

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana de una muchacha de una de la la vida kitabi when I Sharia Tabata Shariati

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on MTV smilla rahmanir rahim in La Jolla, Morocco mantoux Abdullah hamana de la jolla colony Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Nicola Mateen amin, amin Mojave Hill oma Abu Zubaydah, ignition raw rhodiola Tada and colonialism My dear respected elders and brothers from time to time we speak on Sahaba Quran and great people of the past with the intention of learning lessons from the beautiful life and one such person that today we will be speaking upon is the very famous Sahabi as a hobby who was known for his trustworthiness and Maria Karim sauce limited in Delhi Coolio Mateen amin, each and every omake. Each and every Ahmed as a person who is known for his amanat for his

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trustworthiness and in this oma it is Abou bayda image era. He is known for being trustworthy. He is the trustee of the oma

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kibarim a, but karna chonga Jin ki baat ma Amara Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de forma her Omar Ameen Han germana dari Matura are so much more Aveda abney Jarrah radi Allahu taala and his real name was Ameer Abdullah igni Jarrah oncotic Anam Amir bin Abdullah bin gerada but he became famous famously known as Abu Zubaydah enoggera, Abdullah numeracy allow us to say, there were three people of the parish, who are very dignified, and they were known for the conduct they hire the modesty even before accepting Islam. Three people were known for the modesty, the dignity they conduct, even before Islam, and who are those three people? One was Abu Bakr radi Allahu Trang. One was postman

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does he allow and the third was obey deadly Jarrah. Allah tell us what we learned from this list. You have to be a good human being before you become a good Muslim.

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Before you become a good Muslim become a good human being. A human being was conduct character, modesty, conduct and trustworthiness before you can become a good Muslim. Be a good human being before you become a good Muslim. Give me Omar villalta no formata k Quraysh Matina for a joke. pelissier Asakura hayama sepcial Dr. Sarah Faris de Macedo Aveda AB Jarrah hula Mani syriaca kacha musalman han SAP in Santa Barbara. commas come in Santa Monica Escobar.

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So this is a very important point with regard to it. He became a Muslim right in the very beginning, our Hillman was a man who had a Abu Bakar via loutraki musalman honeck at Barrow musalman where he became a Muslim almost a day after our karate allowed him to became a Muslim. So he was amongst our own amongst the people who accepted Islam in the very beginning. And they were the people who had to undergo a great amount of trials and great amount of persecution for the sake of the Dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And here's the Sahaba economic time they remain steadfast Aveda image era also remained very steadfast. He was he had the gift of eloquent and gentle speech. You

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know he was known for his eloquence, he was known for his softness, he was known for his gentle speech, our Allah say, by character and nature, he was humble and he was modest amongst his friends, he was gentle and soft. And sometimes people regard this to be a flaw but in reality, it is a great quality. Maybe Academy salsa has emphasized it, but yet when it came for the sake of truth, and for the sake of jihad, he was hard the way the Quran says as a Latina, Allah momineen Allah Catherine that be firm upon the the people who are on false hood and be kind upon your own kind. be tired upon your own time. muscle man cassata hum dirty or john dushman hair quintessa. Up Satya mushkil. Yeah,

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the difficulty that we have

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In today's style, we are hard upon our own self and others we are very tight

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against the Quran, Quran a Muslim man Casa de, or a cheater

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or Joe bahara

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oppressor abraca circumcised, aka Joker and kiboko maharlika. So unless you've had what Allah has made mentioned, this was it. And to show you how he was in the Battle of butter above a coupon, one person started pursuing a boveda injera, a movie that tried to stay away from him. And I will tell you why. So I will Wade out you know, the AIG RP when kP chilla gotta cater better Aveda

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No one said directed, they can warn KPJ will column cater towards Amazon haha. So when he continued pursuing Abu Zubaydah in new Java,

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I had no option but to confront him. And when confronting him, Aveda killed him, and who was he was a father of Kobe died.

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So the better no better he killed his own father, to show that Islam is the greatest aspect with regard to us to

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Cuba, to a particular case lamb subsidiary.

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He killed his own father in the petal of butter that he told me you know, Nabila when you are doing a man ha de la sulochana.

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You will not find a believer who will have love for that person who dislikes Allah in His own soul, even if he'd be his own father, even if he'd be his own child. This is a this is for us. Islam is the greatest thing and I showed it in the Battle of butter when he killed his own father. In the Battle of Ohio. When maybe a cream sauce was surrounded, there were 10 people who are protecting the via cream sauce from one of them was above a deadly Jarrah. And this was an amazing thing. That when a movie genre came around, maybe a creamy sauce, and they attacked maybe a cream sauce, two links from the armor of nebia krimson Lola cillum ps the cheeks of nemea Karim is awesome.

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It went right into the cheeks of Nivea cream sauce love Sommerfeld. We need to take it out. So Abubakar went forward, Aveda said a worker leave it I will go forward so when he started taking out the links from the cheeks of nimita cream sauce lab he found it very difficult. He then used his teeth to take out the the links of the armor

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that appears in the cheeks of maybe a cream saucer and he was very gentle. So when taking that out to have his front teeth became Shaheed they fell off the two important the front teeth while taking out the armor from Nivea cream sauce. It fell off. So two of his teeth became Shaheed now, you know you can imagine what will be the position of a person with two teeth comes in front of him out. Now firstly he won't be able to show you what they

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can do whatever it is. So the other is that he will not look he will not look good. But the Sahaba say that I will be

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even more handsome after that.

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So this was a movie he has had me on a nebia Karim Allah Allah wa Salaam kiddo zerah Macedo, Korea, Nicola apne dancer, Dan Shaheed where, or just Simone Kisha theater husen Giovanna Hua Pellissippi, better, semana la This was our movie debut Jarrah. And one day one the people of Iran came so they said jasola send send us a person who is trustworthy. Set up was a person who is trustworthy, who will give us and He will teach us Deen. So heavy cream sauce Lim then use the first time use this particular phrase in Nanakuli Mateen amin, amin Mojave Rama Abu Zubaydah genre, I will send you a person who is most trustworthy and every woman got an amine every woman got you know, every woman

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this budget also got me anyway, every open cut me but the the person of this woman who is I mean is a movie genre. So when when nebby occur himself Salaam sent to and this tells us the importance of humanitarian the importance of being trustworthy that may be occurring saucer made mention of a person known for his monetary analysis in a kuranda IRA in the La Jolla momento. De La Jolla and Allah commands you to give a mana back to its rightful owner and co hukum data. Amana

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SL Malika Walker scuro Allah says in Holy Quran in de la Moroccan and to add to llamada de la liga

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wait a little while

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not Amanda didn't go just the load shedding with Amara, Baka inshallah, I think it is waiting for the generator to kick in with the Russian parents

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how we can inshallah so we are saying that because he was known for his Amana daddy and he was known for his trustworthiness. This is a quality that you and I should try and inculcate within us. Allah tala tells us in Allah Morocco man to Abdullah mana de la jolla give Amanda back to its rightful owner. Now you and I we believe a manatee is one small thing. I give you something when you ask for a demo give you back a given amount of keiki sama mini kisi cuckoos dia tomentosa kataka wapas did wapas kurta to Kissimmee, he put a monetary net is not the entire entire aspect of amount of Daddy, Amanda is a very very wide and a very comprehensive quality which finds manifestation in many

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aspects of our life. So in this aspect in Li amuru comm you know, with man been tell her was a person who in the time of nebbia cream sauce him in the beginning stages, he used to be in charge of the key of the harem.

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He was in charge of the key of the harem. So now via Kareem salsa one day told him I want to go into harem Give me the keys that I won't give it to you. So maybe a creme de la what he was said, one day I will have the key and I will give it to whomsoever I wish one day I will have the key and I will give it to him however he wish. So someone said that that day the courage would be disgraced that you would get victory over them. And maybe a Kareem saw some said that day that Quraysh would be honored the way they had never been honored. And after the conquest of Makkah nebia cream sauce lamb is a conquering Army Navy cream sauce Salaam had the key and SW cream sauce lamb is coming out with

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mung bean tell her is now worried what is going to happen and Allah tala revealed in de la Mora Kumar, Tortola mana De La Jolla, Oprah Almighty Allah despite what he did previously, he prevented giving you the key you go and give him the key because Allah Allah says go and give a man a back to his rightful owner and up till today, the key is in the family of man with Allah up till today. And this is not only aspect there are many aspects with regard to it. For example, you know, the aspect of trust anyone who's got a position of responsibility, he be a commodity. If you are an employee, you are you are you you have to fulfill your amanat by fulfilling the rights of the employer, the

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employer must fulfill the rights of the employee by giving him the correct type of salary that has been agreed upon. This is also part of a magnet via cream sauce limited al majali superbill Amana

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when you are discussing something in a gathering, and you are not supposed to take it out of the gathering, and not tell someone else give me a commodity of kissy cheese Guevara metas cara cara de su casa por que sera Kakaako na putana e a commodity apne agar kisi ko Pattaya apna Fianna T, if you have done something that is against that,

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that is piano. If for example, you are told to enter in a meeting don't go and tell someone else. Please keep it confidential. You go and take it and go and tell someone else we have abused the trust almost the shadow tamina himself said if someone comes to you for advice it's an amanat upon you to give him the best advice possible who occupies Johanna would likely I Matura que la que para Amana take on Casa Hadrian mushara de So Amanda It is a very infect so much. So the owner Khurana said

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he put a deal a deal is also a monitor upon us. So Allah tala told us that we are supposed to be amongst the one who fulfill our amount. And above a David Jarrah was amongst those people who was known for his monetary interest. Let me give you another amazing occurrence awesome said a person before the time of Tiamat will sleep with a little bit of harmonic he will get up they will be no Amanda turning left. So much so that they will be just like a small blister upon him. They will be just that little bit of harmonic. He said the sign of Tiamat would be that harmonic honesty and trust within it.

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will become Ross

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Yama, Kate Michelle mshda, Katana, Amana, dari loboc

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challenger. So much so, that maybe I can install some said they would be one person who will be known for his Amana daddy and people will say in that particular place there is one person who is honest ethical and it will become so, so rare to find a person with a monetary but trustworthiness brothers let us see that we don't have become the means of Tiamat coming closer. Let us adopt trustworthiness and honesty in all our matters because the loss of it is a sign of the vehicle himself. He said I will be damage to Buhari so when the reoccurring source of them sent him to Bahrain, Nivea Creme De La La Silla when he came back. And when he came back, Libya, Kareem sallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, you know, he bought wealth. So maybe I cut him SummerSlam saw that he had brought wealth and everyone was coming. And everyone came to come and see him, you know, and they came to get the wealth. And the vehicle himself said, I know why you have come. I know why you have come Miuccia Prada. Why you have come to see this whole particular booty that he has brought we have come to take your share from it. And then the vehicle himself said Hi, don't fear I don't fear, poverty with regard to my own, but I fear that they will be given wealth and because of well they will be destroyed and because of wealth they will be taken away from the right path.

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may never been a manager.

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Microphone Monica

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Mulkey for I want to just say

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that because of well, they will get involved. This Navy Academy saw some say when he came back from Bahrain and after nebia Karim sauce and and passed away when this how Vikram got together to appoint the next halifa you know at that time,

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who said let me appoint Abu Zubaydah is the halifa because maybe occurence Aslam said he's a trustee of the soma and Aveda played a very crucial role. played a major role was the one who said no nebia Kareem saw Salaam appointed Abu Bakar to become the leader and the Imam He must be the one who appointed and who was the first one to say Abu Bakar must be the Khalifa.

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That is the situation when in the time of Homer Ravi Allahu taala, who you know,

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who became he was a commander of the Muslim army in Syria.

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As a matter of Yamato replace Khalid bin Walid was Abu Zubaydah era. And he made him the general of the Muslim army, and he became the general of the Muslim army in Syria. He used to be in Syria. And at that particular time, you know, on one occasion, has an Omar Abdullah, who told the Muslims leave all the places and come to one central place and fight against the enemy, the Roman Empire, we're making advances to the Muslims. So the Muslims were in different places, and the Viet

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told him to come closer to one place. So as a Abu Zubaydah, Agnes Jarrah was the leader of the Muslims in hymns. So he left hymns. So as he was leaving hymns, he gave the jizya that Muslims take from non Muslims to protect them. And he gave the jizya back they said, Why are you giving the GCR back, he said, we give you we take texts from you to protect you as non Muslims in a Muslim state. We are leaving we can protect you go take a text back, when take your money back. They started crying, the non Muslim of him started crying. And they said, Please don't go remain in here. We would like to be under your control. We want to be under Muslims, because Muslims were just this was

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a movie that then he became sick. Towards the end of his life, he became sick, there was a plan. There was a town to

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Syriana Sham dismay when we moved to LA. So no matter the amount of time you came to know that you know, Aveda Agni Gemma is also involved in the plague and he might get involved in the plague because there was this whole particular epidemic. So Maria LaDonna wrote him a letter. And in that data, Maria Latina wrote Aveda, when you receive this letter, you come immediately to Medina. If you receive the letter in the morning, leave by the evening if you receive the more letter in the evening, next morning, you come to Medina and when Aveda Abuja read this data now What did he say? He said Omar wishes to keep a person alive in this world who doesn't want to be in this world? I

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know why Omar wants me to come to Medina. Omar wants me to leave the epidemic. Omar wants me to leave the plague. I'm the leader. How can I leave the plague. Omar wants to keep a person alive who doesn't want to stay in this world. So he wrote back a letter to Omar and he said, Omar, please excuse me I can I can't follow you. So when

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overheard this he started crying. So people said Why are you crying? It is our way that it is a pastor this is not possible. But it is very soon that he will pass on and he passed away from this particular plate. When he left this world, he said, Oh people, even if you were to live another 1000 years, even if you have to live another 1000 years, even if you have to live another 100 years, for example, time will come when you have to leave.

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So, it is not now is after 10 years, 20 years, 100 years, 1000 years, you have to leave, the same thing is going to happen to you that is what is now happening to me. And he passed away from the time when he passed away. The ultimate performance his janazah and on his janazah hasn't bothered me who said well lucky people I've never seen a person who was more sincere, a more well wishes more good in my person who stayed away from medicine hated against anyone that I will be there. And why should we not be so whenever you saw some said, each and every one has an each and every Amati had each and every woman has an amine and the mean of this oma is a movie genre.

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You know, elevated status, and we elected to give us the ability to be able to benefit from his qualities. Foremost amongst them was the quality of our monetary and trustworthiness.