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The speakers discuss the importance of individual MDS in a collective way and the need for people to measure something nine times for a new cut to make MDS their family holiday. They also touch on shaping hair and the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of the sea" and " sight of the land" in relation to the " sight of

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Al Hamdulillah Allah hilmi bother me or Allah if we bother Pedro de paz salat wa salam O Allah ZE wa l mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira Amma mavado Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem washa we are home Phil amaura either as

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Allah Allah law in the law Hippo matava Kalyan sakala, who has him

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My dear respected elders and brothers in last week's talk, we spoke about the IAF which I have recited in this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala has given me a cream sauce from the command of making mushara Consulting people on the affairs in this we learned many things firstly the importance of shoreline consultation that although Nivea cream sauce from used to receive why yet Allah tala toe NaVi saucer to make sure occur genovesa Ostrom Kyoko hiya Tata they can pair be Allah tala NaVi sauce from corporate america Shura is Dr. Koh Lugosi musharaka and this is awesome when this ayat was revealed to the people and for you, for you, as investors to say about this ayah Allah has made

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his taharah pseudoknot for you. And after understanding this, we said two aspects of sre one is individual one is collective in your individual matters. If you take szura it benefits you why it benefits you, you get the experience and intellect of other people on your side. So you make sure our them they intellect they experience you benefit from and you also get to see many aspects of a problem that you would do stretch and a morale booster cheese, some gadget or mushara khazaria Shavasana, Raja, taka fessler carnamah Sanyo. So, this is the importance of individual Matura collective Matura. If you are doing something about the millet, then it does not behoove a person,

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one person to make a decision on behalf of the collective, he should make Matura and also in doing so, he shares the responsibility. He shares the responsibility with regard to that decision, and if anything wrong, the incorrect or wrong aspect becomes shared by the people who have made it and then we give examples of maybe salsa making Matura the better of butter and the better quality. Now we find one amazing aspect that Allah subhanho wa Taala in this is for Shall we

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make Matura for either assumpta when you have reached a decision for the worker Allah then you rely upon Almighty Allah. As I said last week, what it means is measure something nine times for a new cut cut it once so to enable Pella hook musharaka but once you have made Matura Karna or stresa kernaghan then you move forward with a greatest amount of confidence. Another important aspect about Mr. La while he was selling his method was maybe a cream sauce lamb was never shy to accept mushara was never shy to accept the consultation and advice of people. Article patani we got an amazing mindset. Someone comes in calcula something we become angry. It's a sign of pride is a sign of

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pride. I just this week why last week I spoke about this. I saw this one beautiful, same of niara Kalani. He says Shura joins the heart and it proves the mind and it yields good decisions.

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Shura it joins the Heart Sutra. kesariya says Mahabharata. So you know in your family to make mushrooms your family holiday Katana Katana, we must be go. So in that particular way it joins the heart, everyone becomes what Muhammad it proves the mind now because we have made Matura this one gave this view that one gave that view. Now you start thinking okay.

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So the

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Shura joins the heart probes the mind in yields positive decisions, what a beautiful thing of Iran.

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Nevertheless, was never shy of accepting. I mean, this example is shining in the books of our history, that after maybe a Kareem saw some sign the peace treaty or good idea, and the peace treaty was very difficult upon the Sahaba because the closest seemingly against the Muslims and then you are 12 kilometres away from Mecca. And then the treaty say

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Ram Caulker wapas shillito who take out your RAM go back to Marina you can make humara this year I mean it's so difficult upon the Savannah we saw some signs a treaty tells the people take out your Ram, Ram cooler Oh, no, no one is listening. Maybe saw some goes into eastern Mr. Maria LaDonna sees the bizarre slum disturb proper of Almighty Allah why you disturb stairs oma Selma that normally when I tell my companion something immediately they do. I'm telling them take out a critical eye no one is doing so look at the beauty of homeschool mama time she gives such great advice, said jasola they are not doing it because they don't want to listen to you. They are doing so because they are

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so disappointed that they can make humara while they are so nearby.

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So you're so like you go in the middle. You go and shave your head take out your

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sub topic. They will all follow you. So maybe sauce

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started taking a shape of his hair to God is everyone followed me So Sam didn't get angry? Why? Why do my wife who do you come here from a crooked rock? Who are you to tell me to come tell me what to do?

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Except for the Matura. And then another important aspect about Matura from the tsunami is

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that if you give someone a mushara you give someone a mushara you give it with good intention. If he doesn't accept Why must you get angry? How many times someone comes to you you give him a Matura then you say afterwards he didn't follow you. Then something happens to him forever. cassata deco mera Matura Coca Cola, gentlemen, you know we say like this, but never, never ever thought this. What a beautiful example. There used to be a woman in a time of my name was Barbara Rana. She was a slave master gotta marry two movies. And we don't know about slavery because slavery is not involved. And when slavery is not invoked, you can bring back slavery on your own this particular

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concept that I don't understand, if people are born free, they are free you can make them slaves after the Born Free by and large. Right? So anyway, this aspect she was given in nica by her master to me, and then he freed her the Muslim is once a woman is freed, then she's got the option of either affirming the nikka the master made or rejecting it, so Brianna rejected it. And this incident the Saba for it very amazing. movie was going around the streets of Medina, begging Pereira to affirm the Nika and Barrera was sick, I don't want to stay in uniqa so he went to the via Karim sauce from Sierra Sula, del Pereira to stay in Monica. So let me occur himself from someone barilaro

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Ivana and said, I'm making a misura I'm giving you advice, and I'm giving you this because he has come to me remaining the Nika so Barrera. Subhan Allah, she gave an answer. The slaves of that time had more wisdom than the free people of today. She said yeah Rasulullah is it Allah command? Or is just your advice? And last command our remaining the nica if your advice I want to remain out of Annika Is it a last command or is it your mushara enemies awesome cities my Musharraf said then I'm gonna say Monica i want to get out. So Hannah law, so if someone if this was a Navy open law, how Hamza What are we we give someone What should I do the next step we start getting angry,

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is it any worth it to get angry?

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So, this is a situation that we need to keep in mind. Now, there is one very important aspect after understanding this and in Angola during the two weeks, we gave some aspects with regard to Matura the adapt with regard to it, there is one important aspect many times people are in a situation in a flux. They need further type of assistance in helping them make the decision. And this is where we come to a situation where many people hear about it, which is known as esta hora, how do we do is taharah What is the meaning of is the Hara is the Hara comes from the root word fair. Goodness Bely. So it's the Hara means seeking goodness. balalaika Karna

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is Tara. However, we must understand the meaning of istikhara humbler pottery class what we mean by Sara mala? mala romney's terracotta now we made Matura duty, I will get married. I want to make is to Sarah tomorrow when I get up. He'll be a woman next to me as a Christian. You know what, I'll get up there.

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Tomorrow there's a board next to me personally, what do you do with regard to this dunya is there as well.

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is a place of means and nothing is told us to adopt means if you don't adopt means and you only adopt No matter how much do I you make goods Nirvana? Krishna

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means Allah give me pious children you don't go near human waste Allah gonna give you no matter how much you make what is good good okay. So the first thing is to use your internet to try and find the best solution to your problem. So what you do first thing is to Hara three things what we do why we do is when we are faced with a difficult situation, we want to make it safer. Secondly, when we are hesitant in making a decision after our first academic was tamala correct. yanaka is Raja Raja. Second thing. Thirdly, we want we want to make a decision but the knowledge of the matter is insufficient. We don't have all the aspects in front of us. So now you make us taharah now in the

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Sahara three things you do first is you use your intellect Allah has given us intellect and Allah is told us to use our intellect Allah tala has told us

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you use your intellect to make the necessary precaution, n steps to make the right decision. So now you want to get married. So and unfortunately people think is defaqto supersafe necochea Auto cushioning, no other things they ever made nice to her before is the Huracan you must make a sticker on many things. Make a stick around nearly every aspect of your life. Nevertheless, first you find out right now you want to get married, you go and look around at certain human which are the one that you feel that will be inclined towards you. And then you want to buy a car you want to buy a business you make all the necessary precaution in reaching the best decision. According to your

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circumstances. You make all of those particular steps, you take a look at the circumstances, you look at the auction, you figure out what type of thing that will be good for you, you narrow down the options. Now after narrowing down the options, you might be hungry la very famous person. So you've got six girls that are now waiting for you to give an answer. So now after you have done all of those things. Now the second thing is you make mushara with people, you make misura with people you find out from people who are expert in matters. You want to buy a car you go to someone who sell is a very good you go to them and ask them how is this car? So sometimes you want to do a business.

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You don't go and ask someone who doesn't know about business. You go to a person who knows about business you say I want to do this particular aspect. You go to people who are your well wishes people who are sincere, you ask them with regard to it. So the second step, first step, use your intellect. start adopting the means narrow down the options. Now after narrowing down the options, you come down to few options you make Matura with regard to people about a particular method here Karna Kham Kham assura you find out from people with regard to it, and then you are still with this aspect. Now what must I do? Now you make esta is the hora what you do is you wait for customers to

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record select normal procedure. You must be Park You don't have to go next special booster with regard to that. You make your normal buzu you are Park you make Torah carcinomas preferably before you sleep but not necessary. equals a naked sauna simpler is the correct animal spray.

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McMillan you can start after you can make a sticker and you can make up the show you can make a sticker Animas. Also not necessary to meet any specific surah preferably fully I will cut through a lot what is good because when one is negating shift and other one is affirming to hit better has irony. Now after that, after making that you make this beautiful to answer handler What a beautiful door is has the jabiru the allow Tango says Nivea cream sauce that taught us that to our office, the Hara the way he taught us the Suraj of salad. The way he taught us the students have

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made us memorize it. So you make this particular to our Look at the beautiful duhallow mania

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was stuck Ducati pratica, Yala aapka ilam Santa Fairmont Tahoe or appcake portraits haematocrit mountain.

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Here are optic portraits of attack Atlanta.

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Whether it is someone's BMW X three v Wb 152 Gp which is blocking the way Please brother, whoever it is immediately go and remove that. Don't wait for after namaz. You might the person who has come here might be urgent. It might be blocking the road so my Matura is immediately whoever is doing this please go and remove that car.

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maybe want to tell you remove it to the police is about to take it away. Hello, my name is Hiro kirbyville Mika aapka lm SMS harmonica Armando are appcake portraits me Taka monto. I see goodness from your knowledge of Allah and I seek power from your good

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gotta wonder what the more beautiful way can you start off with one, you can, even if you do the Arabic, you must know the meaning of this. Well as I know come in fact, liquor has even asked you from your great grace for him not

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because you have power, I don't have power, wah wah, wah, wah wah in you have knowledge and I don't have knowledge, you know what's gonna happen, you know, I could write about things. So you make this particular element

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add one

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factor hula,

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hula if you know that this particular method I want to do is good for me in terms of my dunya it's good for me in terms of my accurate, it's good for me in terms of my destiny. It is good for me in terms of my life, in Yala the Stein did for me, literally a Sunday format, format, and then open up the doors with regard to making that thing happen for me. Yeah, last look at the beauty of the door. That is whenever you saw some thought the Sahaba does do a word by word. So either you memorize it, if you can memorize it, take a book of one read it but know what you are reading. Look at the beautiful meaning. Then you read along with

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Mr. Schumacher and our life you know that this thing is bad for me, then turn it away from me and turn that away from me and give me good in another direction. So voila, what a beautiful one. You are relying upon Almighty Allah, you put in your portrait and you put in your your face land your decision, Allah subhana wa Tada, hence, now you make that particular dua. And then of course, you will sleep normally. Now normally people feel that by is the hurricane Amazonia, we have done this particular istikhara what's gonna happen, we're gonna see a dream in 3d. There won't be there what is not necessary 3d, we got to see the dream, what a person saw one day a person got up. So the

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woman told that the husband, I saw a dream What dream you saw, I saw a dream, you gave me an expensive jewelry set for my anniversary. So she was obviously trying to say something. So the husband when he came back, and he gave bought a small pastor at the end of the day, so the woman went in a room feeling very happy, something must have happened. Open up the parcel is the book how to interpret your three.

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So you don't you see three of the 3d hosts, some people are lucky they see they do have a dream, they feel inclined towards a particular way and hungry land. So sometimes it happens, you see a dream. Sometimes the dream is good. Sometimes you just feel positive about a dream. Sometimes you see a dream you feel man, this particular dream doesn't feel healthy. There are many people who read dreams and they just can't sleep, they feel more anxious, they feel anxiety. And that is a sign that this particular matter might not be good for you. But what aquazone is not important. The second thing is you feel an inclination, you feel that you're gay, I feel that this is good. You just feel

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goodness in your heart towards that matter. So you feel take a turn a corner, you feel with regard to making a sticker about something about a woman or about a business, you make your you've made your mind up, you have made your your options who have made your necessary precaution, you have taken investigation, now you have made this is the heart and you feel good about it. So hamdulillah that might be a sign that you must continue. If it is don't feel right about it, you feel doubtful. If you hear something is that tells me that it is not right. And you stay away from it. So there's an inclination sometimes there is no there is no inclination, then what do you do? Our What am I say

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then you may go to Almighty Allah Allah? I am I have asked wasta I've asked for your goodness, I'm going to do and make this decision I will now whatever decision I make put her in it. So then actually what happens? You have taken give naked the necessary precaution of seeking Allah's help with what you are doing, then you do it inshallah they will be there. So if you do it also, if you don't want to be sad, sometimes it's many times people as as Mr. Mona, we made the Sahara. We may got married, but things didn't work out. Well. That is also part of a lateral decision, then you don't doubt. But this is a method with regard to his taharah, which we've got to keep in mind. These

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are the aspects in the pillars of regard with miniatures times people, they seek and they go and go and ask other people to make it harder for them. Now, it's good to go and ask pious people with regard to making it harder. For others just keep one thing in mind. Allah has never closed the door the door for anyone no matter how sinful he is. Why should we ever think Atlanta can be Johanna Raka Raka Allah is never ever closed the door.

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Why should we ever think that we can make we can make a sticker ah hum comes on a T cam comes on the camera and Nakata comes on our lives not comes on our lives last week, you must make sure I tell this marvelous and let me make mention of this aspect. He believes that well I please make dua What do I mean? Answer Nila Yomi obasan Allah keep me alive delta T of Tiamat e please share eternity and make this one shaytan a drama keep me alive today of Tiamat and atrocity na camino, Monza ninja Kabuki we have accepted to one but he believes can make dua homemakers

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he believes can make you are such a tool that no one's do are like that has ever been accepted. keep me alive till the Day of Tiamat and nine the 14 super sad Allah accepted Islam. So Allah tala is not we are not worse than the police, why can we make friends? So, we when we do this particular aspect by all means, let us if you want to ask someone is an editing okay do it, but that must not take you away from making this data you must make you must make even no matter how good you feel and how weak you feel you must make and then lastly, sometimes the situation that you find yourself in a situation you have to make an immediate decision. Now you don't have time to go and beat although

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How old am I have made mentioned make is different for 135 or seven days. It has been mentioned about us together

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he could he was he was confused about the method he made it harder for seven nights allotted I showed him the way so at least 135 or seven after seven nights you can make this the Hara and UCLA inshallah will be the more you do a little I will bring more here but sometimes you are faced with a situation we have to make a decision immediately then our What am I have given us one that you must read that door and then make the decision and I will read that do I want you to read behind me softly Allahumma clearly was certainly very easy to allow McKinley westerley hola guide me know you so you're sitting in a situation we have to make a decision immediately. Read this. I've made read

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the rosary before read through afterwards. Read it nine times 11 times Allahumma salli wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us Baraka in our decision. May Allah subhanaw taala make all our decisions and attribute Baraka and arthropod blessings in our decisions and make it good for us both in this world in the after world.