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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to jealousy, including a woman named Adam II who wishes to have her shaver shaved off, a law about people's decisions regarding people's bodies, and a woman named Sheree who wishes her shaver to come off. They also mention a new program about people's actions and emphasize the importance of avoiding harm.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah be Avada mavado for the villa humanos shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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Amir sudo Nana Salama de la Hamid fatherly, Sarah tala who has him. Respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah, who has given us a complete and comprehensive deed. We send salutations upon our beloved nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam who has been the means of passing the deen on to us. In yesterday's program on the purification of the heart, we spoke about the spiritual calamity and disease of jealousy. We had said that the reason why we had chosen this after Rya n, and after doing things for name and fame is because acid was a first perpetual disease, both in Paradise and in this world, as we will go on to explain. Then we spoke about the aspect of

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the cleanliness of our heart, the purity of our heart, and then we define something that is very similar to acid. And these two are very closely related concepts. One is known as a HIPAA. And HIPAA is you see someone with a fever, and you wish that you also be granted the same favor, whether it be to do with a worldly favor, or spiritual or religious favor. And we gave several examples with regard to that, and the alumni have said that the ripta and I translated it as envy, or what in in, in the Islamic terminology is known as a reptile emulation or envy. In worldly matters, it is not recommended as I recited in iron mutanda in a llama matana be as watch aminomethyl Hayato don't cast

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your gazes out of coverted, Coco vertus, covetousness and greed over what Allah has granted someone else. So in worldly matters, it is not recommended but in de limiters, it is recommended and we gave several examples with regard to that. Now we've come to the definition of jealousy itself hasn't what is acid Eman? Nowhere. One of our great scholars it said Allah has to do what Amanda Zavala, Nia Mati and sahibi ha. So our salah and Ghana, Mattoon, Dean, our dunya, he said that has said is you are not happy with what Allah has granted someone a favor. And you wish that that particular favor be taken away from that person and be destroyed. Whether you receive it or not, is a different

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matter whether that favor is to do with a worldly favor or a spiritual favor. So that is the definition of jealousy, wishing whatever Allah has given someone a favor, you are not happy with it, you wish that it be taken away from him, it'd be destroyed. This is one of the greatest spiritual calamities of our time. And Allah has sounded warnings with regard to it. In the Quran, and in the Hadith nebia cream sauce limited de la comme de oma Kabbalah, Allah has a dual Baka, the diseases the spritual diseases of the previous much has come on to you and hazard amongst them is jealousy and malice and hatred, then maybe sawston continued with a hadith and with regard to Botha he'll

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halakhah malice and hatred. It is a shaver and I don't say it shaves off your hair as a shaver is normally used, but it shaves off and destroys your dean, and has said is such a great disease. That ally in the Holy Quran has called upon people to seek Allah's protection from the person who is jealous woman Sheree? Well, I seek your protection from the evil of a jealous person when he comes to display jealousy. Now, what are the harms with regard to jealousy? One of the greatest harms with regard to jealousy is that a person he criticizes? And he questions the giver of Allah. He perhaps says that Allah is the one we believe Allah is the one who grants goodness who grants favors and

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he's the one who is the one who makes that decision. So when you are jealous about a favor, Allah has granted another person. What you are saying is Allah to Bill Alia to Bill me Allah protect us. That alarm made an error in giving that person that favor. Allah has his reasons, we have no right to question Allah subhanho wa Taala does Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the form of Judah, the Holy Quran

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miyashiro Nana's alhama de la hoomin fatherly Are you jealous over the favors Allah has granted someone else? So the first harm with regard to jealousy? Here is that you question and you put into question the decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala you are not happy with the decision of Allah, you imply that Allah subhanaw taala has made an error in his decision. The second aspect is it is a high height of foolishness. You know, a person who is jealous, has a very high opinion about himself a very high notion about himself. He feels that Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to give people some favor based on his work and fancy. So if you are happy, Allah will give it to someone if you are not

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happy and I won't give it to someone. It is a height of foolishness to feel that Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to give someone a favor based on your worms, your desire, your happiness, or your unhappiness, that is not going to happen. The third aspect is that Allah subhanho wa Taala in his wisdom has taken it upon himself to distribute various favors. Na na casa Nabina Omar a shutdown Phil hayati, dounia Ravana bada boom for Kabbalah, Allah says if distributed amongst people, their economic situation, the economic wealth, I have made some more than others I've given some more than others, why Allah give someone more than others, whether well to any other favor and law searches

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for such subtle wisdoms that you and I cannot comprehend. So, we have no right to you know, interfere in that matter, it is a large decision, we should be content with it. The third arm with regard to jealousy is you are not contempt with the decision. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has distribution of favors. The fourth aspect, it is the height of selfishness. You yourself cannot give anyone else a favor. You yourself cannot give anyone else a favor. You are not even happy that anonymous give someone else a favor. So it is the height of selfishness. So, amongst the other hand that in today's program, we have said it is questioning the decision of a law very serious and grave

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implication, the height of foolishness, not content with the decision and distribution of Allah. And it is also the height of selfishness. And remember as we close today's program, is that the first the first Guna Ensign in Jana was Adam II believes being jealous of Adam II salat wa salam, which led to his downfall. The first sin in this world was one of the sons of Adam le Salatu was Salam murdering his brother on the basis of jealousy. These are the harms of jealousy, and we will continue with this tomorrow. We'll have another one.