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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada Amano photo villa.

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smilla Rahmanir Rahim, a Nevada punto de Kumamoto punto de Rue de mushiya. Sara Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers. There is no doubt whatsoever we are living in a world which is very, very short

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is a statement that is attributed to Lockman. The Weiss, which is such an amazing statement when he said in the dunya

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were Omoro caffeine aka de la mina Laughlin. Welcome back to Tony lumen de la kalila. What an amazing statement. He said, this world compared to the year after is very short. The entire existence of this earth from the beginning of Adam alayhis salam till the end of time compared to the year after is very short.

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Our life in there is more shorter.

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And the what is remainder of our life is even more shorter. So hon Allah

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said, Look, man, radi Allahu Tanaka for man Lika kisara zamil curwood Africa makabe membuka sir him or hamari Zindagi is semi Mutasa or Joe Bertie as in the DA who semi Mutasa. Now this calls upon us to prepare for death. Therefore there is a statement of alira the Allahu taala

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Tarun Raja ha Cebu anfisa, calm coming on to hersa who was he knew how to take stock of your deeds before law takes stock of your deeds and weigh your deeds before Latella your deeds as is such a very great lesson. You know, I give you an example someone today I read one, let someone give such a beautiful example. know they say you know a person is traveling nowadays give me you know, Maria 70 we can even travel also now especially from South Africa, you can travel but Allah knows Allah has his wisdom we are in the control of law. We don't read shows us a someone else who controls our destiny, not you, you and I, Allah knows everything Allah has got his wisdom, we have to resign

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ourselves to it. Anyway, there is a person who is traveling on an airline which says that we got a strict 23 kilo policy of luggage. Now what you are supposed to do, you have to weigh your beds before you go to the airport. Now if you don't wear your belts, and you go there for the checking in you got 28 kilos. Now where are you going to put the five kilos, sorry, we are not going to we are not going to budge strict two to three kilos. If you didn't weigh before, you're going to have difficulty where you're the year before now is your deeds. What a beautiful example. And Zindagi ki Malik case alsip la apna Maha Sabha Catalina Catalina Chaya k browers Aurora animada we are going to

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be called One day we are going to be taken into account with regard to our deeds. Our deeds are gonna be waiting for me Yama lefkada Ratan Hira? Yo, Mama yamagami scaletta Ratan Shara he who does an iota of good deeds will sit in front of him who he does and out of evil deeds he will sit in front of him. Now this tells us we have to prepare the path we choose to follow in this world will determine our what we do in this world that will be our Hospira what we choose to live our life righteously Allah will give us inshallah agenda. If we live otherwise. Allah forbid we can go in the wrong place in the wrong abode is dunya man hum Joby Rasta is to him, Well he hamari after

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whatever whatever we choose in this world that becomes our accurate. So in this particular regard, we have to keep in mind that this world is short. Our life is short, and there is one reality that is always going to come upon us.

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Whether we agree or don't agree whether we accept don't accept, everyone is going to pass through that stage in that is more than that is death aina Mata coup de como mode Welcome to the Buju mushara. Wherever you are, death will overtake you even if you are in protected force. JACK Pepe was more up to par I gotcha killer candor ban on Matsuura. And this is a reality. It is said, there is no distinction. This is only one thing that everyone is in agreement with. Muslim, non Muslim, whatever, you know, wherever you follow yourself, everyone the poor, the rich, everyone agrees one thing, everyone is going to die. Everyone agrees upon it. This is a reality. Everyone agree. It

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makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, between the politicians and those who they are serving or they are supposed to serve. It makes no distinction between the ruling class and those who are being ruled. It makes no distinction between whether you are wealthy or you are not wealthy. It makes no distinction. Everyone has come in this world to leave this world. Even the greatest Amelia Masato Salaam was subjected to death. Mr. john oliver shall remain calm Nicole Holden, no one is going to live forever. If I admit the formal holiday, if Nivea cream sauce was gonna pass away, who else is going to live forever? If anyone was worth living forever, it was never a cream sauce.

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If there was anyone worthy of living forever, who would have been our beloved Nivea cream sauce? It is written in the books I've read this, that Alexandra the great conqueror when he was dying.

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He said he told his people three things. He said to three things when after I died, he said what he said let the doctors carry my my janaza that the doctors carry my mail. Secondly, he said keep my hands outside the coffin, that it must be shown to people. And thirdly he said all my wealth, throw it on the road which is when we are being taken towards the cover. So people say why have you asked for these three things? He said to show people firstly the show the doctors or doctors can prevent our life from going wonky Hakuna Matata. Yeah. So the first thing he said the doctors must kill him and

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secondly, he said take my hands and put it out of my toughen to say Alexandra the great conqueror is going with nothing from this world. Holly Hazara And the third thing is my wealth will be on the road for people to say that this wealth is not even taking please cover is the latest thing in this world. Whether or not that's a reality. There is no doubt with regard to everyone is going to go the same way. We're not taking anything and we are going empty handed the only thing we are taking is our Amal and our deeds. So this is what Kabbalah Makey seaquest telephony sub sapkota Anna Abner watchmen Lika Jagga Amira hurry?

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hook Moran or McComb McCoy Faruk Nikita it makes no distinction between anyone but what is death? Let us understand what is death? You know, we got this very amazing everyone thinks death is the end of life. Everyone thinks that death is only the end of life is only partly through

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a mistake Adriana? mod Zindagi ki Akela here mukamal such name is not the entire truth for us. What is the beginning of another phase of life?

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What is not the end of life? What is the beginning of another life? Let me give you an example. When a person sleeps the Quran tells us it's a form of death but in his sleep he is in existence nice Nene kaivac whoa what have you seen as an economy

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and that is and therefore when you get up with a Manila Ileana bada mama Tina Wally mucho Praise be to Allah was brought me back to life after I've been given a sort of a death. So in death, I mean in sleep You are alive, even in death or life. In death, you are alive, you're not going anywhere you are still alive. And the way you are going to get up in the next morning after sleep you are going to get up when Allah subhanaw taala brings you to account for your deeds. Therefore when we pray when a person passes away, we normally tell the person who is the near and dear ones that you know I know it is difficult, but just keep in mind it is like the person who has died has gone from one

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room to another room. He's gone from one house to the other house. Gotcha. Okay, what do I pass into the battle mode hamara Tina mockingbirds in the key to SME at the CEO, Monza jelajah moto has in the

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end the way we get up. That's the way a person who is die is also going to get up. And this is an aspect with regard to it. You know for us and moto tafa tolmin, maybe utrymme sasakawa and moto tuffa to movement, additional hair, care more moerman

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Moore is a gift for a believer.

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And I have said Animoto, too soon used in the middle Habib mode is a breach through which a lover meets their beloved. without going through death, how are you going to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala without going through death, how are you going to meet Allah subhanaw taala how are you going to get gentlemen? You have to go through death inshallah to be able to get Jana, our mod whirpool Hey, Joe Javi appname maboob Sybil attack, it is a bridge to meet the love of Mr. Beloved. Now someone someone say that molana you are speaking about this idealistic situation. Give me an example what is very difficult, no one likes death. And this is a reality. We all like life. Even the most pious

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people we like right because life also has got great amount of benefits.

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Our our 1am I have made mentioned that make dua to Almighty Allah to give you a long life with good deeds and with prosperity, because if you die you can't do anything. Justice Zindagi hetero after a camonica Surya until you are alive, you got a chance to increase your good deeds. You got a chance to help people you got a chance to make a budget you got a chance to give people reassurance you got a chance to be able to do constructive things for yourself in this one in the after. It's an AMA but the reality is one day we are gonna die so when maybe occurring saw some said more is a gift for a belieber How is he has it Mawlana Manzano money has given such a beautiful example. Such a beautiful

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example. He says a young girl gets married, a young girl gets married. And when she is leaving the house, now she's got dual type of emotions. On one hand,

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the pika Chateau talento then Kaitlyn McAuliffe. Ma kissam. Adriana

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What is what is the different types of feelings that she's got? On one hand, she is very sad to leave her parents and the house in which she grew up. And her other hand, the benefits associated with marriage makes her look forward to marriage. Tell her girl who's on the stage of married Why are you trying to live in your parents home state stay behind? No, I don't want to stay behind. I'm crying but I want to go forward. I'm crying. I'm leaving my parents. I'm saying that I'm leaving my house. But I don't want to stay here and I want to go into marriage. Because through the means of marriages another life is an aspect of happiness. There is an aspect of becoming a mother, this

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aspect of becoming the mother of children. Do you look forward to it? Despite the fact that you are that you are said in a similar manner believer, he will feel the pain to leave this world. But because of the rewards Allah has kept in store for people in Ghana, he looks forward to it. Now you understand why.

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And because of this aspect, we because we are going to leave this world and because we are going to die. It is important for us to have few things one is to make dua to Almighty Allah. Allah must take us what the man Sakuya granite waka Natalia Yella Zindagi Mancha sutra K or more Eman, Kyoko, O Allah you keep us with a man in this world who take us with him and we've seen pious people when they are in the elderly age to go and see them. They always used to say make dua that Allah Allah keeping with him and Allah tala Take me with you, man. This is one of the greatest things that we must make dua there is no guarantee we are hopeful. You are law you have kept us with him for the

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rest of our life. We all know take us with him and at the time of death. You are not a generous person when he gives someone something he doesn't take it away. So he admits a PC qualities that is equal to what was in a letter to substantiate so here you are the most generous offer ojala we have given us a man How can you take it away from us? We have this expectation, but there is no guarantee we have to make dua and we have to be steadfast at the time of death with regard to a man as a mom even a humble Natalia on his deathbed. You know, his son was nearby him. His name was also Ahmed. And he was you know, we were saying why people were making Delfino, the Kalam Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Mr. Muhammad Muhammad was saying not yet, not yet a Beanie Baby that may be that need to when he got up any giving in consciousness, he sends it over a man oh my father, you are such a great man we are telling you with regard to Rita kalama you say Not yet Not yet. What is the meaning of this? What did he say? He said, Oh my son, I'm not replying to you. Shaytan kv bluesky in a blue sea of mud. You have saved yourself from me. You have saved yourself from me you are going with demand. And I am telling shaytan You are making me lol into a false sense of complacency. And I'm telling him not yet.

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Not yet. Mira Zindagi abita Bhatia. I still got life weather I will tell you man, I don't know. So I was replying to you myself. I am replying to the police that I am still not safe. They still life in Vietnam escaped me with Eman as a monoblock Audrey Rahmatullah arenys bionic bio. He said make this tool whether you make it in Arabic, or whether you make it in English, allow monotony

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in the moment, I will not inspire with me with the mind at the time of my death. I will not inspire me with a man at the time of my death in the Larry Nakamura poonawalla acabo de tener Salalah evil Malika to Allah. Allah Azza wa. JAL Mattila de Kaku, those who have Eman and remain steadfast upon it. They

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angels come at the time of the death and they come and help them to remain steadfast if you do good things, but this make this one to many doors with regard to remaining with Him until the time of death. Robin alakazoo bada bada Daytona will happen

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in the country.

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right there's also a dua along Molokini hotel Imani mama Allahumma, telephony muslimeen Well, can you be solid in radio Hosea one adamawa, Moscone will make this work otherwise if you can't make me an English, Allah keep me steadfast support him and at the time of my death, let inspire

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remind me about him and at the time of my death, and because death is a reality, we have to remain prepared for it.

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Maybe a criminal lawyer said one day was asked who are the intelligent people. subsidies are a common contract to Navy Academy saw some said through whom vikhroli mode? What is the little mode will IKEA's

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jasola who is the most intelligent person maybe a cream saw some said the one who remembers that the most

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common corner? Joe morcos, yada,

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yada, Joe has

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substance yada yada, yada common, the one who remembers death the most he's the most intelligent, when I can appears the Hubble beshara Tony iwakura Mandela, for those who remember that often, they are the ones who have taken the the honor of this world and in the after they have taken the honor of this world in the after. Now this is something that we have to be all the time ready. No it is made mention about one person was writing a book I made mention of it previously, he was making mentioned he was writing a book. So he said he went to ask the people he went to ask Allah that this is if this is your last day in your life. How will you spend this day

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Kitab Licata orona lamassu Jakob puja Petula to marry our three dinner after dinner up Cassie busara is demco How will you How will you spend the day to one more Hadith Abu Abu I gave this answer. Listen to this answer. He said I won't make one iota of difference to my life. If I know tomorrow I am dying I would make one difference to my life. Why I am spending so many years as if this is the last day of my life.

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nakota been in a coma metal Uppsala ca gusa ssnd busara k marry after dinner, I will not make one. And when you live a life like this, then you look forward to to death. When as a beloved or the Allahu taala, who was on his deathbed, his wife and his family members were crying. And he was saying, you know mahama was horrible, to borrow money to borrow

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the people who might live with them to borrow money allow his wife was crying in his deathbed. He was saying you're not bring my death quickly I want to meet with you.

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As soon as he can and he has a tie we are supposed to we are very weak with this particular regard. We like life. But you see this is the ideal bass making mention of it, at least we can start thinking about it. And by death is divinely will. And when it arrives, whether it arise upon us or whether it arrives upon anyone else.

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The space pain, but we accept it. Why do we accept it because we are not the destiny we don't have the destiny of our life in our own hands. Elias Aveda in Gerardo de la No, he died in the plague of

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and was he died of the plague of Hamas. So when he was now on his deathbed, he was about to die. People had already now said that he's very sick. He said an amazing thing. He said oh people, even if you live another 100 years, the same thing is going to happen to you what is happening to me.

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Even if you live another 100 years, you still gonna come upon the same thing that is happening upon me. So these are some of the things in some reminders that may Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive for a long time we make dua to Allah Allah give us a good life. Allah

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Give us a lengthy life with with half yet with health and with prosperity and with good deeds. This is a one we must make. But we also make this Guatemala the day it comes when we are going to leave this world which has happened and is going to happen in that particular time when it happens. It has died with the man and let us be prepared for it. And let us think about and give us the reward that will lead us kept installed for those people where the man was

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