Ebrahim Bham – Lessons From Hijrat- Relevant To Covid 19

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The New Year is highlighted as the beginning point of the digital calendar, with the importance of bravery and acceptance in Islam. The importance of acceptance and community acceptance is also emphasized, particularly in political and political context. The speakers emphasize the need for strong arguments and sacrifices, finding one's own values and avoiding negative consequences. The importance of learning to live in a community with a strong faith and a culture of peace is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding negative consequences and avoiding change in one's behavior.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam, wa salam ala Nabi Avada, la Mulana de Raja Raja

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Wella Sharia Tabata, Shariati amaravati follow

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Him, Omaha vielha to dounia Ebola

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My dear respected elders and brothers, we begin by placing one mighty Allah subhana wa sallam sending salutations upon our beloved said Allahu Allah, He will send them. We are two weeks into

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the new

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year, the Islamic New Year.

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And we Muslims, we do not celebrate New Year. Nevermind, we don't celebrate our own New Year, nevermind celebrating the New Year of others. However, what we can do with regard to the new year is

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because a year passes by, it's a passing of time to come to realize our own immortality, we come to realize the passing of our time, it's also time for reflection, and also perhaps a time for new beginnings. The New Year always brings an aspect of new resolutions, new people have new year resolutions, people have new beginnings, people have the situation of thinking that we are going to start off all the fresh a new year normally brings about a certain degree of inspiration. So there is some gradients and freshness with regard to our ideas, with regard to our inspirations and with regard to turning a new leaf in terms of our life. And maybe a new year is also a time that we can

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forget some of the issues that have happened in the past few months in our communities in our societies and look afresh with regard to things. Now, I thought that I will use this time to speak about the lessons from the New Year in our life. One of the first things that we hear with regard to it is that when we look at our new year, when the Sahaba got together and said how was we start off? Where is the beginning point of our calendar. He needed a time with regard to the beginning of the calendar of the Islamic year. They all decided unanimously and the unanimity of the Sahaba is a very great thing. It's almost it's the lead of Sharia, you know solenn testimony Almighty Allah, Allah de

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la creme saw some said Omar together collectively will never ever agree upon something that is wrong. by them reaching consensus, it's a very great evidence that there is great wisdom is divine is divinely inspired. They decided upon digital as the beginning of the Islamic calendar. So that although there are many aspects, they could have started off with a better or better, they could have started off with the conquest of Makkah. Islam and our calendar did not begin with a pomp and splendor of Islam.

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It begin with sacrifice, hit your required sacrifice. It required you to leave your environment. It required you to sometimes sacrifice your wealth. It required you to leave your environment, your home, your family, your your financial interests, many of us had great financial loss, they left everything in Makkah, and they went to Madina munawwara our calendar started off not with the pomp and splendor of Islam, but with the sacrifice. So we first thing we learn with regard to Hitler is sacrifice. And sometimes sacrifice can take different

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manifesting manifestation. Normally when we talk of sacrifice, and we talk of bravery, and our bravery is with regard to you know, exploits in the battlefield.

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he showed such bravery in the Battle of war had he carried himself was wounded. And when the people started attacking the vehicle, he put his hand in front of the vehicle himself until the hand became paralyzed.

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And Abercrombie allowed us to say that the better of who had belonged to

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the better part was the last day there is one sacrifice, sometimes you have to sacrifice your ego.

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And this is also a type of sacrifice perhaps more needed now than any other type of sacrifice. And even Waleed rhodiola who was removed from being the general of the Muslim army, by Omar who had a particular reason for doing so. He his reason was, people are starting to say Islam is gaining victory because of Canada. And I wanted to show that Islam doesn't gain victory because of that.

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Without anyone else, it gives me free because of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he removed from the agenda. Someone came to Canada and said you are a general interest and they would have gone to the ccma. What happened? He fired me without any reason. I can say that there was not one veteran, he lost every battle he won. And yet I was removed. Someone said why after he did something like this for you, how are you still continuing to fight in the Muslim army? So what did he say? He says, Where am I fighting for? I'm fighting.

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I'm fighting and fighting

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is our actions. Motivated by sensitivity? That we don't worry what other person do we only have in front of Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes we have to give off your ego for the sake of a greater good or you have to give up your rights for the sake of a greater good because it has

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helped me a lot and was martyred for six months. The remainder that was part of the

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saucer made mention of after that, despite the fact that he had greater numbers. He had greater emotions. He was the greater the person who ended the fight was because

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he gave up his effort in favor housing,

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which led to 27 years of peace in the Muslim movement. And

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when he saw your mouth on one day, he said, This grim son of mine is a leader. This grandson of mines is a leader. Through him Allah tala will bring two great groups of Muslims together and bring peace to him. He's a leader, Allah will bring peace to him.

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What a sacrifice he forsook and he left his own

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his own rights with regard to it, and he gave it over to someone else. For what for the sake of the greater good of

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kept, is this also a part of sacrifice? himself? slim said another immigration. Jenna Lima teracle. Morocco, Morocco. I guarantee a house in the middle of Jennifer a person who walks away from an argument while he's right.

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I guarantee a house in the middle of Genoa for someone who walks away from an argument why is this argumentation as a demonic

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mother model ACO model?

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It is also added that no nation becomes led astray after beat upon the right path, except through the means of argumentation

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in America to say that argumentation takes away truth. We have fought so much when we argue so much. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forbid it becomes a manifestation of the sin of this hadith whenever they occur himself. Some said no nation is taken away from Hidayat except through the means of argumentation.

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We need to bear this in mind and we need to make sacrifices in this regard. Teacher a teacher taught a sacrifice in monka. What's the second lesson with regard to hegira in Makkah, all the commands were only to do with individually but only to do with individually. Salah imana Amalia and belief in the acid that was with regard to Makkah look at all the

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smaller is normally the the greatness of Allah accurate in Surat nzqa.

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in Medina,

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Medina toto is a collective life. Now you had a community, we had different types of community we have two types of community. But I will say interface the interface interface was the one in between between Muslims. Let me give you an example what would be a cream sauce taught in this regard? He made the Muslims and he made the mohajir in an answer and brothers and to one another. He made them brothers and to one another what brotherhood sansaar were prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of the mohajir brother. On one occasion, the same source of them got a little bit of spoils of war, a little bit of wealth. He called the answer of Medina. Oh, and I've got this little bit of

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wealth. If I give it to all the Muslims in equality according to what is equality, everyone will get so little, the people of Macau will get so little it will not be enough for them to stand on their own two feet.

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So please, I do that but you still look up to them for either I only give it to the people of Makkah, then you know who have to look after them because they will have enough capital to stand on their own. They'll become independent. What did what did the answer say? Yes to the law, give it to them and you will still

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give it to them and you will still will still look after them. They will not reveal

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anything kasasa they give preference to others even if you have difficulty a lot.

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Maybe a cream sauce. Adam said the honor and the life and the blood of a Muslim is most

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Sacred than the Kaaba and the baker law

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was making one day look up to the cowboy and he said, very great is your you are very, very great. You are very, very great. Your asthma is great. Your respect and honor and your sacred place is great fight. I take an oath by the hand and who is my life he is. The owner of a believer is even more sacred than your sacredness. I ask everyone in this gathering, I asked everyone to stop thinking, do we regard the honor and the respect of the next believer, especially in the last few months as sacred as a farmer in the Baitullah?

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Or is in our quest to score points, we have been able to desecrate the honor and the sacredness of others who perhaps have had a different opinion with regard to us.

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He taught us to learn together and to live together as a community interface and interface. So when the via cream sauce lamb came to Medina, he found a community in which there were people who are different faiths. He found they were Jews of Medina. So what is our beloved Nivea cream sauce? He set up a Misaki Medina, what was the mythical Medina It was a pet for the entire community to live together with harmony.

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Go and look at the back of Madeira 47 clauses of how to live together as a community.

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We also in our country, we have a responsibility that we are living in a community. Have we talked about the aspect with regard to living and how do we live with a community amongst our will allow

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us to emphasize this aspect with regard to communal harmony. He used to tell the Muslims of India after after independence, learn Hindi that you can be good with your neighbors, you should tell the Hindus learn more so that you can be good with your Muslim neighbors. Today we take pride with regard to our non Muslims who have stood up with regard to the Hassan in his finger.

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Can we say the same thing? Do we have the same type of relationship with our non Muslim neighbors?

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No one day was starting a sheep. And when he was slaughtering the sheep with all the people who were looking after the sheep, he said, please see to it that the first portion of that need to give to the neighbor, which neighbor or Abdullah, our Jewish neighbor, please see the first portion of the meat goes to him.

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He taught us community. He taught us interfaith and interfaith, how to live together.

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And remember, we talk about rights and you say we have a right we have a constitution, we have our rights. Our rights will only be there on the basis of how much you put into it. You can always take rights, you also have to give him something to be able to gain your rights. The third thing we learned with regard to the aspect with regard to you know, his his interest was Islamophobia in reality. So when we talk about Islamophobia, what was he correct was Islamophobia in reality? So you had a situation when he

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was leaving, because of what we would turn in today's time, you know, categorize it as Islamophobia. The people have made it difficult for the acronym saucer for the Saba to love them. And maybe according to the law, when you sell them in the Sahaba had to leave Makkah, you will recall, it's made mentioned in the books of history, maybe a Kareem saw Selim came at one place. You know, he took an unusual route. And when he came to one place, there was a fork to one fork was built towards Medina, the one focus going back towards Mecca

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krider location? And he said, if it not why is it not because of the people of Makkah, who had made it compulsory, and it's forced me to leave Macau would not have left.

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And now made it such. And there was a great wisdom that maybe a cream sauce them into Medina and it became known as Medina to maybe that's a different matter. So if you want to see Islamophobia in reality, you looked at what was maybe a cream sauce lamb was forced to leave Makkah, because of the people of Makkah. But what did he do? How did he change the situation? How do we change the situation?

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Allah Muhammad, the one who has revealed the Quran will bring you back to Makkah, he will bring you back to Makkah. And when he came back to Makkah, how did you deal with those people? How did it How did it change the hearts of those people who treated him wrong? So the very same people who have thrown stones on the path of Libya,

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who are responsible for the death of his uncle, who had the love of his of his uncle, who had mutilated the body of his uncle, amongst them, or people who have been responsible for the death of his daughter, maybe a cream sauce, treated them with such conduct, but such graciousness, but such kindness that many if not all of them, accepted Islam. So when you are facing

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With us, how do you deal with it? He's taught us he taught us me a cream sauce and I'm dealt with it. And how nebia cream sauce, change the tables, that those people who are responsible for it, how to be a cream so Allahu alayhi wa sallam changed them through the means of whenever you actually sauce them was outside the harem. And he saw the people of Makkah, and he said, How do you think I'm going to treat you today? How do you think I'm going to do they said, you are a person who is most gracious, we always known you to be a person with good conduct. Maybe a caring person said letter three body yoga,

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there is no reproach upon you go I have forgiven you.

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So the third thing is he was Islamophobia in practice, how did maybe acronym sauce then deal with it? Then another aspect with regard to Mitra was that was the journey. So hatred happened by a journey? So when we learn that hatred is a journey, to come to realize we are all the time constantly in journey confit dunya Karna Casa de

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novia creme saw some love in this world is if you

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live in this world, as if you are a traveler, either as a parent as a Messiah, when you come to the morning, don't expect to be alive in the evening, whether I'm saying that

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when you come to the evening, don't expect to be alive in the morning. So this is a journey. Our journey has started off. You know, from the time when we came out to the wombs of our mother, and we have we have an abode. We have a destination. What's our destination? Yeah, Allah moussaka, raha Moscow da says Allah in the Holy Quran, our distribution in general.

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And I always tell people, people are always fighting polio in nowadays, a lot of people are going to India and a party all the time for fighting for water. So is there a person was wondering,

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why are you crying? He said, Oh, look at the situation. When you cry, you're looking so depressed. So let me tell you what my situation is. He said two years ago, two years ago, someone very close of mine, my great, great grandfather, you know, someone passed away, and somehow or the other he's land was sold, and I bought 300,000 African women from that particular inheritance.

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Why are you crying? Is it six months from my mother's side also actually something that has happened? someone died from her side, and the land was distributed, the land was sold. I bought so much money to say that why isn't this fun? No one passed away.

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If you want to really look at your real martial arts, gentlemen, where did your forefathers come from?

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If you want to fight for war, so if you want to fight for your destination, you want to fight for the place where you really came from.

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So gentle, hatred was a journey, which tells us we are constantly in a journey to one in a person passes away. He's not gone anywhere. He's gone from one one place to another place. He's not obliterated. It's part of his journey. And our journey inshallah will enter into janma digital is a journey. Our journey will conclude in Genesis music teacher that taught us to have hope. teacher taught us to have hope. Maybe a cream salsa was forced to leave his homeland. And then afterwards, all victories that came in Islam, from compass of Messiah from the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, all came about because of Egypt.

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Look at what happened. He left his home. He left his environment he made sacrifice and work in the telegraph.

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This is this is a situation what do you tell

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two people against the whole city?

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Don't ever be afraid lies with us. Let me conclude with this incident of Soraka Soraka Malik came to look after he came to look for the 100 cameras that he would get if you get near him saw some dead or alive in front of other people. So he started to be a cream sauce. He realized that maybe salsa won't take the normal route. So he followed NaVi sauce them on the coast, he sought to be a cream sauce MC destined to be a film star. And then we saw some may drop and Soraka Malik and his and his conveyance went down knee deep into the ground. Right so maybe occurring sauce and then we realized this is the medical of heavy salsa. So he came out of there is a US Navy saucer premium. Nice to

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meet you our freedom. Again he does because now he was looking at 100 camels. He was looking at the reward after a while after many times it happened that we saw sunset Soraka What are you worried about? too worried about 100 camels. Remember the time will come when the wealth of the Persian Empire will be at the hands of the Muslims.

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This is always having hope. You are fleeing an entire city you are alone with one companion and you are

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Telling the person what to worry about. Allah will grant us victory over the Persian Empire, the time no one can even consider it. So these are the lessons that you can learn from Digital, which I try to enumerate in a short period that we have here last time with Allah give us the topic of making

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me realize what are the lessons that we can learn, there are many things that we can then start looking beyond looking beyond for UI and looking beyond mosyle in which there is difference of opinion amongst Allah look beyond that. Look at all of these things that maybe a criminal law sort of left us with this legacy or throw down on

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