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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada Mala Mala Navara metabo Roma de la kita Baba kitabi Allah Sharia Tavares Shariati. amaru favela, Amina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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la salle de Morocco Misawa Hadi al Anahata dreamin Tati afara too soon, Sarah colonialism

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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as we are aware that in the world today one of the flesh points and one of the countries that has become

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the aspect of great media scrutiny and also talk amongst ourselves is what is happening in Mr. In Egypt.

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And Mr in Egypt is also

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a country that has a very rich civilization history and also attached to Islamic history. You would

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have come across when I spoke and when I started off the football. I mentioned an iron in the Holy Quran in which Allah tala has made mention of Mr. Allah has made mention of Egypt. In fact, there are two places in the Holy Quran where Allah tala makes mention of missile in terms of the word missile, although there are many other aspects in which the region is mentioned the means of different incidents that have taken place them. First of all, we are also well aware that is a place where for your own was in missile, he was the rule officer for a great amount of time. He's oppression his injustice has been recorded in the Holy Quran. They after Hazzard, musala Salatu was

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Confronting Iran, and not only confronting Iran after confronting their own, removing Bani Israel away from away from Egypt, and into the promised land has also been made mentioned in the Holy Quran. In fact, 28 so far as of the 30 Jews, there is some mention of missiles in every Jews out of 28 Jews in the Holy Quran. The after as it Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam incident is also made mentioned in the Holy Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned that most Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam was made in authority of Egypt.

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And much of the incidents surrounding the life of a zip luciferase salatu wa sallam took place in Missa. To place in Egypt, including his incarceration, including his been put in authority with regard to matters including there after welcoming his family back into Mr. which Allah tala says when he welcome his family he said hello mr. Insha, Allah hominin enter into Misawa inshallah it will be peace and safe and secure for you. And what is amazing is two things. One is that that particular if I recall, I'm sure it is still there was very prominently displayed in the airport of Cairo when you come into Cairo, hood Hello Mr. Insha, Allah hominin enter into Mr. inshallah safe

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and secure of your, obviously in today's time, safety and security has been thrown out of the window window for various reasons. The Islamic aspect is also very great, maybe a cream sauce, after the Treaty of Buddha when he wrote to the kings and the rulers of the world, wrote to machacas, who was the governor of Egypt, on behalf of the Roman Empire. And that is a very remarkable aspect of Islamic history, that our Nivea cream sauce, wrote to my caucus, given the fact that he was you know, to lean and he was a Christian, maybe a cream sauce lamb told him that Tallulah Kalamata,

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let us come towards a common cause that we worship none besides Allah subhanho wa Taala invited me to Islam. maracas, the governor of Egypt was extremely inclined towards Islam to this extent that he called one of the Sahaba

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and had a long discussion with him with regard to Islam. And what is amazing about this conversation between macaques and shoba was that

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every question he asked, I tried to give a negative

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attribute of Nivea cream sauce when I tried to portray Islam negatively. And every negative attribute that I did, he took a positive interpretation. Like for example, he asked other Jews with maybe a cream sauce against them because they were regarded to be

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People know the scriptures. So he said I went on to give great amount of you know details how the Jews had opposed Nivea cream sauce them how to be a cream sauce we had killed some of them how to be a cream sauce them had vanished some of them. So instead of looking at it negatively Macaca says that yes, it is perfectly understandable because Allah tala had brought about Prophethood into bunny smile rather than very slight. So you see every aspect and then when he gave all this positive interpretation mahira Shiva walked away from the scene he said not amazing, wherever Shiva was a distant relative of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And he tenormin saying that the rulers of the

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world are having a positive impression about nebbia cream sauce. And me being a relative, I have a negative interpretation and I have a negative impression. And he said I came back to Medina to accept Islam on this particular basis. Now this was a letter that maybe a cream sauce them wrote to my caucus. They after we when Macaca send gifts to Nivea cream sauce them but do not accept Islam. And they'll be a cream sauce alum when he received as gifts if it is to his detriment that do not accept Islam, although very soon, Islam will go into that land system what I'm saying Islam will go into that land. And then the cream sauce them told us hahaha and amazing thing. He said, Oh, my

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companions, when you conquer Egypt, when you

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deal with them with kindness and leniency deal with him with kindness and lenses because they have a right of protection. And they have a right of kinship. You will see what is a kinship, carry security, or maybe a cream sauce. And there is a kinship. And the kinship is at nemea Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam great great grandmother,

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the wife of his mother, Lisa wasallam, came from Egypt. So nobody told us about it when you conquer Egypt, deal with him with kindness and leniency because they have a right to have protection and they have a right of kinship. Because of this particular aspect that can be a cream sauces great Mel great grandmother, the wife of his mother is that wassalam who from whose lineage, maybe a cream sauce from Kim was from Egypt. So that is how it happened. And Omar even asked for the Allahu ta who, when he conquered Egypt, Allah subhanho wa Taala granted Muslims victory over their Amerindian as was a conqueror of Egypt. And he treated them with great amount of leniency with kindness. until

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it became a very great question of Islam in various ways. It became not only a question of Islam, in terms of religion, in terms of Islam, in terms of knowledge, I mean, great, great Sahaba were there. Two of the Sahaba was American as an American who still remained buried in Egypt. And one of the great imams of our four schools of thought him Shafi Rahmatullah Lee also remains buried in Egypt. And his cover is a place of great amount of people going there, because of the great greatness of your mom Shaka Malala. Nevertheless, also another aspect is the aspect of it been a very strategic place, especially the port of Alexandria remains right at the triangle of the Mediterranean. So, you

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find one of the companions of the Sahaba, Abu huraira, the Ultron was saying, What an amazing statement, he said, that he said, there is no better place for rebirth than Alexandria. We bought means which Allah has made mentioned and great reward for people who protect the Muslim borders. So, he said, there is no greater place for you, but then the place of Alexandria because of its strategic nature. So we find that this particular aspect has also been made mentioned in the aspect of of the history of Islamic presence in there. What is also interesting that together with this Islamic knowledge the place of as her

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when sallahu Tina UB Rahim Allah read to Jerusalem, then the first step towards retaking Jerusalem was that he took over Cairo, he took over Cairo from the fatimids. And he used Cairo and Egypt as the base to retake over Jerusalem. So all the aspects of Salah Houdini makalali taking over Jerusalem, actually stemmed from Egypt. And also later on, when the Crusades wanted to retake Jerusalem. They always used to start off by trying to take over Egypt, they after taking over Egypt, they felt they would be able to take over Jerusalem. I mean, it's very briefly giving you some aspects with regard to historical, you know, the historical significance of Egypt in Islamic

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history. Of course, as we come closer towards our time, Egypt was colonized, colonized by the French Napoleon, and also colonized by the British. One aspect that we will never ever perhaps be able to understand is how colonialism and slavery and colonialism has an impact upon mental slavery.

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It is something that perhaps we have still not been able to understand that lens that have been colonized, whether it be in India, Pakistan, whether it be in Egypt, whether it be in Syria, what an impact it has upon the psyche of the people of that nation. And from time to time we see it, it comes up. Now, in this particular way, when the people stood up against the cronyism, the people who are in the forefront with regard to it was the Muslim Brotherhood. And amongst the people were two people who have been very, you know, very prominent in recent history. So yet puto and Mr. Hassan al Banna, who are prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who initially started off, we initially

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started off being against the colonialism, a colonialist and both of them were who died in tragic tragic circumstances, say your cooter was killed on the street by an unknown government gunman. And as an opener was executed by the then Egyptian Prime Minister Jamal at the NASA. But of course, we know that the bed ground with regard to what they had come forward was was the Islamic way of life. Al Quran, who does Khurana was one of the slogans of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Quran will remain our Constitution, something that the presently depot's Egyptian Prime Minister, not only in one of his speeches, repeatedly has made mentioned that Quran is our Constitution. Now, after this whole

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particular aspect which have gone on to make mention with regard to it, we can go on to say with regard to what understood and given Now we all know what has happened. We all know what has actually happened with regard to in Egypt. First time they had a democratic elections, the Muslim Brotherhood came in as the majority party, but even in terms of majority party, keep in mind, that majority was by one or 2%. So even if they did receive a mandate to rule over Egypt, it was by 52%, and 48% of the people of Egypt did not vote for them. So if you take that into account, and keep into account that

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Egypt is a country of 70 to 80 million, you see, 48 48% of them, is well in excess of a close to 35 million people who are not in tune with Muslim Brotherhood. Now just keep this in mind as we go along with regard to matters. Now, we can go on making mention with regard to many aspects with regard what has happened thereafter. And some of them are very tragic. We can go on to speak about whether this was a coup or not a coup, something that has come about in terms of the political discourse on the matter, is it a coup, not a coup, and it does his implication with regard to certain world powers stance on the matter? Is it a coup, not a coup. But of course, this has been

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very beautifully explained by moms, he wrote a, you know, an article on this particular way. He gives the definition of a coup by a Western political philosopher, by the name of Roger Scruton, we say a coup is a change in government by force, resulting in a change of constitution, and brought about by those who already hold some form of power, whether it be militarily or politically, he say we start off with this destination definition, to spare anyone, the need for debating whether what has transpired in Egypt is a coup not. This definition makes it very clear that it was a coup. Having said that, we can also speak about the hypocrisy of the West. And yes, we all know with

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regard to it, democracy is touted to be an ideal democracy, jumhooree a year whatever it is, but when people using the democratic ballot, elect a certain representative, and he does not sit well with the West, then all of a sudden, it is no more ideal, then he sucks in the throat. So this is something that will always consider and talk about it. We can talk about the button at the end of the day, just keep one aspect in mind, what can you expect from your adversary, you can talk about the hypocrisy. But what can you expect from a person for us to expect otherwise would be naive and foolish? Your enemy, your adversary, people who are in power are gonna do everything possible to see

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that there is no threat to the hegemony. I mean, that's a reality, whether we like it or we don't like it. So for us to sit and talk about the hypocrisy of the West is not gonna get us anywhere. They are doing what they are supposed to do in terms of the interests, they are protecting the interests. So instead of talking about it, and you know, spending most of our time with regard to it, which in reality, does not take us anywhere. We can also then speak about the buffet the baffling stands of countries like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. And one wonders what actually happened what actually made them take a such a stance, that they have been in favor of the military

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rulers who have killed over six to 7000 people. One wonders with regard to what make them take this stance unless one has to say in today's time

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Today people take stances whether individually or collectively, not so much on principles which has gone out of the window. People don't take stances on principles. They take stances on vested interest. And that is the unfortunate part of the whole situation. Although we must also make mentioned that there have been 51 alama, including the son of one of the Imams of the Adam Seidel, whom Allah Khomeini, who has taken a very, you know, critical stance with regard to the Saudi method on this particular day, they leave the view on this particular matter, we can go on to say Yala, 6000 people have died, at least if not more, that is a conservative figure people talk about much

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more than that, you know, you know, nebia cream sauce on one day when you saw the cover and the beta line, he said, very great is your status and your personality, very great is your, your, your Oh, and the very greatest, your Baraka, very great is your sacredness by taking oath, by the billion rules hands, my life is the sacredness of the life of one person is more than your sacredness. Let me repeat that. The sacredness of one Muslims life is even more sacred than the Kaaba and the Baitullah. Now, there's been 6000 or 7000 people die. And then for us to regardless is insignificant. One wonders how can we be able to be sleeping comfortably and peacefully when we know

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that this is happening, then also not happen in ordinary circumstances? Many of them were killed in a Masjid. I again wonder that if Israel had to kill Muslim people in the masjid, what would have been our reaction? if Israel had to kill people imagine what would have been our reaction? If the enemies of Allah would have killed Muslims in the masjid? What would have been our action? Yeah, we find, you know, government, there are say there is a supposedly government that has a Muslim background or a Muslim, apparently being Muslim, killing people in the masjid. So Allah, we can go on making mention with regard to that, we can talk about the aspect of how how democracy today is

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regarded to be an ideal, but what actually happens when it doesn't suit the powers? And, you know, it begs the question, which many prominent not only Muslim, non Muslim writers have actually asked the question, do you actually believe From now onwards, that Muslim would be would would put any, any faith in democracy? Would they actually say that? Is it worthwhile to participate in democratic processes? Whenever you take part in the democratic process, it doesn't go in line with the Western world or in line with the world powers of the world. It is always, you know, scuttled, whether it be in Algeria, whether it be with Hamas in Gaza, and it goes on and on. So would you actually blame

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Muslim to put a question mark with regard to the democratic process, but all of that might be respected as we can go on, but let me just conclude by giving us one or two examples in some of two lessons. Firstly, demand despondency have become very palpable within our communities and societies but we can't be despondent. Maybe a cream sauce also suffered setbacks, and maybe a cream sauce lamb after he suffered a setback of one whole quarter of the Holy Quran, one quarter of the one juice of the Holy Quran in the fazzio para Allah tala is addressed to set that in such beautiful ways. When I say he knew what to do not become overwhelmed with despondency one tool alone Allah will grant you

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victory if you are believers. He m says conquer Woonsocket Mr. Kumar homie through if we have suffered Hoon, the enemies have also suffered wounds. If you sometimes do not get your objectives, they also do not achieve all the objectives. So

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we never are supposed to be despondent failure and success is in the hands of Almighty Allah, we are supposed to strive towards doing that which is correct. The second thing I think is such a great lesson and preparedness of the masses and even Islamic groups to understand sometimes, sometimes people are not ready for Islam in the Sharia. Brother, this is a very strong statement for me to make. But I mean, we need to look at it. Why are people not ready? When a call is made? That No, we are going to have a government based on Sharia palparan who does Khurana? That was the policy. And that was a slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now why is it that despite that, they do not get a buy

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in from a country which is overwhelmingly in majority Muslims. You ask yourself a question that will give you some of the reasons I'm not giving it in, in a form of a judgement but maybe this perhaps to look at it. One is perhaps people feel that Sharia is going to impact upon the Liberty so people don't like to to have the individual liberty taken away from them. So Sharia no longer able to do this, to do that. The other aspect is the stigmatization of Sharia in the Western media has been so ongoing. It is starting to have an impact upon Muslims. So they also start to feel that no, we can live under Sharia Sharia law. It is supposed to be not, you know not justice. It is supposed to be

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barbaric and the other pillar

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stigmatization of Sharia but yet, you know, we know the beauty of the Sharia when it was implemented in its true form. But this is perhaps one of the reasons. Thirdly, perhaps the way it has been implemented not in a correct manner in other parts of the world has given other people on the ground, a very wrong notion with regard to what is Sharia. So people are afraid of the Sharia. So they say what has actually happened in other parts of the world. And the fourth thing, I'm going to make mention with regard to this, that Islamic movements need to be aware of this particular aspect, that you can't move forward until you don't take people with you.

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Until you do not get people with you, you cannot move forward. And this is a lesson that has been learned in Afghanistan, it has been listened, learn and learned here. Perhaps our organizations here need to be taking you know cognizance with regard to it, that as much as you can talk about the Sharia until you do not create an environment of taking people with you, you would be cut off from the people until you learn to bring people with you in terms of the Sharia. The second is the third aspect with regard to it. Sometimes you think Islamophobia, on the height. And the question marks with regard to Islam is not only by the West or by non Muslims, even my own self, it has actually

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reached a situation that there is a degree of self hating, due to secular nationalism in secularism is perhaps one of the greatest trials because Muslim Omar faces in one day he shall I will speak about this aspect of secularism, you know, and that freedom brings me back to this aspect of of, you know, mental slavery, you know, this, you know, mental slavery, by the means of colonialism. So therefore, you find, then, when musala salatu salam was taking money away from the tyranny of throne, just remember this, what did they say called butene, amicably, and Tatiana women body Medina,

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taking us away, we were better off on the film, we were better off on the film.

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We are better off under apartheid. I mean, that is what slavery does to you, you know that you start saying we were better than we were saved.

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So when you get Freedom, freedom requires courage. And freedom requires you to take bold steps away from the status quo. Now, this is actually sometimes very difficult for people to understand. So this is an aspect but just keep in mind that the Quran talks about

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Iran, and he telling the minister, why are you running away from me? Elisa Malik, welcome, Mr. Mahajan.

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Were you running away from me? I mean, look at missile, look at agriculture, look at economic prosperity. What do you want?

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him I bet to his muscle is better, who doesn't have any wealth? Am I better his muscle is better who can even speak?

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Now think about this aspect? How do you and I feel? Do we want this love? Or do we want economic prosperity that comes because on the basis of injustice, you know, and this is something that we really need. And also another thing is when we talk about the setting Islamic identity, it requires economic depth and capacity of Muslims to endure difficulty. When Muslim brought Islam, it was not easy. I mean, the people, some of the initial people of Islam, the Sunni Shia Muslims, when they were undergoing such great degree of hardships, people like the family of yourself, I mean, what great hardships they went through. But they were able to endure because they hit the free. Today,

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unfortunately, this situation doesn't happen. So it's a very, very tough task with regard to it. That Where are the people capable? To they have the capacity to say, very easy to say that we want Islam? But do we have the capacity to do it? Do we have that faith to be able to say we want Islam. And many times when you want Islam, there will be sacrifices, how you prepare for the sacrifices. These are the type of questions and lessons that we need to be learning. Also, a very great lesson and I will conclude with this is, you know, it's easy to talk about revolution. Revolution is something the easiest thing to talk about is revolution. But one great lesson with regard to

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revolution is that together with big dreams and big slogans about revolution is also necessary to ensure that we have the means to make some of these dreams come through very quickly. Once the object of the revolution is achieved, people tend to get distribution very, very quickly. So it is necessary to do things very visibly very quickly after a revolution. Otherwise people tend to become resolution. These are some of the lessons that we can take. I mean, we can also talk about the disunity which has led to this whole situation. But at the end of the day, we all know that all of is in the hands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala who should never become despondent restaurant

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towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala into our industry far. Let us do whatever we can leave the results in the hands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. inshallah, through the means of our efforts through the means of always defer for the means of our dua, maybe Allah subhanaw taala will bring about a situation that will be good

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for Muslims, both in Mr. Egypt, other parts of the Muslim world, you're in every way that will lead to real peace and stability, which will lead to real justice both in this world and will be good for us in the after world.