Ebrahim Bham – Understanding Taqlid – Following A Mazhab

Ebrahim Bham
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Milan Viva La Mulana v Radha Madhava oma de la katabatic. adobe. Well, Ashley at Avada Shariati

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mavado Vila Humana shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. First, Atlantic region quantum la moon. Sara Allah will azim My dear respected mothers and sisters. We begin by praising Almighty Allah azza wa jal for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us. Allah has made us amongst the believers and that Allah has made us among specialists.

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We thank Allah tala with regard to all his favors. Allah says we're in town Tony Amato mahila.

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If you try and count the favors of Allah, you would be unable to do so. And after saying that Allah Allah in the same verses, said, If you try and count the favors, you would be unable to do so. But yet human being leser rumen kuffaar. He is so unjust by being ungrateful to Allah. After Allah has given him so many favors, he is still unjust, and he is still ungrateful. We send salutations upon our beloved Nivea creme de la vida masala Sallam through whom we have received a lot. Allah's message says align the Holy Quran

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Allah Allah, Allah

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say I'm a human being. And Allah tala has granted me his working, that to say unto you that Allah is one rocketman Allah.

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Allah says I have done a tremendous favor upon you by sending the nebby of Allah tala from amongst you from amongst being a human being.

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After mentioning Allah us Alice and acknowledging Angela's greatness and praising Allah and setting rotations upon our beloved Nivea cream sauce, Saddam Hussein Obama, but after that, we have a topic at hand which is, in some way, an academic topic. Normally it is not a topic that we speak about in terms of motivation, in terms of inspiration in terms of encouraging people. It has something more to do with understanding more than aspects of emotion or in terms of inspiration. And of course, it is something that it's so important because by enlarge, everyone

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whom we ask are by and large, the majority of the people whom we ask, they will say, Yes, we follow a man. We follow the mother of the family that is generally the situation here, or we follow the mother of your mom, Shakira Talalay and many times people speak about this without knowing it. Now, it's an academic topic. And there are so many points with regard to it that I don't want to go into a very great academic discussion, I want to try and keep it as simple as possible for people to understand it from a basic understanding of it. And maybe inshallah, because it's an academic topic, I have suggested that maybe we have a 10 minute you know, a question answer. So in case someone does

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have any questions with regard to the matter, we can try and resolve it without anyone having a wrong perception with regard to matters. The first thing that has look at some of the definitions. So the first thing we look at is duck lead lexically the word duck lead is comes from the word colada a cola right? And it means to place something on the neck of something now you know, there are two ways of looking at it. And always there are two ways of looking at things. Sometimes a person look at it from a you know, different perspective, different angle. You know, in our situation males look at things differently. Female look at things differently. Like you know,

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humorously, they say whenever you see a man opening the door of the car for his wife to know the guy is new, he's not doing it because of the wife. He looks at it that way. You know, a woman would think he is supposed to open the door for me out of respect and honor. So we have things to people look at it now putting something in a colors those who are against a plea they say you see, it shows that people are being led by the color and those whom we like we we believe no, this is our adornment. This is our embellishment, this is a form the way you put something on your neck out of adornment you put a necklace. So that is how it is. So that is the lexical meaning in terms of the

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technical meaning. It is to me

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Accept the opinion of someone to accept the opinion on something of someone because of his expertise, because of him knowing the field in which he is without asking him for a proof.

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So accepting a religious ruling from a qualified jurist without necessarily knowing the proof or the legal rationale behind the ruling. In doing so, the layman resigns his affair to the scholar and agrees to be guided by him out of trust and confidence in his scholarship and confidence in his piety. And this is what actually many times happen, you go to an alum and said, I've got this issue and he will tell you that in this issue, do this. You know, when asked him ways in the Quran and Hadith that you are saying this, so you do it because of the trust that you have in a person. So you go to a Mufti, you go to an island, we said, Listen, I've got the situation. What is the way out?

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What is the answer to the solution? So he tells you, this is the answer. You don't want to ask him for proofs that in reality is that clear and clear in reality? It's a such a pragmatic thing as I will go on to say we do taqlid in nearly every aspect of our life we follow. We follow someone without asking for evidence in every aspect of our life. So that is known as the cliff must have means following a path so you follow the mother of immigrant family, or Imam Shafi, Rahmatullah Li you follow the method of someone The word madhhab means adopting a path. The real objective of all of ours is we want to obey align his Rasul sallallahu wasallam.

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we align is rhassoul. We follow nebia cream sauce lm because nebia cream sauce alum is a representative of Allah. May UK Rasulullah ferrata Allah, He will follow Lazarus rule of Almighty Allah He follows Allah ma de como rasuluh Manoj Kumar, Fanta who is a Quranic is telling you Only you know Arabic sentences in the teenage to power of the Holy Quran whatever the suit of Allah tells you do it whatever he tells you not to do stay away from it. So, the objective of all of ours we try we endeavor to follow a line is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now there are two types of is a two types of commands of Allah tala our understanding we want to we want to follow a line is a

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soul everyone wants to follow Allah is a soul. Now in there there are two types of commands and align the Quran is made mentioned with regard to this one la De Anza Radhika kita Berman Hua

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Hua Hua Makita bucaro mata shabbiha align surah Allah ma super of the Quran first Delta, there are two types of ions. One is which is known as the major portion of multitap the essence of the Quran. It is mahkamah clear cut. You don't need any proof you don't need anyone to teach you you don't need anyone. You don't need to follow anyone. Allah is one who Allahu Ahad, Allah is one Salah is one Allah wa Samad He is someone that he everyone is dependent upon him he is not dependent dependent upon anyone. The police came to our beloved Nivea cream sauce, if you are telling us about your law, you are telling us about you and law. You know we have followed idols and we have worship idols who

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is your Allah?

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Give us the lineage of your law, maybe a cream sauce. Allah subhanho wa Taala reveal. Hulu Allahu Allahu Samad Lamia, read whatever you will read William yaku. forward to them, oh Profoto for mighty Allah. This is my Allah He is one here is summit. Everyone is dependent upon him. No one is not dependent upon anyone, everyone for his existence. Every moment of his existence is dependent upon Almighty Allah, Allah for his existence, and Allah for his authority. Allah for carrying out his function is not in need of anyone. Let me read one of you that he was not he was not born from anyone he doesn't give birth to anyone. And there is no one like a law. Oh, that is something that

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you and I we believe in. It's quite clear cut the eyes of the Holy Quran very clear cut.

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Don't bite. But Allah tala says Rosina Don't come near sin and adultery. Now in those aspects in which the Quran and Hadith is clear cut, we don't need any taqlid, we don't need to follow him up. You don't have to follow anyone because align the Ender ressourcer Allahu Allah wa sallam has told you, so therefore in these matters, we follow a lie these ressourcer Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Sometimes, there are other types of commands which are ambiguous. What is the meaning of ambiguous it is something that is not clear cut. We don't know the full understanding

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Have it. Sometimes it is different meanings.

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Sometimes, we don't know the chronological order with regard to it, something something, say something and another iscm say something else. It seems contradictory and we don't know now in those particular matters, you and sometimes there is no direct tax. So sometimes let me give you an example. Well, Mouton la cartuja Terra bus NaVi unfussy Hinata SATA Kuru, a woman who is divorced She must have a waiting period of velocity Peru, three Peru. Now what is the meaning of Peru? There are two meanings in the Arabic dictionary. One meaning is it means the cycle the monthly cycle, one meaning is the period of purity between the cycles. Now which of those meanings is meant by this

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ayat? Now you and I, we don't know. We don't even know what the word Peru means. We don't even know the the aspect with regard to what is the root word of Peru. Then Allah Allah says la sala de la B Fatiha Tillakaratne me sauce limited. There is no salad except through the means of Surah Fatiha Illa party I think it up. Now, does this mean that everyone has to read Surah Fatiha in every situation? If the Imam reads Surah Fatiha, does that fall at the heart of the Imam? Is it sufficient for this hadith to be fulfilled? Because he has read and he is reading and leading the congregation alima massaman. The Imam is in charge of the entire he is responsible for the entire congregation.

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What does it mean? Now these type of things there are ambiguous and sometimes there are things that can be apparently contradictory. I've used the word apparently very, very deliberately not contradictory, apparently contradictory. So a letter in the Holy Quran says yes aluna Cardinal, somebody will mess if they asked you about gambling and they asked you about alcohol say there is benefit in it and these are minut the harm is better greater therefore stay away from it. Then Allah says laughter Prabhu salata, cuando su cara, don't drink alcohol when you coming near Salah which gives the indication that if you are not going for Salah you can take alcohol.

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But now these are different types of situations. We don't know the chronological order then came the Hyatt ritsumeikan Amani shaytan l call is full from amongst the amount of shaytan who stay away from it. Now all of these I'm just giving an example. We know now the the chronological order with regard to this, but there are many other is that we don't know which came first, which abrogates one which has not abrogate which is in reality, what is the definition and scope of it? What is not? Now this process is very complicated. What do you do? Right? So what can you do? There are situations you know, you leave it to everyone. So everyone makes its own decision. As it is we got so much of this

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unity in the Midwest a structured model, can you imagine how much confusion and chaos they would have been in the automotive everyone is left to interpret these verses which are ambiguous on his own. Can you imagine what would have happened, they would have been we would have had no Islam left, we would have had a circus people would have said this is the meaning of the ayat. Allah says salad salad means

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the literal meaning of salad means to do and remember. So I will at the time of salad just remember now for two seconds, my salad is done. So what do they mean the chaos if everyone is left to his own, to make a decision with regard to commands, which are ambiguous and the second is to rely upon those who are experts, those who are miles ahead of us in terms of expertise and piety, those who have understood NF spend their entire life to try and understand the Quranic ayah to understand the meaning of the Quran and Hadith. And those who have spent a time and who are pious so now either you can do either I'm gonna do it myself, and I'm gonna do it myself. I know what's gonna happen. So

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human one day after, you know,

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someone passed away, you know, there was a million in the family. The mother got together and said, everyone see, I'm taking all the wealth. I'm taking all the wealth of my son because the Quran says so. So where does the Quran say so? She read interpret, Yara she said Where does Allah tala in the Holy Quran says the Pachamama, mother must take everything said read it. kabocha Abby.

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Ma. Kumar Whoo hoo, Wah ma casa, maka Sabha. So she took everything now in that if you leave it to everyone, this is what's going to happen. Everyone will make their own type of stories. And now that is not the way What are ways you rely upon someone who is an expert, and then you give yourself off to that expert. That is the meaning of it. And people have made such a huge fuss with regard to

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To eat and yet it is such an it's such a simple thing. It's like for example you going to a doctor the doctor checks up everything and said you got fever you take this pinata. Now if you were to take that as a thing Desperado or you got sugar the way nowadays is becoming so nearly every second person who say you got sugar you say sugar Shea have anyone who has ever said sugar, sugar sugar Chugga so now what what do you do every second one is that now what are you gonna do? When you go and tell you give me gives you glucophage or it gives you Metformin. So you said Why are you giving me glucophage Give me the delille for it. Tell me why you came to me? Go fly kite. Why you came to

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me I'm an expert, I know why I'm doing it. So we rely upon him because of the fact that he is an expert. And of course in today's time, even in the medicine field, it is so much of so much of changes compared to in the in the in the in the method and in the religion there isn't so much of changes. And when we were 20 years ago, they told you not to have full fat milk, skim milk, but then they told you don't have butter buffets is very fair, you know, have fat No, of course cholesterol, and don't have eggs every day because you've got cholesterol. And all of these things don't have steak don't have all of these types of things that is harmful nowadays, they tell you high protein,

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low carb, have full full fat milk, sugar, half don't even have normal yogurt don't have no fat you can have double fate yogurt. So now all of that is in the in the field of medicine, but still we believe by the doctors have told us they are experts. So in reality, what is the clean tech lead is following someone who is an expert and following him in his understanding. Now, the moment you say this, you get away from those people who don't. And out of ignorance they say are you following the parameter? How do you follow

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what a stupid foolish statement you are following avani for his individual capacity, you are not following him or money for him. I'm Shafi mama mama mama monochromator lolly in his role as an individual, you are following him because of his expertise because of his piety because of his scholarship, you are following his understanding of the Quran and Hadith because you don't have the capacity to be able to deduct messages or deduct commands from the Holy Quran. So, you He is not a law giver, you are not following

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the law giver you are following him because of his scholarship to lead is to accept the opinion of something someone without knowing or demanding a proof we do it in every aspect, the plumber comes into our you know, a plumber comes into the house, he does something he charges so much we say one person went to an engineer, and there was something that was wrong in a very, very, you know, expensive computer. So, the engineer came to the computer, he came he took a small hammer, he knocked to three places. And after knocking to three places he gave him a bit of you know 3000 range. So this person came back and he said, You knocked at three places. You notice Paul However,

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there are three places in different parts of the computer you charge me 3000 and you are robbing me. So he replied in the bill and he said to knock to knock the three places five grand to know which which places to knock it was that is that is that 3000 and I'm asking for so that is a reality we all we all do it and this is a relative with regard to Tallinn and where is it the Quran tells us so many places in the world are in it so many is in in one hour. I will give you the book that is perhaps out of the IRA about three books on this just to come to the one that I found to be most suitable. And the one that is most easy to explain the aspect of is that the one of Mufti Taqi was

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money on taqlid very very easy and they gave many is of the Quran I'm gonna make mention of two yeah you already know Armando hottie Allah hottie Rasool Allah Allah Allah Marie min Come, O you who believe oh you who believe x, follow Allah follow the suit and follow those who are in authority. Now the word authority has two meanings one is a follow the political authority or follow religious authority according to your boss, which is

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the word Jamar is what am I right? So follow those white authority follow the Anima PC so therefore, you know, even even the Quran tells you to follow Jimmy.

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So, that is what I the other iron which is the 14 super important first victory in quantum law Tolman, as the people of remembrance if you don't know what a beautiful way of understanding if you don't know how to detect messages from the Quran directly going as the people who know so this is the aspect where where is it in the Hadith. Many other examples with regard to it in Saudi Arabia Kareem saw some said that ob larina midbody Abu Bakr, Omar, follow Abu Bakr and Omar after me. He didn't say follow Abu

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A Korean woman and ask them for evidence with regard to what they tell you. Can you say that no. Go and follow Abubakar and Omar after me and go and follow them because they are people of expertise. They are people of scholarship alone Bill halali was

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the one who knows most about Alan Herrera is

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going to ask him if you know anything now you're not going to ask him told you

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is the one who knows most about you know, halal and haram. You know, Allah subhanho wa Taala is nobody has told us if he tells us are we going to ask you for the Li? I'm going to ask you for proof we follow Ma Ma No. So this is the aspect with regard to following someone based on this scholarship. And there are many examples with regard to it. And we saw some said

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Anna Karenina, doula, who reliable people will be in every generation, you must they will bear the responsibility of this film of minds, you must you must follow them in one Hadith may be occurring saucer made mention with regard to the signs of Tiamat any one of the signs of Tiamat he said that 11 will be taken up 11 will be raised 11 will be lifted. Sahaba Sierra Sula will be lifted. Each and every generation of ours we are teaching we got a mucked up because at the seal series, we are teaching this and we are teaching that we are teaching you torture and how will it be lifted via cream sauce and said Allah would be taken away. So therefore it said motorolla motorolla. When a

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person dies, it is like the universe has died. So when an alley mistaken, the Elon will go away from him then people will follow those who do not have the authority and will not have the expertise who do not have the capacity. Although this is with regard to the science of climate it tells you of following an alien and don't follow those who do not have the LM because they will mislead you. So you understand the concept of following someone who is an expert has been made mentioned in many a hadith like this. So that is in the time of Sahaba just to be an example how many types of examples there are with regard to it as a omorovicza loutra, who one day made mention from the member of

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Nivea cream sauce alum and he gave certain types of people he said you want to know something if you want to know about cannot go to obey nikka obeyed niqab is

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someone who knows most about you know this is wave nica go to me because you want to know about a frog or Holmes AWS habit. If you want to know about the laws of inheritance, go to Sydney sabot. Sydney fabby to someone who knows you want to know Muslims, go to mahabali Java, or go to appleid you Massoud karate Allahu terrano. And then he said he gave many examples now what is it that is complete? So you following someone because of the expertise. So someone could have said if it was against and the way those those who are against the cleaning said you must follow the Quran? And if someone could have raised the objection and said Why Why did Omar said to him?

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Why must we go to Syria my family will go directly to the Quran and Hadith. So it's just a natural thing that you go to people out of expertise, right? In our in our office in the Jamia terranova there is someone who is in your region with P

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50. Yousuf doctorate he's the one who is in charge of the inheritance so any narratives must not compensate by his move to use of doctorate is the is the is the expert in it. When asked him with regard to making up the shares other than meat with followings move to use of doctors who are not following the Quran and Hadith. It just means that he is an expert and we are following his expertise with regard to the Quran and Hadith. And there are many types of example that we saw Omar viola, Otranto, sin Amara nickname or soon to Kufa telling them you follow a married Nia Sarah and M kidney moshood. And Kufa is in Iraq. Imani family comes from Iraq most of the money pharmacologic

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comes from the lightning Masaru is from Iraq. The people of Medina used to follow his ad without it so much so that one day or two live near basmati allowed who came to them and told him you are doing something like this. I don't agree with it. This is my view. You know what I told him by you are very You are the cousin of me salsa, but we follow sacredness of it. We follow Satanism is a fabulous our Mr.

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Because he is the one who we follow. So what anyone was anything wrong in the Sahaba the people of Medina used to follow

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and why they went to Yama. Now this was a very amazing incident when they became so slim sent

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to Yemen and we elect Allah make it easy for the people of Yemen through the crisis they are going at the moment. And Allah tala make it easy for those especially the people who are on the ground and let them make it easy for them.

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So maybe a cream sauce from St. Lucia may be a cream sauce lamb was selling listen to this whole incident. Now this is becoming too technical. So let me give you a couple of incidents so Martin is a cream sauce sent him and as the results can be sending in a

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Also misleading him and put any scammer in he is on the camel's back. But in his on his convenience that we saw slim is leading him and was invisible said jasola Let me get up I can't bear this is awesome said carry on, and maybe a cream sauce them giving him advice. Beautiful advice jacoba for him Nevada law la subida maternal immune Omar's when you go to Yemen, don't lead a very luxurious way of life don't lead a very ostentatious way of life. The servants of Allah are not those who are given to a very extravagant way of life on whereas athletes Dena omaze, do something for the pleasure of Allah. Do it sincerely little bit of good deeds will suffice for your salvation. The

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resource them is giving him all these beautiful advice, and then maybe a cream salon to sell him ask him

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you are going to Yemen and how are you going to? How are you going to rule and judge amongst people? jasola I'm gonna judge amongst people on the basis of the Quran. Omar as what happens if you don't find it in the Quran? Yasser Allah will charge on the basis of Libya Karim sosna Omar what happens if you don't find it in the Quran and Hadith jasola I will deduct principles from the Quran and Hadith and when applied to that particular given situation. How easy What a beautiful answer he gave when he gave the answer. The baker himself said I make I think Allah was given the soul of the soul of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala the ability to say the truth. So Pamela, what a beautiful answer.

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You know, someone will say you say the Quran has got everything. Where is it in the Quran about mendax nowhere Is it the Quran that is is it is haram to have metrics it is haram to heaven when it is haram to have tick. So someone comes to you and said Where is it in the Quran to say that it is haram by Allah tala sakara anything that intoxicating is haram. He also intoxicates mental acts also intoxicated here are we in also in intoxicated therefore it is haram based on principles deducted from the Quran and Hadith then the be a cream sauce from said, Omar. This was very difficult. Oh was

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next time you come next time you come perhaps you will come He will come and you will see my cover you will not see me

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sofapaka mas Casa de ferati Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that a crime? Was that a crime? What was more greater difficult for the Sahaba then for them to leave maybe a cream sauce was started crying? Who was Don't cry in

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a sukkah who in America and American Omar Don't cry the people who are closest to me are those

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in the wilderness. Those who feel that Allah no matter where they are, no matter where they come, no matter where they are, how far they might be from me how distant they might be in terms of time, those who are close to me even if they don't see me.

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So look at this beautiful things. Therefore, the people of Yemen they used to follow my regimen they used to make tech lead they used to follow. So this is the aspect of tech lead to make it easy to follow someone on the basis of his expertise and his scholarship. Now Allah tala has given us all this. Now the one point is why do we follow a codified method. So instead of we can say reverse for anyone, why do we have to follow the method and the way of

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learning or the method of human Shafi rollin why is it that we don't follow anyone from Amanda Saba, we could have said we follow nzda sorry, we following up the library moshood we are following you know, America Yasser Abu Bakr Omar

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Why Why must we follow you know, only you know, one particular way and this is also very interesting, the reason why the autumn I have said follow one way one mother is because in the earliest stages of Islam, she could was dominant and when good was dominant, people used to exert themselves to follow the best practice to exert to follow the best practice nowadays you find all of these type of things, in terms of the king's commission for ethical and proper leadership, they always say follow the best example, follow that with the best of ways.

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So, in that way, the people used to follow that what was good things to follow, automatically they used to follow the best practice. Now in our situation, alphabet and letter alphabet, we have become so accustomed to our knifes, we have become so accustomed to following our desires, and the following of our designers is such that leads you astray. If If we do not follow one button, and it was left to us to follow, whichever one view that is there, amongst the views

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We wouldn't have been able to go and follow that which is best practice we would have gone to follow that which is the most easiest and which suits us and which is convenient to us. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it such that there is a Divine Decree that has come upon that Allah tala has made it that throughout history these former him have remained intact. And Allah tala has made it our mindset follow that to control your desires. Rama Madhava camara De

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La Hoya financial Janata here those who fear standing in front of Almighty Allah Madhava Nakamura p 100. of Samuel Hawa, and he prevents his desire to follow its its cause follow its desire for indulgent nothing prevents his desire from following its cause. Jenna becomes his abode. Yeah, Jana carefully fatten fill out a campaign and voila, our winner

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for you the lockean sebelah odawa don't follow your desire, it will take you away from the right path. Just remember this, write this down to research the power of the Holy Quran immediately after the title hour, one

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hour don't follow your desire, it will take you away from the right path. If Allah had left it to us, individually, you go and follow whichever of the views out there amongst the Imams or amongst the different types of scholars that are there. You can follow whichever one you want what we would have done we would have followed our desire align the Quran tells you the moment you start following your desires then for you the law and civilian law then you go and go astray from the right path. Unless Purcell and grace upon the Allah who have kept us upon submission, submit an index submission voila Hill azim there is benefit for us. You know this particular aspect is this there is many great

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lessons with regard to it. For us the greatest aspects submit to the commands of Allah submit to someone that he you have trust in His scholarship in his piety submit so that you can follow the commands of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Don't leave it to your knifes.

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One day was asked earlier, how can we gain genma? Allah Viola was blessed with a remarkable wisdom. He said very easy to follow. Very easy, very easy. He said what do you mean early? He said put your one step on your desires. Put your one step on your knifes, your next step is agenda. What a beautiful way. Put your one step upon your desire. And the next step is just one step is like a steps. You put one step on your desire the next step you go into agenda. And therefore lateral says don't follow your desires. This is something that you and I read. Many times people say freedom, we want freedom, we want freedom after 1994 everyone is sleeping, singing the slogans of freedom, what

00:32:54 --> 00:33:05

is the meaning of freedom, freedom doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want to someone say that from now onwards I'm free. Therefore now I'm not going to drive on the left hand side of the road and drive on the right hand side of the road. You won't get home by tonight

00:33:07 --> 00:33:43

so we know that there are certain with this type of absolute freedom creates chaos. You know, here's a PR This is incidentally a person one day when he said now we are free so because we free he went into someone's orchard and he started picking up the fruit from them. So the owner kemosabe whose permission unit my fruits, I wouldn't have my military stake my permission who How can you just come in? He said Listen, I'm free. You are free. The fruits are lateralus creation I'ma let the last creation you are last creation. I am unless creation eating illustration. So who are you to object? So the owner said Now how are we going to how we're going to argue with this pen. So he started took

00:33:43 --> 00:34:26

a big stick and he started beating him up. So why are we Why are you Why are you hitting me. I'm illustration you illustration, I'm using illustration to hit illustration. When you're going to start saying these type of things, I can do anything I can go in any one shopping, pick whatever I want. Then that type of freedom leads to chaos, login promises such chaos. So therefore we win anyone anyone who says I'm free to think whatever I want. I'm free to do whatever I want. I'm free to say whatever I want. Remember Islam means submission submission to whom submission to the winner of Allah Manasa rodina milkman Aslam de la huaxin, who is Dean is better than the one who is Dean is

00:34:26 --> 00:34:59

better than the one who submits to the will of Allah subhana wa Taala whose TV is better than the one who submitted the we submit so much, you know, and Natasha told us you know, you start Rosa this time you finish Rosa the time, someone can say why I can start 10 minutes early, I can start 10 minutes earlier and I can break 10 minutes earlier. From the logical point of view. It makes sense. I'm making fasting for 1012 hours. No, no, we follow we follow submission. And this is the greatest as a monk Shafi. Rahmatullah used to say when I debate with someone on religion

00:35:01 --> 00:35:45

I make dua that Allah Allah keeps the truth on his tongue that I can submit to it. I make dua that Allah tala keep the truth on his tongue that I can submit to it. Even the army Rahmatullah used to say that the entirety of Deen freedom is that freedom is to be subservient to Allah to be a slave and therefore not be a cream sauce alum went to such What a great Allah Allah grant that maybe sauce from such a great honor. Such great closeness and such great, you know, accolades and honor in the average letter when he makes mention of it's a Suhana Linnaeus Ravi Abdi Laila sclero Glory be to the one who took his Banda who took his out who took a slave. So we saw this many times people say,

00:35:45 --> 00:36:30

you know, why are you following another person? Why are you following another person? Can you think for yourself? For us? This is this honor in following the truth, even if you've been through the other person. For us, there is honor in being an attempt to be a slave to be humbled to help humanity. There is honor. It was Omarosa loutra, who is one more field Jana Omar is in Ghana. On his deathbed. He had his head on the lap of his son Abdullah in Nova rhodiola. Toronto, and he told his son, oh, my son, don't keep my head. Don't keep my face on your lap, put it on the ground. He put it on the ground, and he rubbed his face on the ground. He said, we look even hotter in the midst of

00:36:30 --> 00:36:54

the lacquer book. Oh destruction. We are not over if or if the Hata Oh son of Fatah if Allah doesn't forgive you, for us, we don't have this pride. This particular aspect of saying that the police are following someone is is against your pride. It's no it's no loss of pride, please It is our pride. We follow someone we submit to Him because we want to be humble.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:27

There was you know, one of our one of our great Alma Mater rasheeda mugunghwa Rahmatullah was one day teaching in the courtyard in the because in India becomes sometimes very, you know, hot and sometimes people go out in English and this when he was teaching outside, and he's all of a sudden became a certain way everyone took the key tabs, everyone took there at the desk, and Maharashtra miraculously took all the students shoes and he kept it and he brought it inside the building. To be humble, there is nothing wrong. So we when we say we follow these absolutely, the one point that many times people say

00:37:30 --> 00:38:12

why is it for why Allah has kept this particular aspect to be for for that also comes? It also is the the the favor the divine favor, certain things happen with regard to things you see when in our history. When when the Quran Allah Subhan Allah has revealed the Quran in seven dialects. In initial stages of Islam, there used to be seven dialects, people who are free to read it in every dialect. Then a time came in a time horseman only allowed to say for a theologian who came from Central Asia and Republic. Allah gave me the opportunity I was there. So when he came in, he saw that he came in, he said, Oh amirul mumineen Oh, man do something about this dialects. People are fighting about it.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:21

People are fighting on the basis of this dialects. If you don't create and bring about unanimity of the vote on this matter. There is going to be fitna so what he did was

00:38:22 --> 00:38:26

he brought all of his dialect and voted on the dialect of the Kurdish

00:38:27 --> 00:39:09

and now you will say why out of 711 only chose one why it initially it was seven now only what one is divine Muslim. There are many there was a massive amount so Fiona sorry mom lateness admin was moved to a lesson sobre todo de su se lif was a great fucking great jurist, but his students, they let him go to waste they didn't they didn't preserve his history. So all of these others have become commodified. These a way for you to follow. So you follow one of them. Allah Allah knows why. out of seven he kept one dialect out of so many different jurists he kept for it is divinely, it is divinely sanctioned, come from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala the wisdom which only Allah subhanaw

00:39:09 --> 00:39:48

taala knows. So out of all of that, there are many, many examples I can give. So there is no flow to follow someone interclean in in terms of following an individual there are enough examples I gave the people of Yemen used to follow Madiba but the people of Medina used to follow a servant leader shaxi, the leader of a particular person, it happened in the time of Sahaba it happened throughout history, and it is happening now it is nothing wrong with it. So one point I would have ever seen. Just as I go towards the end with regard to these other five minutes, I will conclude this is very important. Follow your mother and be proud with regard to it. Don't make unnecessary, don't make

00:39:48 --> 00:39:53

unnecessary changing. If they have to be a change who will make the change. Don't leave it to yourself to make that change.

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

But you follow them up stick upon it and be proud with regard to it.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

Don't let anyone tell you any anything otherwise. But however, we should be careful that we do not follow the Imams in a manner that engender disunity. No, no, we always have respect. We always say that each and every one is is correct in its own way. Allah tala has kept them. They are great, great Imams, their followers of them are also right. So you don't go and see someone who is doing something that is different from UMC you are Oh, so you go to the harmonica and pick up a fight. Why are you reading numbers like that? Why are you making Raffaele because we will see fit now. We see people who have come from Somalia, they may clarify it. So things have become a little bit more

00:40:37 --> 00:40:48

easier for us to understand. But don't don't become a situation of creating disunity because of the different. This is never possible. Never possible. You know,

00:40:49 --> 00:40:50

Toronto, you know, when

00:40:51 --> 00:41:05

we went for Hajj was Monrovia volcano made for a cutscene minute now there was a reason with regard to why you read for cause I'm not gonna go into that. So abuser became very angry. You know, at that time, he said, How can he read for a couch when we saw snow rockets.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:09

And as the time came again,

00:41:10 --> 00:41:48

he went and even read numbers behind him. So someone said you were telling me that you are criticizing was one of your Latino for eating forecasts yet you want to read numbers behind him. He said the fitna will be greater than me reading for a cut. So even if I have got an individual view on the matter, our soul still follows me wrong meaning you don't create disunity with regard to this whole particular aspect. In this age of in this age of fitness. One of the greatest triumph in our motto is disunity. One of the reasons why we having this problem is this unity that we saw some said Yoruba Hello Gemma, Allah is upon the United lat finders barakaatuh Mama, the Baraka of Allah

00:41:48 --> 00:42:18

subhanho wa Taala is on the United lat. So we have enough disunity for us to create this unity on the basis of the different fix, we will follow it, but you will not create this unity on the basis of the fit that we are following. We will not create this unity and there was a greatest respect between the Messiah You know, there was an incident one day that happened in my budget, and I must share this. So, as I was coming out the moment I read Shannon was coming back there was a group of people who came from abroad there were people from Somalia, now according to them, they can make

00:42:19 --> 00:42:57

Jamaat in the same Masjid after the main Jamaat, but for us it is frowned upon and this was done. So that the main Jamaat is not regarded as insignificant is given this importance, if everyone is just allowed to read, you know, Jamaat as they want, then no one will respect the main Jamaat, there will be this unity. So in that particular way, there was one small Jamaat, that they were eating, so some of them will sell this, especially the elderly became very angry, why not do something about it, stop them immediately. So I said, Take it easy, and then they were becoming more enraged, also not doing anything about it. So then I told them this may occur himself. So I'm Stein one day nebia

00:42:57 --> 00:43:01

cream sosman was sitting as a hobby came to urinate.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:20

And he didn't know that the Muslim and Sahaba became so enraged, and they wanted to stop him immediately. And said, don't do that. If you want to stop him now and he's gonna want to complete what he is doing, he'll run around. And instead of the Napa key being confined to one place, it will get throughout the masjid

00:43:21 --> 00:43:29

lead him, I then told them that nobody saw some tolerated a person unity. You can tolerate another person making Jamaat and

00:43:31 --> 00:43:55

then afterwards I told the Somalis after they finish that lesson in our in our situation, how to read it at this particular time, but don't create this unity. These are the type of things in amongst amongst the aspects that were there. There was always the greatest amount of respect. You know, a person one day said I saw him on the forum today Lima Malik Rahmatullah discussing matters of from after Isha telfa.

00:43:57 --> 00:44:02

Even Malika actually one day came out of a gathering and speaking to a bonafide he was perspiring.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:10

And someone said that why you perspiring, I said, I've debated with such a person that he says such a phenomenal intellect

00:44:11 --> 00:44:34

that if he sees one particular pillar and he wants to prove that the pillar is in a particular way, by the strength of his argument, and because of intellect, he will prove it to the way he has made mention of it. Phenomenal intellect. And he said, This discuss matters of Dean from from Isha till further. Now we can discuss anything.

00:44:35 --> 00:44:46

We sit in fight with regard to everything, fighting about chickens, fighting about fighting, fighting all these two things throughout the world wherever you go. The Muslims fight about Harada and Hillel

00:44:47 --> 00:44:59

everywhere you go, you're fighting over the moon, but if I think about the chickens to ever we have so stop this fighting stop this, these respect between Morocco and Mr. Muslim colada. Subhan. Allah, you know, him I'm Shakira.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:06

Totally so a dream I think I'm getting the right sequence Mr. Shapiro Malala was the start of him.

00:45:08 --> 00:45:12

So he saw a dream in which maybe a cream sauce from said Go and tell him about

00:45:14 --> 00:45:55

that Allah tala will test him and after his test him and he must remain steadfast upon that he must remain steadfast upon the tribe. He must not he must not waver. So, so Eman Shafi Rahmatullah Lee told his students Imam Muslim Rahmatullah can give the news to mama hominem but it Nivea cream sauce, Solomon said, Allah will test you therefore you must remain steadfast. Now if someone comes in tell you that a friend of yours a cousin of yours, an alum who is somewhere in Makkah, Medina on India, Pakistan, Egypt gave you Salaam how happy you would feel. If someone comes in tell you maybe a cream sauce and gave you a mess. How would you feel?

00:45:56 --> 00:46:37

So when Mr. Mr. Mr. Humble heard that maybe a cream saucer gave me this message out of happiness. He took his quota and he gave it to my Muslim. He said Mr. Mosely, you gave me the message of my beloved. Take the skirt as a gift. So when Mr. Mosely was coming back, Mr. Shapiro said What did Mr. Murray members give you? He said he gave me his quota. So you know what the mom Shafi said? He said Mr. Mosley Mosley, I won't ask you for their quota because it's a valuable quota. Mr. mahama, my humble my student but who is so great, he gave us quota. I'm not asking you for that quota. depth that quota in water and give me the water.

00:46:39 --> 00:46:49

They dip that quota in water and give me the water. This is one Imam speaking about another Imam imaam Shafi Rahmatullah speaking where imaam Shafi Rasul Allah,

00:46:50 --> 00:47:03

Allah here at Fletcher, according to the way of human body from Quran, someone said, you you will make, you know, you have you have a different way of making furniture. Why didn't you use that way? He said out of respect for the person.

00:47:05 --> 00:47:09

So don't don't make a fight with regard to the trial of

00:47:11 --> 00:47:22

the mortars highlights for those people who are rationalist and modernists. So they're in a particular situation. I'm coming to the end if anyone has any question, you can start writing it in any way. So in this way,

00:47:23 --> 00:47:23


00:47:24 --> 00:48:11

Stein, Subhana, Allah, they came this fitna and this fitna was a montage Elijah was saying that not the Quran itself but the Quran we we believe that the foreign reserve secret of Allah Allah, the attribute of Allah and every attribute of Allah is what Allah tala for me forever, every attribute of Allah was with him and will be with devotee. So the Quran was with Allah and will be with him Allah It was not created. It is a secret of Allah. And every secret of Allah is forever Forever. The more does he like said the Quran is the word of Allah. The Katanga family, but it is not. It is created by human beings. It was created by himself. It was created in Britain now after it was

00:48:11 --> 00:48:12

revealed. And

00:48:13 --> 00:48:44

he was worried about the consequence of this, that later on it could become a great fitness when he said, Koran, Hydra masuk Quran is not created, it is a word of Allah. And then do you know what happened, what Creek what Christ came upon him. And he remained steadfast, he used to be less at times. And the people say he used to be less in such a way that lesson was given to an elephant. The elephant also knows which type of pain but it will allow us to remain steadfast, you know, and one day someone you know, after

00:48:46 --> 00:49:11

he became very, very famous people used to respect him, because after the trial, he was proven to be right. And the next halifa he ruled according to the view of the hammer, which is a view of the Jamaat, so till afterwards, people used to respect the hammer rock. So one day, you know, the hammer in his classes used to say, Rahim, Allah insha. Allah have mercy upon operation.

00:49:13 --> 00:49:22

Now Buddhism was, you know, how do I describe it? I need to be respectful in describing he was a person who used to frequent the jails because of crime.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:26

Because of crime, he used to be in the jail.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:28

So people used to say,

00:49:29 --> 00:49:30

you are making

00:49:32 --> 00:49:35

for a criminal, you make it worth over 1000.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:58

So he said, I'm indebted to her. But he said what way he said when I first went into prison when they put me into prison because of my views. So I met up with a son. So the first time I was going to the court, and to a place of judgment. Mm hm. And he was walking with confidence. So he said, Who are you

00:50:01 --> 00:50:02

So he's upset.

00:50:03 --> 00:50:07

I'm waiting to the court for crime. And I'm walking with

00:50:09 --> 00:50:16

you, Wayne, for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of truth, and you are fighting

00:50:17 --> 00:50:18


00:50:19 --> 00:51:02

So he says the words are for a criminal case, Mr. FOSS, the words of a criminal kept me steadfast. He said, then afterwards, I kept confidence and you know what confidence. One day a person came to a predefined set up to Mr. mahama. Remember, how would fix him up and I will give him such a punishment and he will come over to your weight. So as they were punishing him, you know, the flesh was starting to come out of the body of your family member. So when the flesh was coming, one person felt pity from amongst the courtiers of the king. So he went to whisper into the ears of Mr. Mahoney humble, say one time, the Quran is mafraq How will save you from the punishment of the halifa

00:51:03 --> 00:51:23

so in Menominee, humble Rahmatullah, instead of being bribed and coerce, he said, Go ahead, tell you a halifa. To say once the Quran is not created, it is the snippet of Allah, it is not created, I will save you from the punishment of Allah.

00:51:24 --> 00:51:56

Forget to save myself from the punishment will save you from the punishment of Allah. That is why we follow these demands. Those who object to us following the moms, I can understand them, we follow them because we have trust in their scholarship. We have trust in them. We have trust in their expertise. And we don't find it in any way objectionable to follow these events. Because we feel in that place of salvation, because it was left to us. May Allah subhanaw taala. But our desires would have made us choose the wrong path and

00:51:58 --> 00:52:03

don't follow your desires because it will lead you astray. The latter, it was associated with understanding and making

00:52:04 --> 00:52:05

that one and

00:52:06 --> 00:52:08

we will look at the questions

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