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Where are the dead of war? That's the real question. Don't just judge it by what's happening on the earth and how many have died, judging by what they're saying once they reach the heavens and judging by what our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has told us in an authentic hadith of Timothy Hadees 1421 whoever dies protecting his property is a Shaheed is a matter whoever dies protecting his religion is a matter whoever dies protecting himself or herself is a matter whoever dies protecting his family is a matter the Quran has told us in certain number three I number 169 lakh seven Alladhina never ever consider those who have died in the path of Allah as dead don't say they even did. Allah

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says Bella here they are living, they have been sustained by the Lord. And furthermore Allah says 15 They're happy with what Allah has given them. Where step Sharon they give good news to those people on the earth who haven't reached them. Allah joven Allah him there's nothing to fear once you get to the heavens will allow him yesterday and there's nothing to grieve and they are happy with what Allah has given them as bounties and get Subhanallah get your senses right and things straight.