Backbiting – Harms And Reasons For Prohibition

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena v about lm allana v about the word mata vadoma de la kita. Baba kitabi who Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati.

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COVID-19 Tony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wala you yota Baba, Baba you Hippo how to come a Yakuza LACMA see he made an *ery to set a colloquialism

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respected elders and brothers

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amongst the favors and let Allah has granted us.

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One of the greatest favors is the favor of the tongue.

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And that's 100 what Allah has given the tongue, the ability to formulate words,

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which Allah subhana wa Taala in the Holy Quran

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has described as a favor, together with the Quran, Allah, Allah Quran

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Al Rahman, the one who taught us the Quran, Allah Quran son, Allah Maha.

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And then together with a Quran Allah says he taught you the ability of speech. So Allah has made mention of the favor of speech, together with a favor of the Quran. What a great name of allah tala, this tongue has the ability to give many many benefits. Your Eman is not complete until you proclaim La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Muhammad is not complete, you can give advice, you can give Mr. Bill maruf and now here is one car. Yet at the same time, this very same tongue if it comes to do a harm, it can harm people many of the Guna and sins that we commonly commit today is mostly mostly owing to the indiscretions of the tongue. Someone had said words can be medicines, but they

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can also be poison. They can heal and they can also kill it all depends on how and where you use them and against whom you use them. So this is the aspect of the tongue. That is why nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith every day, every morning, every morning, all the organs of the body they plead in front of the tongue. If you remain straight, we will remain straight. If you become crooked, we will become crooked. If you do things and say things that is good and you keep commitments to that which is correct, we have to follow and if you give commitments to that which is wrong, we also have to follow. So every day the organs of the body, they plead in front of

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the tongue to remain correct. And to remain steadfast. Zavon Allah subhanho wa Taala Cabrini Ahmed Oriente Han Ba, he Slee Allah subhanho wa Taala naomasa Monaco zivame kikuna algunos de ver dalkia Kizomba avanca gousha butcher, Cookie Agni Amata or examine

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or messy or xavante Guna Mrs. Sarah for a Ferris ganatra hair

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after making mention of the tongue, the benefits and also the harms one of the harms of

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the tongue, which Allah subhanho wa Taala and our beloved nemea Karim saw Selim has warned us about his death of backbiting. Now, many people will ask and see what is the meaning of bad bike, no bike biking. Many times we'll even you know make a joke and you will say the definition of backbiting is sharing opinions about other people's life. Sharing opinion about other people's lives. That's how we normally will say but look at what our beloved Nivea cream sauce them define it but one day he said at that Runa mela Ziva. Oh my Sahaba Do you know what is rebirth?

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Nebula Karim sauce comnet mata Sahaba say Pooja caca up jante Okay.

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So then the Sahaba they said Elaine is Russell Knows Best alerus Wilco Zara pata de novia cream sauce. Adam said, speaking something about

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Your next Muslim or your next person? That if he comes to know about it, he will dislike it. Remember what I'm saying? That if you say something, if he comes to know about it, he would dislike it. A play by Cabernet. Okay, therefore Jude Kima SK se berkana here

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potentially to scope gorilla who's close

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to Uri, but this is driven immediately if I have to tell you that you and I will say but what if I say that which is correct?

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What if I say that which is correct? Either Hobart said Chiba taco taco

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de novia Karim sauce lamonica. Sachi baat haut de to

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to you.

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Josie buttery, buttery.

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creamy sauce them said yes. If you are saying the truth, that is rebirth and backbiting. For if you say something that is false, it is slander, which is even worse than rebirth and backbiting. Now many times you and I will say but methadone can move our chemical at zero. I am prepared to say the same thing on his face. Go in, tell him on his face. Because if you don't tell him on his face and you say it behind his back, it is dead biting. For you to say I am prepared to say it on his face is not good enough to cover you from the Guna and sin of backbiting.

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There's many times you see it is common knowledge. I prepared to say it on his face. I'm prepared to tell him on his face Go and tell him but if you haven't told him and you're saying it behind his back, it is backbiting or am I have written backbiting is not only in the definition of backbiting. It covers every aspect. It covers speaking dead about a person's conduct, about his background, about his family, about his appearance, about his clothes, about his car, every aspect to speak bad about another person it is backed by the two year of TCK just just money UK Baron who ski barkery Hannon K bar in LA cabana in Kibera man on kisara Cabernet, he has suffered vivid care, surgery but

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modafinil, Yata up till this stage, even if you were to make

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you know even if we have to make through the means of Shara just if you indicate something that will also fall under the definition of rebirth and inviting as I shall be allowed on one day when someone came when she went away, as I said earlier Latina indicated that she is very short. She's very short. So when she is very short, Nivea cream sauce them rebuked and said that is also wrong.

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APNIC is Shara say Pooja or you said something that is derogatory that is also part of him.

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Sometimes we make jokes with regard to someone I remember when I was new start so the children used to tease one another. So one person used to say you are so tall by the time you drink milk it comes in your stomach it is it is our milk. So even that particular aspect to say someone is so tall here si si also pot and then in a hurry, I'll miss Tammy Oh, I hadn't been Nivea cream sauce from say two years he but it's also part of definition of rebirth. If you year then you can say I didn't say many Krishna Kama Sutra. Haha, no, no, no, you were there. When someone spoke bad in front of you. It was your responsibility either to tell him to not do it or either to walk away from them. But you were

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listening to it you are part of the Guna now after understanding the aspect with regard to what it is, let us now understand what Islamic said when I asked about his ally in the Holy Quran, to not backbite one another. Are you a hippo? Do you love to eat the flesh of your dead brother? Quran man is the bad cop name Madame pica, gosh Kanika Mata Radhika it is the equivalent to eat the flesh of your dead brother. And then you know what am i there is a very interesting you know, saying in Arabic lakmal Allah must move must mama and to eat to save Tamil rebirth. It is equivalent to eating the flesh of a dead brother. Then there is an Arabic saying it's not a hadith atomik saying the

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flesh of Allah is poisonous. Can you imagine to make the butt of Allah is even more worse, because the flesh of Allah is poisonous.

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It will come back to bite you.

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So this is in a in a hadith nebia Karim's Allahu Allah He was celebrated as a zebra to Asha domina. Xena, rebirth is even worse than Xena. Zebra is even worse than Xena. Now how many times you and I, we will make deeper this one had an affair. This one did this. But that aspect of you saying that is even worse than what he did.

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But no one regards it as such. You know what is amazing is that we covered this. No, this is something that we committed and we don't even regard it as a sin. It is so common that it is no more regarded as a sin. Someone said it is no one claims. No one claims to lie or indulge in backbiting or gossiping, yet everyone enjoys it.

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That's a that's a sad part with regard to it. Now let us look at the reasons why why is Islam spoken so highly against backbiting?

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rebut why why is Islam spoken so much better about backbiting? There are reasons with regard to

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Islam neatness.

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And before I make mention of it, let me just say one more thing. When you make a pot of another person you are giving your good deeds, you making a report of someone you are giving your good deeds. That is why it is narrated about two people in our history. Imam Hassan Abu hanifa when they came to hear about someone backbiting about them, they send them a gift. So the person who was doing the backbiting was quite surprised. I'm speaking bad about this person, and he's sending me a gift. So they asked why did you send me a gift? He said we are sending you a gift because you are giving us the good deeds. We are us we are sending you a gift because you are giving us your good deeds.

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And let us look at the reasons why. Why is it so bad amongst the reasons and these reasons also give us the time to think how can we engage in backbiting? One of it is those who indulge in backbiting are hiding their own imperfections and harming others up now you could at any or do say we have a battery backup there. There is why there is one, you know saying which is attribute Allah villalta Allah knows best. backbiting is the attempt of one who is incapable of doing better himself. backbiting is an attempt of one who is incapable of doing better himself. This is one of the reasons another reason which Allah have made and said that ally has not made you the guardian of other

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electronic output ticker dar Nibbana do sakamaki bahrein since awareness, Allah made you the guardian of other people's actions, while at family salata be here, don't go and speak about that which you do not have knowledge about. Now that particular person what he's doing, why is he doing it? And now here's his plan. Allah has his knowledge you don't know the reality with regard to it. But one important point is for us to realize Allah hasn't made us a guardian of other people's our man and Atlanta could take it down the hill.

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And along the day of Tiamat, Allah in the cover will not ask you about other people's Amal

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Allah will ask you about your deeds. Why are you talking about other people's bad deeds? Are you are you the guardian of other people's bad deeds? They are the guardians they will have to reply they will have to answer what are you talking about other people's bad deeds? What about your deeds for each of Nebuchadnezzar to jamii Bora Bora when you started looking at your own evil, then no one else is bad and no one else has got false. So the second reason is a lie is not made you a guardian of other people's. Then another aspect is many times you will find what is the motivation with regard to backbiting lozi but you care to

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order deca j to your Sabina or sub Buju hot, yay,

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cheese of Cooper maponya. Sometimes you beg bite about someone because you regard yourself as superior to another person.

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You will only backbite about another person if you regard yourself as superior to him. Now Who gave you the right to regard yourself as superior? Who gave you the right

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way then to imagine that

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Allah knows you when before your Inception and conception when you know when the atoms that were supposed to formulate

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Your conception was still scattered in the earth. Allah says I knew that time I knew you agenda.

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I knew you before you are accountable for your deeds when you were still in the womb of your mother. I know you from bottom to top. I know you before your conception, I No, no you at the time of your conception. I know you after your conception for that was a coup and don't praise yourself. Don't regard yourself as superior. I know who is superior. I know who's got how many times a person who commits backbiting he will regard himself superior to another person who is bid betting and there's no doubt whatsoever many times people do that. And that is something that is not Sharia sanction. It is not something that Allah tala has liked, sometimes the aspect with regard the motivation for

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backbiting would be anger would be jealousy, could be hatred, all of that has been prohibited in our Sharia right. So, that is also another aspect sometimes for us to realize that nobody is perfect, we are all lacking in some way. And when you are talking bad about another person, then what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say you are perfect subject

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to an MPC caper, a man or

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two guys coming up MC pocket up MC Bala does it mean you are free from fools. So, everyone has got some faults with regard to it. By talking about the bed of other people it gives the impression that you are feeling that you are free from false. These are some of the facts. Another aspect is with regard to fault finding. So many times we take pleasure with regard to finding faults in other people. And we all know something that I've made mentioned many times that Allah has said no Morocco min min is a murder to another believer. So a murder doesn't publicize your faults in front of other people and more men when he sees the faults of other people, he tries to rectify amend it rather

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than vilifying the person.

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If you see a fault in another person, your immediate concern should be to try and have a concern with regard to amending it rectifying it, bringing you upon the right path not to sit and talk about it in front of other people. That is something that has never been sanctioned in our Sharia and has never been the way of the earlier and the way of Islam.

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Then another important point and I will just conclude the aspects with regard to the reasons for the prohibition of backbiting and we are starting to see some of the consequences of this reason in our community and society today. backbiting and gossiping, tarnishes people's reputation and kills the dignity.

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Moreover, it implants seeds of hatred and grudge amongst people. Therefore, it deprives people and community and society of living peacefully and productively.

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When communities are afflicted with backbiting and gossiping. It causes hatred and graduates to prevail over our entire community and society. When backbiting becomes common in our society, what happens is it causes hatred and grudges to prevail in our society. people fail to build strong relationships and be united on common causes. Their entire society becomes in trouble because of backbiting we create a community which is full of hatred encourages their respective brothers because of hate because of backbiting becoming common. This is the position of our societies today. So each and every one has a role to play, stop the backbiting so that you can prevent the societies

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to become prevalent and become completely prevalent with hatred and calcareous sees a very interesting, you know, incident, that once on one on one occasion, a person came to an alumni and scholar and said I like to make Toba with regard to the backbiting that I have done with a true story raise a hypothetical data is something very interesting. So the alum told him this color told him that okay, what you do is let me think about this. But what you do tomorrow is you cut the chicken

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and after cutting the chicken you d feathers, the feathers of the chicken and you scatter it everywhere around and you come back to me tomorrow. So he said okay, I will do this. So the next day he went to start a chicken he did feathery to the feathers and threw it around and scattered around

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He came to the Alamo. So he came to the Allium in this corner. He said, Now, did you do what I said? He said, Yes. He said, Can you go and get all those feathers for me?

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Go and get all those feathers for me. He said, Where am I going to get all those feathers? It's impossible for me to get all those feathers when weight is gone. He said, You asked me yesterday, with regard to asking for Toba for hibbott. Go and get back what you had said from all the people where that statement of yours is reached, then go in us then go and make Toba

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code and get back that statement, where and where that statement that rich, go and get it back, then you can go make Toba

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to realize the consequences of it. The owner might have said that there are certain exceptions. And those exceptions are documented. But remember, exceptions are not the rule. Exceptions are exceptions. They are very small category with regard to the exceptions. hula might say Allah in the Quran says our job is to immuno kolinda, Manzoni. If you have been oppressed, you can go to the people who can do something about oppression to remove the oppression from you. You can go and speak about it. Someone come and ask you a mushara that my son wants to get married to this girl? Do you know anything with regard to do anything about the boy. Now if you know something, it is almost a

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shadow automaton. Someone come and ask you something. It's a much better Amanita pony to tell the person only that person not going tell the whole world. These are exceptions. But the exceptions are never the rule My dear respect of others. Just to give you one or two examples, the resource limit said man

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lemmya mahatama. We have a torn supple a person about a Guna that he has committed to he says you won't die until you commit the Guna abdulai Mini Masuda viola, can you say even if I see a person sucking the teat of an animal to drink the milk directly from that animal which is something that is very unusual. I won't don't him. Perhaps I will also do the same.

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And Muhammad Ali used to say that one day I saw the reality of this. One day I saw the reality. He said call the person your muffler

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or you bankrupt person. I became involved in such a debt debt. That took me very long time to pay. I called him roofless you bankrupt person. And because of that I got involved in a debt that took a very long time to pay. So if you're an authority Rahmatullah you say the AMA and the fuqaha of the purse past, they used to make fuzu after making limit.

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So Fianna 30 domitilla. used to say the way after you make you know you make that an adjusted you make Wazoo he says the owner more of the past they used to make boo after

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that is this is the aspect with regard to hibbett military keep us away from this Guna and some that we hardly ever regardless doesn't get looked at what Elaine is a siouxland Olia have told us meloetta keep our tongue pure and free from backbiting and all other aspects each and every one. Don't go and look at another person. Each and every one look at himself. How much am I involved in this and how I must remind myself of it.