Ebrahim Bham – The Virtue Of Humility

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning of pride and arrogance in Islamic language, including the meaning of being humble, respectful, and arrogant. It also describes the importance of humility and accuracy in determining one's personality, and the benefits of humanity in empowering individuals to avoid argument and competition. The segment also touches on the importance of pride and humility in avoiding arguments and creating a "hasn't been good enough" culture. The segment emphasizes the importance of humility in bringing people to their senses and being proud of one's accomplishments, and describes the use of words like "has it" and "has it" to describe people's accomplishments.
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Allah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was salam wa ala Milena via Raja lmnop metabo de la Kitagawa kitabi. When I Sharia Tabata sorry RT America

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Allahu Allah you have bucola

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Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mantella.

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de salud

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said Apollo has

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respected elders and brothers in the ayah which I recited Allah Allah says, He does not love those who are proud and elegant. And of course, we have different meanings of pride and different forms of pride.

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So, what am I have written? For example, one aspect and one form of pride is what is known in Islamic terminology is Pooja conceitedness to have a very great notion of yourself I am very great. I am someone and normally it is said when a person thinks highly of himself, he falls down from the rank and esteem of Allah. To add me up next up Cobras imagine a lotta to hodaka nezzer McGill Jetta. So this one aspect is eligible to have a very high notion of yourself. And nebia Karim saw cillum has warned us with regard to that quality and pride is not only having a high notion of yourself, but to regard yourself as better than the next person. And that right only ally is not human beings.

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So Allah tala does not like a person who is proud and arrogant. The opposite of pride is humility, to be humble. And that is what Allah subhana wa Taala likes. So Allah does not like pride and arrogance. But Allah subhanho wa Taala loves humility and being humble. And let Elena karamay kaha hai ki Allah subhanho wa Taala missoura with the company local person a cartel or kapooka

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Why is he here or here Allah tala key person de la ciudad. Now what is the meaning of humanity? Many a times we look at humanity as the opposite of confidence and we take humanity to mean low self esteem which is not the case. To have a high self esteem and to have confidence is a positive attribute in many cases. So when we say humility, it doesn't mean low self esteem, or an inferiority complex. No. The opposite of humility is pride and arrogance, not confidence. And many times we make that mistake. In English the word humanity comes from the Latin word which means ground. Humanity means being humble. One is modest. One is modest, respectful, not proud, not arrogant. We need to

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protect ourselves from regarding our self is superior to others.

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We need to protect ourselves to regard ourselves as superior to others. That call is Allah subhana wa Taala is not us, not yours, not mine. Right. And I will go on to make mention with regard to that my grandpa used to say, in his gatherings a great, great thing. I regard every person in this gathering better than myself. I don't regard myself as superior to anyone. And we all know that shaytan and he believes was the first to say I am better than another one. And he told Allah a pharaoh mean I'm better than human beings. And we know what was his situation. And we know how he became very far away from Almighty Allah. Our addressee coming

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up napco doosra save better Nasim Jae Hee please stand up now. parmalee salat wa salam

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and a pharaoh Minh who caca or hum sepco moto moto is Kirk Yahshua. Now after understanding this

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Briefly, what is the meaning of humanity? Let us understand the virtue of humanity. Firstly, you morality is a quality of the people of

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humanity is the quality of the people of Jenna. The ba Karim Sallam said one day, Allah O'Hara can be an agenda. Jana Macedo tell you who are the people of Ghana, Gambia Hakuna Matata agenda t corner. Saba sathyaraj Sula, tell us this awesome said Palooza Eve Moto Z

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the week in the humble

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and who is the people of jahannam the proud and arrogant. So humility is the quality of the people of genda. Secondly, humility elevates a person.

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humility, accuracy in sample Allah Teradata punctuality humility raises the rank of a person via Korean salsa midsegment awada de la Rafa Hola, he who humbles himself, he who adopts humility, I was raised him in rank. But we don't adopt humility that alarm has raised us in brain. We don't even say I must become humbled that people must regard me as pious humanity, the moment the way it is very beautifully said. The moment you are conscious of your humanity, it is no more humanity. The moment you are conscious of your humanity is no more humanity. Humanity comes from your heart. It comes from your attitude, the moment you think I'm acting humble, you know humble. So you know the moment

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you are conscious about your humanity, you are no more humble. So this is the second aspect what humility, it elevates a person the way the Vietnamese asked him and said it. Thirdly, humility is the correct garden attitude for you and I who are bondsmen servants of Allah.

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the wazoo he have a Muna CPA,

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Allah Anita lattepanda kcsa Amalia subsea factory, Madame de

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la, the correct attitude in golf golf for us as bondsmen of Allah tala is to be humble. It does not behoove us to be proud and arrogant. nebia Kareem saw slim said in a hadith and Kibriya hora de whereas moto sorry, Bri is my clock says Allah Allah says pride is my clock. greatness is my garment.

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Pride is my greatness is my Garmin greatness pride only suits Allah

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pride in greatness only what if Allah tala hamanasi

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greatness in price only you and I what is from a NASA and he he who who disputes with me with pride and greatness who says maybe Papa admin

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he says I'm also very great. He is competing with Allah subhanho wa tada compete Allah subhanho wa Taala what will be his situation? By the way, that is why, even in the most greatest moment of Namibia, Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam ascendancy and natella referred to him as Abdullah. So he has Surat de agua de Glory to the one who took his app to Mirage didn't say you have a soul because and be the servant of Allah is one of our greatest accolade. If only we can think about it like that, this is a reality that you know, today we define ourselves differently the car you drive, the area you stay in, which resort to you go to for holidays, which hotel to you go to even when you go

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for O'Meara, that is the things that have become an defines us. So people want to know where you went to stay with us.

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So that is something that defines us that what we have made these a false aspects of definition. What what defines us, we are servants of Allah, who has authority over us who can take our life anytime and take our possessions anytime.

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That's a reality with regard to us. amanatullah Cabinda japchae Amara john Lilly japchae. Mr. Mandela, that is the reality. And we don't understand this reality because we sometimes get caught in pride. And we don't adopt humility which is the corrupt cop for us. as servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. As a shepherd, he doesn't want as a courier to say he regards himself as worthy. That's a sign he's no

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he regards himself as worth he eats aside, he is not worth it.

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To add me up now,

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the fourth thing that our alumni have made mentioned with regard to it is humility opens up new doors for us. Really when a person becomes humble, it explores new new frontiers, new avenues for him. Now he doesn't have to worry about competition. One of the greatest harms is pretty everyone is competing with one another that comes because of pride. That becomes because of thinking highly of yourself. Now, if you take away yourself from that, then you don't have to compete with one another. Why was I compete because I'm lonely. Why was I compete with anyone? Allah, Allah says, For that was a coup. de como. Don't praise yourself. Allah knows who inspires once you adopt that attitude. Allah

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knows who is pious, Allah knows who is great. Allah knows who is good, inshallah, you won't compete with one another. We don't compete with one another. One law has really opened up new doors for you. doors that you know, gives you freedom, freedom from competition that you don't have to worry of. I must buy the latest model because someone else bought. Take it away. Humanity opens up doors for you that you can imagine. Another great aspect with regard to humanity. The benefit of humanity is that it makes you recognize Allah. When the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala dawns upon a person and he realizes the greatness of Allah. Allah is Holic Allah is Bari. Allah is Musa will and nice to her

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allies, Japan allies Buta Kabir, then he will realize that his pride will melt away, Allah

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that inshallah he will never be proud. But when a person doesn't recognize the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will be proud. So humility will come about when we have Wu Shahada when we have the perception of Allah subhanaw taala has greatness in front of us. So this is another aspect and the more if you don't have and you have pride, that means the most Shahada, the perception of the greatness of Allah is not coming to you. And humanity is a means of understanding the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And another aspect humanity empowers us to avoid arguments with an ill mannered and humanity empowers us to stop having arguments with those people who are ill

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mannered Hmm, addressee Panda, quesadilla, fatsia, bachata and if a person is all the time juggalo

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today, this is a reality everyone is sitting and fighting and fighting and we are fighting about everything. We don't even know what we are fighting about. Half the time we don't know about what we are fighting about. And this is a reality. Sometimes you look at the chat groups and you look at Facebook and you see people way on for three days is sitting in fighting in the arguing one gives this one give that argument this argument and what it is you know, job after job argument after argument, you know, answer after answer. When we were studying there was a written

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right means earthquake. So another person wrote another answer for you know, book pretzels, Allah, Allah there is algebra, you know,

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earthquake upon an earthquake. Then someone wrote tamata bomb. Someone wrote an answer to that dhamaka terkemuka was a C. So you know, a reality is this, that humanity empowers you to avoid arguments where

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the servants of Allah, they walk on the earth with humility.

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The servants of Allah don't walk under earth with pride

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in Atlanta,

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and Atlanta says don't walk on the earth with pride you can reach the mountaintops who can step over the earth What are you walking on with pride on the earth with with what are you walking with pride? You can reach the mountaintops and you can split the earth. Allah has made it strong enough. Okay, so what are you walking with? A battle rock man, they walk on the earth with humanity

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and when the ill mannered engaged them in conflict and argument pero Salama the same piece, humanity, embolden you and empowers you to avoid arguments. Humanity empowers you to make Salaam to those whom you know, and those who don't know Sahaba came to stasha Sula, au Islami jasola which Islam is the best, it

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was Salam Ala Moana.

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The best Islam is to feed the poor and to make Salam on those who

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You know and you don't know

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not only makes Salaam to those who might know who am I pells Amara Giamatti admin Salam karenga ne ne This is the best of Islam to make Salam on those who will know humanity will make you do and practice upon this editor for whenever the via cream sauce alum and one of the foundations of humanity is

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that we are elevated in status, whatever status we bought, because of Allah subhanaw taala. What however we got what happens in our life that Allah tala gives us certain types of traits and qualities, which make you stand out. So a person perhaps, Allah has given him a good attractiveness, Allah has made him beautiful, Allah has given him perhaps the good car, Allah has given him perhaps a good manner of talking to people, Allah has given him a good flat. Now this is the difference between one who is humble and one who is proud. The proud person will see America as a mirror I did it. I became such a good businessman because I brought such ideas. I'm a I'm a genius in the

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And another one will say, whatever I did was Allah tala Allah Allah gave me. So you see the difference between proud pride and humility. A humble person will refer it to Allah proud person who refer it to everyone else, you will refer it to himself, he will refer it to my genius, my intelligence etc. This is a difference between pride and humility and courage

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to make mention with regard to this, what a remarkable thing is to say that a person who has achievements will be humble.

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Whereas a person who is free from qualities, he will be proud and he gave us example, he said, we see a fruit tree, when it is laden with fruit, then then you will see that the branches are down. They are humble. That means that three good fruit

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trees got fruit. If you got quality, and you have got good,

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you will be humble. And a tree that has got no fruit, the branches are going higher. That means if a person has got no qualities, he has got no good luck. He will be proud to skip us point A which isn't here.

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Or just get past what there was.

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And that is why whenever we look at our greatness and whenever we look at all our people of the past, they were people of humility, starting from our beloved Livia, Kareem sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and attalla you know, made a proposal to our beloved Maria Karim sassolungo but shut

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up Dr.

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elettra told me Sam, do you want to become a prophet of Kingdom or prophet of servitude and the resources that I want to become a prophet of servitude. I want to become a prophet of being an advocate for mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and there's our beloved maybe aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to ride, nominal type of conveyances did not die drive the best of conveniences. He used to visit the poor, milk his own goods, fix his own senders stitches on clothes. Has it Ayesha was asked, yeah, what did you do at home? What did you do at home, he said he served the family. He served the family. Today we serve the family, our eldership by law to buy an opening, you know this

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awesome lady, but we can do it. Maybe Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to do all these things. When he says to be humble when you have nothing, sometimes you are forced to be so. But when you have everything you are conqueror, and then you be humble. Maybe a creme de la silla, Miss entering into Makkah, and Atlanta had said in La la cultura de la mahad, that the one who took you out of Macau will bring you back to Mecca. And when it comes to Mecca, the people who used to throw stone on his path, the people who used to, you know, to his uncle's liver, the people who are the cause of his daughter's death, always in front of him, he is conquering that place where they forced him to

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leave. Well, now he might be respected as if perhaps it was people like you and I, we would have had some form of arrogance.

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I came back now. Now you will see what I do to you. You took me out last time. Now let me show you what I can do to you. Not maybe ecorise awesome. Maybe it was Elon was on his camera. He put his head out of humility upon the camera. And he was saying Alhamdulillah he was please be only to an

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IRA he is. bondsman didn't do anything under grant him when I sell an umbrella he nesara

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What has a man bajada He is the one who helped us bondsman. He is the one who grant me victory over the enemy, the enemies. He is the one who brought about this type of victory, humanity. When Yusuf alayhi salatu salam saw the, the interpretation of his dream which is saw some 40 years back, when he saw the sun in the moon and the stars making sit down in front of him. That dream led him to such great amount of trials, when he saw the interpretation of the dream coming in front of him.

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And Nirvana, for the Muslim world. In our law, you are the creator of the heavens and earth. You made all of this thing come through, not me. This is the humanity of people. This is the humanity of our beloved Nadia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This was the humanity of people like us and Abu Bakr radi, Allahu

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Allah, that person about whom the via consortium said no con, mucho de la,

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la La, if I would have made a person a special friend besides Allah, I would have made a move after Abu Bakar Ron who becomes a halifa What does he tell people? I don't have any superiority over you. If I've done anything wrong. If you correct me, that will be my greatest honor. A person goes humara the lottery is used to try and compete in good deeds with one another. So there was an elderly woman who was outside Madina munawwara. So Maroney allowed them to use to try and help her because she was physically challenged currency properly. She was very weak, she couldn't look after her needs. Every time. Omar goes there. Before he goes, there he goes. In the early hours of the morning, the house

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is clean. The water is there, her needs have been taken care of. Omar is amazed. One day he comes very early to see who it is. What does he see me remove me coming to help this old particular woman in the early hours of the morning. This was the humanity that the people had as a woman, himself. So Pamela, one day he was sitting on a member ameerul momineen Omar, who had such great, such great authority, that he controlled the known world at that time. So barnala anyone who took the name of Omar, they used to be afraid, even shaytan used to be afraid of Allah Subhana Allah at that particular time and he is talking one day and giving a lecture. A woman corrects Omar and said,

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Omar, you said such and such a thing. The Quran says something that is against what you had said. He couldn't get angry. He got off from the member saying Lunas Allah, Mohammed Omar Abdullah is everyone knows more than Omar even an older woman knows.

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On his deathbed, that Omar about homophobia Kareem Sallam said, Omar you take you take a path shaytan takes another path that Omar said if he was to be and maybe after we would have been Omar, he put his lap at that time was on the side and the legs of his son Abdullah Muhammad. He said oh akula oh my oh my son, put my put my face down on the on the ground. That time we didn't have carpets. It was an ordinary ground. Omar rubbed his face on the ground and said, Omar you will be destroyed. He learned a lot filmmaker a book

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that Omar about whom Allah has spoken so great. That was a self regard to Omar. This was the humanity of know someone asked as a Muslim who hasn't done

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that many people. Many people have written savani they have written the life story. Why don't you also write your life story? So voila, what a remarkable answer he gives. He said my life story has been written. It is been written by one kid in nicaea.

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They are writing like, ramen katomina sorry, ramen, Catalina writing my life story. This is a reality. I don't need to write no life story.

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This is a way one of our great scholars. As Mara Chemin de guerra. hokulani. One day, he was sitting in outside they were doing it was very hot. So you know, they were doing the outside. They were doing the studies outside. And all of a sudden rain King, everyone start taking, you know, the books and the desk upon which the books was everyone ran indoors. This pasta, what did he do? He picked up the shoes of all the students and he took it inside.

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He took up pick up the shoes and took it inside. It didn't in any way take away from the ranking status. Allow me to be one great month awada Allah, Allah, respected elders and brothers, this is what I'm saying. This is what we have made mentioned. Humility is a very, very great attribute in very short supply today. Let us inculcate it. Because that is the way to Jenna is a proper God, attitude for us as servants of Allah. And it has many, many benefits. Who are shoulder one, an umbrella

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