Hasib Noor – Quranic Reflections #19 Status of AlMasjid AlAqsa

Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The state of mushroom Aqua was recited in the third holiest site of Islam, and the success of the church's missionary work is highlighted. The holy zone for practicing Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of praying in a given time frame and practical steps to stand for the message of peace. The importance of helping people enroll in the church's work, including giving mustard oil, is also emphasized. The discussion touches on the topic of Islam's importance in oppression and strong presence in public, along with the need for practical steps to stand for the message of peace.
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So I have the last time also allow Alexa who is me llama Selena. Have you been on Amina Mohammed PsycINFO what was Selena homo selling Mubarak? How have you been? I want to be the Mohammed sauce and good afternoon Allama ciliata Have you been on Amina Mohamed salah, la hottie cinema coulomb echo vacuum la Wakulla MacGuffin, and later in life even All praise is due to all those times and who knows we reveal and knows what we can see Elon even knows what the animals feel we thank him we praise him on him. We have our lines. It is to him when we turn to virtue guidance, we asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings. The Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on home, he prays until the very end of our days. We asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never leave straight for him to see us on Judgment Day. Welcome to the I'm delighted to illuminations Quranic reflections from the domain. Today I wanted to spend some time extra to speak about a very important topic which is the status of mushroom Aqua as the Imam recited

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from salted Islam where loss of Hydra starts off by saying after saying are the relaxar Jamesville out now him so behenyl Ludy us labiatae de la isla Amina al Masjid in how long he lived in MSG, they will apples one levy bow like now how Allah I love Ebola canal Hola Hola. Hola Rio who mean? Tina, in who was me on bossley. Allah Subhan Allah says glory V to the one who took his servant Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, by night from the sacred mosque, Masjid Al haram, to the farthest mission in the material officer who surroundings we have blessed so that we may show him some of our signs Indeed, He alone is the All Hearing the all seeing. Fortunately, one of the realities is that we haven't and

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we don't cover speaking about the status of metal oxide, as much as a lot of people know, the idea of the status of metal oxide is great, but what is that status? What is the virtue of metal oxide, and especially when these ads were recited, it was very emotional for all of you that never we to just hear those if being recited. While this is the message of the third holiest site that is under siege. And the reality is, is that the difficulties that we see in Palestine, and what we're seeing from this beautiful method, which is the third holiest Masjid in Islam, to be under siege is something incredibly difficult to see. And also to not underestimate the fact that we don't know

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much about its virtue. So I wanted to cover a few things about it. First of all, that these I act in particular sort of a slot were last part that says, the first thing we've done is we have blessed its surroundings. So everything around Nashville officer is blessed because of the status of mesh law club. So imagine this entire land that's around martial arts law has been blessed because of that particular location. And it is known as beta will mark this beta mark this and it's called beta mark this as the scholars say, because it quotes here refers to as something that is pure and purifies. So essentially, it was considered almost like a pilgrimage, just to go there. And it was

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known as audible NBR, the land of Prophets, because there's so many prophets that went there. And it was the place essentially as a pilgrimage and serve still to this day, as a pilgrimage to as you see the Christian in this time of Easter, and to the Jews in terms of pastoral which happens to be at the same exact time is now and the rest of the prophets. Essentially, that came there for fulfilling alright, and Allah subhanaw taala said that the first message that was built the first place of worship that was built on earth, for the worship of Allah was the kava, and then 40 days afterward, it was mushroom oxide that was built. So it's one of the earliest places of worship, and hence why

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this the entire land around it has been blessed in that it's been blessed for so many different reasons that there's also a number of prophets that are actually buried in the land around next to them.

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Some of them say below him, Ali Salim is very dear and his wife sama and Jaco Valley Salaam and Musa alayhis salam is buried there, and so on and so forth. So this is a land known as the land of prophets. So it's incredibly important for us to remember that the land itself is something that is blessed, and it is called a lot of the Baitul muchness, or the land that is purified, the land that purifies whatever comes in it, and people leave purified from sins. And also the prophets of Allah Hadees cinema said about the city beautiful Hadith about what our responsibility is, towards mission officer. This hadith is narrated by Monado the Alana which the Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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that Maimunah asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, go to ya rasool Allah f t Nafi Beighton. Mark this good tell us what we should do about beta blockers. What is the responsibility of a Muslim regarding beta knock this and the prophets of Allah they said Allah says, Allah, Allah, Masha, you will mention it to who for Sanofi for in Asana

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When for enough Sanath and fee, Calfee sites and fee lady, so, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said that it is the land of gathering and it is the land where everybody will essentially be taken to and this is one of the opinions of the scholars of Islam that out of the mash out of the land of gathering is going to be the Levant Sham. And he said that you should go to it go to mustard also go to beta luckless and pray in it because prayer in it is equal to 1000 times in any any other place than it. So this is a number of opinions of the scholars of how much is Salah and muscle OXA multiplied and some scholars say it's 500 Some scholars say 2000 based on this hadith and then

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this woman she asked a beautiful question. She said listen to what she said she said cool to Allah ATIA in love are starting to hammer at it all messenger of Allah What if I can't go to Mesh lotsa? What if I can't make it there? What if I'm prevented for whatever reason? As a pilot she's a woman so she understands it could be travel, it could be security, it could be safety and in our times it's it's a siege it's a complete oppression and occupation of the city. How many of our Muslim Brothers Sisters of Palestine they can see Mr. Boxer from the street but they can't even enter it because they're being prevented because they have age limits they're prevented because they're being

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they're just be for being Palestinian call the resource and I said if you can go make it there then for to the low who's eaten usage fee from AlFalah for Hua come in at a profit. So I said MSL, that what you should do is you should gift mustard lochsa A bottle of oil that will be used to

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lighten the lamps of national OXA in essence, you're going to serve Mr. lochsa. And if you did that, it's as if you came to it and you pray to there. The scholar said we'll call it will be VALIC Island tuck de Mola own Al myrkdalen is Hampi mountain Oh is slightly now. A lot of the scholars say that it's not just Okay, who's going to send a bottle of oil to the lamps of Mr. lochsa. Everything is run by electricity. So the point is that the scholar said that the whole point of the Prophet Muhammad sighs tell him is that you are in the service of McLaughlin, and that you help and aid Meshuggah in any way possible, whether it be in helping it or helping its people or helping it

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surroundings in aiding martial arts on every way single possible. That is what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam intended, and that is a hadith is narrated. And the narration is a heavenly man imagines is set to by a number of scholars to be authentic, even though has some weakness in it. And in general, the notion is that those who help those who are enlisted assign those around it is a responsibility of Islam. This is a Muslim cause this is an Islamic cause. Everybody must understand the importance of national officer that this is a place that everybody their hearts must be attached to. And when Subhan Allah when the NAM just recited those Ayat Subhanallah the asabi Abdi he lay

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them in a machine how I mean mercy Lhasa, Olivia Baraka, hola, hola, neuter your home and if you know, your heart just breaks and the Imam Shiva Buddha he made dua for mashallah, today, Mr. Neverwet. And you can see the the just the sheer loudness of the means, breaks our hearts what we see. So it takes us to take very practical steps for us to stand for this message of especially in Islam, and for our Muslim brothers and sisters that are being oppressed in Palestine. And of course, all of those who are being oppressed all over the world, and going through difficulties and oppression in Yemen, or the Uighur from China, or the Burmese or the Syrians are our brothers and

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sisters of honesty and we had a blast that happened today and killed 30 of the Hazara Shia community, may Allah have mercy on all of them. And all of those brothers and sisters are going through difficulty in Iraq, or whether it be in Somalia or anywhere in the world. But in light of all of that, as well, we recognize that being in the aid of martial arts is something that we need to constantly remind ourselves with, in constant remind those of us around it, not to lose sight of it. This is a very, very important issue. It's central to Islam, just as much as it is to care about all of the Muslims in the world and to care about a human being which is even worth more than the

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status of the entire cabinet, of course, but as well as to remind ourselves about the virtue of this particular method. And this is what I wanted to focus on Inshallah, because it has then in light of much of history, forgotten about what is its status and what is owed from us, every single Muslim individual, other than just making dua that for us to take practical steps in activism and to speak out against this injustice that every single Ramadan now it's become like a Zionist habit, every Ramadan to come and oppress the people in the masjid and to blind people by shooting him in the face and 17 Palestinians have been killed 150 Plus have been injured, they bomb Gaza. This is

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unacceptable. The louder we raise our voices and the more we do inaction is what we are

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called to in the Muslim world to stand up against this tyranny. Well hold on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen realized, allow us to pray in that masjid and it's free meal as part of free the occupation of Palestine in our lifetime and allow us to pray in that masjid. And to see that machine as well as everything around it free wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barakaatuh have even want to be them Hamid while it will be arranged as salaam alaikum

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