The Sunnah of Being Extra Sensitive with Converts to Islam

Mohammad Elshinawy


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07.31. 2018

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So now on a call everyone, I think one of the most important words of advice that can be shared and should be circulated amongst those Muslims with regards to dealing with our new brothers and sisters in faith is that many times when a law is similar to the wishes to guide a person, he sets up the circumstances for, and usually the most conducive circumstances to returning to God are difficulties and hardship. And, and so people find themselves going through a challenge that brings them to humility. And they're gifted by God and opportunity to realize their powerlessness in the grander scheme of things or call it the gift of desperation. And so as soon as they become Muslim, because

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that sends them looking, and if they're sincere, Allah will certainly guide them to Islam, they find Islam they enter Islam, that doesn't just evaporate these challenges they're going through many times.

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It takes quite a bit of time. And some factors that are maybe in our hands, their new families and their new communities has to alleviate some of their difficulties. It was not a wonder that the the week, the downtrodden, were the first to accept the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Abu hurayrah, the line would come to him crying that his mother considered continues to to insult the province also known as very difficult on him to bear South burial costs his mother threatened to she went on a hunger strike basically, and threatened to kill herself. And so there's a great deal of emotional turbulence, that sometimes we can never fathom, even simply just loneliness, sent them looking for God, to identify with God, and they wanted a sense of belonging on the human level as well. And so on the day of age, and everyone's having their fun or everyone's getting together with family exchanging gifts, or at least a meal, or something of that sort. They're forgotten about

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these things are huge and can actually negatively affect the likelihood of them staying Muslim. Because even if they entered upon conviction, their primary reason wasn't the the social component, the fraternity of it,

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it can get them to unconvinced themselves of their conviction they once had.

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That's why for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would give people that became Muslim, a share of this account. I mean, that was obviously from Allah, Allah revealed that to him one of the eight expenditures that gave him my liberty, hello, boom, those who hearts you're trying to win over. This is not bribery, some may have, wrongly or prematurely assumed. This is you taking care of them, so that they continue considering that the truth

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that they discovered is really true. carseats fruits in front of me these people are embodying that truth, and it is the betterment of me and of humanity at large. And so money was given to them they were taken care of financially. And on the opposite end, this world considered that those who could not deny the truth of Islam could not deny the Prophet Mohammed Salah bajada, he was editor of the Prophet Muhammad Ali Saad was around. Like some of the Israelites are the extensions of the Israelites, the Jewish tribes of Medina, some of them did not become Muslim, though they believed he was a prophet. Why, because of the social element like they would be ostracized, they would be

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excommunicated, or they would lose the privilege and their social status, whether because of their tribes in Medina, or even this also stands true, in my case, as well. And so

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we have to take this into consideration, we should actually expect that people coming into Islam are going to come in with challenges, human challenges, social challenges, emotional challenges, because that's the very reason that Allah created the circumstance he created that drove them to go looking for him. And so if we are the people that are saying, Allah is here, his book is here amongst us, we have to be able to have that sensitivity to recognize their need, recognize the challenges they face, have sympathy and empathy and place ourselves in their shoes, so that we can ensure that we are not being

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a detriment to their Islam, while assuming that all they need is just an educational component or the likes. No, we are very human creatures. Human we need company we need people to feel for us. We need companionship, we need shelter, we need food and drink and and reassurance. And so these are

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largely overlooked many circumstances and I wish that those that have the honor and the privilege of welcoming new Muslims to Islam. Keep this in mind that not underestimate its its effects.

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barakallahu li walakum

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