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I mean,

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I noticed early on early on some big old prison thinks belongs to Allah Subhana Allah made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant. And finally listen to Mohammed Salah long while having your Salah as follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, what I wanted to share today with you is gonna be a serious topic and an important topic and that is Yanni What is the significance of the very month that we are in, which is the month of Chabad. Of course, a lot of people now during Chabad Muslims generally all around the world, just waiting in anticipation for the month of Ramadan, sitting down and waiting for Ramadan. Or Little did they know that this is a month in which

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the believer prepares in it for Milan, as in the vessel alojado syllabus to do I'll explain to you exactly what he used to do and how he used to do it. And what exactly was the significance of this very month that we are in which is the month of Shabbat it only began on Friday. So Friday was the first day Saturday the second and today is the third day of it was still in the very beginning. For it's very important to understand what this month is from the very beginning of this month. Chabad my brother's is a month in the de Sala mahalo your salami teaches us it's a month in which the deeds and the records are raised to Allah subhanho wa Taala. a year's worth of records is raised to a loss

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of Hannah data during this month. So what you did in the last 365 days of your life going to be raised to a loss of Hana data in any one of these days of Chabad 365 days. How many of them did you how many of them did you find? 365 nights in each night? Allah subhanho wa Taala came down in how many of them? Did you get up and praise someone like at night? 365 days? How many of them did you make solid and for your future? About 365 days, how many pages of the plan Did you read in them 365 days are going to be raised to a panel a dialogue during this month, or condo. So here in our cabin in Moscow, each and every single deed that you did, no matter how small, and how huge and how big it

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was, all of it is raised to also have over 365 days and nights of what the angels recorded whether against you or for you, whether you're aware of it or not all of it will be raised or most of your data, every single one you said, and every single look at every step, and every backbiting and every fifth day you fell into and if you did, and every good action that was done. All of it is restore most of Hanover data during this month. And so the question my brother is is, is a loss of Hannah Montana going to accept your record or not? Is this record of what's he going to earn you the paradise or not? And will it bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah? Is this record

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that's going to be raised? Is it going to make a loss of Hannah who are happy with you or not? This is why I tell you from the very beginning, my brothers, the month of Shabbat that we just live in right now is a crucial, critical, serious, decisive month. Even though Ramadan is more rewarding than last Ramadan, and your efforts in your worship in last Ramadan is going to be raised these upcoming days. Your last efforts that you put in Laila together of Lansky are going to be raised in these couple of days or nights on mobile on the web in which they have Java and they go up. Yeah, and he for one, that's for the one who's lived for 3040 years, your records have been going up to a

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loss of Hannah, what data from since you reach the age of puberty, so perhaps about any maybe 2027 or 3030 records of your life have gone up to almost no more data. And so this is one of 30 Records, there's going up to a last panel with that. And this record could be a decider for the previous ones. It's perhaps that because of this record, if accepted, then he is maybe if it gives you for the rest, and maybe this is the record that admits you to the paradise. A lot. One, indivisible, Narmada your solemn he says about this month, he said that Sharon, your fellow nurse may have a knowledge of what he said this is a month between ownership and blah, blah, yada, yada. That's the

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month in between them. You have federal honorable ness that the people neglect and the people are so heedless about, okay, what does it mean that people have a federal? What does it mean that people neglect? And what does it mean that people are heedless about this month? Yeah, I mean, this is what it means. Meaning when you walk into the masjid, you walk outside, you meet your Muslim brother. You find no one is fasting up you find

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The people walking in the streets and you don't see anyone looking at his time and saying a lot today is Chabad. I'm going to go home early so I can sleep early and wake up and and pray something at night. You don't find the people interested in hazard at all you do is you find the people sitting and waiting for them over waiting for this is the month of preparation. This is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people are heedless about this month and the seriousness of this month for individual allamani usnm he used to prepare in this month. How did he use to prepare he used the first the entire month as in the Hadith canaille Sumo Shabana kilo, he

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used to finance the entire month of Chabad and in another eration canaille Sumo Shabana Illa. Polina, he used to first Chabad, except for a few days, he might break his fast one day, two days or three days of Chabad of the vast majority of the month is fasting, some of the low I think he was sent up whenever you saw mohana usnm He says, who are shown to foul armello fee and a lot for our hiboy and your family wanna saw him He says, this is a month in which the records are raised to a love and I like that my records are raised to a lot while I'm fasting because there is yet any, any there's more certainty in it being accepted than it being rejected when one is fasting is humble

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before most of the data so it gives a better chance for the person for his deeds to be accepted. That's all of us on the line water yourself fasting the entire month, already guaranteed position in the paradise, but he is on the line, why don't you send them by him first thing is teaching us that that's the best thing one could do during this month as a preparation for the first thing I'm saying my brothers do is that the first major event that happens in this month, is that your record of the last 365 days is going to be reasonable most of what Allah Allahu Allah in which they have this month it's going to be raised. That's what even

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the second major event that happens during this month.

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While this event is even more concerning, it's more worrying. It is more serious than the previous one of the records being raised. This one is even more Wouldn't it be so loud while they set themselves when teaching us the second major event? It says your political love with avant garde da da da da da that a new swimming Chabad fail futile is your miracle key machinery gun ownership in the beside suddenly he says in the Hadith, he says loss of Hannah, who looks at his creation in the middle of Chabad meaning on the 15th of Chabad. Allah surgeon looks at the creation and he forgives all his creation, except for a wishing a disbelievers not forgiven on that night. And for a Moshe,

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Moshe him is the one who's His heart is full of hatred and animosity and enmity towards another Muslim. But now look at this. Would I ever know, if a Muslim has hatred in his heart towards another Muslim, I will never know. You know why? Because that's an action of the heart. In other words, the second major event that happens in this month, is that your heart is presented before Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at your heart in this month. And that is the second major event that happens for these are two major events, your records go up to a loss of Hannah, who at the end of the last 365 days, and loss of Hannah, who looks at your heart, your heart is presented

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before a loss origin. And you know, my brothers, if you put these two together, the record going up and the heartbeat exposed. What does that remind you? It's supposed to remind us of something that reminds us of the standing before our last panel who died on the Day of Judgment. It reminds us of a preserve of the judgment before most of our data on that huge day that is awaiting us on the Day of Judgment, Kenny, and who are this sharp edge is a minor version of that major. He said a major standing before a lot that is going to happen. This this month is a minor version. It is a reminder of that major, horrific, terrifying event that will occur on the Day of Judgment. You just need to

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think of the reality of the day and remind yourself of that right now in this month. On the day of judgment. The people are carrying miracles and they and the heart is exposed as well. A Manzoni says, Well, how Sula Memphis to do yoga tubular Sawyer on that day when the inner secrets are exposed, and the heart is exposed. Yeah, I mean, you can't run away. There's nothing that you did except that it's exposed

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On that day, and your record is in your hand, the angels have given you this book. And you're meant by the angels taught loss of Hannah Montana, that very same day that when Yanni when the son of a saw that I have a home Allah used to make mention of it. We used to remember that they used to fail, they used to fall right where they are. They weren't able to complete this on that they would get sick. They would be bedridden for a few weeks for a few months. Chabad is supposed to remind you of that reality. And I say to you, my brothers, is your heart ready to be presented before law in in 30 days? Is it ready? Is your heart ready to be presented before a lot of social with all its

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temptations? and all its sicknesses and diseases? And it seems in less than two weeks? How much cleansing does your heart need? And how much preparation does your heart need before it's presented before a loss of Hana data? This is why I say to Chabad is is a crucial critical month, we cannot afford to neglect it and just sit down and wait for a moment. And let me explain to you something of what does it mean to stand before most panel data on the Day of Judgment. You know, the first thing that happens on that day, just so you can understand that yummy, the terrifying event that happens on the first day of Allah subhanho wa Taala beginning the judgment and accountability with the

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people, the first thing that happens is that a loss of Halloween data will come out and

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share we'll call it so and so

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get up and meet Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the people he shared and the one who used to look up to the one who used to he history citation, and they raise their hands and they look and they think Alliance origin, Allah is going to elevate him among the creation and admin him into the paradise before everyone. So this person is is gone and led by the angels for most.

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All of a sudden, the people are shocked to hear that Allah subhanho wa Taala will decide on this ad

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for Hulu, take him and drag him to Johanna, try to chain him and lock him up and throw him in jail for them angels would grab him and they would drag him on his face until they reach on them. And they will throw him in there. Why?

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Have you said that the intentions are exposed and they weren't sincere in their actions to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, this is the beginning. What is the loss of how to without and telling us? It's as though a lot of so gently saying this is the beginning? What is going to be after this? And how is the ending going to be if that's a chef or not? And when God is the one who you weren't able to sleep except by hearing his voice. You see them being dragged to yonder, one after the other. That's just the beginning of the day. What's going to be after that. And then everyone is closed. What do you get up to Allah subhanaw taala

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala go and meet him subhana wa tada and you stand before a law surgeon and the people have no idea what's happening behind the curtain. all we see is the result either he comes out and is thrown in Java. Oh he comes up and he is holding his record in his right hand. And you see how omocha Okita come and read my book is full of excitement and enjoyment. So how to love a lot of social at the moment he says what could've never met him Jeff here, you will see every nation, the millions in the billions of people, their kneeling is standing on their knees. You know when you stand on your knee when someone is kneeling. In other words, he is begging for most of

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Hannah Todd has mercy. He's begging for most of Hamadan is forgiveness. That's the situation on that day. sharbat is reminding you of that reality. This is this month, then this is the month in where the records go up. And this is also the month in which the heart is exposed before our last part of our data. My brothers

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came along they see that Chabad is like a checkpoint when he left his method and what does that mean? You know, when you reach a checkpoint, if your documents are all there, and you pass you go ahead. If your documents aren't there, they're not to satisfactory level and you fail you go back. Chabad is exactly like this. If Allah subhana wa tada was to accept the deeds in sha Allah. If Allah solution was to accept that heart and your records, then the very first sign of it being accepted is that Allah absorption will open for you the doors of worship and Ramadan. You'll find yourself moving forward in Ramadan, you'll find yourself at the doors of worship have been open. Your

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relationship with the Quran is going up in another level. You will taste this

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sweetness of fasting, you'll find that your diet is being accepted. And you'll find yourself being guided to so much goodness why the reason behind all this is because your record in Chabad was accepted when the

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opposite opposite to that is also true that if you find yourself in Melbourne, very poor in the worship, sleeping the whole day deprived from the last 10 nights deprived, probably

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not making enough dough and taking the opportunity of Muslims to make that accepted. Do you find yourself like that that's a good sign that your record in Chabad didn't go through and your record and your heart in Chavez failed and it was rejected one or the other below, ask a lot of Zoysia to keep us safe from that and to accept our record and our heart during this month. So this is why I say to my brothers once again, Chabad will law he's a serious, important, crucial critical month, you cannot afford to neglect the other side and just wait for a newborn. And you're on your way preparing for work in this month later this month is a preparation for what is about to come ahead.

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Me. So Pamela, this month, my brother's the main concern in it is for one to be accepted by laws. We've had our data, this is a month in where your main concern is to be accepted by laws, that your heart is accepted, and your records are accepted. Or some of the law they said. They said that the record is raised to a law after the 15th of Shaban, yeah, and in other words, one earns the forgiveness of a lot. And then after his record goes up, and it's clean, and maybe that's the only closer for it to be accepted by laws of Canada. But anyway, in saying that, that is not a 100% opinion, this is why it was all a loss of a lot while you were selling. He used to finance the

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entire month, the whole month. Linda, he doesn't know when the record will go up. It could go up tomorrow, it could go up after a week a loved one for he said or Hempel and your family, your honor saw him. I love that my and I learned for myself that the record is raised while I'm fasting for my brothers. As I said, this is a month of acceptance, being accepted by alone is a big deal. But what it's a big deal to settle for a moment mother used to say, if I knew that a loan accepted once or actually they said if a lawyer accepted one says that. No, I saw that. If I'm not accepted one such that for me, I would not want to live one more extra day on this life, then the law says it no

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matter for better luck.

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only accepts from the righteous. So if ally accepted a search that then that means I'm from the righteous I need to leave right now. This was the understanding for being accepted by Allah, my brothers is a big deal, not something small. And this is the month in which we all hope to be accepted by most of Canada, both the heart and our records. Now

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there is a heavy loss of a lot of other dimensions. Very important. How do you you need to listen to this hadith and understand it and then work towards implementing this Howdy. Listen to the hunting. This is narrated by Abu Dhabi alarm.

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He says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of a legume shall

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be standing before the Sahaba and he said to them that alama bond is close. In other words, there's still money in Ramadan. there before Ramadan there in Chavez. The Visa Center is saying this hadith while lesean Chavez is saying to the people that are nobodies around the corner, just like no nobody's around the corner.

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Then he said Bhima floofy lawsuit alleges a lot of other usnm meaning one law he in no matter other Muslim ina shabu

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shabu shabu shalom.

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The first part of the halevi says one lucky there has not come a better month upon the believer, other than the month of Ramadan, and there has not come a worse month upon the hypocrite other than the month of Ramadan number words. The best month for the believer is the month of Ramadan, and the worst month of the year for the month is the month of Ramadan. First part listen to what he says now, very important. He says in the lava lake to Ashura who won our filler who meet me at hula.

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He says that the rewards your husband had that you are going to do your normal bar and the good deeds and the voluntary act that you will be doing a trauma bond

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will be written for the believer before he enters Ramadan.

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Ramadan well in the La Jolla, Allahu

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Allah. And further, Allah writes upon him the sins and the transgressions that you will do in Ramadan before I move on. Why? Why does a man write for the believer, the Hassan, he'll earn your Ramadan before he enters Ramadan. And why is the sin written on the hypocrite before he enters Ramadan? Listen, here this is where the point is. He says what Lika and the reason for that is Lima, your mineral fee, he went on to what

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he says the reason is because of the preparation that the believer puts from now for Ramadan. In other words, the believer prepares from now he prepares in shodhan itself. And this is what earns him the reward of Ramadan. Before he lives to see the first day of Ramadan. He earned the reward clause, because he proved to Allah subhana wa Tada. He's put serious effort right now, you don't even have to poor and the best way to prepare is fasting. For no reason alone. While he was alone, he described fasting as its strength, and it is power. And it is that which will fuel you follow my blog. And it is that which will guarantee the reward for you. Before you even the first before you

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see the daylight of the first month of Ramadan. Now, it will be your concern whether you live to Lamont or not doesn't matter. Your reward is already written before you even enter the month. When would have his say, yeah, his Sims and his transgression is written upon him before he enters love on me. So I sent him He says, You are able to feel munafo mean of polarity. Nancy, wow, our team was analyzing that truth. He says that the hypocrite he owns his car. Because in this month, he's busy. He's busy planning for how is he going to? Yeah, and how is he going to distract the Muslim? And what should they do? In this month? They're busy preparing what kind of TV series we're going to do.

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What kind of program on the TV we're going to what kind of show Are we going to come up with? How are we going to distract the people so that once they finish from there, they run home to the TV and they turn it on to watch something that we have created and made for them for because of that is scenaries transgression is written on him before he even enters the month of Ramadan. So Pamela, and maybe some allamani usnm is teaching us the whatever it is one who's preparing, how is he going to distract the people in Ramadan. And the believer is different to that. He's preparing. He's preparing strength, and he's preparing for the actual month of Ramadan. How is he going to begin to

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fast this month, for the best way of preparation is the first thing as also the loss of the law while he was a lamb as he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do now I tell you this my brother's

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a Muslim, a believer is supposed to have one good deed in his life that he holds on to forever. And he hopes behind it that Allah subhanaw taala would admit him the paradise because of

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I believe it is supposed to have that. Yeah, look the people in life. They don't for something. You know, there's someone Yeah. And he believed the electrician. I'm hammered the computer guy. There's this person, the plumber. Everyone is known in this life for something. He does other things in life as well. But that's the thing He is known for. Yeah. And if anything, you ask him what's going to guarantee your future if you live the future, Allah from my job, and this is my job that I do. I'm rationally relying on that. The believer is supposed to have something like this for his future. But he's the one deed that you're hoping behind that you will enter the paradise because of and this is

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something that is in there. Heidi Jani and Elisa, Nevada your son, when he was taken up to Allah subhanaw taala. Would you agree Of course, late in Islam,

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and he reached the paradise and he got close to alpha dose. He heard the footsteps of beloved of your loved one. So when he came down, he went to be land. And he said to me, I began. Colima, outdoors Arusha, Amelie Nam is double Islam.

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He did not say to him below, tell me what you do. What do you do that I hear footsteps in the 100. And for those, he said to him, what is the thing that you do that you're hooked from behind it you'll enter the paradise shall have understood that there is something that bellezze does that he hopes from it that he enters the paradise that he says to us all the loss on the lawn while he was in love. He says theme that is

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Every time I was to enter the bathroom and relieve myself I make what I make Whoo hoo I look at the people today they only make a lot when it's time for so that if he goes into the bathroom but not today it's not time for solo now also when time of solid we come and make a little bit out

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every time he enters the bathroom he's making a vote whether it's time for that or not now at all and whenever he sort of says whether you have a level min that no one is concerned in being older at all times acceptable leaving the stick that's the believers cuz that's a sign you're a believer, when you're concerned that 24 hours of the day, I have to be accountable whether they're solid time or not regardless, I think that will be a long one who he says to him after I make although I pray, Masha, Allah Julio, no, suddenly, I pray whatever law soldier who's fully up to like a full guard six or eight.

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Just before he sleeps, he goes to relieve himself, he makes a walk, he comes out, and he prays six or

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whatever you can pray you pray in the morning, he makes you pray to God after it. And this is the deed a builder of a lot. I used to fast. He used to give Sonic I used to do many other things. But that's the thing he used to do, in which he hoped that he enters the paradise behind. And that's exactly how the agenda, adults, right? And maybe some alarm or your center.

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He's walking to the paradise to the door of the paradise for either the morality.

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On his right, there's a woman that is that is racing into the door of the paradise. So he says to her man, Andy, she says, Adam, Allah, to Allah ye. She says, I'm a woman, that I took care of my children. In other words, she was like a mother that took care of her children. And this deed she evoked from it, that she will enter for those. This is why she's raising Muslim alone. Why don't you send them your honey, this woman she used to pray, she used to. She used to do other things. But this is the one thing she did, that she hoped from she will enter the paradise and she focused on it focused on taking care of her children. And then we saw send them he says, Who are you? She doesn't

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give her name. And the people on the Day of Judgment are known by the names. They are known by the one Dean they focused on in this life. That's what they know. ghanians on the Day of Judgment, you come up, you don't say Well, honestly, you say,

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Danny pa will lay down a PA will leave Mondays and Thursdays. I'm 1314 and 15 of every month. I'm the one that sponsored the orphans. I'm the ones of the solokha. I'm the ones of the first thing. No one, no one cares about your name. The thing that you're known by on that day is the deed you focused on is the deed you focused on. This is why the Paradise is $8. Right? And each door has a name. And if he Babel, or Babel, Sala Babel, she had their adores Yanni, why did these doors have these names, then Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that there are servants there are just going to focus on that, so that they enter the into the paradise puzzle.

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Because this person he used to focus on is solid in his life. And he used to do other things. But he hoped from his solid that he will enter the paradise. So there was a special deal for them. Babylonia Yan is a door in which are

00:28:38--> 00:29:15

the ones who first they enter this door, right? It's like these are people that they used to do other good things, but they focus on fasting, because they hope through that that they will enter the paradise. And that's exactly what happens. Once all these people that focused on fasting, enter, that door is closed, and no one other than them would enter that door anymore. And I asked you what is the deep that you focus on? What is this one deed that you're focusing on? That you hope that allows so you'll admit you and feel those behind? You will do other things, but you need to focus on something when speak out about that my brothers, I come back to you in the month of Chabad and I say

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to you that the best thing to do in Chabad is exactly what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, and that is that he used to prepare for Ramadan in this month by first in the entire month by fasting the entire month. And will lie here I told you by far the best deed for you to choose is the fast. The best deed to choose is the fast and these days are long, they're not they're not difficult. They're very easy. Yani 12 hours of the day. This is Daniel humbler different to overseas 1617 hours they'll do shot banner drama, but in summer umbrella we're doing it in winter, but have at least one me in your life where you found Chabad vcv

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left all of it oil and what remains of it from now on until the end of this month.

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The first thing in the diesel allamani your assembler, if he says about the first thing, let me give you something so that we understand exactly what does this great action and worship. What does it mean to Allah? subhanho wa Taala and what kind of reward does it carry behind? Enemy salomaa? Why don't you send them he says,

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Masami Omen feasability that there are other lava shovel. I'm Johanna Sabina halifa. This is Elon. He says anyone who fasts one day for the sake of a lot of love with distance his face from yharnam 70s 70s. Yanni, Siobhan is 30 days

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30 times 70. That's 2100 years 2100 years, sharp and on its own is enough to separate your face from janome for 2000 years, on that day when the faces are being burnt by the flames of Youngnam. Even before the people enter the genre, when you are far away from this mess, and far away from this chaos, because you decided in 2017, your first job and feasibility lab Sevilla and you owe that reward in a hadith interview. Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says, Listen to this

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It begins as a hadith number one NaVi Salaam Salaam is narrating, he says every deed that the son of Adam does is multiplied is multiplied and has an advantage. Well, I'm fairly certain

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it's multiplied between 10 times and 700 times call a Lavoie so as an individual I shall be speaking, and then the hobbies the number we stopped selling becomes a hobbyist. Pudsey allows origin is narrating now. In other words, what's about to be said is so huge. Nobody himself said it in love. So, except fasting or fasting is not multiplied between 10 and 700 pipella de la Illa. So for him know who he was Zb, CP, except fasting that belongs to me that no The one who does it does it sincerely 100% sincerity for most of our data, for it deserved something special. Allah says Allah, Zb, I will reward for it. What does it mean a love would reward for meaning the reward is too

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big. It wasn't able to be mentioned if the reward was mentioned and said about one and how many books you'd need but allow sosial summarized all that and said Why does GB all give the reward for it? It's too big to be mentioned thought about it. Heather, this is the virtue of fasting. These are the best days of fasting now in Chabad and follow it up with Ramadan. So hello Allah and Elisa Longo I know your salami says in a hottie What do you know the ayah and you've heard this hair before losses in the mahoma Luna and we know the masala

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Ali Mohammed. What does that mean? That means a moron soldier is saying that he woman

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and all the angels that are right now on Earth, that are right now going up to the sky and coming down from the sky that are in the first heaven in the second heaven in the third until the seventh, the angels that are in unpainted Malmo that seems that they are not created until now. 70,000 angels going there and they come out and never to return. All these angels the universe and Allah subhanaw taala are sending their prayers upon Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam great virtue. Well, you've now listen to this Howdy. And Nevis Allahu Allah He will send them he says in the low Amana, Eco, Luna other

00:33:52--> 00:34:31

than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And all the angels continuously send their prayers upon the ones who do and Yanni basically any wake up for support? In other words, the first thing person, where are you going to get that virtue other than in in fasting? Where are you going to find this virtually any worship, other than the worship of fasting? In other words, you're at a portion for a lot in the angels to send prayers and Solo is upon you just by fasting. My brothers. Yeah, I mean 12 hours of fasting, engaged in a continuous worship. What other words and if I told you pray 12 hours, we weren't able to do it.

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

If I told you me, sit down and make nickel for 12 hours and don't lose money, you can't do an 11 year Shama. If I said to you make for 12 hours, continuous, don't move 12 hours go out, you can't do it. If you only worship that is continuous and connected, is fasting. 12 hours of worship, whether you're sleeping or you're not working, or you're heatless about yourself into your in reward 12

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

hours until you break your fast when Where are you going to find a worship like this? Well the one that is fasting is what is accepted 12 hours of guaranteed accepted what what other worship is going to offer you the same reward and abuse on the lawn while he was mm

00:35:17--> 00:35:24

hmm and then he comes to listen as I said and he says to me also Allah Tell me something that I learned from you tell me a good deed

00:35:25--> 00:35:34

from the besides me system with no institution are they come so fast? Now listen to the commentary. He says for him, no.

00:35:36--> 00:36:02

There is nothing that is equal to it. There is nothing like it doesn't mean any There is nothing like it that will cleanse your heart. There is nothing like it that will cleanse your soul. There is nothing like it that will bring you closer to Allah. There is nothing like it that'll Yani help you in overcoming the shame bond and the temptations? There is nothing like it. That will bring you only the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah for him? No. No.

00:36:03--> 00:36:44

Because again, you look at the virtue and the merit behind it. It makes one yeah, and you forget the hardships and the difficulty of fasting and hold on to it for life. I'm telling me to loads of data and hoping from this hustler that a lot of social admits him and for those that are that need to choose something for yourself, identify yourself by something before you pass away. Before you die, you make the most out of data, and maybe sell a lot whether you're selling musician a hobby, you all know the hobby. So let me give you a commentary on it. He says la Lu femicide, aka Angola, Miriam misc, we know that it means that the breath of the fasting person is more beloved to Allah, not to

00:36:44--> 00:37:30

the people to Allah. It's more beloved to Allah than the smell of of musk. Like if, if that's just the breath, then his love to a lot more than the fragrance of most. How about how about the fasting person himself, because his breath is not enough to allow that mess. However, the fasting person himself from top to bottom himself the entire person, how much more is in love by Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a serious worship gets you so much reward and levels and pleasure and happiness are the most important data that you would never expect and find in any other way. Look how easy it is. You wake up this pillar is Stein below you in atrocious and solemn, you said seek the help of a lot

00:37:30--> 00:37:34

and don't sit back. And don't only be doubtful. Don't sit down and

00:37:35--> 00:37:38

force them up Bismillah start just start your

00:37:39--> 00:38:18

journey if you haven't eaten anything from now this will start then we have in Charlotte, the other Ghana program. We've delayed it together Shall we putting the intention that we're going too fast the month of Shabaab is the law what remains of it, we're just at the very beginning of it. So we finished Friday, Saturday, and we're on Sunday right now and we have been delayed until the end of the month where you're any in Chabad what you're supposed to do is find for yourself a friend that will help you in the worship. Find for yourself a friend that will help you shall know that people have the treasure the people who have been asked the most paradata to accept from you all we ask him

00:38:18--> 00:38:39

so Canada to make this worship easy on us to choose for yourself a good righteous companion that will keep you on the track to fasting Shaban until the end of it until I'm about comes or low he by the time Ramadan comes you will find yourself marisha on what you'll find yourself. Yeah and the Ramadan will come What are these headaches are fasting

00:38:40--> 00:39:12

hungry on this and on the first day was difficult lalla you don't have any of this you've already dealt with all that in China. You come in blah blah blah you already start your reading of the call and start from now start from now for those who are slow read half issues by the time of Amman comes continues so inshallah tada you finish it by the end of the month. You only divided for yourself. This is a month of preparation. Yeah. And if you prepare for it properly, and you prepare for it in the best way to prepare is like the way of lasala muscled a lot of water yourself in how he prepared for it. Then

00:39:13--> 00:39:51

you'll see you'll see something from a muscle panel what data you have never seen before in your life. You've never fasted Chabad pasta for the sake of a monk is just at the beginning. Danny can assume Shabbat illa kalila is the first Shabbat except for a few days, those a few days. They said yeah, only two or three days. were on track being delayed the other way on track your initial data, find for yourself that companion will be delayed. The only way to get on this show without all of us promise yourself is delay before you walk out that you're going too fast the month of Shabbat

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

not for anyone else. A lot of social knows it. And the most sincere worship is fasting. You know that

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Part of it the best part of fasting is Yanni not

00:40:07--> 00:40:28

when you eat something, but actually before that by something you see the best part of the fasting is some words you say just before you let me share this with you want more he these words are more exciting than the meal itself. Let me send them he says What do you know? The one who fasts he says, What's the

00:40:30--> 00:40:35

right format Jani? The first is about to go because you say it before you eat, what the letter

00:40:37--> 00:40:43

VMs have been quenched with this water that was yummy that you drink. How What do you say after that?

00:40:44--> 00:41:19

was done as usual? insha Allah, yeah, I need the word. The reward for this fasting has been confirmed. It's been really, it's not in the book keeps going knowing you only worship that you can guarantee for yourself that he's accepted is fasting, nothing. There's nothing, there's no worship. After it we say follow the logic. After every worship Allah, Allah Allah. But fasting, thermo tell us it's a treat, and it's confirmed. This is your only worship that is 100% in its sincerity to a lot of soldiers, it cannot get wasted.

00:41:21--> 00:41:27

And he teaches us as well. This is a new way of Sofia and authority of law. You know,

00:41:28--> 00:42:06

when the people the army when the people that believe is entering the paradise, they pass by the sell off just before you enter the paradise. There's something called a compiler. There is something called before you enter the paradise Watson controller and component is where there was problems between Muslims it's going to be sorted on Kampala before you enter the paradise but Southern will love this brother He swore at me and despitefully oppress me before you enter Paradise given given from your solar given from yourself given this Muslim your backbiting and he still is not happy with you given from your heart center Sofia

00:42:07--> 00:42:36

he says in law so except fasting you cannot give a given to anyone for his number his house so it is protected you cannot give the first thing to anyone first thing stays with you and it is given to no other or your husband and that speaks to that cannot go anyway. Perhaps through that hustler you enter the paradise yeah and hold on to this great deep this great version that Muslim teaches us alone in the plan he

00:42:38--> 00:42:42

described the first in person with this word of Sam

00:42:44--> 00:42:48

a set your home that you wouldn't be doing at home you don't

00:42:49--> 00:42:59

say home you saw and why did he says what to say home? A set your home is a tourist. The first thing person is called a tourist in the

00:43:00--> 00:43:42

end. What does that mean? He's a tourist. You see a tourist my brother's is someone who's always excited. He's always happy. He's discovering new land. He's eating new food martial law. Yeah, and he's on a high he's on a high tourist. The sign is exactly like that. The first thing person is exactly like that. In other words, when you deprive your body from food and drink and sexual desire during the day, you give your soul a chance to elevate you give your soul a chance to discover new levels with the blood with a Muslim Canada with the fasting with the prayer with the worship that you do on Monday praying while fasting is different to praying while not fasting or making

00:43:43--> 00:44:20

is a different feeling to someone making bigger when he is not fasting fat This is why he is referred to as the tourist my brother's only I don't want to take longer than this take upon yourself and take an oath with yourself on a contract and an agreement with yourself that be if they love you first the entire days left for Chabad in preparation for Ramadan. So that inshallah So shall we are more of a chance for the records in the heart to be accepted by law some kind of data and those being open during the month of October whilst the loss of Hello Donna Lumiere in that I think he goes up to Office nearby and I think that's the last kind of data to except for us to

00:44:20--> 00:44:34

forgive us. Our sins now seems to have a data to make us people of the planet people of the tsunami was a little less than the norm. It was in the in memory of eligo brother Ali, or some local cinema Bella gala, Vienna Mohammed was water. He was on the money