True Leadership of Umar Ibn Al Khatab

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We'd like to speak about leadership.

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We're gonna look at each one of you sitting here is a leader.

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Each one of you is a shepherd, and you will be asked about your flock. You want to complain about the leaders and you've never done anything for the oma.

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Where have you ever gone and helped?

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I've taken an hour to hour of your time to go and assist somebody. The most that you do is give Zakat, and give you a call Bernie. If that and then you complain about leadership. Omar

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ameerul momineen. Every night,

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he would go in the streets of Medina to see if there was anybody who needed something.

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And one day he goes, and he sees from a distance. He sees this lady, she's lit a fire. And she's got this bowl of water on the fire, and the children around her crying, and she has nothing to cook. So what she wants to do is that protect to her children that she is cooking. So maybe they will go to sleep because they're hungry. They're crying,

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too. Oh, my watch it for a while. And then he walks up to her. And he gives us alarm and realize what state that this woman was into pause. She didn't even have enough to feed her children. And after speaking to Omar Abdullah, who said

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let me ask you a question. She doesn't know that this is Omar. So let me ask you a question. What is your opinion about Omar? She said I complain to Allah about Omar.

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He said maybe he doesn't know your state. said he's a he's the Khalifa and he doesn't know our state.

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These words permeated the heart of Omar

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and Omar went back into Medina

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and he went to the the baitul man and he told the person who was in charge of the baitul mal, he said give me a sack full of food

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and Omar Jesus sack full of food and he wants to pick it up and the gate and the keeper says no no Amina mommy Let me carry it. Am oversight placed on my back is more money Let me carry it is a place to my back. Third time insist from your mommy Let me carry and Omar said when you carry my sins on the day of judgment as well.

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When you carry my sins on the Day of Judgment. And then Omar went through Medina

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with a sack on his back.

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And he went to the tent of this woman.

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And the narration mentioned that Omar began to light the fire himself. And the smoke was going through his thick beard.

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And then he cooked the food

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with his own hands and then he distributed to the children.

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And the mother sees the kindness of this man. She doesn't know this is Oman. And she says to Omar, I swear by Allah you are better than

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and then Omar is watching these children playing a full day satiated now.

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Monica over the line who says he says O'Meara uomini let's go back. It's dark.

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It's nighttime. It's cold. Let's go back. And Omar said no, I swear by Allah I will not leave this place until I see the children laughing.

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Like I saw them crying.

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And then Omar went back and he led the for your Salah. And Abdullah says I swear by Allah, I cannot explain to you how longer cried in the Forge of Salah because he saw believers crying at hunger.

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So you and I love to speak about our leadership

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and rightly so.

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But my question to you and myself, you and I is what do we do? Are we just a smaller reflection of the leaders