Surah An-Najm #15 A Story of the Constellations

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The speakers discuss the ancient Greek word "the carriers of the stars" and its significance to their understanding of the universe. They also discuss the meaning behind "branded" and "imagery for revelation," and the concept behind "branded." They address topics such as the upcoming return of the sun, the physical and spiritual aspects of the beast's image, and the profit cycle of the beast. They end with challenges to answer a question about the Quran's meaning for humans.

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It this is one of the most incredible depictions in brief language of so many celestial phenomenon. So many things in the sky that are happening, all captured in just one Najmi either our just that. And the entire experience of the prophets like Selim is super imposed on what's happening in the sky. When Neji meet either

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male oneness or he will come one out, I'll

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful surah. Now,

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I already described this to you. The question now is,

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what did he see?

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Allah says luck. I mean, I see Robbie Hill Cobra, he certainly saw one of Allah's most Grand Designs, one of Allah's greatest signs is what he saw.

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Now what is it that he saw?

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No Abbas says he saw Allah,

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I shall be a lot more in it says no, he didn't.

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There's a hadith that says how could I see he was liked. Another Hadith says I saw light, I saw some light, there's a confusion.

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Quran is saying something covered it. So did Allah want to tell us what he saw?

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No, Allah wanted to tell us there's a secret between Allah and His Prophet.

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There are some things that the Prophet was given so he can deliver it to humanity. But the prophet was so special to Allah, that some things Allah gave His Prophet only for his prophet, and you should know that

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you should know some things are just between Allah and His messenger.

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Was it something else? Was it some other kinds of light? Was it Allah? Allah himself describes himself and what will notice them it will not. Nobody can come and say he did not see Allah. Nobody can come and say he did see Allah. All we can say is he saw something.

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He saw something and as I didn't deviate.

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So that's all we know. That's all he's gonna give us. But I want you to focus on the word Ara. He saw, he saw, he saw you guys with me so far. Now we get to the juicy part.

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Okay, okay. Okay. So this is the planet Earth. This is my drawing skills. Okay, this is the planet. Look, I'll make some continents on it. Okay. You're here.

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A person, the ancient era. This is the ancient era right here on planet Earth. And above him, he sees the horizon.

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Okay, that's the horizon, east and west. The sun rises from the from the east.

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And sets in was a one ugly sun.

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That's the sun rising from the east setting in the west going that way. You wouldn't be so far. Easy enough. Right? This is Fajr.

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And this is what

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Natasha? McGrew.

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Okay. Now,

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the night comes. Most of you don't know, the Earth is spinning a certain way. The sun is just one star, but two stars that are much further away in the galaxies in the universe. They also arise in the east and set in the West.

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All the stars in the galaxy, they actually move also through one night, but they don't move all the way they move a little bit.

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Or some of them move a little more. Or some of them move a little more. Because depending on the distance, you have me so the sun goes like that. But the stars also go like that you with me so far. Okay, now I'm going to erase a little bit.

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There's a special group of stars, called an najem.

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And najem is not just all stars in Arabic poetry and literature. A special group of stars is called an najem. In English, we call them the Pleiades. The Pleiades, you can Google the spelling, it's difficult, okay?

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The Pleiades is not just one star, it's a constellation of stars. Okay. And that star in the winter, in the winter, you can see play these

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right here. That group of stars

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so when you when the night comes when Muhammad comes you look right above you and Maka we're talking about maca. If you were somewhere in New Jersey, I don't know. But in Makkah, if you look straight up in the winter in January, what would you see? A najem and a najem is a group of stars. Okay. So as the night continues, they are here.

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They keep traveling.

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So that means they started high and they ended low. You will be played in what season

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in winter, okay? But then there's summer. By the way, when the night is done, the star keeps going around the circle and you don't see it because it's on other parts of the planet. And then summer season comes. And where's the star going to show up now?

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Is that going to show up on top? Where's it going to show up? Right around here.

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Okay, the Pleiades is now in the summer season, it's here. But the problem with that is the sun is right behind it.

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So you see it a few minutes or a few seconds before Fajr. But then the sun comes. And when the sun comes what happens to the Pleiades?

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It disappears. So during the winter, you can see it clearly for a long time. But during the summer, you only see it for a brief moment. You with me so far? Okay, so what is played is called an Arabic in Arabic poetry, and najem. And what are the two positions we're interested in? The one on the top and the one on the east? Which one is more brief?

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Because it gets overshadowed by the sun, you will be so far. Okay, one last thing.

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One last thing.

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What does the horizon look like?

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What does it look like?

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A bow.

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It looks like a bow. Bow saying, right? Okay.

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One more thing.

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There are some stars, that when ladies, you know, like because the stars are all like this.

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Right? These are ugly stars. But I'm gonna I'm gonna circle one of them. This one and this one. Okay, when this one moves this way, this one also moves this way. Right? So it's like

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that you will be. So what the what the Arabs did was the star that is about to disappear.

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And the star that is about to rise, because as one of them disappears into, you know, the horizon, the one that shows up just before Fajr. These two are related to each other. They would say these two are brothers, or these two are sisters, or these two are forever connected to each other, like the two ends of a whites.

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The two arches of a bowl. You with me? These two stars are connected now. Which star were we talking about? What was the name of that star Drew?

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Ladies and what what do we call it in Arabic

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najem when najem is here,

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when najem is here, it has its partner on the other side. That partner is called Rami.

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Rami. And in English, we call it Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius, this is going to be important. This is all information you're going to need in a minute. But I mean, it's called what Sagittarius and the symbol for Sagittarius is a bow and arrow.

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The symbol for Sagittarius is a bow and arrow. Okay, so that's these two are

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basically connected forever. When one when one falls, the other rises you with me? And when the other rises, the first one falls, they're they're connected, and they rotate together. Okay. All right.

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We're getting to Quran soon. Just one last thing.

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Let me quiz you a little bit.

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Where is najem in the winter?

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Above, and it travels through the night and ends up in the West? downlow Where is Najib in the summer?

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And the East isn't there for a long time or a short amount of time? Why is it there for a short amount of time? Because the sun's gonna rise? What is the partner for a najem Rami which is the bow and arrow constellation with me. Okay, one last thing and then we can go back to Quran

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there's the planet again. There's the horizon again. There's Pleiades on top again, if it's on top if najem is on top, what season am I talking about? Winter. Good. That was a passionate winter. Okay.

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Then there is a constellation in the sky. That looks like a bucket.

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Okay, famously, it looks like a bucket. This constellation the Arabs called it

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Double one double one actually means a well bucket.

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When ladies is in the winter, or Najib is in the winter and it's moving this way it is is going or normally what do you find there? It's replacing double when taking the position of the law. You with me? This is the last bit of information that I want you to know. I've told you a bunch of stuff. You've got dunno, you got Ramy in the winter najem is heading towards the blue in the sky. And this was normal for the Arabs. They're like, Oh DeLeeuw Oh najem Hey, Najib is heading towards though this is how they thought this was normal for them. Okay. All right.

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the first meeting, which is the first meeting was on earth, yes. Where did he see him?

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On the highest horizon. Well who are Bill Okay.

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I'm going to pretend like I'm talking to the ancient Arabs. I'm going to pretend all of you are ancient Arabs and you understand the sky. Okay. He saw Jibreel on the highest horizon perfectly even istilah perfectly even means not this way not this way perfectly above just as perfectly as you see a najem right above your head in the winter months when Najmi either howa now

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she descended and got close to Medina he the WS have started coming down closer, just as you see platies which is called what

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and najem play this is called a nudge him just as please descends to the west, not to the western side, appearing closer and closer. And the Arabic word for it coming closer and coming down is either haha.

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So just like the Arab seeds, the star coming down.

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I want you to know, it is as clear as the prophet seeing Djibouti and coming down. Now

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he hovered himself so close to the prophets. I said I'm Tatiana. So Matt and alpha, the data that comes from the Arabic word Delwin del one means a bug. Have you heard the word dulu today?

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Where is the

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the bucket constellation and what happens when the star constellation comes all the way down? It gets to the den, just as you look for the najem reaching dulu Jabril TADHANA

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she came down

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Then he was bound in ultimate fraternity with the profit slice and remember what I described our callsign they got so close. I remember when I said they used to take tau two bows and arrows, combine them together and shoot. We are now forever joined. Just like you know that there are two stars joined together on the two ends of the horizon. Just like that you should know Muhammad Rasul Allah says Allah is forever joined with Gibreel

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they're joined together.

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Now what happens with the two stars that are joined together? When one falls the other? When one comes down the other goes up, right? Right. Okay. By the way, no one would have deep that's what they used to call the two stars that are related to each other what was called No the other was called Rocky. Anyway. The descent of Gibreel salaam means the rise of the final messenger.

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Of figure again, the coming down of jobaline means the rising of the prophets, I said and his Dunoon means the better of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam just like the coming down of najem means the rising of Rami, you should understand this now.

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Do you see what Allah is doing? Allah is taking a physical phenomenon. And he's describing a powerful spiritual reality piece by piece by piece. They can never look at the star in the same way again, they have been robbed of looking at the sky and not thinking about the profit slice and of Revelation. It's been taken over.

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It's been taken, it's been rebranded the sky has been rebranded as the imagery for revelation. Let's keep going.

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The messenger Okay the second time, the second time Gibreel Ali Salam was higher low the second time

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he was low in the second season, summer season, where is najem?

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It's low. right up the alley, he said he saw him low just like you will see in the summer that najem is going to be low on the horizon on the eastern horizon. This low horizon viewing was momentary meaning that I suppose

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Salam could not stay there. He could only be there for a few moments because he has to come back and finish his mission. Just like when you look at the najem in the eastern horizon, you can only see it for a few moments because what's coming in? The sun is coming and it's going to disappear.

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The prophets Isilon looked out towards the far this tree, what was that call? So not all, one Taha just like, you look for the farthest Eastern horizon to find the najem

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by the way, in Syriac tradition, they used to look they thought that heaven is in the east. Interestingly, the okay the prophet sees him by the tree of finality near the garden of refuge, right? The tree of finality near the garden of refuge. And you see a Najam and you'd and the horizon and you know new life and greenery is about to sprout. What's the connection here? He sees him by a tree and what he knows when summer is coming, leaves are coming greeneries coming, life is coming. Just like you associate the rise of the najem from the east with new life results I said I'm sorry Gibreel by the tree of permanent life.

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The profit cycle of his view of Gibreel was overcast. How was it overcast? You remember he was seeing the Sidra and he was seeing Gibeah and then what happened is Yorkshire sister gotta know your shot something came and took over

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and completely overshadowed and what just when you're looking at the measurement the East what happens what comes right behind it the sun

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the prophets I said I was still able to look at what cast over because when the sun when when the new light came or whatever he saw came this is this is dva No, but you you can't even handle looking at the sun.

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Because when you're looking at najem you're like oh, that looks beautiful. Oh, no fudges here I can't look at the sun anymore too much light. You have to look away. The Prophet didn't look away.

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You can't even handle one star of this earth which is the sun staring at it directly because it's too close and also saw something much more than this sun and his eyes didn't turn away. Some Allah audio setup. This is similar to Allah says you know when lightning strikes the the almost become blinded by the light or when somebody takes up flash photo. You're like, ah, you know, you can't handle that much late. It's overexposure. That's what he's saying. The prophesies Hellums eyes couldn't get over expose. His eyes are stronger than any eyes Allah ever created for human beings. They're able to handle something no other human being can. Okay. Now,

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the first sighting was tolerated by the eyes,

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but needed the strength of the heart. What does that mean? When he saw him in the nights? He could see who needs to know. It's not like he couldn't look he could look, but it was overwhelming for his heart. The eyes weren't overwhelmed, but the heart could have been overwhelmed. But he said marketable for Amara the first time. But the second time this was even harder, because what he had to see was something so much more overwhelming that the eyes would want to turn away but his eyes didn't turn away. Mazatlan, bossa nova Mata, what is what seems to be the focus on all of this, let me read this all to you. Finally, the profit slice Club was just able to see, internalize and

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understand meaning raw, something no other human being could you in no way could compare to the power of vision and TAO to him. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, and yet the irony is that with your limited sight of her tomar una who are Annamma Yara, you're going to doubt him about what he sees. You're gonna say, Oh, I don't know what he saw. Do you know the caliber of your vision compared to the caliber of his vision?

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For tomorrow, Anna, who Allah may Allah know, he is the one who sees like no other human being can. The Grandest Thing you can see is the stars in the rising and the rising sun. And that had to be used as a miniscule illustration to describe something so much more grand, that makes the stars nothing. In fact, the heavens and the earth became something miniscule. Djibouti Ali Salam just became like one star in the horizon,

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with what the prophets like Selim saw, explain, Allah says elsewhere, Allah is not not shy to give even the smallest example. In this case, the stars and the sun became the smallest example to describe something so much bigger on a la Maza on bossa nova Mata ha

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Nakata, Robin is,

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you know, let's come back to the world. This world. When you read it, he

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took him on this journey and he came back to the kuffaar said, Oh, we're supposed to believe that

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we're supposed to believe what they saw this and the way Allah responds to you questioning his vision and you questioning his seeing is, he sees like no human being has ever seen. And he understood because seeing also means understanding right? He understands like no human being could ever understand. You are in no position to question it. This is one of the most incredible depictions in brief language of so many celestial phenomenon. So many things in the sky that are happening, all captured in just one Najmi either. Our just that. And the entire experience of the Prophet SAW Salem is superimposed on what's happening in the sky. I told you one concept in the

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Quran is there's a physical phenomenon and it's connected to a spiritual reality. I hope you see a demonstration of that at what time is it now?

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Okay, take a good 10 minute break and process what I just said. And we're going to have our final session.

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