Ebrahim Bham – Centenary message

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the actions of the umba Alayshi wa sallam and the actions of the umba Teeraj, acknowledging the challenges faced by the Islam world's young generation. They emphasize the importance of community responsibility and the need for balance in Islam, as well as the legacy of Jimmy Coronavirus and the potential for operational efficiency. The speaker also touches on the legacy of Jimmy Coronavirus and the importance of collective leadership.
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We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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after the hum and the Lord, we would like to acknowledge each and every one the scholars, the representatives from the Jamaat, the ambassadors in the embassies and representatives from the different countries, and each and every one.

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And I hope that I'm not going to take names because it might be I might miss someone. However, I've got a short time to be able to give this message. It's not my message. It's the message of the Office of all the Secretary General, we think and express our gratitude to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala for allowing us to be part of this momentous occasion of this organization. And indeed, for any organization to be in existence for 100 years. It is nothing short of Allah subhanho wa Taala has grace and it is an achievement he will make dua that Allah Allah accept. It also allow allows us to be part of the tremendous sacrifices and achievements of the pioneering and grateful amount of

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the past who served the Ummah via this Auguste organization. Kodama, both individually and collectively have played an important role in the moral and spiritual development of the Islamic society. We are all aware of the same of Libya crimson Salem, Alabama MBL. The oedema are the heirs of the NBA Musala to Salem, on a ma have been likened to salt, which previously used to preserve meat, one can imagine if the salt that preserve meat goes bad and is decayed what will happen to the meat. Similarly, what will be the position of the society

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where the guardians and preservers of society become morally decayed and unethical? May Allah subhanaw taala make us realize the responsibility of the Ummah and therefore throughout history will Amma preserve the beliefs and morals of society? One can cite the example of Imam Muhammad Muhammad Ali in the debate of the creation of the Quran, Imam Ghazali. Rama Talalay in challenging the philosophers in writing and painting his works to half a tool philosopher, the incoherence of the philosophers and rejected alphatauri Rahmatullah Rahula a revival of the second millennium, in refuting the oneness of all religions propagated by the Mughal leader of the time at birth. And of

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course, the history of that room, the oven and many other oedema formations throughout the world is a testimony to protecting the beliefs, social and moral fabric of the Ummah, the responsibility of the Allama given the peculiar nature and challenges of our age have increased dramatically. I do not need to elaborate on some of the challenges, whether it be the myriad of Phaeton of the present age, it includes the traditional challenges of deviant *, and also contemporary challenges, such as the rise of the LGBTQ movement. Another challenge is a no name, the nature of the community reserved,

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which is highly polarized, vocal, volatile, and connected through the means of social media. We have to reach out to such a community, which has all these different temperaments within the community. In such a setting, who will among the two together with a normal responsibilities, whether it be the teaching, whether it be the environment, they also, together with the traditional responsibilities, very beautifully articulated by the master, our beloved, maybe a Kareem saw cinnamon, when he said the upright in every generation, the Annamma will carry this knowledge, rejecting the distortions of the extremist. And yes, there is the distortion of the extremists, the false claim of the liars and

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the false interpretation of the ignorant. In Behati, this hadith of Nebia, Karim saw Salam is narrated. Together with that will Amara need to fulfill amongst the many responsibilities given the peculiar nature of our society today, present Islam to the new generation, the youth in a context and a language they understand

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too many aspects of modernity without the loss of Muslim identity, traditions and values.

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issues remain relevant by addressing evolving contemporary challenges, play advocacy role for Muslim interests within a minority situation. Foster activism against injustice and social ills, guiding communities towards the ideals of Islam in a largely secular order, presenting Islam to the people as a solution to all the challenges and all the problems. These are the challenges and responsibilities that face the Alama in the past, will Emma have responded to the demands of the age the pioneering and founding alumni of the Jim Atala have laid the foundation for the establishment of Islam in South Africa. It is our responsibility to remain steadfast on the foundation set by them

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and take Islam to the next level. Many people will ask why do you commemorate and I made mention of this many times later in the Quran says Hammarby mature pika Hadith relate the famous of Allah Tala Ponyo. Yes, we have to balance that with another Quranic command for that was a coup and Musa come, don't praise yourself, don't boast, he knows who his piety and we hope and we ask you to make dua that Allah grants us that particular balance. Lastly, I will say what we got to the legacy and this is something

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we inshallah will endeavor.

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The Jimmy Coronavirus legacy

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will be one of collective leadership. I won't go into much details. In the monastery man Robert read out the statement of our esteemed president about collective leadership.

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We also permit to pragmatic leadership. We all know we have ideas. But we also have to carry those ideals in line with pragmatism. We have today with us, one of our guest speakers will be more than a Harshad Madani the son of an illustrious freedom fighter who fought against the British and was imprisoned by the British. And he after India gained freedom. He wrote these words in his autobiography, which will be given out to each and every participant. Although the new system in India after freedom is not going to be exclusively on Islamic principles. Muslims in India and in situations like South Africa will have an influential role.

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How much closer we get to the Islamic ideal depends on how much effort we put into it. How much closer we get to the summit ideal in such situation depends not on sitting by the sidelines. But by putting effort into making the country you live in a better place to live in. And lastly, we commit ourselves to responsible leadership.

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The moment

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is being torn apart

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by disunity

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the sloganeering these named bodies and you all know about that. You will never find inshallah the gem metal where am I being irresponsible in the leadership? We have been called various lanes. We have been maligned. We have been sometimes clear, blatant lies. In our last executive meeting, there was a clear blatant lie that was presented before the executive. And after various options were pursued and said, Let us discuss it. More anniversary, Tina was part of those accusations.

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He said, leave it alone, Allah will decide we can tear the woman further apart. The Gemma programa commits itself to collective leadership to pragmatic leadership and responsible leadership. We ask you to catch our hands and be with us and cooperate with us in these objectives, working with our people

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this thought provoking

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look at

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a difference. We are also constrained by President Trump

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to set up all this little operations on that feature, which has a rich history of providing for

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Making maximum use of

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service and then it goes on to say And once for the scope leader for a while and also on board he says it's hard to imagine

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