Abu Bakr Zoud – The Ultimate Motivation To Get Up For The Fajr Prayer

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not getting up for judgment until the day of graduation, as it is not a time for work or businesses. They also mention a woman who talks about being scared and struggling to get up for her boss. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not getting up until graduation to avoid wasting time and causing embarrassment.
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You know the time of Fisher, it is similar to the time of resurrection.

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When people as resurrected from the graves and get up from the grave, what do they get up for your miracle? Munez. So little bit I mean, people get up on the day of judgment from the greens, only talk to Allah. Find he said, there's nothing there. It's not a time of work. There's no businesses there, that there's no children, to get them ready and take them to school. There's no phone calls at that time. There's no food that is nothing. You are purely getting out of your grave and walking straight to law. Carlson, he said, then either paradise or Janome. We ask Allah azza wa jal to save us. And fisheries exactly like that. What time is it Fisher?

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530 You wake up at 530

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When you get up at 530 This is not a time of eating. It's not a time of dropping off children to school. It is not a time of business and taking phone calls and responding to emails and is a time people are sleeping.

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So sick people are sleeping and they're in their graves. They haven't resurrected yet. The one who gets up professionally can only get up at that time for Allah. De he cannot mix it with anything else. It's the most sincere prayer of the day. Sure. At the reading this is Elaine a bomb from Marlena who serbo Maleficent. You know what the show Kenny Rahim Allah He said. He said the one who doesn't get up for SONET and Fisher

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will panic and struggle on the Day of Judgment when he comes out from his grave walking to Allah. Because he was never used to this walk in this old life. He also used to say he gets up or he panicked, struggling, scared, terrified. And waiver This is the first time I ever get up. And I'm walking to a line if I did this in my life.

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Like in the one who used to do it during his life and got up for selected Fraser walked to the house of Allah lined up among the believers and prayed visually with them. Had a loss aversion Don't help him on the day of judgment. He comes out from his grief. happy and excited. I've done this before. I know the drill.

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There's nothing for me to worry. I always used to get up Lila. At this time. When people are dead in their beds. I get up north behind me. So it's different for me now. I've got an up from my grief and I'm walking leg behind me.

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See when you do that, inspired by these

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and they become a reason for why now you will get up for solid Fraser. Now you're reading with the intention of guidance. And then now we've corrected our citation of the cream. Otherwise, we're just reading we're not following

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