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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana ba ba.

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Mati katabatic iturbi. What a Sharia Tabata Shariati. I'm about to follow the wilhemina shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, what may Allah Allah Allah He foe who has won a law he failure to work on sort of colonialism respected brothers and sisters, we begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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I have recited today to is from the glorious Holy Quran and the blesser Quran and inshallah we hope to speak on this in the short time that we have available. And the topic that we have is about the worker to work cool. We translate as relying and trusting upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. The root word in Arabic with regard to tawakkol comes from wirkkala which means wirkkala which means to interest, charge, or Authorize. Allah is under Joaquin, the disposal of all affairs. He is the one who is supposed to be relied upon. We rely upon him that way we do not rely upon anyone else. And he is the one interested relied upon. He is the one dependent upon and sufficient to take care of all

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our matters. We do not have the time Mr. Murali Rahmatullah Lee is written various stages of tawakkol. And one of the stages of tawakkol he so beautifully puts it as comete in fee ADLs Allah Subhana Allah law, like the mayor get in the hands of the one who is given him.

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One stage of tawakkol is that you rely upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala success to such a degree. And that is the position of the MBR mo Salatu was Salam. There are numerous verses in the Holy Quran, which command and explained to wakulla we are told to rely upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in all our affairs, where Allah Allah He fell yet our Kali Menon. Allah Allah says upon Allah subhanho wa Taala to those who believe they rely upon and then Allah says, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah de and sudocrem embody what Allah He for. Let me know if Allah tala helps you, then none can overcome you. And if Allah subhanho wa Taala, for six to 10, who can help you after that? Therefore, upon Allah, should the believers rely upon and in Surah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah for who has bought that Allah, Allah says he relies upon Almighty Allah, Allah becomes sufficient for him. Allah complains if we rely upon someone else. He says Elisa, la homey coffee Napa. all believers all human beings, oh my bondsman Am I not sufficient for you created to me not sufficient for you. And amongst the verses in the Holy Quran, which also signifies and gives us motivation towards this is husband a law when it was sufficient for us is a law and he is the best Disposer of affairs. He is the one who dispose of affairs in the best possible possible way. Nirmal Mola.

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He is the best of protectors, he is the best of helpers. This area has been a lot when it comes in the context of an IRA.

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In which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allah de Nicola homeowners in Sakurajima hola como

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de mana, will call who has spoon a law who will kill after ohad when the disbelievers went away, when they inflicted great harm upon nebia Kareem Saul Solomon the Sahaba and they failed it as go back to complete our tasks. Then nebia Kareem saw Selim told the Sahaba that why Get ready, they might come back again to attack and then they themselves also reluctant so they send messages to the Muslims, you know fearful making them fearful, be fearful. We are coming to complete you

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says they try to make you afraid.

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Fear Allah has spoon Allah when

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Allah is sufficient sufficient for you. He is the best disposal of all affairs. And as a delight Nia Buster the Allahu taala narrates that this was and this is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari that are done live near Bertha Viola Taran who says that this particular verse was recited by Abraham on a salatu salam when he was been thrown into the fire, created by num rows and the enemies and when they wanted to throw him in the fire, then the angel said, Oh Allah, you're gonna be thrown into the fire. Oh, Allah allow us to go and help him. Allah says go and ask that you want your assistance, but only assist him if he wants your assistance. And they went to Ibrahim Ibrahim, we have come

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here, Allah has given us the authority to take the fire and throw it in the direction of the enemies if you allow us. And then what the Prime Minister that was salam, c'est

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la caja de la, la la cuchara. From you angels, I don't need any assistance has been a law alive sufficient for me. He is the best Disposer of affairs. Therefore law says what Ibrahim alayhi wa. Ibrahim is a one a man of his word, who believed in Allah and He manifested that in so many occasions, our beloved maybe a creme de la Hollywood seller. One day, maybe a cream sauce, lamb was resting alone in one of the expeditions and enemy came and he came in, he put his sword in front of Nivea cream sauce and maybe a cream sauce and got up and he said, who will protect you from me? I've come to kill you. Allah, maybe a cream sauce would have said a law. He said it was such conviction.

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The person sought fell. Libya cream sauce Lim picked it up and said who will protect you now from me? He didn't have an answer. That is a type of tawakkol that Emilio salatu salam displayed. One of the things that comes up and it is something that we need to have a proper understanding the word cool. Does it mean that we do not adopt the means. So we rely upon Almighty Allah. We don't set up a business. We don't go out for employment. We don't go out for a job. We rely upon Almighty Allah. We don't need to satisfy our thirst that satisfy our hunger or quench our thirst. No, no, no. That is not the meaning of the worker. The worker does not dismiss the need for taking precautions and

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mitigating the risk from harm.

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pronouncing the heartbeat of our beloved nemea Kareem saw so many dollar but to who came in he left his camel and he's never never cream sauce lamb asked him. He said I rely upon Almighty Allah maybe a cream sauce and said no no no. Go into your camel and then rely upon or

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go into your camel and then rely upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala for you to say I rely upon Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala without taking precautions that is not the way of Allah tala pseudoknot. And when we adopt the means we don't adopt conciliatory type of means just means for the sake of means

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putting effort.

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What we're calling Islam does not mean a simple effort that is close to mediocrity. It means putting your full effort that when you are going to see Chris you put your full effort, when you are taking precaution against sickness and illness the way we are told with regard to the COVID-19 we put our full effort, but in terms of our belief that Allah is the one that does, they also we put our full belief, there is no half measures we try our utmost in terms of means we do the utmost. And in terms of our belief, we do the utmost

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nebbia creme de la la wa sallam and our Allah have told us that Allah tala created means as a gateway through which Allah grants us what he wants. And it is a gateway through which Allah tala manifests his decisions. And this is something that you and I we need to understand.

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One is the portrait of Allah, one is a sunat of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One is the portrait of Allah one is a student that of Allah portrait means the power of Allah Sumit means the normal pattern of Allah tala in this world, the portrait of Allah the power of Allah, he can create.

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Without means, he can create without means he created Adam alayhis salam without the agency of a male and a female. He created however, without the agency of a female He created

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Has it Isa Salatu was Salam without the agency of a father he created however without the agency of a mother, he created he sallallahu wasallam without the agency or father, he created the camel which the tribe of Sally Elisa to Islam demanded is a miracle from a rock that is a corporate of Allah. But in the entire humanity there are three instances three or four instance

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few instances where Allah tala created a loving been by His Spirit, the entire history of humanities Allah tala creates by

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the meeting of male and female then a letter brings about the portrait of Allah such the student of Allah tala is this

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portrait very few instances the entire history is the pseudoknot of Allah, men and women get together and after that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings life and this is a example we must remember. I said Maria to Shambala Tammy Rama to lolly and I remember this with gratefulness because when we used to go to Jakob lime and Milan I used to give by a big mention about this. He said when you make dua adopt the means and you should give this example he said I give you a big example to make dua to Almighty Allah, Allah give me pious children Allah give me pious children ways Allah tala good and you don't get married ways Allah tala gonna give you pious children from he first first won't get

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married and Allah will give you pious children then you know he used to say if you don't, you don't get married. And then you ask Allah tala. For pious children bass Allah gonna give you pious children. So, this is the example with regard to it. However, after this we need to understand

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after we we are we are supposed to go to doctors, we are supposed to take medicines. If the doctors tell us take precautions with regard to COVID-19, social distancing and all of this where must we do it? Because that is what is the pseudoknot of Allah to adopt means, it is through the means. That Allah puts a gateway to give you precaution from harms and to give you what Allah Allah has decided. However, after understanding this, now we need to understand the balance. We have been told to adopt the means because it is the way Allah has told us. What am I have told us not to adopt means his ignorance and after adopting the means to think that the means is going to grant to the things that

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he's been led astray. Allah is above us Bob. Allah is above the means. He is above and beyond as Bob. Allah lies above as Bob and Allah is the one who in fact created as Bob in the first place. And he is above and beyond means, after we adopt the means. We can rely upon Almighty Allah. See in the Battle of word and letter says What shall we

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write? consult the people with regard to what must you do in the Battle of Fallujah assumpta once you reach your decision for our Kerala then you rely upon Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at this in the Battle of other Nivea cream sauce lamb was told by having been wounded Rasulullah I you camping here because Allah Allah told you to camp you know, Allah didn't tell me I use my discretion. Have you been removed? They said yes to life Allah. Allah didn't tell you. He will have said that. I told you I'm not gonna say anything. But if Allah didn't tell you you're a Sula. Don't camp you're going Kim that side it is better maybe a cream sauce on top of the onions. After

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adopting the means. He cried for the whole night. You're alive this band of followers. If they were to be destroyed, there is no one else to take your name there's only a few people left in Madeira Yella protect them cried so much that every worker so nebia Kareem saw slums Shoal repeatedly falling down. He came in he said, you're a student, except that you do.

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But such devotion Allah has accepted your dua masaba masaba nila Nila, no difficulty can come upon you except with the permission of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah tala hellena nothing can come upon you except what Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed.

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The word call means you adopt the means after adopting the means you rely upon Almighty you will take the medicine after that the medicine will seek permission from Allah, whether it must have the impact for which it has been designed. The work call is having complete trust that the last plan is the best share.

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Canary says save yourself from worrying somebody already took care of your affairs. Each and every one of us is totally different.

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dependent upon a light every moment and no one can achieve anything by his own efforts and abilities unless allow What is it? The delusion of self sufficiency, self sufficiency,

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the delusion of self sufficiency needs to be uprooted from our minds and hearts. Allah and Soraka have made mention of of wealthy businessmen who relied upon his own means. And there was a believer who told him when Allah is the Hulk agenda, Taka Kuta, Masha Allah don't rely upon your means. Don't rely upon your gardens and orchards. Why didn't you when you enter your garden say this is what Allah has won. This is what Allah his world. So we do not become the ones that who feel we have the delusion of self sufficiency, we are not self sufficient. We believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala we rely upon Almighty Allah. After that you will see there will be a great difference in terms of our

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There are benefits of tawakkol. So understand, first Allah Allah has told us with regard to relying upon Almighty Allah, I gave you some examples of Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, cream sauce them how they relied upon Almighty Allah. I said, That's relying upon Almighty Allah means that we don't adopt means no, we adopt the means, and not just for functionary just for little while we do it for the sake of doing it, we adopt the means for the best possible way. And then we believe in Allah for the best possible way. We adopt means and we adopt means in such a way with full effort, and then we believe in Allah with a full belief. And then when you do so, you will find the benefits that no

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matter what hardship or misfortune befalls the person, it will be accepted, because there will be a certain degree of submission and the heart will remain strong in the face of such hardships. We make do other Lamas never test us with hardships and unlike I had said a letter I had said now you will not allow you can live alone of sunny la sala will never give us the difficulty that we cannot bear inshallah, and that is a reality. So the strong belief is that the hardships and misfortune we will be able to be a certain degree of strength in dealing with it. Maybe a cream sauce Willems do our Minelli Athena moto How are we to be here Elena masaba dunya Allah give us a certainty of faith

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through which even difficulties become easy there what cool is that that it invites us to connect to a powerful associate who is no one but Allah tala. The more we rely on him the greater the chances that we will try to please Him by following the guidance he has given,

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which will in turn lead to goodness in this world and the after, what are called Allen hyena de la morte. What a beautiful verse in the Holy Quran in the 19 use, rely upon the one who is ever living ever sustaining will death does not overtake my will start as a move to lessen sobre mokulele when we completed Buhari Sharif he gave us this, Nasir, he said you rely upon your parents because you are young. And Latella can take away the parents. And then all of these can happen the one whom you rely upon, will no more be there will not be able to protect you and provide you Allah make it easy for all of us. Allah whomsoever has been the apparent means of our protection Allah Allah keep them

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alive and Allah tala keep them well.

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However this can happen. He say rely upon that beam. Death never overtakes, and will always be there. By fully trusting when Allah and relying on him, we will not be depressed, or by what we have lost, or we will not be intoxicated by our success. Let me repeat that again. By fully trusting on Allah and relying on him. We will not be depressed by what we have lost, or no big intoxicated by our success. We know that all things in his hands. And that makes us not only humbler not only more with humanity, but more submissive to Allah, thus better believers. relying upon Almighty Allah can impart a full satisfaction and peace in a person. Muslims should never become disheartened and

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discouraged in such situations, rely upon Almighty Allah. Let us understand the concept of the worker, the worker and to make it part of our belief systems. We will then see that things will not only get resolved easier with his help, but will relieve us from the day to day what is associated with the challenges of this life. What may, Allah let me conclude he relies upon Almighty Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala becomes sufficient for him. May Allah make us amongst those who rely upon Almighty Allah

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Allah tala will be the best Disposer of all our affairs. Welcome to the 100 hungry law. Hello Beloved