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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and importance of great people in history, including Jaffer, Jaffer, and Miss Hades. The use of language during political lobbying and the "vanage of Islam" are discussed, as well as the loss of culture, faith, and abilities due to COVID-19. The importance of helping people in financial troubles is also emphasized. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the "monometalytic withdrawals of the Muslim- Islam" movement and the "monometalytic withdraw centers."
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Alhamdulillah Allah

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wa sahbihi

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wa Salatu was an M wanna say you did

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a mama

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one lady in a room Yes.

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Respected elders and brothers from time to time as many of you would be aware, we speak about great people of the past people who inspire and motivate us and align the Holy Quran has also told us that follow those who are among the foremost and who brought him on in the beginning stages. Allah is happy with them they are happy with a love and you also follow them when Latina taba obey

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and follow them in righteousness and goodness. One such person that today I would like to speak about is Jaffer being

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one of the great sons of Islam. The paternal cousin of our beloved maybe a creme de la vida celebrate the brother of Alicia de la hotel, and the son of a metallic one of the very great people in our history. And catch me after some Italia azima Shan has Tiki Bar me back karna chonga Jobson Allahu Allah he was sent him to church as a buyer, or has a delivery Allahu Taranaki

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or Abu Talib.

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He was among the very fortunate people in the sense that he was the cousin of our beloved via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And amazingly, in the beginning stages Abu Talib had financial difficulty. Now brothers lesson is not only to lesson about what they did, but to take lessons yahama subak cassava Milltown keys in that you say so, in the beginning stages Abu Talib was poor and he had difficulty. So, maybe I went to a person or the allow time and said

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oh my uncle, let us out

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in the looking after of his children, because he is finding it difficult to they went to Abu Talib and said, we will look after and help you with regard to some of your children. So alira the Allahu Allahu wa sallam looked after him. And Jaffa they allowed him who was looked after by a bus and they took away and Abu Talib said by all means only leave me with my eldest son. I will look after other children you can look after sometimes brothers when we feed our family members in financial difficulty and help them out.

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Go and help them out. Via cream sauce comes Hades, intimacy Sharif, very few people will ever think in this lines. Maybe one day to the Sahaba Should I not tell you the best of charity savasana what is the best of charity? Maybe a cream sauce Lim said when your daughter or your sister comes back home due to divorce or due to her husband passing away to look after is the best of charity

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can be can be seen as una

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keyaki Betty here behind Jana Walker. Tanaka just in your

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own kitchen, a balcony a subset subset,

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the best of all sub Chi charity. So look after your family members if they are in difficulty. This is what maybe acronyms are salams uncle Abbas did and he took over the Jaffa Mina de Tolly. avi, Jaffa b&m Italia, and in the beginning stages because of Abubakar via Latino, he, he became a Muslim, and he got married. Smiling to me is a smart thing to miss also a very amazing woman in our history. When she first was married to Jaffa, Pina Vitaly. After his martyrdom, she got married to Abu Bakar

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after Abu Bakr, a Latino pastor, when she got married to a lira at

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that time, there was no problems in getting married to the widows, they looked after the widows. So this is what they did. So after Jaffa minette Italia after that she got married to Abu Bakar after Abu Bakar she got married

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and Who was she? She was a Sustainer of our beloved Nivea cream sauce than the sister of maimunah Harris. So this was an Jaffa gelato who was also very fortunate. The historian say five people

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resemble Nivea cream sauces, they look like maybe a creamy sauce. Pants no guess at Jamia creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam can Mashallah

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or who may 2, one was Abu sufian bin Harris, the cousin of nebia cut himself slim Harris was unkind of nebbia cream sauce. One was kusumi numberous kusumi numbers buried in some after I made mention of him when we went to Pakistan kusumi numbers the second, the third was a sigh didn't obey. He was the grandfather of Imam Shafi Rama kolari the fourth was chaffer, mira Vitaly and the first was hasn't been allowed Toronto, and they said Hasani,

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most resemble Maybe Mr. Jaffer, Vienna, Vitaly Allahu taala. Who was amongst those people that he resemble nebia creme de la vida wa sallam

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after he became a Muslim, after he and his wife became Muslim, they suffered the persecution at the hands of the Muslim at the end of the Quran. And when they suffered this persecution, they sought permission to go to a senior to go to Ethiopia, what is present in Ethiopia. they migrated there due to the persecution. Jaffa Nina Vitaly smashed into maize. Among them was mainly been a fun group tiara Viola drama, the daughter of Nivea cream sauce them all of them went to a senior so behind Allah they came to here to have a senior and when they came the police couldn't take it. So the Quraysh sin p two people are ripping us up to Latin America to the king of New Jersey to say don't

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give them don't give them don't give them protection to Jaffa Viola who has it

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on Kim maritsa homosassa manway or Qureshi Macaca Zola, masa Thompson, aka, our national TV as Marvin kiyomi is Joe Kennedy Kareem Salah when he was Salam Kizomba has it maimunah Viola Tanaka, BMT on Casa hub, Shakira hedges Iraqi, when they came there, these two people, the two envoys with the courage came to negus Natasha, they came with a lot of gifts. When they came with a lot of gifts. They gave all the courtiers and especially they gave the bishops, the religious people who are worth negus, the bishops and they were following Christianity gave them a lot of gifts. And they said, These people have fled from their hometown, send them back to us, send them back to us from

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Cusco. So negus when they because now they got the gifts. So they were saying send. So see this aspect of lobbying, lobbying today political lobbying people make lobby towards the different superpowers of the world. It happened that time also, the point he is near is not something new. So they lobby them and said, send them back. Don't do not allow them to get refuge and do not allow them to be here and stay in your place. So Nika said, I'm not going to allow them to go back until I hear them out. What did they What did they do? Why did they come and take refuge and why did they come to our end? So needless called the Muslims who had migrated from Makkah and they had come to a

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senior and said, Tell me the reason why you have come. And Jaffa Bina Vitaly raviolo. Toronto, the Muslim said, we will make you our spokesperson, you must be the one who must speak on our behalf. Yoda ha ha ha Jaffa, the ultra.

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Abba senior may have shot me.

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jesko sankirtana Joshua masamoto kuwahara Nikki jazzy

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Cooper, what a great particular type of talk he gave. The first thing he did was when he came into the place, the way that people used to bow down, bow down to the king he did not bow down. The king said why don't you bow down? This our Navy taught us without bow down before anyone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and then he came in he said, what religion are you following? Are you Jews? He said No, we are not Jews. Are you Christians? No, we are not Christians. What do you do? What is it? Listen to what he said. I wonder if there has been anyone who could have given a more better explanation about Islam than Jaffa Villa Vitaly be allowed to give he said Jana be here Raja lumen

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unfortunate enough now when he came upon as a person from amongst

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we have a great when

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he told us not to worship idols. He told us to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He told us to be good. He told us to be charitable. And he told us to give charity to the people who need one wafa and to be people of integrity, and Amana and to see to it that we fulfill our mandate and trust 100

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for Mr. Mandela de la when he told us such beautiful things, we knew that he could have only come from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and from masala daddy Katana como una

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casa de coca de PUE urato Cutler who, then when he did all of those things when we brought him on upon him, our people, they turned against him, they started persecuting him, they wanted to come in kill us, and when they wanted to come and kill us, oh King, we heard that you are just ruler. Therefore we have come to take refuge at your particular place. This is what chafford mirabito liberal theologian who spoke there at the at the court of the king of New Jersey and brothers I always say you know Allah tala has made it a jeep. Allah Allah made Africa the place where Islam got refuge. Islam got safety, we are not gonna make it such an Islam gain safety again in East Africa

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inshallah. Yes, there are people who went to those places, there are people who have been to Ethiopia, they have seen with the Sahaba there is a mosquito with a sabaki May Allah tala also take us there to go and see that Nakamoto inshallah one day, this is the place where they came in Islam reached Africa even before it reached

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and that at that particular time, that he said, meet for me something from your crown. So when he read when he read surah, Maria mentioned his major interaction with sodium Subramaniam at that particular time he said, Well law he will law he in the hada liminal mascotas Amina Amara Moosa, this is from the same lamp, and from the same source from which musala salat wa salam received his ye from and then they now realize and he said, I will not allow anyone to harm you go and take refuge, you see a person who is just a ruler who is just must be valued, even if he's not a Muslim, even if he's not a Muslim. So in this particular way, they after we know when when this particular

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aspect happened, they came back and said, These people don't believe me, this is salatu salam. So Natasha called chaffer, mira Vitaly, what is your view with regard to si? Si the mme is one of the great prophets, but he's not the son of Allah. He is not divine. So in that particular mesmer made me many many made mentioned. He said well Ah, he Masada it. No Maria Madhava is it Madame is not more than what we have made mentioned. So in this way, he gave them Jaffer, Bina de Tolly. His wife asthma and the Muslims remained there for 10 years, if not more.

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And I sometimes say we why Muslims in UK, South Africa who are minorities, we put an example of how to lead our life in a place where Muslims are a minority, because Sahaba lived in a place where Muslims were a minority. They stay they could have come amid hatred. Right. And then Jaffer, only Jafar and the Muslims only came there after the seventh year after he after seven years of Islam only they came to Medina they stayed there. Now to give you an example, how they stayed here.

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Now, Jaffa, mira Vitaly, while in our senior had three children. Mohammed, what am I have written the first person to name his son Mohammed after Libya

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the first person to name his son Mohammed. After in praise of himself, Salah was Jaffa

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and then he had other two sons who live in Java and own Java.

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Java. He was married to Zane and politely Jaffa was married to Zainab, the sister of Hussein, you must have heard when Hussein went to Karbala. The Xena who was with him was this was the wife of a villa in Java. So these were very very great people. They stayed there, how they stayed. And of course they had such an impact upon Naja she that Natasha became a Muslim mentioned is made it when Naja she became here the son. He said, What name should I give me, son? He asked Jaffer, what did you name your son? He said I named my son Mohammed and I my name my son Abdullah. He said I will name my son Abdullah. He named his son Abdullah in the accumulation of Jaffa feathers. I asked all

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of us here that Jaffer had such a great impact upon the joshy by staying as a Muslim minority was imperative we hit upon the non Muslims we are staying with this is a lesson we are supposed to take. So this is how Jaffa monometallic stayed there. They kept in touch. Whenever they heard about the Muslims suffering they felt said whenever they heard about the Muslims gaining something, they became happy. So they became happy when the Muslims gained victory in all of those particular aspects. they they they found all of that

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Then eventually, then at that particular time, you know, an amazing thing about Jaffa, Jaffa, Ronnie ultimo and Abdullah bin Jaffa his children well known for the generosity. They sent Jaffa Milano was the father of the poor,

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the father of the poor, his son, Abdullah bin Jaffer was known as judo. bahara. The ocean of generosity is one video music and several of our beloved Jaffa. They say one day he was sitting, and he saw a gardener. Right? The gardener was looking after the garden. And while he was looking after the garden, he is his master came in gave him two loaves of bread. And he gave him two loaves of bread. He took the bread and he was about to eat. There was a dog that came person was wagging his tail because he was very angry. So he started giving the dog half a loaf. And he still continued wagging his tail. So he gave him the whole loaf. He still continued wagging his tail. He gave him

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both of those. So jack Abdullah bin Jaffer saw this in and said, What are you doing? You know, you did all of this. And what about you? He said, I will sleep hungry for one night. But how could I allow the dog to remain hungry? So gulaman Jaffer went to the master and said, sell me the slave of yours. He's got such amazing qualities, and sell me this whole particular garden of yours. So what are you going to do with it? He said, I want to free that slate and I want to give him this garden look at what a great person is. The Master said I have seen better and greater things from this particular slave. Instead of you doing it, I will do it. And he took the garden and he freed the

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slaves and he gave him the garden. So this was a good idea Jaffa via loutra no known for his great generosity. Nevertheless after this other Jaffa the Allahu taala who has a Jaffa be allowed in New Hampshire Madison Sol McKubre

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me on

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as a Jaffa via Loudon wapas Medina, after almost 10 years, if not more, Jaffa villalpando comes back to Madina munawwara

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when he comes back to Madina, munawwara maybe a cream sauce just

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finished concluding

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and had gained victory in HyperX. So when he comes back and maybe a cream sauce alum sees him the cream sauce and said, well, la de la jolla creepy maffra be kotomi Jaffer, unbefitting Haber. I don't know what has given me more happiness. The conquest of labor, or the coming of Jaffa has given me more happiness. I don't know what has given me more happiness. Can you imagine what great closeness that may be a cream sauce? I'm sad I'm not sure which has given me more happiness

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Subhan Allah or Nadia Karim Jocelyn Kikuchi going into Hana tee up Nima for Maya Pooja Malou make me fertile, haber sippers Yakutia. Yah, Jaffa Kalos anuppur. Mr. apostle, I don't know what is another Jaffa Ravi allowed to remain there. But as a Jaffa do not remain long. He came back on the seventh of history 70 after hitting the AP after he didn't have a criminal law while he was then sent him to move. Because the Byzantines Empire had made advances towards the Muslim and the baker in Salalah. Salem wanted to stop the advances and that was a very very great visionary move by Nvidia cream sauce Elon will lie at that time the atom has never ever thought that they could fight with the

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super powers that be occurring so slim laid the foundation and I can safely say all the very great victories that the Muslims game thereafter was because of nebbia cream sauce comes courage. Now via Kareem style Islam set the standard Yes, this particular oppressive regimes need to come to an end. So let me occur himself Sallam said the Muslims and the Muslims were 3000 and that time the bisecting Empire 100,000 at least some rewards make mention of 130,003 1000 people they will even fight under the acronym salsola when you send them What did he say? He said first a dibny haritha will be the ruler and the General of the Army. If something happens to him Jaffer Minar Italia Hello

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Toronto will take command the shape of the army. and thereafter if something happened to him in Russia, the way they mentioned it Sahaba felt we knew that this is perhaps what's going to happen. And in particular time zayley haritha is martyred and then mentioned is made maybe a cream sauce lamb is sitting in Machida nabawi and jabril le Salatu was Salam comes with a news

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and maybe a creamy sauce. Cause this

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was ceramic come to tell me zeytinburnu haritha advanced with the Muslim plague. And unless I know what Allah granted martyrdom, then Jaffer monometallic took over the Muslim faith and that Allah had granted him after that have done nothing to cover the flag. And now granted he must then

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The Muslims agreed upon Khalid, one of the sorts of the sorts of Allah tala that he took over the army. And now 3000 fighting 100,000. So Khalid bin Walid, did a tactical withdrawal, redeployed the forces of the Muslims, put them correctly, made certain group of Sahaba come over the mountain. So they felt that the Muslims were gaining reinforcements. And then he attacked in such a way that these people became overawed. And they started fleeing the better. And Allah subhanho wa Taala brought about a situation where the Muslims came away from them in a position of confidence, but that particular time may be occurring, saw Selim, when he heard about this, Libya, Kareem

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went to the house of asthma bt maize, and then we

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saw the children playing that was a time it was some time that they had left so as Marvin Gaye started preparing the children that your father is gonna come your father's gonna come and they were well dressed so let me acronym SOS them saw them and maybe a cream sauce to them hug them and maybe a cream sauce them embrace them and maybe a cream sauce them started crying into maize realize something is not right. And she said yes, we'll do something about Java and the vehicle himself slums and yes, Java, whether your mouse is achieved martyrdom, at that time in Libya Karim saucer himself at that particular time he said that Allah tala that the enemies had cut the two hands of

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Jaffa maybe Vitaly Abdullah Omar said they were 90 sewed wounds in the front of the body of Jaffa

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the cousin of the via cream sauce, Nivea cream sauce themselves in place of the two hands of Jaffa Allah had given him two wings and he's just the fool Jana and he is the Yarra he has these two wings and he is flying in Jana. I can see him

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I can see him.

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He is jafra tr is dual Jana Haley, when I snap into mais heardest she started weeping so much so that many acronyms Aslam consoled up, and when the reoccurring source of them came back to his house, he saw that Fatima Viola and also cry Oh my uncle. Oh man can

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and maybe aquariums awesome said Jafar is such a person. chaffer is such a person that tears are supposed to be shed for him. He is worthy of tears being shed for him. Today we also follow the sooner

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Jasper is worthy of tears will cheer for him. And then he said Jaffa and his family are in great pain and in great sadness. Go go in and give food to them go and get food. So when someone passes away, we also must help them out. And this particular way jafra Tejada, viola, Toronto, Jacksonville, Jenna Hale, and the person with your team has been checked for him left this world in such a great manner. His life was a life and a lesson of sacrifice, a lesson of generosity, a lesson a person being steadfast support his or upon his faith, and he left us with so many great lessons. May we be inspired and motivated by taking examples from those lessons.

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