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said mid kumara patola you ever occur to

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala manana V.

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Amar value photo Villa he Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What Allah He had a nursing job at Minnesota healing his Avila woman Kapha in Allah has Annie Yun, Angela Amin sadaqa Allah who has him. My dear respected Alma elders and brothers. Normally in our countries, I think most of the people who are in this gathering of people from South Africa and Pakistan, we normally have a small

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words of advice before the hotbar. And accordingly since most of the people who are from that background we just using the opportunity to say a few words of motivation to remind us

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about our coming year in Mackay, mocha Rama and coming for Hajj. This is indeed a very, very great and a Mobarak occasion and a Mobarak visit and we are fortunate that Allah subhanahu wa taala has chosen us, firstly for me to speak is maybe not I got people who are very more learner than me, people who are from my own alma mater, who are you in this gathering, but since they've asked me to say a few words, I'm obliging, you know hatches are very, very amazing.

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If added,

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Allah Allah in the Holy Quran, has not got a chapter on any other practical duty of Islam you don't see Surah two Surah Surah two zakat. Surah two so but you got a special independent Surah known as Surah Al Hajj, Allah subhanho wa Taala has gotten entires Surah on Hajj. And Allah Tala will image mentioned with regard to the fuzzy yet and when the obligation of Hajj is. It is so emphasized that it is unique. So if I'm in Allah, Allah tells us about salah T tells us a team of Salah and he tells us about the car he said to the car when he tell us about so Mr. quotevalet camassia

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essay score an essay quiz Rodney instructor will pass the card to persona he can hatch to purpura extra thermostat

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or heavy vehicle cannot add an extra hudco For Ischia. Look at the emphasis upon the words where the lie here and analyse it Julie bait

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to ally you owe it to Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Tala que vous it is the right upon you that upon Allah You made such a lapper Allah for Allah upon people had told me it is the Hajj to make of the bay Tula woman Minister ILA Sevilla, whoever has the means for mancha Farah and whoever disobeyed Allah whoever shows ungratefulness for in Allah has any United Alameen Allah Allah is not in need of Him. Allah is not in need of anyone amongst the universe. So Allah Allah is telling you telling you perform Hajj because I am your Creator, I've done so much for you. You owe it to Allah to make Hajj and if you don't do it, Allah is not in need of you. Allah Allah is the Rodney agora version that is stated on

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occasion. Allah is not in need of you. Therefore it comes in one Hadith maybe a Khadeem saw Salam said whoever performed wherever has the means. If he does not perform Hajj, then it does not matter to Allah subhanho wa Taala whether he dies Yahoodi and onus Ronnie and whether he dies as a Jew or Christian, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't care.

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And I like to make mention of this very important for us to understand. I made mention of it in many of the previous programs. Let me repeat it

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that we don't come here because we are wealthy and Allah has given us the wealth. Is this why we came? We don't come here because we are pious or we are working. Obviously I had scolded me I take care to honey, mother hen and Lachlan airmen. Daulat Dr. Yahama Humbert has got a sequel but

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we only come because Allah Allah has invited us.

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We only come because Allah subhanahu wa taala has invited us. Allah has made us wealthy to come. La has brought us yes, there are people who are more fires in us who didn't perform much Saladino up Rahmatullah Lee who doesn't know so that will be

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today we are in need of Salah.

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Adina up to liberate Magery XL Saladino up because he was so passionate about misogyny XL. He spent his whole life in Jihad he didn't perform when he

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was greater than us isn't uncomfort there are people who are more wealthier than us. We know when we see that they have great amount of wilderness, that they don't have the opportunity to perform hajj, sometimes their whole life goes and they say we will perform it we get older we get old, and then we don't know. Sometimes therefore we can install slim midsegment Can you read will hatch for you RJ we have a six and has an intention to perform hajj, let him make quickly. Let him not be late. Let him immediately perform Hajj. So therefore it's important that we keep this in mind that Allah Allah has given us this opportunity to come is not because we are wealthy or because we are hooked up with

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electronics quarters.

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Now that Allah subhanho wa Taala has called us now we must make the most of our Hajj we must see to it that we don't waste one minute with regard to coming closer towards Almighty Allah. After all, the whole purpose of Hajj is to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala more so on the Day of Arafah let me a cream sauce limit said there is no day in which shaytan is more advanced and more disgraced and more humiliated than the Day of Arafah because he sees a let Allah freeing so many people from the fight

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and he see so many people Allah subhanho wa Taala forgiving me Allah subhanho wa Taala because amongst them say I mean inshallah Allah make us among those that Allah Tala announces our emancipation from the fire of Jannah Allah Allah grant us forgiveness and effect when am I have written

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that it is part of sin?

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For you to leave Arafa thinking that Allah hasn't forgiven you.

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Here it was still gonna

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be a subject, isn't it? It's a Medical Center and Museum of Nature.

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Have this firm conviction that a letter is forgiven us for vaping is Robert Talalay, the famous Sufi has made mentioned one one of his sayings. He said can you imagine that if a whole group of people so many people go to a wealthy person to ask him for something that is insignificant in his eyes?

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multiple monitors say

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give me 100 rupees and how many people can 100,000 people came to ask him for 100 rupees. He'll feel ashamed to refute and to deny so many people something so small in his eyes. For Allah He My dear respected brothers forgiving all the Hodges is even more insignificant for Allah subhanaw taala. So for anybody who has actually made mention of this to save it, all of this people coming and asking Allah for forgiveness, it is perhaps we say it with the greatest amount of caution. It is perhaps not

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equivalent to the greatness of the Mercy of Allah Allah for Allah Tala to reject so many people, especially when it is so easy and insignificant for Allah Allah to forgive everyone. We come out of the love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Close it we were at the time of Iran, that Iran that we were, you know, it's not a usual cruise.

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No one went around and go to a wedding function. Korea haram Panchal to anywhere function Metohija. No one goes in with a haram and goes to a wedding or goes to a meeting. But why are we married because he loves you. And we are in. We are in a in an abundance of love. We live everything for the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. We come to the Kaaba and Bay to La Cava and Bay to LA is a symbol and a landmark reminding us of a letter Allah has kept certain landmarks in this earth.

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certain landmarks which are visible signs of His greatness and His presence and the Kaaba is the greatest landmark of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then we go around the Kaaba, the Arabic over that said amuru Allah Diani di Manila or Kabul with originality whether Egypt but generally, I go around the house of my beloved, I kiss this door, I kiss this particular place, I kiss the door, I kiss the walls, I don't kiss the walls, because of the structure I keep kiss the walls because it is a sign of my beloved.

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He slipped on cry. That's why we got on the cover. That's where we got

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it is our sign of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and this

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particular with dress that we wear this a haram Allah loves it. That's why we wear it one of the reasons

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it comes in a hadith and maybe a cream sauce slim and said Allah Tala boasts in front of the Malaika little Abbas in front of the melodica Can you imagine a little acoustic about us? Who will do it as well? He made baited Caja only shocked and overall oh my oh my Monica look at these people who have come my bondsman my server. They have come cut Joanie shortfin houbara they've come full of full of dust and disheveled hair not worrying about their appearance they have come only for my sake. What is it what for such people

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in America say Allah Jesus who knows best and illiteracy is a reward of such people is they must be forgiven

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go bear witness I forgiven them. So this is my dear respected well I just like to make mention one more point. Because you know the time now we must get ready inshallah for for for the days of Hajj and that Allah prepare us Allah make it easy. So we all we all essentially all looking forward to it. But we are worried also

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we have treated as we equally coincide with the river.

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Allah Allah says in the Quran we have electrolyte excreted as weak so now we all hear about that on the day of tomorrow are we going to have to walk so long? And you're going to go to you know most deliver and most deliver you're going to stay outside? You know I want to say that you know you have five star hotel three star hotel seven star hotel whose delivery is all star

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all star hotel. So we do it but we don't know how the situation so we must all make dua and that Allah makes things easy.

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We always ask Allah for ease. I'm coming to Michigan live on always escalator last night we saw some tourists or bus Oh my uncle always asked for affiliate there is no greater dua that you can ask and that taller than half half yet could

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lead to Lafayette poorer.

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So we make one for Lafayette Can we meet you Allah grant us is another grant has the capacity to meet the Hajj. And we ask Allah for acceptance, acceptance only Allah knows whether Allah will accept Mecca resource towers. No, you think about this Yantra it's amazing.

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A primary salatu salam made so much sacrifice, he left Iraq. He came to Canada he left Canada and he came here to Mackay Makaha he left his wife and children in a barren desert.

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Quick connecting to them quite finicky It is unfortunate. He left left his wife and his child and it will open our ears come to mean do reactive you underrate he is in the vertical Muharram when I left my children in a barren desert only because it is your command and it is your Mahara in the vertical maharam It is your your sacred house.

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And, and then he made a letter I told him to slaughter his son he sacrifices when Allah told me with Hala horombo Haslem or Ibrahim submit,

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submit to Allah Tada. So he said Islam to live a big island and I submit to the Lord of the world. And then when he finished the Kaaba in the middle, I said Renata, Kabul Midna Allah accept from us, you are all hearing or knowing, covering my social, if anyone in this world could have said yes.

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Up here, what what submission you asking for me? You asked me to leave my home, I left it to ask me to leave my my children in a desert desert desert. Ideally, you asked me to put a knife on my child's neck ideally, you still asking me for sufficient? But yet what did he say when I left that? I told him I said Mr. Muslim, I submit

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and then when he completed the COPPA, what did he say?

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Except for me? If anyone could have said Yeah, I did so much you must accept perhaps would have been you privately celebrated also pleading for acceptance to make it now China, Cambodia?

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How much was we make dua for Cambodia?

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So may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our hunch. And I just lastly, I would just like to say, you know, the last point, maybe a cream sauce that I'm saving,

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valuable for sharing. Those who are present must give the message to those who are

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not present. Those were, those were absent. Sahaba went throughout the world to give the message of Abba subhanaw taala I went to his breakfast and someone called the cover of the cousin of Marisol from embassies in South Africa. Where's Monica Medina Where is somebody that doesn't have a cream sauce and was buried in summer

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Subhanallah so this tells you the day after hatched is a responsibility upon us to change our life and to influence others yet we give power or to influence others. Today we work influences everywhere is influenced

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says well influencers on Instagram etc but what do they do influence in what influence to make recipes

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influence to lifestyle here we must become influencers of good

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hatch command after you come you change your life and you influence people for the better inshallah and I thought it was appropriate for after the hour

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