Ebrahim Bham – Lessons From The Life of Talha RA(Excellence-dedication)

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of learning about the past and future of Islam is discussed in a series of scripture and personal experiences. The speakers emphasize the importance of giving good names for future generations and avoiding feeling anxious or anxiety. They also touch on the loss of various members of royal families and their impact on society.
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Alhamdulillah ALLAH hafiz hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida. de la vida kitabi hula Sharia god amalga new formula, a Tony Robbins Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Whenever the coup de Mayo Kotaku FISA de la

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Sara colloquialism

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respected elders and brothers.

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In this month

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we have been speaking about few of the

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few of the companions of our beloved navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and drawing lessons from the Mubarak and blessed life. Today, I would like to continue on the theme and speak about one of the great Sahaba and one who was amongst the Ashura MOBA, Shara, who once was amongst those who are given the glad tidings of Jana, by our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this lifetime and he's

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been Obaidullah radi Allahu taala and who, who is amongst the Ashura MOBA, Shara and he was from the bunny team tribe. Bunny team is a tribe that was our karate Ultron was also from buddy team. So there have been a way to learn Abu Bakr radiallahu were very close, and also close because they were from the same Avila and from the same time and Arjun Ashura mubasher Rama six eight as a hobby has tell her in obey the law. Viola Tanaka bar me back carrying a job and he came SATA COVID liability or copyright but he has an Abu Bakr radi Allahu Tanaka Kabila who has it, who see Kabira meseta. Once as a young person in his late teens, he was 18 or 19 years of age. When tell habenula the ultra

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no went for business to Syria. And when he went for business to Syria at a place called Basra. There was a person who knew much about the previous scriptures. So he came out looking for were the business people and he said, Is there anyone from Makkah? McComas, a total habenula said I'm from Makkah. So he said, this is a time when the last nebby of allies going to come in Makkah. Have you heard about him? So he said, I didn't hear anything as yet. So he said, Do you know, Ahmed, he said no, I don't know, Ahmed. He said, Do you know the son of Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallab? He said yes, I know him but I don't know anything of the sort. So he said, he is the last messenger of Allah. I

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have read in the previous scriptures. And now is his time to come out in Makkah. Do not let anyone beat you in bringing him on upon him. Do not let anyone beat you in bringing him on upon him. I tell her said I was still supposed to go for business I packed up my goods and came back to Makkah

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telenovela to format a bar carboard caravaca Silsila sir Selena Sham mega with a whopper kisi patronage of pitch Nikita mocha Margarita. una una carta tsikata kaskel mckamey

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Nami x shocks Nam udar hunedoara Hey, yon kinomoto Hanukkah Waka jacker

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Mila, Amalia, who Allah tala Catherine Abby. And this, this person from the knower of the previous scripture said he will also migrate to a place where they will be date palms, etc. So he told him this shall have been Obaidullah came home. He firstly asked his family Do you know anything that has happened? You know, knew in Makkah? I said, Yes, Mohammed said he is. He is a messenger of Allah. He is a prophet of Almighty Allah. He first went to Abu Bakar who was close to him. He was also a member of his tribe. And he said I'm a worker. Have you heard about this? worker said yes. I have also brought him on upon him. So he said can I tell you what has happened? This is what I heard in

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Basra. So Abu Bakar be allowed to tell her are they allowed to know this awesome. He related what he heard

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And he brought him on. He was the eighth person to accept Islam, Islam, Lana aquasox. And this was in his in when he was 18 years of age. Now when he was 18 years of age, he became a Muslim. The, the family didn't take kindly to him. So the family used to appoint someone to persecute them why they left the religion on which people have makeovers. So now the tool because Abubakar and I'll tell how we're very close to one another, no Philbin, who led the brother of his headteacher how amazing it

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was among the forefront of people accepting Islam nofal been hoilett and

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nofal been while it was amongst those who persecuted Abu Bakar and tell her and he used to bring them together. He used to tie them in one rope. And that is why tell her and Abubakar are known as Carina in the two people who were kept together in persecution. So Pamela This was now then his mother sabab into their interest interesting. Saba Beatty has Rami used to persecute Allah. Masood bin hairbrush was a person who said I witness I was making Safa Marwah, I was walking between Safa Marwah, I saw a young person who has been bred and he was being beaten by a woman. So as people who is this, he said he is still having Obaidullah he brought him on and he became a Muslim. And who is

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hitting him, the mother suburb into hasami. And he was persecuted by his mother and hit but he remains steadfast. So this is a situation that how despite all of this, he still remain. steadfast but only up near Islam Nana ki baat Hannon Petrov superhot as your idea Touka sama Karna para liketo Islam Cooper fabric cadabra one small thing we say we have to take lesson lessons very interesting let me share this with you. The word Saba means difficult so what Saba in Arabic means difficult and she proved to be difficult so our Allah say that use good names when you give names to your children. Chewbacca choco Jana a che namsa pukara che Nando bamana Nando Yun can Nam Quito

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mannahatta woba chokyi under

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Nivea Creme De La Hoya Allahu wa sallam one day. Keep good names. Let me sauce themselves. Give your children good names. Give your children good names because you will be called out by those names on the day of Tiamat Maria curry very, very nearby. There was a very great alum, Madonna through Cather Malik puri Rahmatullah Lee. He stayed here about two three kilometres. One day he told me a very amazing thing. He said, one day someone came and told me, he said two o'clock in the morning, one day someone phoned me. Nobody Rocco molana You know, my wife gave birth or someone gave birth, and I want you to keep a name. So mama said, okay, your wife or whatever gave birth to clock in the

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morning. Do you have to phone me? You could have told me after future. You could have told me the next morning. And then you said to add insult to the injury. He said, give me such a name that no one has such a name, which is a number. A processor nomnomnow. Tamara said I was very angry so I told him keep the police.

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I talk in the morning is itself a wake up Samana to say give me a name and you could have done it the next day. Keep good names. One day Nivea cream sauce alum. asked someone to milk the camel. Just listen to this amazing incident. So he said one person said yes, we'll I will do it. He said What's your name? Maura, what's the name of Maura gluttonous Libby says him said leave it. Call another person. What's your name? Maura, leave it. called another person. He said I will milk What's your name? jamara. burning coal. Leave it? fourth person came? What's your name? Yeah, he's the one who lives along with blessedness levy says Who said you mother Kevin. So hon Allah say,

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Allah says that amongst my grandparents, there was a person by the name name of poison. So he came to me saw serum. Nobody saw him said What is your name? He said my name is poison. him said change it. Who doesn't mean sorrow Malala. He said change it. He said no, I don't change my name my father gave me say who say we said since that time, there was always problems in our family.

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Always problems in our family. Give names that are good meaning don't just give

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names looks very nice, very nice actor actress got this name so famous person, give names that are good. It has an impact upon your children and the way they live. And then we saw some said, Keep a name that because Allah will call you on that name. And this woman was named Saba and she was difficult anyway has a telenovela? No continued Nevis awesome gave him several titles vanilla, tell her

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tell her the excellent tell her to

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tell her cool dude. This was what nobody saw still him call him then High School higher means excellence. And he was excellent in whatever he did. And that is what we learn that whatever you do, do it with excellence and a passion. Even if it's a small thing, but do it in a beautiful way. This is what it what we say. You know, it's such an amazing thing up near the

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tomato or tomato spicy cheese for a Tetris and jam dinner. Here. It says about milta Hey, come back in a sec calm Karnataka. Yeah. I said there was an incident. A person was making mud bricks. So when he was making my mud bricks, someone came past and said what are you making this? Am I making a brick? He went past to the next person who was doing the same things and what are you doing? He's saying I am making a brick that will one day adorn the building of a Masjid. So Allah same thing he did. So when you do something even if it's a small thing, but do it with passion, do it with excellence in Allah tala Santa Allah coalition. Allah has even if you to take small thing, three two

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rockets and read it with beautiful, read with excellence. You meet someone who speak to them, you speak to them with excellence. So as a teller was known as

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one amazing thing, and he was also known as

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the one who was generous. One day he came in home, and the wife saw him and said, You are not looking right? You are not looking right. It looks like if you are in some form of worry, anxiety, what is troubling you. And you see today when you see someone today, they see your wife sees you happy, she's worried now what's happening? Why is he so happy? Now, he said she saw him in anxiety and said Why are you anxious? As I said, I've got 700,000 dirhams? How can I sleep?

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How can I sleep? Today? We can't sleep if the bank balances low. He can't sleep because you've got too much money. What am I going to do? And so wife said Why are you worried? Let us make small parcels to borrow who will give it to the poor people of Medina. Tomorrow we will give it to the poor people of Medina. In one day he gave 700,000 Durham's in charity. Today, my dear respected brothers, it worries me to say that today there is so much extravagance in our spending for ourselves, but we can't spend on other people. And one day, it must not come to haunt us people see that you are spending everything on your own. And you can spend on other people. You know, 700,000

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theorems he gives in charity, say it in the museum. I mean, saved him, he said was one of the ASHRAE mubasher. I liked. He said when I travel was tell I never saw anyone better to travel. Because he was so generous with his companions that can happen phase will happen for years. And Jude supanova this is what I'm not normally when we speak about Sahaba these are the lessons that we are supposed to take. He did not take part in the bathroom

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in the bathroom either either and take parts because nobody saw them send him on a scouting mission. What we will say today intelligence mission. So let me start from sending us near the border of Syria. And when he came back, he said he rasulillah I didn't take part in the Battle of but then I'm feeling very hurt. You know, so nebia Kareem Salim said, Don't worry, la casa Mk. I've kept the share in the spoils of the Battle of butter for you. He said you have a similar idea. Sula, what about the idea? I'm not worried about the spoils of war. What about my reward universal law?

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hotel how for you is the reward of taking part in the Battle of

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although he didn't take part and of course to be a battery. Sahabi was a very great honor. But he did not take part. And let me start some said Lucky for you is the reward of taking part in the Battle of weather because he went for a mission that maybe aquarium saw Salaam sent him.

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But the crowning glory of

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His life

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was in the Battle of what

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he was amongst the first

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People who came to me via cream saw silom after Nivea Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was wounded. We all know better loco had what happened, maybe saw some stiff or broken. Forehead was slashed. Lips was wounded. Blood came on the face of our beloved maybe saw silom tell her and another 10 and sorrow the first people who came and then they surrounded maybe a cream sauce alum. They protected maybe a cream sauce and tell her the Latino picked up maybe salsa and took him to a place of safety. It took him to a place of safety. And on that particular time when you took him on a place of safety when he placed him on a safe place. There were several arrows that were directed

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upon the resource from telenovela to put his hand to protect him.

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And he says that part of His hands were paralyzed because of defending our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And then we saw slim afterward was to say, If only you could see me in the bathroom.

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On my right hand side was

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on my left hand side was

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when he put me in a place of safety nigera

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then came to surround me a cream sauce alum and then when they came to see me we saw some said leave me going see waster

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going sideways.

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And then when they saw that telenovela turnovers, you know just about surviving maybe saw silom used to say, if you want to see a loving Shaheed and look at maybe saw slim gave him the title show he will hate the loving martyr, a person who is loving, yet is a matter. So Angela, his daughter says, after the better we counted wounds, 24 wounds on the bottom body of the locker room, in defending maybe a creamy sauce, over karate allowed to do so say when you should talk about who had used to say, the yo

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yo mutanda, the better off we had was the day of

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the Battle of head was the day of tan ha, that was where his excellence came to the fore Subhan Allah, so this was the Allahu Allahu Allah, he had this very great qualities with regard to doing things in excellence, as he proved later on, of course, many other events took place. And of course, during that, you know, after has a realtor who passed away. Now, who was very close to this man, for several reasons, he was very close to a swimmer below that. And he even placed his son to God has commanded the ultra moon, but he didn't, you know, was not successful as it was martyred. So the very great impact upon telenovela he could not, you know, remain in peace so he wanted to do

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something and he used to say Allah Maha the mini man

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will not take from me whatever is needed for the sake of man until you become happy. So he when when this happened, he wanted to see justice against the people who had killed us it was one of your loutra No, and because of that, you know he Zubair Sri Sri Ravi ultimo got together, and then unfortunately the incident of Jamal took place. And in that particular Jamal, you know, has a little yellow tone Okay, him has an alien has a Blue Bear, and then we're on the verge of agreeing upon something. And they said, tomorrow we will agree upon something when when Africa hypocrites, they stood up the war, and in that particular war, the Civil War has a telenovela who ran who passed

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away, he was made sure he'd, you know, he was one withdrawing from that because both himself and ultimately ultimately not one, the better to take place. But the more African the hypocrites, they took it out, I always tell people, you must learn a very great lesson from the sometimes in the effort to do something that you feel is greater. The situation must not become worse, you know? And yeah, you know, Allah, Allah knows Allah, Allah will grant them Jenna, because after he passed away, a lot of new came to his to his hotel hora de la Toronto. And when he came to

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Toronto, you know, he wiped and he cried at him and he said, you know, Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says when azana Murphy Satori, Magellan, and our pseudo rimutaka believe that on the day of Tiamat, Ellen Jenna, Allah will remove the bitterness, or maybe not button as any type of disputes they are between people in general. And I am confident that you and I, as a telenovela to despite the fact that there was this particular battle that took place. Allah will join us together in Geneva. And why not? Because maybe a cream sauce lamb said that half in Jana, tell her we'll be in Ghana, and then we saw some pair the two together and who are the two has it

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Tell her and Zubair and said jar filled Jen. Tell her and Zubair would be neighbors in Jana. Tell her jubair jar if anyone had never saw snow made, you know, so this is Jeremiah they will be neighbors in Jenna. So these are some of the beautiful aspects of his life that had to be higher than Apple for years. That Apple Jude that we learn and we pay tribute to him. And together with it, we take this lessons from his life to be able to put it into our life inculcating excellence, steadfastness, dedication to the cause. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant him the best of rewards and we Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a trophy for following these great people, as a letter has

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commanded us to do so in the Holy Quran was true that one is hungry.

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