The Harms of Jealousy

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Allah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa ala Mallanna via bada Allama learn

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about him to hear

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me. Well actually at Abaddon Shariati Amaya do former Villa humanists shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Amir sudo and

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LogMeIn furtherly Sarah Kola Allah will awesome. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah azza wa jal in our Sharia, in our deen in our religion, just as he has emphasized Amahl to do with the Zaha with the external body with the apparent Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, and our beloved Nebia cream sauce Salam in the Hadith has emphasized

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that internal that we are supposed to keep our hearts clean from all qualities that are negative. So Allah subhanho wa Taala for example in the Quran, is this emphasis upon salah, zakat Hajj fasting. There is also an emphasis in our Sharia with regard to good qualities to bring about good qualities within us, like sincerity, truthfulness, compassion, kindness, and to stay away from bad qualities like hatred and jealousy etc. Quran or Hadith man, just Tara xiety I'm Alberta Kiki gay, JC Namaaz Rosa, who see Tara bothnia Amal dill Kia Well, or Rouhani P Murray, Kibera May, Allah subhanahu wa taala Anna takia JSA Oh, Sofia, Amelia said a Playa Aqua Rasta Karna or ASAF Emmett MUMA set up the

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Aqaba channel. Now one of the qualities that Allah subhanahu wa taala has warned us against is with regard to jealousy acid Nebia Kareem saw Salamina Hadith one day was as a you Nursia awesome Jana Sula, who are the best of people say better rock on a word the best of people. So maybe a cream sauce them said sudo only Sun Moon will

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have sudo call the sun will mark Mughal Mac who will come sudo police and the one who is truthful in his speech

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must move will no one who is pure in his heart. So Sahaba said Jana Sula, Sulukule son we understand truthfulness in speech yet um Janta the bank the bank is such a mobile camera. What is a meaning of the purity of the heart? So Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the definition at 31 Nothing like this MFI he went above when I was ill when I said that McMorran will call the purity of the heart is the one who has fear of Allah, His heart is clean. There is no good idea there is no sin. There is no intention of transgression and there is no jealousy and there is no hatred. But Google Cal DeLuca Spica camera club. Good deal. Johanna Allah dalla cetera Allah Tala Sackhoff raka almost

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my boss now has said now hope you park yourself. Now one of the aspects that is you know greatly you know concern and maybe a cream sauce Lim has warned us about is about acid to Hasakah manner what is the meaning of acid? Maybe a cream sauce limited lot about WalletHub

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Dhoni hate one another. Don't be jealous of one another. A Deuce Reseda what Morocco has said necro

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Navia Kareem Salah Salem and from the Sharia we learned the definition of acid is you see someone with a good you see someone with an AMA whether that is to do with the worldly affairs. What spirituality you see someone with good and you wish that it must be destroyed by whether you get it or not. It's not a matter as long as you are happy that it must be destroyed. My Sitka camera club yay kissy KeePass nemid or cushy cut Decker now who's gonna? Or Marathwada orthobiologic wise Karna keep we keep our school now we keep our school bus concept about giant Bucha million omelet. So this is one of the aspects when someone is God something good. You wish that it must be destroyed from

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him. Whether you get it or not. It's a different matter. Or he is Johanna would you say

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Jesus get Caribbean in something that is very close to it it is known as zipped up in English sometimes we translate it is envy, what is envy? You see someone with something good

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and you say that maybe I also get the same thing. So you say I also must get the same thing. So you see someone with a nice car so you said I also must get this nice car you're doing a VW Yeah, Mercedes and que pasa I must also get the same thing. Or for example, you see someone reading beautiful salah, and you said let me also read such a beautiful salon.

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This is known as envy. I'm just giving sometimes a different definition but um, for today's talk, I'm calling the first one jealousy. And the second one I'm calling emulation or envy to you want the same thing to you do three to ziptie kissy kissy KeePass motto or don't care whose will keep the mana Karna here Riptide dunya. We will have an Atmel hipster MOBA or Dyneema Hamlin, your person Neela. So if you see someone with something good and you want it as far as matters pertaining to deed, it is good to see someone with good UCLA also have the same o'clock this is something good. And if you see someone with something to do with worldly matters, then you say I must also get the

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same car. I must also have the same clothes, it is permitted. It is not condemned. It is not something that is very good. It is at most it is permitted MOBA it is there is no guna and there is no sun there is no aroma and it is not recommended. Otherwise Allah Allah tells us what are the medina in a kala mama Tana, don't look at covert ously with envy at what Allah has given someone else. So that is now the definition. Now why has Allah subhanho wa Taala made herself and jealousy haram Why is it haram? Now this is something that you and I we need to understand. Firstly, it is to look at the whole Tari look at the entire history. What is the consequences of Hassan tariku Dr de

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que que Johanna Hasakah canjam So we please refuse to make sister in front of other Melissa to a salon because of two reasons. The couple are hustle because of pride and because of jealousy. Jealousy. Why did Allah Tala give Adam Alayhis Salam such a great trend to IBLEES Jyotiba was Mr. Raja here get you an asset to just him. And then he from the very beginning inception of humankind hobbies kilcummin

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a commodity that he killed one hobby kill coming. Why? Because of jealousy. He had a beautiful wife.

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He had a more beautiful wife he killed his own brother has set up nearby Pocatello takia. So sometimes this is a reality with regard to acid. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran makes mention of the brothers of Yusuf alayhi salam he the call he was of our who who either abena Mina

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Iike holiday get by our father

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likes you souffle Sarah more than us, you super Islam says

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or is exactly what I said because of the jealousy they sold a brother in slavery when kobish That

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this is this is the reality with regard to asset and we can go on giving examples that What does asset do in your life? So, the first reason why it is looking at the tally

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look at the reality with regard to hazard and jealousy. Second reason so nowadays I like to make mention of it and number two global cuisine morale, so it can be in our second thing the greatest harm. Really this is such a great harm. You see Allah Allah gives me a much Allah gives favors Allah Tala gives people whatever he wants. A womb Yuxi Munna Rama therapy. Chiara, do you distribute Nanaka semana Allah says I distribute Malcolm Metis Theocritus matrix him Carta. Now when you are jealous about someone else, that why Allah gave him to What are you saying? What is the implication? You are saying? Yours will be love? Allah made a mistake.

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Ska sector combat Libya RPA Kathy Oh, good Allah subhanho wa Taala Annie apne taxied me occultic

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yonder How can you ever see the thing Allah will give, walk you the day and let it mature. He knows he's got his wisdom. After

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that it means

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You are saying that Allah subhanaw taala made a mistake? Um yes Runa nurse. Are you jealous for people?

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Who in fugly for what Allah has given them up a sacred cow to enlighten me to see

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what the great harm perhaps the greatest harm, you are saying Allah Tala made a mistake. Third thing is important for us to say it is the height of foolishness hey he market keen to

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hear he market can't it is a height of foolishness. Allah subhanahu wa taala doesn't give people wealth or goodness who Allah doesn't take it away from people because you like or dislike it. Yeah, he mckinty I have some still Colette Ana de la ke Seco or Allah Tala kisses and Yama chi Liga up opkey Who she are now who she buys. Using you Allah is gonna give people because you are not happy with it. Or you are happy with it. Or Allah is gonna take it away because you you are you don't like it it must be with him. He must get him to Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to give because of your liking or not liking Allah is gonna give it because of his own reasons his own wisdom, say for

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Nicola says Well, no, ma foster Allah will be here but

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don't desire what ALLAH is given someone else. Up the mana to cultivate your electronic is your codec. This is something that is a today we can't see this have a two three Q who she could need except that we can see the goodness Allah has given someone we can see the happiness of someone who is in a care home.

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I've looked up near Duke said to Kenya he do throw key success

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to the people are not unhappy or are in difficulty because of their own difficulty. They are unhappy because why Allah has given someone something else and let them

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by learning to become happy with what Allah gives someone who Allah Tala kissy up who's

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then if you become happy Allah will give you share the joy of others share the happiness of others, Allah will multiply your own happiness.

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And this is also something you know it is the height of frustration.

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If the market came ti up new up new poultry MySuper Cordana. Know you becoming unhappy because ALLAH is given someone else someone has so beautifully said it is your drinking poison. And you wishing someone else must die.

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Observe because they're too old to emerge and who to up to anyway, the happier you are, you are drinking the poison that you know you are getting first frustrated. You know why? Why? Why Allah is given someone who getting frustrated you drink in a poison, and you want some beer to happen by him.

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And then this is also another thing you could riziki India. It is the idea of selfishness. Selfishness. Allah doesn't like selfishness. Both Bowhill

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Nick and maybe Bukal came to

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you can give someone good up who today decided to make an app useful to Kerala talebi. Nada.

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You can't give someone good. You can't do something good for someone. And you also can't even bear it. That alone must give someone something good.

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It is the height of foolishness. It is a height of selfishness. Now other aspects with regard to the aspects of spiritual harm. One aspect of the harm of jealousy is this, which is now the fourth reason which I've made mentioned in under the under the broad reason of height of selfishness. I made mention of the height of frustration. Then the fourth thing is Allah Allah destroys your good deeds. Drop your chair, man. Oh God.

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I said to Justin, he will hustle. Stay away from jealousy. For in the hustler Your uncle will come and

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stay away from jealousy. It eats up it devours your good deeds. The wave fire devours dry wood.

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So dry wood you put it in fire it gets burned. In a similar manner hazard eats up all your good deeds you can make so much of anopheles salad, you can make the heart with numbers you can make the flower and then you make acid with someone you make jealousy with someone and that eats up your booty to all your needs are taken away. So the fourth hump the

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firsthand. The BA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said law you're the dummy or fee JioFi Abdeen al Iman will hazard

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Eman or hazard dornod movement que dem Dilmah German

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Eman and Hassan Imam and jealousy cannot be in the heart of a believer.

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Eman and jealousy can not be in the heart of the believer Subhanallah if a person is a believer and he's got Iman, then that particular person who has got a man will not be able to have jealousy. If he's got jealousy, it means his Eman is not correct. Scotty man such a good

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And then one beautiful Hadith and we'll make mention of this and then go to the next step. Maybe a Kareem Salah Julio Solomon said layers aloneness will be a failure multimeter has to do because I did it soon and inside human beings will be on goodness

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the community will be on goodness as long as people don't be jealous of another

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Samaj or low polarity Telefunken chip Chapter Chapter asset

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as long as there is no hazard and there is no jealousy, people will be good and the community will be good people will be good people will be happy again you know what was coming up here? Hair no smudge man those eight muttrah ph acid

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and how many times we have seen this my dear respective families were united

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condado Mohammed has said he would just say to anyone the fragment of the Leukemia families were united because of acid families have turned against one another was called cumilla Why does one got debt Why does one did well in his business pushing a lawyer become happy with someone man Why are you getting so said Allah has given someone something I've seen this in communities they can see the good so the families become distributed

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as long as there is no asset people will be good. They will be fair they will be Barakat, they will be goodness in society. I'm friends. All of our friends are good with one another. All of a sudden friends becomes enemies because of acid. Why did this one get something? Why did he buy a new car Subhanallah

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today we all get acid. Why did he get ready to get out the majority job Oh.

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So we get all of these type of things that happen so families become enemies to one another. And sometimes even co workers people are we're working together Hassan Can we just say do they turn against one another. So these are some of the aspects My dear respected brothers and why tanggram Talal energy particle has

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done such an amazing thing. He says in your reaction to Hassan

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has said kibarim a team Turkey logo there are three ways. So sometimes you get hazard and all of a sudden it comes naturally. You know? So sometimes when something comes naturally hood the hood or garage, or Abu scooper, Amal Nakara to smear ADME Missouri.

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So one is you become jealous of someone and you don't pursue it. You just in your heart, you consider it in your heart apna deliberately we just keep it in your heart in that a person is Mathura other other other means excused no guna no rewards

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you just gave a new you you didn't allow it to go further. He smiled at me Missouri

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put back to the garage I was called to admin Mathura ik yet that you jealousy comes in your heart and you pursue it ha ha said agile or app escape metab it among Cartell escape the lava bucket and you start speaking bad about him and you wish that it must be destroyed and you actively engage on the hazard and jealousy that has come in your heart who smiled at me Missouri, Missouri not not whether that was a Zaza he is accountable, he is going to get guna insulin. So you act upon the dictates of jealousy. So there you would be getting seven and one is module utter.

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Utter means you get jealous and you turn that jealousy into good. So you tell us about a person but you make dua for him with a man and the guy when you get jealous of a person make more dua for him.

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So he smiled at me mature was

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so you see the three stages, one is is excused. One is he is accountable. And one is where he gets rewarded. And after me let me just conclude with one Hadith put up in a delicate box Africa, maybe a creamy sauce it metabo Betty when he was sitting and then we have cream sauce himself who stood up said you asked me I got the agenda to wherever comes from that particular person his agenda. So a person came, he had his jumper in his hand he had his shoes in his head, and he had lifted up his Gupta and he had just made who

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to he don't think Martha biosci was the person same person keep maybe a cream sauce and say hey Jim nutty, he's a person of gender. So I'm delighted I'm gonna bill as the kissy user Binaca will keep us here on kissa Terry so he went to him at the live number he will ask for the law to know when to go and stay with him for three days. Stay with him for three days. So you want to receive Why did maybe a cream sauce and said this man is a Jannetty maybe a cream sauce Keuka How can you agenda

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to tell them Cuba potential okay pass to a higher zyada kept today metal yes someone's Eradicator Rod 200 Watt

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perhaps he will read the whole night he will return to maybe he's keeping Rosa every day. Who sweat of the day Kenny quisiera 200 He came in to Why is it so then he went to him and said I think it was sad whenever you are cast that I came to you with an excuse I must stay with you. I didn't come with any The reason I came for you maybe a cream sauce from cold your Jannetty maybe a creamy sauce in regard to your gender cadmium? Me Yes. Marginata Okay. Q Why didn't it be a cream sauce and said You are Jannetty so sad whenever you are cuz I think it is sad because they come with any pasta. I don't know. So as he was going away, he called him back. He said I just want to make mention of one

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quality of mice. Excellent. I never ever hate anyone. Monocacy Cooper Bostick kisi Cooper acid Nick. Many QC Cooper Bri Bri caffine I've never spoken bad about someone I've never met by terrible

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so there has to be a lot to be said. That is a reason why maybe a cream sauce and set you agenda

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by a cautious caring SSC part beta can actually when we try to bring that quality and we don't speak there about someone we don't wish bad for someone we don't hate anyone. We don't have hazard for anyone. Insha Allah may Allah Allah give us a topic