Ebrahim Bham – Talk at opening of Musjid Khalid bin Walid RA

Ebrahim Bham
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Al Hamdulillah Yolanda was salat wa salam ala Mala de Avada

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I never learned

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much about him when he went out to talk about it.

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When I actually read it I'm not writing for the villa interstate or

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whatnot and walking

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in or whatever they do the cylinder the butt cutter Mubaraka move out or whatever we

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will call it

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to another massage.

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fanatic Omar Allah He

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said hello

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respected elders brothers, those who might be living the story on the various

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platforms. We first begin by placing Almighty Allah standing is the rotation upon our greatest benefactor, our beloved Nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It is indeed a very joyous occasion. When we come to the opening of a masjid, I have always found it to be very spiritually uplifting.

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When we come to the opening of masjid, and why shouldn't it be so?

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The masajid are the houses of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala has a chair from Talalay in his puzzle has written the way you and I look up to the horizon. We look up to the sky and we see the illumination of the stars.

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The angels in the heaven when they look down upon the earth,

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they find the massage in a similar manner illuminating to them and shining to them the way the stars are shining for us. So when they look up down towards the earth, the places where the massage it up, they shine like the stars.

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The massage that has some knowledge of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala.

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The symbols of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. It is narrated in the books of history when the Sahaba used to go to a particular place in a village. They used to wait there at the time of Dawn

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right in the early hours of the morning. And when they used to hear the Azzam which was

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a sign that is a masjid, it used to give the evidence of the presence of Muslims. So, the masajid are the symbols of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Abdullah Abdullah de Ville Allah Who masajid WA and it is the most beloved places in this earth to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala there are many aspects of the budget, I would just like to concentrate on few nowadays we are living in a world you know, where people have limited concentration span. So, I like to enumerate my points. So, the first point that I want to enumerate and I want your indulgence and this to understand this important point, do we perhaps it is one of the most important points and objectives of the masjid Allah

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subhanho wa Taala has treated us with two needs.

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We all know the one need everyone recognizes that need the material needs. everyone realizes the importance that I have to eat, I have to gain sustenance, I have to bring food to the house for my dependents. Everyone regards them to be a need. But one need which is as if not more important than the material he is the spiritual need.

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It is just as if not more important than our material.

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The need to communicate with your Creator.

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I take an oath My dear respected brothers, we have not realized the importance of the fulfillment of this lead. And that is why we finding so much of problems in our life. To me one of the reasons with regard to the addiction of drugs, people have a vacuum they like to they feel that they are filled with enjoyment with addiction to drugs which will give them a temporary high there is a vacuum they feel that vacuum is going to be filled with the material thing. The reality is that you is because we have not recognize your Allah and Allah Allah says Allah the victory lap in the remembrance of Allah on outside contentment.

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Now the spiritual need, is not going to be nourished by material things.

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Material things are not going to fulfill this and provide nourishment for the soul

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that is going to be nourished by something else. And the heart of the spiritual nourishment.

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The center of spiritual nourishment is not the organs of the body, it is our heart, the spiritual heart. That is why you find you will never hear someone

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identify tranquility, peace, contentment, happiness with anything but the heart. Whenever we want to speak about contentment, happiness, peace, we say the heart is contented. The heart is happy. Have you ever heard someone say

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that the ear is happy today?

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Have you ever heard someone say that nose is very happy today. The nose is very peaceful and tranquil today, why no one understands that spirituality has got to do with the organs of the body with material things. It's got to do with the heart. And this is something that we are not realizing. So that is why we make our aspects of happiness, a sense of contentment, a sense of joy into material things. But Allah didn't keep happiness and tranquility and peace in material things. You want to see we confuse

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temporary joy with eternal happiness.

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Temporary joy is something that is during the act while doing something. Happiness is beyond that. To give you an example, sometimes, I'm not saying you must do it, but I'll just give you an example. You go on a roller coaster, you have a temporary joy when you are in that roller coaster. There is joy, it is not happiness, happiness comes after an event it is permanent.

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So maybe joining us enjoying a meal at the restaurant, to enjoy it while you are having it. It's not tranquillity, it is not peace, it is not happiness, happiness is beyond a temporary experience.

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And this is something let me give you an example through the means of you know, a humorous incident. So say One day a king became very sick, he became very depressed. So they call the Hakeem. So that keeps it very easy to latch. Very easy to see what is the cure. The cure is make him where the porter of a person who is very happy.

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Let him wear the Furuta of someone who is very happy, he will become cured. So the 40s, who are the key benefits of Avila such an easy cure himself gave us a cure, we are going to, you know, implemented us. So they went to all the 40 years, all the ministers and all the wealthy people of the community, they say, you are a happy person, give us your quota, we will give it to the key. So all the people, the ministers, they said See, I put hundreds or 2030 protests, but I'm not happy.

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I were all problems and challenges in my life. I'm not completely happy. And I'm not completely satisfied. And I'm not fully contented.

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So they started asking more people, everyone they asked, because of protests, but we're not happy. So eventually do things broaden the search. So they went to the village? What did you have pacified and very deep, so a person who was taking a bath in the river, and he was laughing and he was joyous. And he was expressing his happiness and he was laughing. So they said here is a happy person. So they went to him and said, Are you happy instead of extremely happy? He said Al Hamdulillah we got you all for you. We can give you so much of gifts. He said explain to me, he said the king is depressed. And he said we must give him the photo of someone who is very happy. You are

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very happy. Give us your quarter. You said I would do quarter.

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One the people who had put them around happy. The person who was happy didn't have a quarter. So Allah Tala escaped happiness, tranquillity My dear respected brothers in zikr Fanta and Latina Harmon, who wanted my in Nakuru home medical data, those who are believers, they had file content

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month in the seeker of Allah, Allah, you know this word Allah is amazing. It says, listen carefully,

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it is studied, it is only in the remembrance of a novel your hearts find contentment, the Hadith only, only with the remembrance of Allah will your hearts find contentment, this particular message is opposed to the to the entire

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modern type and contemporary understanding of happiness.

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We not understanding this because if you look around

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every advert

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every calling today is to fulfill your desire to give you a happiness. That was something I saw, you know, no judgment on the person, it's a reality. You know, just do it.

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Obey your thirst. You know this adverts. What does it tell you? His efforts are calling you to fulfill your desires to get happiness. Obey your thirst for greatness, particular quarry, you want to become happy?

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Just doing just fine, fulfill your desires you will become happy. It is the very empty thesis of real happiness and satisfaction. How beautiful in a bsrem saucer mess. Explain it when you said that. It's only the Hadith intermarry. When Allah created Jana and Jana Mito Jabra will go and see Jonathan Jana. We came in he came back and said yeah, I love you create a gender so beautiful. Every one who wants whom You created one to go we will go on to go into channel. Everyone whom You created one want to stay away from the value of Jannah. Allah surrounded Janet and Jana by certainties, and he says Jubran will now go and see Jana can Jana. And when he came back and he said, You Allah Now I

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am afraid

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whether people will be able to gain entry into Jana. And now we're afraid whether people will be able to save themselves from Ghana. And the Hadith says, Would you but in Nairobi Chawan. For would you go to Geneva to be in McCurry Allah surrounded Jahannam by the portfolio unfoldment of your desires, who fulfill your desires, the desires is guaranteed to lead you towards guna answer

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as it used to Malaysia that was salam said, What about ecom MC in enough Salah Amara can be sure I don't absolve my left from blame, because naps will lead me towards evil that is used to punish that person. I'm saying how do you and I think that we will give our nerves and our desire free reign and it will lead us towards goodness. It will lead you towards it.

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And we are all following this thinking that it will give us happiness and satisfaction and contentment. Allah didn't keep it in that what Allah has kept it in. Would you Bertil Jana to Bill McCurry. Allah is surrounded Jana by all toil and effort kept up in the early hours of the morning, come to the masjid even if it is cold. Remember Allah subhanho wa Taala for in depth. Ly is your satisfaction and contentment. One nil Messiah della the Masoretic belong to Almighty Allah to not call anyone in here besides Allah subhanho wa Taala much sama home fee baited Bill Bucha Allah yet Luna Kitab Allah He waited out as soon as you learn mucilage Allah He was certina o Kumbhakarna.

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Nabil said Allah will send him no people gather in the house of Almighty Allah, reciting the Quran, and teaching the Holy Quran except that ALLAH Ghana descends upon them Sakina, tranquility, peace and contentment not into obeying your desires and ways the center of that weight is the center of our spiritual nourishment. Where is the center of our core peace and contentment? Where is the Center for us to gain happiness? It is a masjid.

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So the greatest asset of the masjid My dear respective Brothers is the fulfillment of our spiritual needs, our spiritual nourishment, and that is going to be the entitlement.

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So that's why you know, maybe occurring saw some said in Mr. Yamamoto masajid Allah whenever you see a person attached to the masjid

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then bear testimony to his Eman.

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When a person is attached to a magic bear testimony to his man,

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then the Vietnamese Ostrom read this first in number Yeah, Maru, massagin Allah, those are the people who will tend to the magic who believe in Allah, the day of Tiamat or Thomas Salah was simply someone who utters the cup and they give zakat. So the first thing I want you to understand my dear respective brothers, not emotion but to understand this need, which will only be fulfilled from the masjid remembering on

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That's $100 The second thing of the budget is the unity of the ummah. But I know it's very important I don't I, to me, one of the greatest challenges that we as a Muslim Ummah has is a lack of unity.

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And let us not people are getting away with semantics, they try to cover this important aspect by you know, talking around it with regard to semantics. The reality is our own AMA has spoken with regard to the unity of the soma as it more my usual self you know many years ago when Matisse Adel Aberdeen, Rama Kilala came to to South Africa in the summer in a zipper. He gave a talk on unity. I had it in a cassette, I even made notes of that entire band. It was perhaps one of the greatest bands I heard.

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And in there he is quoted man I used to serve Rahul Ali

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Am I used to serve was a son of my Yes, any quartet so many example. And he said my use of sacramentally used to say and

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does not become united. Allah's assistance will come upon them.

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I'm not quoting myself. I'm quoting one of the greatest coders in our history.

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He said until their own money, one week or a few weeks before he died, he gave a talk on Ahmed for bringing them together.

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And yet Allahu Allah Jama Allah hen is upon the United Lord. For Intel panna cotta Ma Ma, the burrito of Allah is with a united lat

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and more Mufti sinner abiti inner circle, you know if anyone can ever get that person, he gave a remarkable example. He says that see the heart we all know is in the center of the life.

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But it is only valuable when it is attached to the body. Take the heart out of the body, separated from the body. You say after a day or two even a dog won't eat that

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because it will become hot. It is only valuable. When it is united with the body. He gives the example of would you see you know beautiful wood. If it is scattered, it says no one really looks much upon it is not much value. Put that one together, it becomes furniture all of a sudden it becomes valuable, where things become valuable when they are united. Today my dear respected brothers, I make an appeal to people forget all the politics bring unity and harmony into this woman, Sharon those who are creating this sham those who are talking about this. What this uniting this,

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the South African market people used to talk about it unity and harmony. And all of a sudden we just finding that people are talking about when they talk about someone who do you belong to which side of the fence where do we come from this? Who is treated this?

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Allahu Allah He was set up as made miniature and are both beautiful, be absolutely Raja Immolate. He was should I tell you something that is more beloved to unlock

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the Nuffield fast and nothing Rosa and Nuffield salah but I assume that tell us your Rasulullah sallallahu that have been bringing people together bring people together harmonize people create to happen because disputes and arguments in a community in a masjid in a society he'll

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be shaved off and said it shaved off and of course shaving has got to do with a head that is often said I don't say shaved off your head your head is shaved off your dean

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we talking about on one hand you know we talked him about the high today and we talking about all other things but in the hadith of Mr. Awesome if we are disputing it washes away all of those good deeds but as creating this unit in the masjid is a center for unity let it never ever be a center for this unit. Don't come here and bring about you know disunity in the magic because of the center.

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Bring us out accommodate people know I'm an imam have a budget for many many years. So crumble Allah has given me I hope inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the reward of being attached to a masjid, I made mention of the reward of being attached to a masjid. Let me start from say wherever you see a person attached to a masjid their testimony is the man had been 14 years attached to a machete. May Allah make it the means of my Eman and the preservation of money money. I make dua that Allah makes it that but you know we need to eat as much it one day you

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When when the when the forum has came into the budget, Somali people used to come. So one day there was an incident in my budget. And it really opened my eyes. So, according to the other mazahub, they can read Salah in the masjid, even after the Jamaat, so a group of the people who came from abroad, because according to a messiah, if they could read, you know, they may have to be shy, they may German. So one of themselves became very angry. You see, don't no, it's not possible for you to

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become so angry.

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So what do you want me to do? To stop, you're not supposed to do it. So according to the mosaic, it is a pattern.

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Maybe we need to tell them be sensitive of the other view. And nowadays, I see that they are sensitive. They don't jump

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outside because that is 100 free view, which is the majority or many of us out in debt. But this person was insistent. So I told him, just the thought came to my mind, I said, you can't even bear this. Maybe if you saw some one thing he saw a person urinating

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any accommodated debt? If your person is making German, or if not, according to Mercer, did you mean such an issue?

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The Prophet of Allah formulated a person urinating in a masjid and told him he, after he finished washing away, you can accommodate another person making Jamaat even if it's not, According to UNICEF, puts a full muster to according to his mother, to create tension in a masjid unnecessary, workable Maha Rafi may group who were the people who are making report, which is an invitation towards unity.

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It's a second thing. And I think another important point, you know, is

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cultural and community identity by the research of others, I can't believe we are living in a world where there is a crisis of identity. And because you don't have

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control confidence in your identity, that is why people go towards atheism. Or they go towards different isms, because they don't have

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an aspect of identity.

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And the masjid provides us with identity for our community, as a mod I've just mentioned with regard to this old particular asset, wherever the Bootstrap is when Allah Allah reward our forefathers, wherever they went, they kept this legacy that wherever they went, they created a budget and they created among them. So the three aspects that I would like to make mention the masjid, as the center of our spiritual management, upon which our entire peace, tranquility, contentment, it relies upon spiritual nourishment, and the Center for that is this Masjid is the Center for Muslim unity and an identity of ourselves and our community. Let me make mention of one or two other points important

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one is we see Alhamdulillah we get this by my teacher, so beautiful. Allah subhanaw Rahmatullah.

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When he came, he was the rector of their own beautiful perspective, 738 years. So you should say a very important thing. He say, wherever you go in the world, you have the houses of Allah. In South Africa, you got the mentions of Allah.

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Allah has made our Masjid we take pride in him. I know I used to go to UK in the early 90s. And then the people, they saw our massage, he never ever had that aspect of

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towels in the budget. They learned it from South Africa

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and many, many other places in Pakistan, etc. They used to tell me that we learned about cleanliness and bringing our massages to a particular standard when we came to Southern and this is something that is really amazing.

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So you see, as it was manda Viola with Rhonda was the first because the type of resources are multiple, very, very simple. They don't even have capital for it is just one ID, which has a second color image mentioned emphasize that maybe a cream salesman told us the Hava the player to cutter what happened on a night where I saw in a dream that you were making sister on the ground, and the ground was wet. And that particular night was a 23rd night. They took us there is not necessarily only on the 27th to the third night, it rained, the rains seep into the masjid, there was no carpet, there was only ground the crowd became soggy and muddy and the people were making system on that

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That was the way of the must use of memory for that material memory is the basis of Hidayatullah video camera. Such a simple machine, but it is a means of United

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doesn't have to be the first time this is very interesting. You know Tamina daddy, really Allah Toronto came from Palestine is a very long story One day we must make mention of it, how we can source them gave him work of land in Palestine before the Muslims conquered it, but different story. So when it came from pesticides in that particular layer, semi metallic brought oil candles, and he brought olive oil. So when he came into the masjid,

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he saw that the material number was dark. So he took the candles he brought from telesign And he looked it up in material number one.

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And when cream sauce came, he saw that the machine was lit up with candles, and the market was bright. And you know when this happened, that ninth year of the history that we saw some passed away just about a year after that. So almost the end of the military resource rooms like the first time there was lights in a budget.

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But look at the other side. When the Vietnamese Ostrom walked into the masjid and he saw the masjid you know lightened he said who made by Mr. Price

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who put right in my budget. So someone said to me my daddy, so let me a cream sauce from said May Allah Allah bless you and illuminate you the way you illuminated my Masjid.

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May Allah illuminate you the way you illuminate my budget.

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So, you know although the budget was simple, we saw some gay indications by that statement that we must illuminate your budget and I made similar to our for the founders and the people who have established this budget. May Allah illuminate you. The way you have illuminated this area with a machete crbn Isha. So this is such a beautiful thing. But remember, Mercy is not beautiful. By the beautiful decorations. A magic becomes beautiful by the amount of people who are considering a budget

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that is normally balances.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:24

Must get Banani shipped Birdman Imam Imam Kihara Wallonie know the people who have got the money in one night. They built up a masjid

00:27:25 --> 00:27:30

but then it took a whole generation for them to maintain the budget and to keep the budget.

00:27:31 --> 00:28:18

They made the money to allow my bandmate mentioned with regard to a masjid manavi Shep Burma Imam, Imam Kihara. And then the poem goes on. I don't know all the code providers know this particular aspect of the code. But remember, a monkey is not only beautiful by the aesthetics, and last point, I made mention of it in the beginning. In our review the alumnus dinnerly dibaca, thermobaric code and anatomy, so this is an amazing thing. We like to keep all our massages attached to the haram. But Allah Allah has made mention of the first Masjid in Makkah. But the word previous word used for it was Bucha. But Allah will mention of two objectives of the machi MOBA come work with me.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:23

blessedness any diet

00:28:24 --> 00:28:27

for the entire world?

00:28:28 --> 00:28:34

Rather than us everyone this question really is not it's not. It's not something that you must gloss over.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:43

The Quran tells us that the masjid in Makkah, was blessing for the entire world.

00:28:45 --> 00:28:47

Our Masjid

00:28:48 --> 00:29:02

blessing for our communities. And when I talk about community, I'm not talking only about the Muslim community, I'm talking about the non Muslim community as well. The Quran tells us so objective of the masjid in Haram

00:29:04 --> 00:29:10

was it was blessing for the entire humanity, our Masjid lesson for the entire humanity

00:29:12 --> 00:29:40

and why is it not? So? That means we are not fulfilling the purpose and objective of the Masjid. It must be a means of blessedness not only for us, but for the entire humanity Muslim and non Muslim we have become so you know blinkered that we don't look upon things the way the Quran is made mention of it I'm not talking about anything else and move on and go whoa who doesn't really need any He died for the entire humanity and mankind

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

that we attached it to much as a heavy machinery about one of our three research supported in fact it touched upon it quite I mean maybe I can even saw some saw has a salad when when he came in the time of Buddha to Cara asked his brother when he weighs hurry. We

00:30:00 --> 00:30:20

He's your brother. I expected to see him in Makkah. Yasunaga. He couldn't even bear you in monka. He just fled Macau because you are coming, because he's enmity. So he's told, what if he will always tell your brother? Sorry? How can he be oblivious of the beauty of Islam?

00:30:22 --> 00:30:35

And you tell him to come to us, we will respect and honor Him, we will give him honor, we will give him honor. And we will show him and give him more respect than where he's got it today.

00:30:36 --> 00:31:05

So what did he mean when he wrote a letter to Harry, and left it in Makkah, and they went away, because we're not allowed to say according to the agreement, three nights, three days. So when we had it, when he came, he saw that the nephew of Allah is pleading with him to become a Muslim, and sought talented him to become a Muslim. And then, of course, that led to his diet. The point I'm making is

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how many times we have looked upon a business colleague who is a non Muslim. And we felt that in our discussion with him, he's got talent. He's got intelligence.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:31

Why can't we invite him to Islam? Why can't we call him to Islam? Have we ever thought about it? If we ever saw a person that read that it was

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this man has got such good qualities? He's got a good tendency. He's got the intellect. Why shouldn't I invite we don't have that.

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broadness of our mind. But yet the love you have an odd

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he saw Halloween when he saw his salary, he call it autism. He saw washing, he realized that washing despite the fact that he killed his uncle, he had tell him, he had goodness, he wrote five letters to him until he became a Muslim. Why don't we have that particular type of mindset? To call people we look at the hands of integration, or we look at the hands of, you know, interacting with other people. Why don't we look at opportunities? Yes, we see away from anybody, we stay away from becoming medical, but what are we so weak, that after 50 years, or 30 years, if we're going to have a chance encounter with someone putting into Islam, we're going to lose our humanity? Why don't we

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look at opportunity that we can give everyone?

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Why is this mindset that we can only we can only be fearful? We can we can look at opportunities.

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Why is it like that? And then when we have that mindset, then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Then you become like that, then you get taken away by them. start becoming confident attack is the best form of defense. So when you start looking at things, if we went in there, my daily struggles, many of us are there. Our forefathers were Muslims. What were they, they were non Muslims. If we didn't, we had this whole particular area, we must admit that we mustn't do anything now that we become Muslim who would have been still then in the political era Billa would have been still be in

00:33:20 --> 00:33:39

May Allah, you know, reward those Arab traders. They had the broadness, they had the the step of showing us Islam, and that is why our forefathers became Muslims. So Allah Allah in the Quran says, the Masjid in Bucca in our debate you will see the living Ibaka move out and go for Buddha.

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It is a pleasure and a Hidayat for humanity me on our machines become a means of blessing any diet for the entire humanity class in the

00:33:55 --> 00:33:56

world helped

00:34:00 --> 00:34:01

us why?

00:34:03 --> 00:34:05

Because we

00:34:07 --> 00:34:09

made a mistake.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:15

So let's get back to also goes on

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to December the eighth

00:34:19 --> 00:34:20

and before

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the end

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