Ebrahim Bham – The Hajj #02

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of shaytan and the need for people to do things outside of the law. They also touch on the success of deeds during quarantine, the need for people to read and write a book, and the importance of budgeting. The conversation ends with a discussion of a possible shutdown and a pellet on the 11th and 12 Apttus.
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Not all are suddenly on a Sunday while I was holding carry my mother, although we live in a shed on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and National Monument circle

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but yesterday we started off the step by step and we concluded if I'm not mistaken

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and until the time of most deliver the way most vilified will come to most the default you make the majority Ben Bishop

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together in the time of Russia so even if you come into most vilified at the time of mockery,

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you will still wait for Nisha to make the jump. And so, in in the gym of Arafah you have one Amazon and to ecommerce you have one design in one department. So you make money with Tisha was one you comment. As I said yesterday that most deadly fire is a very, very significant night. Some Alama have made mentioned and that is even more significant than the night of Qatar. So we try our utmost to try and spend the time in zikr UScar to help although I made mention that Libya cream sauce serum for much of the night rested and what am I have set the reason for that was that maybe a cream saucer made it easy for the woman. So if someone because of the tiredness of the Day of Arafah finds

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it difficult to get up, have a nice to sleep there should be no guilt maybe of my intermediate so, so there is nothing wrong with regard to the time of Woof the way the time for both in Arafat is from the time of after the Walter Mazuri. The time of goof for Mustafa Mustafa is from the time of supersonic after you leave your first job just before sunrise. So maybe a cream sauce from left just before sunrise. And in the time for the next.

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Right or the next action of hygiene is now to belt. And on that particular day we build the Gemini aka what we call the big shaytan a cabbie Remo Jerimiah the big one. So that day we did on the 10th the mazahub time to do a piece between the wall and

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now between in the morning till the water from the world till sunset, there is no caffeine there is no it's not macro, you can do it even between the word and night from the night till the next morning is also permitted to pelt but what Kryon sense of dislike. So it's not haram and there is no dumb if we do it after mannerism. But if we do it after further then it is even if we haven't done it, you still have to do it even after the next day. But that time they will be done and there will be a penalty. So that is a time for with regard to the belt. Now testing is a very important part of Hajj we will be doing it for three days at least if not four days. So on the third day, when we do

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we only do one one Jamara for the 10th. And we pick up our stones from Moose River at night. Now the stones are not supposed to be very big, and when they're too small delivered more than a date, but

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try and wash the stones it's possible, it's better to wash the stones. And when you are going to it's preferable that you only at least take the stones for the first day penalty. You don't have to take the stones for all three days of belting. But if you are in must deliver, it's better that you take. So you will take for example will take seven for the 10th 21 for the 11th and 21 for the 12. And if you are going to do the 13 then you took another 21. So you can do the Metro sir those who are good in Mexico, I think 2121 in 749.

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And if you do the other one, if you take the 30 then you take 70 Maybe take one or two extra in case you need someone's head he said

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so then also you can consider that if you want to take one or two extra a couple of extra. So now when you do the pelting one important thing why do we do the printing is because we are in touch is all the time, an aspect of symbolism. There's so much of symbolism in hajj, that you do things because of emulation and taking the lessons from what has been done previously. Now, you know, it's very interesting.

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Previously when a person did some good deed or some heroic act, so in the past what people did they put up something to commemorate that that act, right? So they used to put up a statue or something like that.

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Because a statue in Devon, what is it? The person who went in for several times to well, to rescue the people what I want what I want.

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So what they did there was they did a statue or a building to commemorate a good deed or something that was done previously. And look at the beauty of Islam. Whenever a good deed has been done in Islam, then how do we commemorate it? We commemorated by emulating it.

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we commemorate it not by building a statue. We don't commemorate it by by you know putting up a building. What we do is we emulate so nebbia curry as the primary salatu salam set out to sacrifice his son is Madeline salat wa salam. Then what we do every year we may do qurbani Libya, crimson was asked Maha Al Azhar era Sula. What is the significance of overhear sunnah to him? It is assumed that of your forefather a primary salat wa salam, he set out to slaughter his one son. So you are emulating it? In a way because Allah Allah had ransom of Medina who believe in Azim Subramani salat wa salam was trying to slow slaughter couldn't do it. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the rim. And

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when a letter was sent down the ramp, and the cheap it was worth a day now who we rent some and we substituted is finally salat wa salam wa sallam. So that's what we do. You know? So that's why when we make the DUA when we're making Quran what do what do I do we make Allahu Akbar Khomeini, Allah accept from me. Come on the way you accepted from Mina, Ibrahim, where have you become Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Will you accept it from Helene? And Habib said Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So we that's how we do. So you're also symbolism. Key primary Salatu was Salam was squeezed out to scatter his son and shaytan could not see such an act of submission. So he came in the form of a

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block he came in a form of trying to prevent him as he palestra to Assam tool as an Abraham take stones and throw it at me. He threw seven stones and shaytan disappeared, and he three times. So that's why it's an act of emulation, we will be doing the same thing. So don't look at this as insignificant there is a symbolism behind it. There is a lesson behind it. And one of the lessons is, we will not allow anything to come in between us in the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala anything comes between us in the obedience of Allah, we will remove it. How the Hadith says latter aftermath look, we Marcia till Halleck there is no obedience of creation, if it involves

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disobedience of Allah, a general rule, we don't obey the creation, if it means disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala your wife or the husband tells you to do something wrong. You see why Allah Allah has commanded the supreme

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I love you, I will accept whatever you say with regard to something that is permitted, I will do so I will even give you extra and there's nothing wrong with him. So Allah Allah wa salam has made mentioned that observe Medina, the best of dinners that you can spend his young people who rational that a person spends on the needs of his family.

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So if you spend for the needs of your wife, there is nothing wrong. Right is the best of the analysis spend as long as it's not extravagance?

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So that's why you know, We as husbands we always paid small child one day as the father he said, Oh my father, how much does it cost to get married? So the father replied, Oh, my son I don't know I'm still paying.

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So we all the time things so there's nothing wrong we have to you have to give for the stuff. But if they tell you to buy something that is wrong, sorry. I can't read because Lila Atul McLachlan, Marcia tahari. There is no obedience of creation in disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, even vice versa. Nowadays, it happened like that the women are more pious than the men for many times at least. So now what do we do so what we do when we spent in it's that lesson, anything that comes between me and Allah subhanaw taala when removing the way the grammar lesson that was removed, and I made mention, one of the amazing things with regard to Hajj is a lesson in submission. You do it

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because Allah Allah told you even if you don't see the logic, you don't see the wisdom. You don't see the reason. Maybe a cream sauce. I'm told people sell new Kamara to money who sadly reached out the way you see me research. So we read saliva when we saw some insulin and maybe saw some I'm told the people in the hutch take from me the rights of Hatoum, you might not get another opportunity again, and maybe a cream sauce. I knew that was going to be the last image. So maybe a cream sauce from say, take a week we do it because we saw somebody, someone asked you and said, If rivaling Salam sociate and therefore he was pelting him, you don't see schita What are you guilty?

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If tribalism so she turned in front of him and he pelted you don't see cheetah What are you guilty and pelting because the commander for Natalia and Allah Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah right. It breaks the back of shaytan. It breaks the back of shaytan to see someone doing something

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purely out of submission. Even if he doesn't appear to appeal to his intellect, can you imagine Sheetal must be feeling the Allah these people are doing it. They don't see me. Some people have if people really feel that Ishita I mean, I've seen people take a whole cast open through in detail. And always, this time you always see one clip coming, one person will come from the backend big role. You know, Todd said before he will go in hit, shaken, that what I'm trying to say he said, Can you imagine shaytan being humiliated to this extent that people are doing things out of submission? And how do we do it may not be the right market to the left. And then we stand in that particular

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way. Alhamdulillah things have become very, very easy nowadays. Last year was extremely easy. Even the CMC NASA was 900,000 this year will be 3 million people. But even with the 3 million people comparatively to before you would recall that many of the Messiah used to be that woman must do it after maghrib because of the crowds. And that time they used to be the pushing the whole used to be on ground floor and I've seen it I came for her that time it was like a like a mini chiamata type of thing you know the type of crowds that used to see and the amount of pushing you really felt that you know something someone is going to get hurt because everyone was only coming in one direction

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now we'll come to Allah Allah knows best their wisdom they have done in over three floors. So now you find it very, very easy to do the pelting compared to before so you do mirror to the right marker to the left. And you take one small stone and with utmost dignity, you know, you don't take out Yo yo yo anger and you know you know shaytan Allah makes mention of in a very beautiful dresses in the Holy Quran for color shaytan llama phobia shaytan will tell you on the Day of camera this is like putting salt on the wounds in Allah wa doko model what we're up to confess left to come shake Allah Tala promised you something Allah's promise was true. I promise you something my promise was

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wrong. Well, my camellia implements will tell I had no authority to tell you to do anything in law and the outcome I told you to do wrong first project to me you you heard me fella to do ferrata pneumoniae with one full circle Don't blame me Don't blame yourself. Now can you imagine if you have done wrong following shaytan and then another day of Kiama cheetah I must tell you Don't blame me blame yourself. Although he told us to do these things. And then afterwards he tells them on the Day of karma Don't blame me blame yourself. I didn't tell you to for either enforce you to do something wrong. You ended with on your own.

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So we have to our our,

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our resistance again shaytan and nefs must come from our iman not from anything else. So there we do it with with the dignity we throw it. There is at work to be read easy to our Bismillah Allahu Akbar. When you read every every time you look at the shaytan for all the settings, this may Allah Allah Akbar this malaria Allah one way you can read in the beginning one time, Rahman li shaytan. Were evil Rahman. We don't remember the Arabic Oh ALLAH Bismillah Allahu Akbar before Allah I'm helping to, to to antagonize cheetah and the pleasure of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the meaning of the Arabic

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Rommel ReShade turn.

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And then the Bismillah Allahu Akbar every time you get after you belt you carry on another the tough T with regard to belting is that in the first two the first two minutes you make dua, the last one you don't make dua. So after the first two you make dua, and I'm not sure with regard to the first day I'll just check up but no, the second and third day you'd make dua in the say the first and the second and the third one, you immediately after helping me move on you don't make dua, you make dua in the first two, even even the short one to follow the Sunnah of Nivea cream sauce.

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And thereafter when you tell the first day after you tell the first day, normally we will come. I don't know what's attractive tomorrow, we will find out with regard to how the situation is Monisha suela said he will give us the logistics. Last year what we did, we took the bus and we came here to the hotel and from here we we walked up here because here the pelting is very, very not very far.

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Maybe a kilometer or two you get a elevator you go up the elevator, you get buses coming, the buses take you to I think the first of the second floor and the first day you look back within half an hour you can be bet. So then you come back here and last year.

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You know the Ababa was called into the hotel after the people's qurbani and not the company the demo was done the according to the numbers that were called out the has the has been shaved off. So now after that, after you have done the building, we have done your demo. We have done your HELOC or your cursor and most likely it will be the HELOC. Now you have you can come out of rehab. So now on the third day you take a shower and you come out of your home. So all the risks

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elections are now completed. So, all the restrictions are lifted besides one restriction,

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I don't think that restriction anyone will do anything

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ladies unless there is I won't say.

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So, that restriction you stay away from the wife right till after this if not have to hedge right. So, that particular that after all the other restrictions and out of that besides that one restriction because it will have to wait for after Christophe is after hedge. So, they after now you have completed now, what actually happens human many times people are tired now, it all depends now, you have to make the office to office yet it is first that the three three for us to wait around our effort and our physiology to work is the other is a must, you cannot come out of your arm or you cannot complete your Hajj until you make the office era, the term photo office era is from after you

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have made your dumb and you have made your HELOC and Castle till the mothership of the 12. Now people must fight obviously now let's it's you know human nature. Human nature, I got to do it, let me do it as soon as possible. By enlarge this is that is the field, I have to do it, it's on my it's on my shoulder, it's on the responsibility for me, let me do it as much as quick as possible. It's sometimes you know, people like to do it that way. Sometimes people say let us wait till the next day. I mean, comparatively, if we're going to do it the first day, the MATA will be very, very full.

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And in that particular way, you will have to contend with that particular situation. Sometimes people can wait for the next morning, or you can even wait for the next evening. So the office yet there isn't any 30. But there isn't any sequence with regard to the office era, on the on the 10th you have to do things according to sequence, quantify the four things we have to do to the sequence. That is we have to do the work off of must deliver, then the Remi, then the dumb, then the harlot and these things have to be done in that sequence. If you go and shave your head before the dump, we have to pay you before the damage because we have to pay a penalty. So don't be in a hurry. Wait

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till your dump is done and called out and said you're done is done. The market ticket said now this number to this number has been done. If your numbers fall in there, then you're going to the HELOC if you do the hunted before you have to give it you have to give them so that sequence has to be kept in mind but obviously it isn't part of the sequence. If someone wants to be a little bit you know clever is Alright listen, while everyone is still going to wait to go and do the belting. I did the belting it. I'm still waiting for them. I'm still waiting for the damage Okay, let me go quickly and make the office era you can go into it.

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So 10 o'clock you come you finish your pelting. Let me go into the office.

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It's possible because the office is not part of that sequence the sequences and but anyway what is Uruk on from the 10th to the 12th so after that we do telophase yet according to whenever you find the need and how you feel, I think I suppose in that particular matter it will depend on individual preference whether you want to go and do it that night. We'll try and find it I know that last year we did take a bus and we did take a shuttle to go with but once you were there it was very difficult to do to to keep everyone together but it depends upon the situation. Muswell Hill will make mentioned with regard to the logistics more Inshallah, after that the 11th the 11th and the 12th we

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remain in MENA now this question does come up. To stay in mind I assume that but if you don't stay in Mina, there is no dumb there is no it's not. There is no punishment. There is no dumb, but to stay in Mina is assume that it is essential I encourage everyone to try and get the best as possible. And altogether as possible. Try and spend as much time as you can all the time in Mina, Nivea cream sauce don't spend all the time but so if there is a need for you to come maybe to shower or something like that you come for a while and you go back but nowadays I don't know how the camps are going to be. I don't want to you know beforehand make mentioned with regard to it but stay

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minute. himself slim when he was in Mina Have you record himself from give valuable advices to the Sahaba one of the advices he gave me as a Sahaba and Mina when he was there with him or people tell me what what month is this now they all knew the man but they said maybe maybe a cream sauce them is asking with a particular reason Allah knew the soul knows best. What day is it Allah is resource knows best? What location is a LAN is

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the vehicle himself some cities if not the mobile manga voltage Yes, it is not yo nap you know the days of tertiary the mobile days of the tertiary? Yes sir. Is it not in the Haram is not in the mobile places in the presence of Mecca which is a mobile can bless its surroundings? Yes, it was maybe a cream sauce Salam said the blood, the flesh and the honor of men

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He's more sacred in the month of Zul Hijjah more sacred than the days of the shriek more sacred than the location of the Haramain now do we do we in any time have no regard for the respect and honor of people the way we have respect for Medina Maka let me occur himself Salam says Abdullah said he addressed the Kaaba one day and said very great is your status very great is your significance and no doubt it is oak tree that particular Kaaba and Baitullah which first was built as a deep abdomen Islam then Prime Minister that was all many MB Allah masala to Islamic Dawa Nabil maybe a cream saw someone came and made Omega four times omega anime saucer made and made Hutch and that particular

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caliber and Baitullah the in this in the world. The more money you make the off of it immediately in line with it in the year after the angels make the off of it in beta Mr. Moon and everyday 70,000 Angels make the off of the beta more in line with a cover almost like the cover and they get the chance once in their life never get a chance after it again. So that cover on the vehicle himself. Some said vary greatly just significance. But the honor of the believer is even greater than you. So on off a believer is even greater than you.

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Can we imagine the honor of a believer and how do we increase time? You know do with regard to backbiting taunting, speaking bad about people not worth speaking things about people without verification is like we breaking cupboards every day in our day to day life. We are breaking cupboards every day in our day to day life. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. So the 11th you will do the pelting after our 12 You will do the purging without remember the 12 this time will be Joomla

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there is Juma and Mina or I don't know whether people will be according to your status wherever you are, you will make the drama after drama you will make the pelting and try and be back wherever you are if you are not going to stay in Mina if you are so Aneta in the Holy Quran says what could Allah yummy module that from an Tangela for Yomi. For that if Molly whoever stays two days after the 10th and he does belting there is no guna upon him, no sin upon him. So he can finish on that Friday the 12 there is no Singaporean if he comes back into Aziza and doesn't go back woman Takara rice Molly Luminita. But if you delay it, and you will tell on the on the certain days no going up on you also.

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But Allah gives an indication Limerick taka for one who has Taqwa. So there is an indication that is better and good if you can do it on the 13th but there is no guna if you come back on the 12th and you say alright, I'm finished now I'm tired. However, if you are in MENA on the future of future of 13 then you have to help if for some reason you sleep over right and if you are in MENA on the 13th then you can see I got an option the option is as long as you're out outside me now, once you are in midnight on the 13th then you have to bet so this is basically what we will do with regard to the Hajj after we come back either on the 12th or the 13th depending upon how we will find ourselves and

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what option we choose. Then there is one more watching now in remembering Amara Walker we that is Mr. Abu Salah is not convincing because you don't have to do to walk away although it's good to do to walk away even in Omaha and in my hatch to Africa is compulsory let me a cream sauce we also didn't stay long let me a cream sauce on the 13th Maybe a cream sauce them went back to Medina

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so either 13 or 14 I think the only thing that maybe a cream sauce in a way that was told as an HRV a lot to remember because she didn't make them around. So now we saw some center with a brother of the Rockman even

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otherwise, you know Nevis asked me when I told her you're gonna make Woomera you're gonna delay us

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Coco quickly and come back so maybe a cream sauce can also immediately after had been well now are people who stay according to a situation sometimes a Becky's you stay after had no sometimes I know many people I've met you know that they're going to Medina after had someone will have we have come before Hajj to get to Medina. So these are the different types of situations are wonderful. Rahmatullah Lee had a very amazing view.

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His view was after after Hajj as soon as possible go

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after Hajj as soon as possible go home. And his wisdom also was absolutely unique. Absolutely amazing. When he said see it's natural after you have been so long here. You want to go home you long for your children, you long for your family, you don't for your environment. So he said because you long go, he says better is better. That

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Could you be at home and your mind and your heart is in Makkah then being in Makkah and your heart is at home?

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Can you imagine now obviously after you're finished you want to go home and go home. So you said go home as soon as possible. According to our schedules we will go home now room and travel travel agent instead. Now I want to go more above said he was going quickly in the flights available.

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So when as soon as possible if you can, that is a reason why you might want to that he has made mentioned he says better for me to be in at home and thinking of NACA than being in Makkah and thinking oh Subhan Allah, and then inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our Hajj. Another accept I would was inshallah was make a lot of dua for Cambodia. Belen was whether they allow them as they say, sometimes the families their portfolio is not there. Sometimes the humble is there and there is no acceptance. And I believe any Masuda be allowed to know said, I am prepared to give the world in whatever it contains. If I come to know if one deal of mines is accepted by law. If I come to know

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that one deal of mines is accepted, well, I'm prepared to give the world and whatever it contains. We don't know. And that's also good. We don't know. How can you imagine if if we knew that our deeds are accepted? How much of First of all, today, we don't even know whether our deeds are accepted or not. And we are becoming in thinking we are so pious. We think we are so pious, we don't even know how these are accepted. Especially in South Africa. Everyone thinks himself he's or everyone has his button he's on. You don't even know whether Latin accepted your good deeds or not. But no, we are not. We are unhappy other people around. You know whether you want to happen but a letter that says

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hello to Sacco and fossa calm, don't praise yourself. He knows who is pious. But everyone is praising himself. We don't even know and as good we don't know, because we don't know there is a feeling of what is a feeling of

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humanity and anxiety and expectation. We hope you will for us we will accept but we don't know Allah therefore we are afraid. So that is why when we finished the mass what do we do? We do two things. We do two things hasn't moved to today was Monday has made mentioned in one of his books after see the recent ones. He says that a MOBA cannot be allowed to know said when you finish your numbers, you must do two things. You break the back of shaytan one is you must read Istighfar and one you must say Allah Monica hamdulillah shook thank Allah says that hamdulillah now we make a stuffer. We don't make 100

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we make a stockpile, you don't say and let me give you the ability to do that. And that's gonna give you the ability to do numbers thank Allah Tala with regard to it. So after namaz, you do two things so far and our hamdulillah because a Safar Allah we have not done deeds which are equivalent to your greatness, but Alhamdulillah Allah, you have given us the opportunity. Now, you know, I know instantly one incident come to another, so you know, because of the reading of it. So there was a very great, pious person in Pakistan who personally abducted videography.

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He was a Khalifa of 100 actually. And he performed the Janas of our Rector of our Madras I'm gonna be super laggy as well one or two times. But you know, when you are a student, your students always know they very carefully, they don't value the time they don't value personalities, you never wish to value him you see one or two times that we used to go into his gatherings and now you regret Allah, He was such a great person, we should have gone to him. So he makes mention of a very amazing incident. He said one day a person came in front of him and he told him and he said that

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you know, my ballot is useless. My ballot and all what we are doing our cameras and our earbud in our car is useless. Absolutely no value whatsoever. So it only sees through that it is not worth your presenting before Allah Tara. That is true. You know, our budget and our numbers can never be equivalent to the greatness of Allah but don't say it is useless. So when he insisted saying no, you know, Mrs. Baker, it's so bad it's so terrible. So then all of a sudden, all of a sudden, cactus abductor aggressive Rahmatullah, they said then if it is so useless, makes it there in front of me.

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And he said what

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he said you say he is so useless to namaz and everything is so useless we so useless make in front of me he said no I can only make in front of Allah say we can only make it in front of Allah Tala is not useless

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knowledge is all you can make sit there in front of Allah Tala How can it be useless, you will never put this particular portion of your head in front of someone. We as Muslims are so much that even in our collective classes we tell people don't bow down too much. We only reserved for Allah subhanaw taala so when you that divided is only one that Allah then it can be useless.

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Remember this as it is we all make us differ with MC MC Alhamdulillah also, so get the right balance. So we will inshallah we will end our our hardware these two things panel hopefully one Raja Ola we didn't do it enough properly. We have guilt we should have done this. We should have made more about it that is good to have. But then after

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You also say Alhamdulillah Allah will give us the opportunity to do it. We wouldn't have come and spend so much money yet we wouldn't have spent I don't know how much money you're spending for the cape the 30,000 40,000 You spent 40,000 for any other reason you will spend 40,000 Other but for the sake of Allah Tala you spending so thank Allah for that was so in the end of what hey baby hopefully will Raja between hoping in expecting mercy and fear that we might have done something wrong. That's how we will end up our budget sha Allah Subhan Allah will be handy Salonika Lahoma.

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New information

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first, with regard to your question, yes, after what we will do,

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we will do sine and the pelting on the 11th and 12 Apttus

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